Episode 88 Psychic Author Teacher Laura Scott on We Don’t Die Radio Show

Episode 88 Psychic Author Teacher Laura Scott on We Don’t Die Radio Show

Sandra: Welcome to another episode of We Don’t
Die, where my goal is to give you evidence that, although our bodies will disappear,
we survive physical death. I’m your host, Sandra Champlain, author of the book “We Don’t
Die: A Skeptic’s Discovery of Life After Death”. Today, I have a real treat for you — I’m
very excited. Have you ever heard of one of those people who are psychic to the stars?
Well, we’ll be talking to someone who is the real deal today. Her name is Laura Scott,
and she is a world renowed author, psychic, spiritual teacher and channel for healing.
In fact, for over 21 years, she’s been making profound differences in the lives of thousands
of people. Laura has been tested and is rated as one of the top psychic mediums in the world,
but she’s much more than that. She has the ability to channel divine beings to give clients
the best information for soul growth to occur. She talks about the committee, and I’m excited
to hear her share about that to find out who they are. And, you know, we’ve talked on this
show a number of times and we’ve all heard about the importance of meditation. Well,
Laura just released “Meditation, Magic and Miracles,” which is a new downloadable package
to help all of us learn, relax, and recharge with meditation. Her website is ancientstardust.com.
So, without further adue — Laura Scott, welcome to We Don’t Die Radio. Laura: Hi Sandra, thank you. Thank you for
having me. Sandra: You’re welcome. I’m super happy, super
happy. I know we’re all great people, but sometimes I get just super excited, like oh
my gosh. I’ve got Laura Scott on the phone. (Laughter) I’ll set that aside, but that’s what happens
with me. Lots of excitement. So Laura, if you wouldn’t mind, just talking to us a little
bit because did you just wake up one day and you were going to be a channeler? Or do you
want to give us a little about your past that brought you to present day? Laura: Well… as you probably heard from
other guests that you’ve had on the show, I was always a little bit different growing
up. I did not — I’m going to say a few things off the top. I always knew when I was a kid
that this was my last go-round. I’m a last lifer here. Sandra: Wow. Laura: And I knew that from my earliest memories.
And I also had an on-going conversation with God from a very early time, and that was…
that I thought that God dropped me into the wrong house and family experience. And I was
really concerned that I had gone a few streets over, so my conversations with God began very
early. And like many old souls, and some last lifers, we often stack the deck. So my childhood
experience was really challenging for me. I incarnated in with a soul family group that
was not vibrating at the same level as me, which I pre-selected, but it certainly has
had it’s challenges. And my conversations with God and, you know, wanting to know why
and how and what was going on were pretty deep for a young kid. And I learned how to
use my gifts, which I got into a lot of trouble for, knowing too much. I got a lot of beatings
for that, and I learned how to kind of push it to the side or use it to give the people
around me what they needed and keep them happy. So I kind of… I want to say managed it in
a way that made it okay for me to have surviving guilt as a young person. And then, when I
was in intermediate school — I was raised Catholic, and we went on this great field
trip to a shrine, which was all a part of the (inaudible) cirriculum. Sandra: Yep. Laura: And prior to that — do you remember
those? Sandra: I sure do, I sure do. Laura: Yeah, yeah. And prior to the field
trip, I remember contact coming into me. I was super, you know, aware of these voices
and the anticipation and not just because it was a field trip, there was more happening…
and arriving at the site and being filled with the most incredible sense of peace, joy,
love — I felt at home and I felt real, a feeling that was more foreign to me in an
emotional, physical, spiritual sense. And I loved it, I was in love as a young, intermediate
person. And all the way on that trip, I was deiciding in my head I was going to work to
God and the logical conclusion was therefore I’d be a nun. Sandra: Right. Good Catholic girl. Laura: When I came home and announced my great,
important decision — “How was your field-trip?” I’m going to be a nun. It didn’t really go
over, it kind of hit with a thud and not a hoo-rah. Sandra: Right. Laura: And I caught another beating for that.
What never left me was that I knew in my heart I worked for God, and nothing on the surface
would change that. I just knew in my heart it would sort of sort itself out. And then
I got to a place, you know, where I pushed things aside. It was confusing through the
teen years, but I knew stuff I wasn’t supposed to know. I was seeing a lot of earth-bound
energy — I was definitely disrupted by that, although I would often just ride off in my
bike and hang out at the cemetery, because it made sense to me. I can’t explain why,
but it was an oasis to me. The number one destination I rode off to was very much the
cemetery. Sandra: Interesting. Laura: It weirds out people. But that’s where
I went. And it just, it just was — but I kept it pushed down, and when it really started
to open up bigger was I fell head over heels in love, in my 20’s and for the time being
able to feel safe and then as I got married, and it was just the inside joke between my
now “wasband” and I. But at the time, he and I would have this — you know, the roof really
blew off for me because I felt safe and it was accepted, and it was just like let the
ponies run. And it just began to just take all kinds of twists and turns for me, and
I had experience after experience where I would just be kind of in shock and awe of
the things that would start coming through. Like, an example I can give of that — I would
say something is going on with our landlord, and I really need to reach out to her. There’s
something going on, she’s got a big health issue and I want to connect with her. It was
pestering me, as if a whole group of helium balloons were tied to me and were following
me where ever I’d go and it was getting annoying. In fact, I had to talk to her about it. So
I eventually figured out a way to write kind of an eloquent, gentle articulate note to
her and said, “How are you?” and “I’ve been thinking of you. Are you okay? It’s really
been on my mind and in my heart, are okay?” And it took her a little bit of time to write
back, and it turned out she wasn’t okay. And she actually was fighting a battle with ovarian
cancer, and embarking on a big journey. She fought that battle bravely for several years,
