Failure To Success: My Journey Of Becoming An IAS | IAS Anupma V Chandra | Josh Talks

Failure To Success: My Journey Of Becoming An IAS | IAS Anupma V Chandra | Josh Talks

I spent a good 6 years in that Paathshaala And in those 6 years, I was told like 100 times that that You are a Failure, You are a failure, You are a Failure And i failed in every class I used to call water baater, I used to call park paaruck, and i used to call school isskool I never looked like someone who could become an IAS one day Suddenly I thought that I found the lost piece of my life’s puzzle


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  2. Highlight for me is cut the negative people who say “you can’t do it”.This is very important.The ambition is so strong that you decide to cut negativity.Thank you for the inspirational video for all hard workers.

  3. @ Anupma V Chandra such a nice and good feelings from the core of heart and soul . what a great inspiration . u r my was that best salute

  4. Super said ma'am I think this video will change my life, I also try to best in any field I work , thank you ma'am for your speech

  5. It's really a motivational video. Instead of so many failures, you did thought us a really very good mantra to become a successful person…Was this my best! I got inspired by this mantra…God bless you. Thank you for an inspirational speech!

  6. really inspired… and just moved by ur talk… I'm a woman of 32 from Tamilnadu… preparing for state civil service exam… working as a principal in govt. school, looking after my kid and taking care of my household works… yet I'm preparing… ur talk Gave me a strong push… would be really happy and much inspired if u replied…

  7. Really motivated Mam…one day i will achieve my dream ..but I financially weak …how to cross this situation Mam …

  8. Very very encouraging.Your efforts and hard work made you what you are today. I hope your message reaches to the utmost parts of the world where people don't believe in themselves because of dire circumstances. You really gave your BEST!!!!

  9. What was the rank of mam…?and how many attempts did she took🤔….this question is just for self motivation 🙂

  10. Please called Junaid Ahmed ….. He is a good example of a failure to a successful person …. And he secured AIR 3 in this year UPSC civil service examination …. Soo plzzzz

  11. … are childish…….as long as you think you are successful ….you are a utter failure… long as you think you are failure ….you are an utter failure… are successful only when you go beyond both failure and success….

  12. Wow…… 🏍
    Mam You are really inspiring voice.
    I know that how had you explored your milestome with several obstacles to engulf it..

  13. Hi Anupama! So I inspiring is your story! At 48 yrs even I dared to
    dream!!! want to make it big in stock market..learning technical analysis..failing..demotivated..and losing that passion..can't spend money on courses..and on my own..learning is so one to clarify my despair!!

  14. mam can i get yur direct guidance..?i am dental doctor from uthiramerur..i failed in my first attempt prelims in 2018..nw in 2020 gonna appear again..pls help me mam..

  15. It is so gud… Very motivating n am truly inspired by mam's speech… "Was this my best" Success Mantra for our life, to overcome our anxiety n fears… Itz truly need of hour speech… 👌👌👌👍👍👍

  16. That was really remarkable one ! Especially the mantra that she has given can make a big change in life ! All we need to do just put that in action nd believe in our hard work !

  17. Very inspirational!! But mam…i have a doubt. u said your grades were ok ok in school, not really that great. But then how could u get ur admission in one of the most reputed colleges of lucknow ie IT college? ?

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