Enlightenment: Debunking the myth and why you just don’t need it.

Enlightenment: Debunking the myth and why you just don’t need it.

“Sanctum is beyond the reach of material
concerns it is a holy place.” You’ve got a lot of people these days selling the
idea that they are enlightened and making a lot of money in the process. And
that kind of begs the question: “Are they really enlightened and if so what is it?”
In this video I’m going to debunk the dangerous myth of enlightenment and give
you logical scientific reasons why you just don’t need it. It’s a cliche that Eskimos have 50 words
for snow. In actual fact may have over 180 and it’s a measure of just how important
snow is in their lives. It’s an indication of our spiritual poverty in
the West that we only have one word for enlightenment and it happens to be the
wrong one. The man we now call the Buddha wrote nothing. In fact nothing was
written down for nearly 500 years after his death.
But according to Theravada, the oldest school of Buddhism, the Indian Prince
claimed that he had achieved ‘Moksha’, which means that he was free from the
endless round of birth and death. He believed that he would never be reborn
again. Other schools of Buddhism claimed that he had achieved the ‘Bodhi’ or ‘Prahna’
and that kind of just means that he had awakened. The Chinese and Japanese
versions of the Zen schools claimed that he had achieved ‘Kensho’ and that just
means that he had seen into the ultimate nature of himself. So which is it exactly?
What is it that these fashionable gurus on the Opera Winfrey Show are claiming
for themselves? Have they freed themselves from the eternal round of
birth and death and if so how would they know? Have they awakened if so, to what
exactly? The cosmic joke, the final irony, is that you already know the
answer. Deep down in your heart you already understand the ultimate truth of
the universe. Let me prove it to you with a question. So what did Christ, Muhammad,
Karl Marx, and the Dalai Lama have in common? people see in these characters a
wisdom that far exceeds the sum of their words and
actions. A lot of the words attributed to these men are quite clever, but it’s also
true that a lot of their sayings and their actions don’t make a lot of objective
sense. But despite this fact people go on year after year playing a kind of
philosophical ping-pong on behalf of their chosen gatekeeper. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, two of the world’s most famous psychiatrists, explain that we
tend to project onto or transfer onto the world, the most deepest aspects of
our own inner life. This process of projection or transference is important.
Throughout history human beings have projected or
transferred the concept of pure wisdom onto various peoples and cultures. It
would follow that this universal and timeless wisdom must first exist within
us, otherwise we would be blind to it. That’s an important point so let me
repeat it. The light that we see in other people and things must first exist
within us let me explain it in another way. Imagine that you were born blind to
the color red then effectively, for you, the color red doesn’t exist. You wouldn’t
even be able to imagine what a red rose would look like. For the the wisdom of
say Christ, Muhammad or Buddha for that wisdom to resonate with us
it must first exist within our hearts and therefore it’s a light and a wisdom
that we all share. The QM4YS system demonstrates the subatomic nature of
reality and offers a coherent explanation for this phenomena. We are
eternal beings of light who temporarily generate a physical body. The
enlightenment, the wisdom, the clarity that we see out there is just a
projection of a light that exists within us that is the very nature of our
essence. So what about Buddha? The Buddha set out to save himself from life and
after telling everyone that he had achieved that he lived for another forty
five years and for every one of those days he had to live with the fact that
he had abandoned his wife and his newborn son. In fact he’d abandoned his
family, his people, his country and his royal responsibilities. Ultimately it was
food poisoning that killed him at the age of 80. He left no successor. In the end
the Buddha died as he’d lived, entirely for himself. The truth is there’s no such
thing as enlightenment, there is no golden ticket, there is no vision,
experience or information that will save you from the suffering of life. The QM4YS system offers no gurus no secret knowledge, it’s unique claim is it
believes in you and the universe of which you are a unique and a vital part. The
Quantum Mechanics For Your Soul system is designed to empower you to believe in
the light that exists within you, the light within which we are all one.
The truth is enlightenment isn’t a destination, it’s not an event, a vision
or an experience it is the very core of what we are we have to work to make our
physical selves our outer world express that inner reality and by doing that we
change the universe. When you do that work
you are enlightenment itself. Before I go let me give you a logical explanation as
to why we have this spiritual and linguistic confusion and why no matter
how many words we have for enlightenment they would just never be enough. I’ve
already explained, extensively, in previous videos that our reality, our
personal perception of reality, is defined by three things: the sum of our
past, how we feel about that past and our expectations for the future. The Buddha
went looking for salvation he was looking for a personal escape from the
eternal rounds of birth and death it can be considered no coincidence then that
in the end that’s what he thought that’s what he believed he’d found. The QM4YS
system reveals a subatomic reality to which we are all connected but that
subatomic reality exists beyond the reach of our five senses and is
therefore beyond the ability of our binary language to describe. Throughout
history personal transcendental experience has usually and still does
usually results in division if you look at the history of all religions and
cults that personal transcendental experience is almost inevitably used as
a justification for exclusion, sectarianism and inevitably
violence. For that reason we have started an open research project called, “The
Connected Universe” in order to focus on the everyday experience of ordinary
people of their connection to the subatomic universe rather than on that
which divides us. The problem is the modern world has brainwashed us to
believe that only matter is real. We’ve been trained to ignore our own personal
experience of a subatomic universe. If you have had experience of extrasensory
perception communication, if you’ve had out-of-body experiences, altered states
of consciousness, we really need to hear from you. If you’ve had experience of
knowing when somebody’s going to call you or of thinking what somebody else is
thinking at the same time as they are, we need to hear your stories. If you’d like
to click on the link in the description or at the end of the video, visit the
website you’ll see a section there on the research project that gives you all
the information you need and you’ll find a form through which you can share with
us your personal experienc, your personal enlightenment experiences. If
you’ve enjoyed the video don’t forget to like and share, subscribe and hit the
bell and I’ll leave you with this question: “if you’ve had personal
experience of the subatomic universe let us know in the comments below.” Thanks for
your time. Be well.


  1. Thank you for your personal reliable knowledge, creativity and additionally expertise to guide my path to becoming increasingly consciously informed furthermore spiritually connected.

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