and actually when she passed she ended up coming to visit me in a dream and had an amazing
dream conversation with her. She was talking everything as energy, and anything is everything
— the interconnectedness. But in my 20’s is when things started to open up, but I wasn’t
out, if you will. Not fully out. Then I went through the heartbreak of divorce, and at
that point I was working in graphics and had a successful graphics business. But I had
went through the heartache of divorce, like just made it blown up every more and I said
to God, “I’m giving this to you, and if you want me there. Here, you drive.” And that’s
when it started to just kind of go berserk, if you will. Eventually, with me getting out
of the way, things just kind of took off. I ended up writing a spiritual advice column
that started out regional and then went global. Sandra: Wow. Laura: I was approached to write a book, “The
Completely Guide to Divining the Future.” Sandra: Congratulations on that, I saw that
on Amazon. Laura: Thank you. Thank you, and I had tools
and I had CD’s coming out, one won an international award — it just went on and on, it just sort
of grew into it’s own groove and it was me getting out of the way and let God drive,
really. That’s my — the shortest version, I guess. Sorry it’s kind of long but it’s
the encapsulated version of getting out of the way and something I knew as a kid, though,
was knowing that the things going on around me, that I was seeing and moving through weren’t
the whole story, wasn’t the whole truth. And trying to figure out and put into order like,
it was very confusing. I thought everyone was seeing what I was seeing, knowing what
I knew. Sandra: Right. Laura: And if that were the case, how come
they were behaving that way? It didn’t make any sense. Sandra: Yeah, sure. Laura: But… then, with age comes a little
bit of, hopefully understanding and you realize, okay, they were doing the best they could
and the best they knew how to — you know, we all limitations. You know, things and pieces
that we’re working on… and now I understand that differently because I work in the akashic
records everyday, so it is what it is. Sandra: Do you want to explain what the akashic
records are? Laura: Sure, sure. Definitely. The akashic
records are the history of us, the history of all. The history of you, the history of
me, every soul has a record and they keep visits where the souls, I’ll say, plan or
blueprint is. So in other words, before we come into this life experience, we choose
things like the physical things we’re going to carry with us, but also the soul’s work,
the history, the themes, major, minor, sub… the things that we’ve experienced previously,
the entire history of our past-life collection. And then the theme intertwines that we’ve
worked with, with those… the themes, you know, maybe past you, you’ve worked on and
resolved. The things that we might have not resolved — that’s the reason why souls choose
to come in again. You know, perhaps it’s like knowing that there’s — for instance, a soul
might say, “Hey, I’m going on.” And they might say to a friend on the other side, “Oh you’re
going in again? I’ll go in again.” Sandra: Wow. Laura: “I’m going in again and I’m going to
work on this, do you want to come in? Do you want to meet up?” Things are somewhat pre-arranged,
and boxes get checked off and those things are kept in it. So really, the akashic records
are the history of what’s going on behind and it’s a tapestry, really, for each soul.
And when I do reading work, this is what we sometimes will look at when people say, “Why
is this energy going on?” You know, “With my brother? Why is he driving me nuts?” Well,
“Why have I married essentially the same person, this energy, twice?” The name has changed,
but what is this? Sometimes going into things, looking from that perspective is very helpful
and supportive for the soul to be able to move forward in the progression and to go
further into ascension, which is another reason why we’re here is to work towards ascension. Sandra: I heard it said once that our lifetime
is but a thread in the fabric of our soul. Have you heard that expression before? Laura: Yeah, yes. I think it’s beautiful,
I love that you actually (inaudible), because it’s true. And the ego… is so tangled up
to think otherwise, but that’s the ego’s job. But the ego is such a trickster, and such
a huckster. I’m telling clients it has amnesia, it wants us to think everything is so linear.
Just get through this one thing, and I’ll never have to deal with that again. Yeah right. Sandra: Oh, the ego is brutal. And I often
tell people, like okay. You write out what you think of yourself, okay great. And most
of it’s negative, right? Then, okay. Ask the closest people to you what they think about
you. And they say all the same things, “You’re generous,” “You’re loving,” “You’re funny,”
“You’re kind.” And then I say, okay. Who are you really? You’re what they say you are.
Your ego won’t let you see who you really are, most of the time anyways. Laura: Yeah, also because people work hard
— you know, I’ve talked about this with friends of mine, even in metaphysics working their
own path and growth, and their own experience. It’s not a get out of life-lesson free card
by any stretch of the imagination, we’re still going through stuff. I would absolutely say
that all of the things that had happened to me, I kind of soak them in like a sponge and
it’s part of my own souls plan that they then get used to help others. And so, I then have
an ability to draw on compassion, and draw on understanding and things because I’ve experienced
certain things in a way. It made me crazy, but I could say I’ve gone through that, where
I could have a lot of more compassion, because I understand how that works, and understand
what that’s like. As you know, because you’ve gone through grief and things that have knocked
things into the wiggle place, and the wobble place. And know to what it does to the soul,
and what it rearranges and then what it creates for people. Sandra: Yeah. Laura: Or, what it unravels. So, when things
go… or when the ego says, “Why does — didn’t I do enough work?” Apparently not. And really,
I always say, you know, life is not linear but the ego always want to drag it that way.
But really, the committee is always talking about this — life is much more like a spiral,
and things will always continue to come up, but to remember that we’re in a different
place in that spiral and therefore, the perspective has shifted and that will ease off that feeling
of pressure, that feeling of stress that rises up within us and makes the situation and the
chance for resolution, or realization, or epiphany to move faster. Sandra: Hm, kind of deep. You brought up the
committee — first, I want to ask you, just ’cause the name of the show is We Don’t Die.
If I were to ask you why you believed in life after death, what would you say? Laura: Because I’ve seen numerous, numerous
examples of it since I was a kid, and moving all the way forward. Just the whole, I want
to say tapestry of things. The evidence for me is there’s absolutely no margin to not
believe that we don’t die. Because the wagon just takes us all to one side, although I
respect that some people aren’t yet in a place of being ready to make that leap. I do respect
that they’re there, but there’s so much other evidence for me the other way. And it started
so young, like for instance, riding through a cemetery and seeing, you know, just being
comfortable around that and knowing I’d see earthbound who hadn’t crossed yet, knowing
that some of them might ask me for directions and I would say, okay, that’s not here. You
need to go over there, and then you’ll be okay. You know… and as a young kid, not
being freaked out by that and knowing they needed to make it — those souls needed to
make it, like being, if you ever watch Basketball and there are times when the ball hits the
rim, it’s rolling and rolling around before it falls through that net, and those souls
just sort of need to tip in. And they would actually then go to where they needed to go. Sandra: Can you explain that too, what earthbound
spirits are? I’ve heard it mentioned before, we don’t talk about it much. Laura: Okay. So some souls will cross very
neatly, and go to the other side. And then that would be known as a spirit on the other-side,
and a soul on the other-side. An earthbound is a soul who hasn’t quite made it all the
way through, and got locked into, we can say an interim place or interim field here on
the Earth-plane. Sometimes known as ghosts, but sometimes that has a connotation I would
say where people think, and they get weirded out. Sandra: Right. Laura: But there’s many different levels of
that, and there are people who chase them. I don’t, I made a choice actually in my 20’s
— I had a really unsettling encounter, I had gone to visit a friend who was at Northeastern
and they were staying in a house, and they neglected to tell me that they knew there
were weird things going on in the house. But they were quite the… non-believer, and I
was assaulted by a ghost and that was absolutely a ghost. There are some earthbound spirits
who are not harmful, who have simply not crossed over to the other side, who are in a state
of confusion. Who might be, you know, lost or looking for directions in a place of repetition,
that sort of limbo. That’s different than, for instance, a haunting is where they want
you to get out of their house or they want you to leave. That was the case where I had
an interaction, it was very disconcerting. That’s when I said to God, I do not want to
work in that area. Don’t let that happen again — but I was shoved, pushed. I was told to
get out of the house by the spirit. There was scent interaction as well, and I said,
this is not for me. This is just not for me. And in fact, I was supposed to stay the entire
weekend and made it one night, in a three day weekend. Sandra: Oh my gosh. Do we have reason to be
afraid of life, or is there a way we can pray for our being in a sacred space, or is it
something we need to worry about? Do you know what I’m getting at? Laura: Yeah, well if someone thinks that they
have something like that going on, or if they thought there was reason to be worried about
something like that, do you mean it like that, Sandra? Sandra: Mmm-hmm. Laura: Okay, so. Two things I would probably
suggest. One, like if you thought you felt energy — first of all, a lot of loved ones
from the other side love to visit in the thick of the night, a lot of times people wake up
between the hours of two and four AM anyways. There’s a whole reason for that, which I don’t
know if you’re already aware of this or your listeners are, but the atmosphere is very
dense at that time. There’s a lot more moisture. Water conducts electricity, spirit is pure
energy. So it’s an easier time for contact, you’re also more relaxed and in that sleep-state.
A lot of times, people would just wake up. Clients often say, “Why do I always wake up
and it’s always a certain time, or the numbers align on the clock, and I feel like something
is in the house?” You know, “Is that my uncle, or is that my dad? Who is that?” I often say,
don’t be afraid. That’s a good time sometimes for loved ones to make contact because of
this phenomenon of how the weather works and how density on the Earth-plane works. But
that’s different than the scary stuff, where I would say if you feel unsettled, just simply
say, “Renew the right spirit within me.” Sandra: Is that what you? Laura: Yeah. Renew the right spirit within
me. It’s sort of like a little blessing, prayer and it’s putting out like, throwing a stone
in the pond and ripple rings begin to come out, and you’re kind of resetting the energy.
And you could also use — people use other invocations and things, but I find that one
to be very effective and it’s a nice way of pushing back this (inaudible) well. But loved
ones come in, and it has a different feeling. If you have an uncomfortable feeling, leave
the space. If it’s your space and you can’t necessarily leave, call a professional and
not a ghost-chaser. Call someone to clear your space energetically, there are people
who do it. I do some of that, but there are people who do that exclusively, and someone
like me — a lot of times, I’ll sort of tell people, okay. I can help with this, all of
it, some of it, or nope, you have to go over here to do that, and do this. Because, you
know, it’s kind of like if you were going to get your house painted or, you know, re-model
your kitchen. There are certain things people need to be aware of, there are different aspects
that can happen. Sandra: Wow. It sounds like the world of the
unseen is just as amazing as the world of the seen. Laura: It is, it is because, you know, when
souls cross they have so much choice after they’re comforted, their life-review is going
on… there’s a whole state of existence that they can experience. I mean, their choice
to continue to work. ‘Course, we think work in our limited ego mind thinks, you know,
work, mortgage, taxes. Sandra: Paycheck, uh-huh. Laura: Right. You know, not for that, but
for the love of learning, for the joy of participation, for assisting and because souls are still
working towards ascension on the other side, it’s just at a different intensity because
coming into here with a corporeal body into Earth, we can accomplish things that are much
— how do I say this? There’s a lot more that we are guaranteed, a learning curve is very
steep on Earth. That’s why the Earth is getting more and more crowded, because people come
here, souls come in knowing they’ll be guaranteed that you’re going to have a body, you will
have your own free will. You’re also going to have deal with man’s free will, and all
these things coming together with your soul plan, other people’s soul plans… so there’s
a lot of interactivity going on, and it’s guaranteed like a perfect recipe, which seems
like a good pun to use — but it’s a perfect recipe to push the soul forward faster, and
that’s why people choose to come to reincarnate again. Sandra: Wow. Laura: They’re still working on ascending
on the other side, but at a slower simmer. Sandra: You get more bang for your buck coming
to planet Earth. Laura: ‘Atta girl, ‘atta girl. Sandra: How’s that? Most often, we just take
it for granted, and, you know, in one month from today I turn 50. I’m like, 50? I’m baffled
by that. But it’s like… and yes, I have stuff to show for it, but if I really got
at an early age that this the place, the juiciest place in the universe to learn and really
got that, you know, I’d look for more times to be courageous or new things to explore,
new friends to have, new adventures to go on. Right? So I think it’s great to have these
conversations, because there’s no time like the present to start. Laura: Well, happy birthday Aries and from
one Aries to another, because my birthday is next month, too. Sandra: Oh, happy birthday back at you. (Laughter) Laura: But, also the — I think there’s sort
of an emergent quality, like you’re doing the best you can. I think for all of us, we’re
all doing the best we can and, as we know better we do better. Sandra: Yes, that’s true. Laura: I think there’s a certain, I guess
I keep coming back to the word wisdom that comes on us as time comes on us. The committee
said the expiration codes are necessary, because without that the ego would never really wish
to require they say, the spire parts of wisdom. The ego would just delay. Sandra: What do you mean the expiration codes? Laura: That the body was designed to expire. Sandra: Oh, okay. That’s what I thought you
meant. Laura: Every one of us — it’s so ironic,
that every one of us has this in common. Every one of us is born to die, but the ego never
really wants to talk about it, or engage with it and wants to (inaudible), I’ll think about
that tomorrow. But, you know, that’s why it’s so helpful to have a conversation about not
dying, because the continuum is important to remember and also to know that, as much
as we can get done here and take a moment to be kind, to take a moment to be helpful,
to take a chance, you know, and maybe have a bucket-list, or think about something you
might — don’t call it that if you don’t like as that, but just to do those things. They
do matter, because those moments will be things you reflect back in your own review. And you’ll
decide — you will be the one to decide how you want to, how long you want to stay on
the other side or if you choose to continue on and come back in again. Sandra: Pretty incredible. Laura: Yeah, yeah. Sandra: Oh, go ahead. You finish and I’ll
go. Laura: I was going to say other things about
knowing that we didn’t die. I had an experience with my grandfather that also moved me. When
I was also in my 20’s — a lot of things happened for me during that decade. He had passed and
this was my, kind of like my spiritual father in a way, and he was a John Wayne kind of
guy, very gruff. And he didn’t show his emotions much, but lived next door to me my whole life.
And after he passed, my family was making choices that were really bizarre, and they
never buried him, and they never had any service for him. Sandra: Wow. Laura: And it was very odd, yes. Very bizarre.
I remember I was very distraught about a lot of that. We weren’t allowed to sort of talk
about him, you know, it was just very odd. This person who lived next door to us our
whole lives was gone, and there was no service, no nothing. It was very strange, and he came
to me — I had an amazing dream encounter with him, and I’d see him in a hallway and
I ran towards him in the dream. Of course, he wasn’t a solid figure, so what happened
was I stepped into his energy field, as if he was silhouette, and everywhere he was and
when I overlapped him, I felt the pure, most pure — just makes me like weep and it was
almost three decades ago, of his love. Purest love, and just exquisiteness. I knew he was
safe, I knew he was home, I knew he was okay. I knew how much he loved me, and I knew that
it was never going to fade away. And I knew that, although he couldn’t say bye, that it
was there. Sandra: That’s sweet. Laura: And it was unstoppable. And I know
that even though weren’t allowed to say goodbye, that he knew everything was okay. And it never
leaves you, when you sort of have that kind of soul dream. I know you’ve had one with
your father, other people have had them of their loved ones. It’s different than the
run-of-the-mill dream. But having those encounters, they never leave you and it’s another piece
of continuum — I’ve had so many others that come through like that, but the signs that
come through in readings of life’s continuum and the things that come through, the evidential
pieces that come through while we’re dreaming. Sometimes people will be doing all the deeper
stuff, you know, with the committee and past-life work and you know, moving forward for future
things that people are navigating the density of life. They’ll throw it in at the last minute,
they’ll say, “Okay, I know we’ve been really busy and got all this stuff done. Does my
beloved so-and-so have anything they might want to add?” It might just fall in at the
last bit, like they might say, “Yes, and if you move the dresser, that ring is there that
you’ve been looking for.” And it’ll fall in like, oh for crying out loud, I’ve been going
nuts looking for that thing, and I wasn’t even going to ask you about that. I was debating
about it for two days, and I didn’t even have it on my list of things to ask because — and
I’ve seen this happen, I went into the office and found it. Thanks. Sandra: Oh my gosh, that’s great. Laura: You know, and… Sandra: Evidence is the best part. Laura: Or a spirit making a comment to someone
else who is terribly distraught about their loved one dying very tragically. You know,
from a lightning strike and never getting a chance to say goodbye and then their partner
saying to them, “Yes cut your hair,” and I’m relating the information and they’re saying,
“Oh my god, I was standing in the mirror saying I was going to cut it all off. I think I’m
just going to cut it all off.” I have no way of knowing this, so there it is. Yes, cut
your hair. Sandra: Oh yeah. The ego always wants to convince
us that whoever the psychic medium is, that they spent this time looking it up on the
Internet. All that stuff. It’s crazy. Laura: I have no time for that. I really want
to say, I am so anti-, like my friends know this about me. I don’t really have time for
that, I’m so busy. Sandra: Of course not, you’re the real deal.
Yeah. You’re the real deal. Laura: A lot of people are free on the Internet
and living their life, and their personal Facebook accounts and stuff. Sandra: You’re not one of those people, no. Laura: The thing is, it’s a full-time job
just to live your life. If we’re doing it well, all of us. (Laughter) So, people can think of other — I’m sure
there are people out there who do that, but I don’t. Sandra: Those are the scammers, and I think
anybody listening to this show long enough and hearing some of these stories, it’s just…
it is real. Life after death is real — but, knowing that we do have the ego that’s going
to want to convince us that, “Okay, okay. This isn’t true.” Look around us, we’re living
in a miracle right now. We really are, everything’s made up of energy. We have cellphones that
invisibly connect to this invisible world. We can contact all information that ever is.
I mean, that stuff is miraculous. But… and something else I was thinking about not too
long ago, Laura, is that when you look at everything we have now and then you think
about thousands of years ago, everything came from planet Earth. Like the rocks, the plants,
the water, the trees… you know, and now we have electricity and clothing. Everything
came from this raw material, like that stuff is miraculous. But our ego wants to say, “Nope.
No it’s not.” Laura: And this is why I actually named my
website “We Are All Made of Ancient Star Dust” and the website is ancientstardust.com, because
when I first heard about this comment, it blew my mind. We are made of stars. All of
us. Sandra: Yes. Laura: And you know, that’s just a trippy
thing. That’s an insane and sober moment. Yes, you’re right. I mean, all this technology…
and I actually think that the technology is an interesting parallel right now to spirituality,
and all this metaphysical stuff. For all of this amazing connection, it’s a time where
spirituality is meant to be shooting up — if we’re graphing this, we know that the technology
graph is shooting up like a rocket, not even going over or arc down. But the spirituality
side has also been, yo�����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������u know, about since the mid-80’s it started
to really turn on. Even if we took the last 100 years of spirituality, the map began to
come up, but in the mid-80’s — some could even say the mid-60’s it started on, but it’s
begun to take on because I know in the mid-80’s the awareness with angels, and embracing people
started doing conventions, and attending in ways and looking at things, and oraganizing
in waves. Right now, and since we’ve tipped into the 2000’s , the tipping point has been
strong. The momentum is building, and the veil between the worlds has never really been
thinner, so more and more people are feeling their intuitive centers opening up, they’re
own stirring inside, shifting to ask questions, wondering what’s it all about? You know? Sandra: Yep. Laura: And it really makes sense, because
for all this miraculous technology and the ability to connect, technology without spirituality
could lead to things that are not, that are empty. But technology with spirituality is
things of miracles. It’s the ability to connect souls from the other side of the world — I
marvel at this all the time. When I get calls from the opposite side of the world, and that
we’re all really the same. At the end of the day, we all want to feel safe, we all want
to feel loved. We all want our loved ones to feel safe and loved. And it’s primal. And
even though we’re still unique as our own fingerprints and our own DNA, we’re all made
of ancient star dust. We are all looking to feel that connection, to know that we don’t
die, that the continuum exists, to understand our place in it. It’s fascinating to me, it
really is. It’s never dull. Sandra: And it’s so much more fun to think
about that, rather than looking in the mirror and saying, I’m not good enough and how come
this doesn’t happen? Being a victim… find something you’re passionate about and learn
more, be interested. So you mentioned the committee a few times — I want to know from
you, who is the committee? A reading from you isn’t your typical go to a medium and
hear from dead folks. It’s not. (Laughter) I know it can be a whole different bunch of
things, but if you can share a little bit on how you work and who is the committee? Laura: The committee is a group of ascended
masters from the other side, they’re from beyond the Pleiades. And what they are is
a group of electives who come together to assist us with I’ll say higher learning, higher
knowledge. When I first met them, I was feeling very energetically pestered, and I can’t really…
what does energetically pestered mean? You know? As if like, you have on clothes that
are too tight, or being followed by something, a group that was standing too close to you.
Pestered, pestered, pestered. These conversations were happening and you couldn’t turn them
down. Pestered, pestered. And so, I had said to a friend who was working in the field that
this was going on, she said, “You know, let’s do meditation and see what’s going on.” And
I’d come out of it, you know, an hour and a half, two hours later and her jaw is hanging
open and she said, “You were a deep-trance medium right there, and holy smokes, there
were pages and pages filled.” What I remembered from that occurrence was a beautiful image
the committee had shown was that our problems — we see our problems as if we’re standing
up against a wall, and we’re looking at this wall, facing this wall and the wall goes straight
up into the sky. That’s how we humans see our problems. Then they said, “But really,
it’s like this.” And then they had me turn and the wall went down as if it was a little
curve and they were like, “We want to help you as if they were like this, and change
your perspective and help you understand on the spiral continuum how they’re like this.
You just step over them.” That’s what they helped me do, every day in session is to show
people how to re-frame something and look at it from a different — same movie, different
row, different seat I always say to them. If we shift the perspective, that they can
step over the problem, we can show them a solution and access a way to solve something
or resolve something and maybe they can have their epiphany, maybe they can have their
“a-ha” and they can ease up, and move and navigate with a little bit less stress and
resistance, and grief. So, they would book me regularly. We’ve been connected ever since
then. I can go deep into trance and let them speak, or a lot of times what happens is they’re
with me, pressing on me, impressing me. A lot of times I have no memories of sessions
as they end. It’s like the running office joke where the phone line goes click, it’s
done and then my assistant says to me five minutes later, “Oh, someone still has a question
about this.” I’d say who? They’d be like, “The person you just spoke to?” And I’ll say
I have no memory of that. (Laughter) Sandra: Isn’t that interesting. Laura: I feel like if I had to remember everything,
I would need several wagons to carry these pieces in my brain. Sandra: So, is it like Laura steps out of
the way and the committee steps in? Laura: We’re both here, but it’s kind of like
a dream in some ways. I sound kind of normal, and sometimes it’ll push in and then I don’t
sound as much like me, if I’m in a deeper trance. If you are watching me, I don’t look
like me when I’m in a deeper trance. My face is down, all these electrical pops going on
if I’m in a deeper channeled state. But if I’m in just a normal sounding, like this voice,
but I’m probably talking faster — they’ll be pushing things through, lots of times they
refer to me as a vessel, because a channel is a conduit. When we’re working, we cover
things from — my job, they refer to me as a channel for healing, healing being defined
as things that help someone to have release, whether it’s release of an emotion, release
of things that are causing roadblocks. Information can be a release, things that help their health
to unblock and have a release. Things that help improve their choice-selection, so whatever
comes in to promote healing is that I channel. So I’m here, a little bit more often aside
than not, but I never just vacate the building. I’m always here. Sandra: That’s amazing. Amazing. I’ve done
some reading and studying on trance mediumship, but I’ve never talked to anybody that has
actually done it, or has lived through it. We could in future episodes, but it’s great
to hear you talk about that. It really is, it really is. And not to be feared, right?
You’re completely safe and supported? Laura: Yeah, it’s safe and supported. There’s
a couple of things I’d say if anyone’s thinking about or dabbling in it — a couple keys I
think that are critical to know. One, always be grounded and this helps with meditation
anyways. But it’s critical to be grounded, because if you’re not grounded — and what
this means, I want to make an important analogy. So, right now if you are to go out and buy
a toaster, or a blender, or a lamp. Anything you buy with an electrical plug has a grounded
plug that goes into a socket into the wall, and the reason is that the electrical grids
are stressed. And so the power companies, the companies that produce these products
like toasters, lamps, blenders, they know that in order to protect the product, they
must ground the plug. Well, if it’s important to protect a toaster, a blender, or a lamp,
you can see how electric energy and how it’s moving is dangerous, Right? So I want to use
this analogy to understand that when you’re tapping up into the field, you being grounded
is equally as important because if you’re not, number one, you can’t get the right connection
and number two, you don’t know what it’s doing to your physical body and you don’t know if
you can trust the source you’re tapping into. There’s many kinds of energy, it’s not all
just rainbows, unicorns and fluffy bunnies. There’s different levels of entities and energies,
so no. It’s not that you should be frightened of feeling opened up, but the more grounded
that you are, whether you’re protecting yourself with light, whether you’re running golden
routes from your feet — by the way, my grounding and centering CD won the National Award for
a reason, so you know, get yourself grounded however you can do it. But there’s a reason
why, so that you can improve the quality of what you get and that you also are safer,
because you’re not a toaster. You’re not replaceable, and once you get slimed, you have to go through
all sorts of rigmarole to, you know, see an expert to get yourself unslimed of energy.
It can be very depleting energetically, it can make you feel very cloudy mentally. It
can make you feel very foggy, frustrated, and in some cases I’ve ever seen it where
people end up feeling completely unlike themselves, and acting out of character. Those are the
worst case scenarios, but certainly important enough to mention. And when people are beginning
to open up, it’s very exciting. It’s a wonderful thing, and not everyone has it from birth.
Sometimes people watch what I wrote about this when I wrote “The Complete Idiot’s Guidebook,”
that falling in love, falling out of love, heartbreak, loss, death… things like this
can also break people open where their intuition centers can start to fire off. So, I’m not
surprised it can lead to something life-changing, so, you know… so dramatic, for instance,
that you end up writing a book. Sandra: Yeah, my deepest pain turned into
that. So, you just never know. You know, a couple things. You had said either, and this
kind of ties into what we’re talking about now when we’re saying our deepest pain can
really crack us open. You had said something brilliant earlier, “As we know better, we
do better.” Laura: Yeah, thank you. Yeah. Sandra: I just thought, you know, there’s
so many people who are living with guilt and they should’ve done this, I shouldn’t have
done this — when you said, “As we know better, we do better,” I feel like we need to take
that burden off. If we had known something else to do, we would’ve done it another way.
So get over it, let go, and guilt could be one of these roadblocks you mentioned, right? Laura: It absolutely can. I mean, it really,
really can. You had asked me — I’m going to answer this and wrap this into something
else you asked me. Sandra: Sure. Laura: When I’m working, very often — we
always ask people to come with questions, and that’s a bit different than how other
people typically work. Because for me, it’s a little bit like — if you have ever seen
in a TV producer’s control room, and there’s all kinds of screens. That’s the best analogy
I could make, but for me, being the channel I am, it’s like sitting in a control room
with lots of screens firing, and what I might think is interesting may be of no interest
to my client. Or, they might not be ready to look at that screen and I think it’s really
interesting. They may not, and there’s no point spending time on that if they’re not
interested. And so, the way that it’s worked out well is if clients ask questions and we
answer questions that way. I say we because it’s the committee and I, so therefore, for
instance a client said, “You know, how can I feel better and work on my self-confidence
or self-esteem?” This is a question that we’ve actually answered a lot of this, and talked
about it at length. Because, believe it or not, it’s a bit similar but a bit specific
to each client, there’s something different. Sometimes, it relates back to past-life pieces
we’re pulling and we might pull up specifics, you know, this goes back to this time when
you were here and this happened, and this tripped off when this happened in this life.
And now, here is the obstacle of how to overcome this, and here’s also a suggestion or an affirmation,
or a remedy cure. We work a lot with flower essences and other natural things in supplements,
sometimes as well. We’ll suggest that people ask us to (inaudible). It depends, once again,
because yes, everyone myself included, we all have days where we feel stronger, we feel
more better than others and we feel weaker than others. But… that mantra always is
definitely effective, but when we’re working sometimes, there’s other pieces that will
come into play that may help you, that may not help other people. So, we’ll look at things
on a case-by-case basis, and when we know better, we do better. And I know that, based
on everything that you knew at a particular time, and everything you were going through
at that time, you made the best decisions and choices that you possibly could’ve. And
that, you know too. You need to think about that and know that, too, because the only
purpose of guilt — the only purpose is to keep you from owning your power. So… if
we can remove that and just turn the volume down a bit on it, you will feel better. You
will feel calmer and you will feel more powerful. Sandra: Thank you for sharing that. That really
resonated with me, and I’m sure it did with others as well. That really is, thank you
for that. Laura: I’m glad. Sandra: So, can we talk a little bit about
the importance of meditation and what your new program is that you have? ‘Cause everyday
I wake up, thinking I should meditate. But you know I’m not, it’s like every fourth day
maybe. Can you talk a little bit about meditation and it’s importance? Laura: Yeah, definitely. So it’s definitely
— meditation, first of all, I say good job getting it in every four days. And I’m giving
you credit for that. Sandra: Thank you. Laura: The very first thing is give yourself
credit for what you are doing, and count that in. We’ll put that in the plus column, because
don’t focus on the days you’re not doing it. Let’s focus on the days that you are. I talk
about that in this package I’ve got, because it’s really important to flip this around,
and you are probably getting in a lot of pieces of this, and just not even recognizing how
and how to add it in other ways. It’s important because the mind, the body, and the spirit
each have components that can recharge and can be put back into center through it. Now,
the misconceptions are is that it has to be done certain ways, in certain styles, or at
certain times. Not true, and I bust those open and kind of de-bunk that in the package.
But when you’re more aligned, then you’re in a place to be your best. To be more open,
to be more calm, and to be feeling more peace and more intuitive. And also, you’re able
to see or witness stress, but not to participate in it. That’s also a really cool thing, because
it’s an ability to be in the observer’s mode, but not necessarily to be the participant
mode. Sandra: I like that. If that’s possible, yes
I do. (Laughter) Laura: Yes, yes. And absolutely, anybody’s
who frustrated at meditating can get better at it. I’ve never not seen that to be true,
so it can definitely — anybody can get better, anybody can. Sandra: And you title it “Meditation: Magic
and Miracles.” How come? What kind of magic and miracles can come from meditation? Laura: Because in the space where people are
beginning to feel that alignment and feel that shifting, I was just mentioning previously
how people can become more intuitive and that sense of calm, and that sense of peace. When
those intuitive meridians begin to open, all kinds of good stuff happens there. That’s
the juicy stuff. That’s the — woo, look out. That’s epiphany central. And that’s when you
get your higher guidance. That’s where you get to feel all of that downloadable, from
the higher source, from god, from the universe, from your guides, from the guardian angels,
from your loved ones… all kinds of stuff can come in. And it’s just a matter of like
the committee would say, “Getting out of your own way.” The deluge comes, and it doesn’t
have to be as complicated as we’re taking all the furniture out of the house, putting
it on the front lawn and then leave room for whatever wants to come in the house to come
in. Sandra: Right. Laura: It’s not complicated at all. It could
be as simple as we’re going to move one little thing out of the way on top of the dresser,
and then something else has room to come sit there. Sandra: Yeah. I think we’ve all had those
thoughts that have came out of nowhere, or those great ideas, and so many of them happen
to me while I’m taking a shower. It’ll be like, where did that thought come from? Laura: Let me point something else out, because
you remember we were talking about earlier in the conversation about how in the hours
of 2 and 4 AM, the atmosphere is the most heavy and dense with moisture, and that therefore
spirit energy can connect? Now, here’s an obvious statement — what happens when you’re
in the bathroom, and the shower water’s running and you’re in a place of relaxation. You have
moisture and condensation, and you’re relaxed. Ka-boom. There comes more targeted time for
energy, because the conditions are right. Sandra: Amazing. You know, I was floating
in a pool once not too long ago, and I just cleared my mind and all of a sudden, I got
all these images of many people that I’ve loved and lost, and they were like right there,
as clear as clear could be. And I got kind of shocked, and it stopped. ‘Cause then I’m
like, what’s happening? What’s going on? (Laughter) But I was floating in water. Interesting. Laura: Yep, water conducts electricity. And
so, there are natural times we’re relaxed and relaxing when that conduit energy is there.
And yes, the theme of water — also, when we’re cooking in the kitchen is another natural
time of people saying, “You know, I always think of my grandma when I’m in there. I’m
looking over the lids, and thinking she’s saying, ‘Don’t add too much salt in the soup,’
and I’m always thinking of her.” Well of course, and she’s probably right there, kind of thinking
of you too. Are you rolling up the bread you’re baking? You know. Sandra: Awe, that’s really sweet. So Laura,
time goes by really quick. Either what haven’t I asked you that I do need to ask, or if you
have any thoughts that we just need to hear right now, or what’s the committee saying?
Where do we go from here in our last five minutes or so? I think you’re a beautiful,
beautiful, beautiful soul and I’m so honored that we got to talk today. Laura: Oh gosh, thank you so much. Golly.
I really love this program that you’ve created for people, it’s such a great resource. Sandra: Thanks. Laura: And there’s so many great nuggets for
people in the shows. I have a great tip for listeners on how to improve their intuition
— obviously, you know I love meditation as a tool and stuff I’ve created for those other
pieces, but I want to talk about another way to improve intuition, and that’s through using
journaling and I want to change the way people think about this completely. I want to call
it a workbook, and I want to say you can go out, you can use your existing journal or
you can go out and purchase a journal. I have a journal to the ancient star dust journal,
but you can get a notebook at Walmart, CVS, where ever. Get a spiral-bound notebook and
use it exactly the same way I’m about to describe. This will really help, because when you use
a journal like a notebook, I want you to fold the page so that you don’t write across the
whole page. Leave about a quarter to a third of the page you’ll fold, and don’t write in
that section. Just make a habit, you know, leave that area where you can come back and
react in that space later. Because what you’re going to do, is when you’re writing down dreams,
writing down thoughts. When you’re writing down things that came to you in the shower,
when you’re writing down synchronicities, which is a proper word for what we mistakenly
call coincidences. There are no coincidences. Start writing stuff down and leaving room
for not writing and initially, that’s your reaction place because your workbook is really
your truth log. If I hadn’t written things down years ago, it’s really like my word sort
of against — oh, I knew that. I thought that. Oh, I had a feeling something would happen.
So when you see it in your own journal, your own workbook and you come back and interact
with it. Circle things, notice. Are you starting to dream and have a time line like that? You’re
getting pre-cognition, with things that are going to happen a week before it does. Write
it down in that area, bigger than the margin, you need a good third of that page. Circle
things, and I mean I once had a time where I was followed by the letters CLR. CLR. I
was helping an elderly friend, and CLR, CLR — it just drove my nuts, I said to her, what
does the letters CLR mean to you? She laughed, she said, “Oh dear, it means Claire. She’s
coming to visit from out of town.” Sandra: Funny. Laura: But if I hadn’t documented that kind
of stuff, this is where it adds the proof for your ego to get out of the way and witness
it and see and it unfold in it. That’s what helps me to get confidence and to know that
you’re not inventing this, you aren’t imagining it. It’s really happening, your intuition
is like a muscle and the more you work it and experience it, the stronger it gets. Sandra: Can you just review that one more
time? Just because I’m looking at my page — so on my two-thirds of my page, what am
I writing there? Laura: Write down things that happened, thoughts
that come to you… if you have a dream, just write down the dream. Sandra: That’s on the bigger part of the page? Laura: Yep, on the big part of the page. If
you’re… you know, when you’re in the car, write down what’s the first song queued up
when you turn on the vehicle? What’s the title of the song? What’s the line of the song that
gave you goosebumps? Write it down. If letters are following you, write it down. You know…
things that you’re starting to go, I had a tickly feeling about that. Write it down,
don’t analyze it. You won’t be able to at that point — but, when you’re thinking about
the day, instead of writing how you got up at seven, had xyz for breakfast. Right. Those
things don’t have a bearing on your intuition, but if you said how that bird was staring
at me and I had a funny feeling. Sandra: I had a red bird this morning, it
had just happened to me. Uh-huh. Laura: Never an accident when you’re talking
to a channel. Sandra: Yeah, I know. So many of the things
you’ve mentioned on the show, I’m like, she’s just talking to me and other people will get
it, too. But she knows, Oh gosh, she knows. Okay, so we’re writing those things and then
on the third, the smaller part? Laura: Then what I want you to do is come
back. As those things begin to make sense to you, come back and interact in the white
space — whether it’s a week later, a few days later, come back and interact in the
white space next to it. And then you write your interpretation. Like, for instance, when
I wrote in my journal “I’m being pursued by the letters CLR. What are these?” I had three
days of those entries. CLR, CLR, CLR in the grocery store. CLR with my mom. CLR when I
was watching tv. CLR. Finally, and then I wrote on the side-margin, “Finally asked my
elderly friend. Her niece Claire is coming to visit.” And actually, when I met her niece
too, we felt we had known each other from a past lifetime of some sort. Sandra: That’s awesome. Laura: You won’t know what goes into the third,
the fourth… you may not know it for a month, you may not know it for longer. Sometimes,
the universe will shift and pull it together, but you want to leave room — the workbook
is an interactive space. In other words, your journal isn’t supposed to look neat and pretty.
You’ll have sticky notes, you might want to come back and circle, have a road map with
arrows… interact with it is what I’m trying to say. But, write down the things that are
happening that feel like something. And then in the smaller area you folded down, that’s
where you come back and go, oh, that goes with this. I had this four times and I’m starting
to feel like it goes with my uncle Tom — my, you know, uncle Tom had a thing with red birds
and I just got the card, I found it. It came in the mail and it was from aunt Sue and she
said that she thought I would want this, and sent it to me and there was a red bird on
the cover. When I asked her about it, she said he loved red birds, and boom. It all
came together. You’re like, oh my god, there it is. Somehow it all pulled around. Use that
space to interact and interpret, and you don’t know when you’re getting your vibes always
what they mean, and there’s no way you would as you’re beginning the journey. You can’t,
it’s a bombardment. It’s like you’re an antenna tower, picking up all sorts of frequencies,
and snippets, and words, and radio stations and somebody else is spinning the knob. Sandra: Interesting. Laura, that’s awesome.
And of course, the more we meditate and quiet our minds, the more stuff will come in. Laura: Yes, the more you get to control the
knob a little and get bigger snippets and pieces. Sandra: Fun stuff, I’m looking forward to
visiting your website, ancientstardust.com, and seeing what you got there. ‘Cause this
is awesome. I’ve heard it from others, and even reading it on many websites about you
and a lot of testimonials of just how warm, loving and caring you are and it’s just great
to be talking to you, person-to-person, voice-to-voice. I’m like, yes she is. She really is. Laura: Thank you. You’re a delight, and I
really — again, I love the program and I think you’re — are you working on other pieces,
too? Do you have other books you’re thinking about cooking on? Sandra: Yeah. One of them is there’s been
so many gems from all these interviews. So you don’t have to listen to 90 hours of stuff,
I was thinking of taking the bullet points and best stories and combining those into
a book. Yeah, I have some stuff I’m working on. Laura: Yeah, good. I wanted to say that you
are plural, like books plural. So, yeah. Mmm-hmm. Sandra: It’s really fun talking to you. Okay,
good. Laura: We feel it coming, so yes. Sandra: We like it, we like it a lot. Also,
for our listener, if you go to wedontdieradio.com and you check out the episode of Laura Scott,
I have her links to everything we talked about today and more, how you can get her program
“Meditation: Magic and Miracles,” her website. She’s got a YouTube channel and a Facebook
page, and her e-mail and a toll-free phone number if getting in touch with her is something
you’d like to do. Anything else Laura? We’re going to wrap it up. Laura: I think I’m good. It’s been a nice
conversation with you, and I’ve enjoyed it immensely… it’s been a pleasure. Sandra: Yeah, a pleasure for me too. So thank
you very much. And for our listener, thank you for taking the time to listen to this
episode, and I hope you listen to more. I’m here — we’re here to empower you to have
the best life possible. Yes, we want them to be entertaining. Yes, we want to give you
information that your loved ones are still around, no one that you’ve loved is lost.
You’re going to see them again, but most importantly, our life here on Earth is important. It’s
for a reason. It’s for soul growth. We may have road blocks, and that’s a great time
to talk to somebody like Laura or do some self-inspection or meditation, things like
that. But my name is Sandra Champlain, I’ve been your host on We Don’t Die Radio. Remember
to go to wedontdieradio.com and look for lots of episode. Join the Insider’s Club where
I give you a whole bunch of free, cool stuff. Anyways, thanks for listening and we’ll see
you soon.


  1. as always, another great episode! i especially noticed so many 'practical' (for lack of a better word) comments, ie the discussion about technology and spirituality, laura's journal suggestion, conditions for electrical conduction, her discussion of grounding, etc. chock full. she brought some things into a place of everyday understanding that usually get just the woo-woo treatment; which i also love but adding the practical-ness really helps round out the picture. also extra interesting is her channeling. (sandra, if you don't know of lee carroll, you might want to check him out. he channels kryon since the late 80s. all over youtube and at kryon-com. would love to hear a show with him if possible.)
    early on, laura expressed dismay at the lack of a funeral service for her grandfather. maybe that would have made more sense in her family system, and it sounded like it was hard for her to not have that ceremony. : ( but i'd like to suggest that not having a funeral isn't necessarily "bizarre", as she termed it. it just depends on the family. and a funeral isn't necessary to say goodbye. that's like saying god can only be accessed in a church.
    lastly, happy birthday, sandra! your fifty fabulous years have resulted in this fabulous show that i'm so glad i found. thank you!

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    (…Still think you're adorable!)

  3. this was a good broadcast …she and I are much alike…doing the same type work..its refreshing to find confirmation when I wasnt looking for it..lol..

  4. Nice interview. I looked up the cost of a reading with Laura. $225 for 30 min $444 for an hour. Too bad that’s way out of my budget

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