Energy Update: Integrating the Soul – Matt Kahn

Energy Update: Integrating the Soul – Matt Kahn

you you so in the integration of the soul which
is what 2015 initiates and goes for the next five years what this process is all
about is it’s all about not only awakening the light of your eternal
recognition meaning recognizing that within you that’s already awake but it’s
about moving back into the world moving back into body moving back into
personality moving back out of all of the things that when you had a
spontaneous awakening it seemed to move you out of now what happens is when you
have an awakening there is an energetic shift that happens now you can have all
sorts of different experiences flashes of insight but energetically what
happens is you go from being lost in this character you think you are as one
in comparison to other and all of a sudden you just have this awareness
you’re almost just aware of yourself as awareness and it’s almost as if here
you’re in the body but you’re almost behind the body as this witness here I
mean and then what happens is you oscillate back and forth between
contraction and expansion and you somehow develop this belief that when
you’re expanded that means you’re one with God and when you’re contracted I
fallen out of good grace with the universe and I got to find my way back
and and and it’s very innocent but we try to do is we try to stay in the
witness but what you don’t maybe know is that what the witness is going to do is
move back into the body and merge as one so that witness and body self and source
one and all become one in the same indivisible so what we’re looking at in
this journey is we’re not chasing enlightenment we’re not chasing
self-realization because all these things are going to happen when your
soul is integrated and fully embodied so we’re not trying to leave the body to go
to higher dimensions we’re not trying to figure out a way to
shortcut any of this we’re not running towards the light of unity consciousness
we are becoming aware of who we already are but more importantly engaging in a
process which for a lot of people will be a five-year energetic process of
returning it’s called the return returning to body or turning to
relationships returning to world and a lot of spiritual egos get really freaked
out about that because they misunderstand it and they think that
they’re going back into ego you don’t go back into ego you go back to life and
the real spiritual ego trip is trying to stay divided we find yourself going
about the day something arises there’s an emotion you pull yourself away from
the experience so you can be aware of it and return to the present moment and you
go through this spiritual gymnastics routine of going back and forth between
contraction and expansion as if the ocean ever tries to get away from waves
and so what we’re learning to do is actually engage in becoming the most
integrated and fully embodied expression of that which is already awake it’s the only way to guarantee that
you’ll be the most sane and ly susceptible to fall for some of the most
subtle ego trips in existence because one of the biggest ego trips is to think
confidence is a byproduct of ego a lot of spiritual people learn that when they
thought no no being spiritually got to be silently insecure and you can’t feel
good about yourself you have to you have to you have to sit silently in in
self-hatred you have to ignore to yourself until you disappear hi God
thanks for the body thanks for this gift I’m going to spend my time in a sacred
posture ignoring it thank you thanks for the gift of form I’m just going to
ignore it someone taught me to do that and I believed them I believed them why
why would you believe that sounded good that’s all it is at the end of the day
it just sounds good but we are moving into the integration of the soul and
when your soul is integrated that’s when you find the Bliss you’re looking for
that’s when self-realization happens in every breath that’s when you understand
enlightenment but not the way we think of enlightenment and I’ll tell you why
when you’re an ego you’re in an experience where you are defining
yourself by your momentary circumstances when you’re an ego one of the best parts
of ego is that you’re actually as close to the experience as a fully integrated
soul is your front-row to the experience fact you’re closer than front-row you’re
in an experience called I am alright you got tickets to a concert and they keep
pointing you down towards the stage where am I sitting my sitting front row
oh I’m sitting I am what I am I am is so close to the experience you are the
experience but when your ego you’re lost in the experience of I am
when you’re fully integrated you are the experience of I am and from the outside
looking and you may not know the difference you may not know the
difference between a totally liberated being who’s totally so free they can
just be in any experience and play it out from the outside looking in you may
not tell but if you really learn how to be a depth to the energy it’s so subtle
but so obvious at the same time because if you imagine a circle that gets
completed right here’s the starting point and we go all the way around in
our low spiritual journey and we end up right we end up at the same point so the
start is also the finish and the finish is another start they see so you’re good
you’re going to go from I am too I am but what happens in between is
everything when you’re lost in ego you’re in the Iams let’s say anger for
an example and everything that happens to you you use to define yourself as
either get good bad improving or going backwards that’s the basic premise of it
right your experience is like an emotional stock market you’re having a
good day something happens to you you have like
one burst of emotion and you go that said I failed
that’s a game over that’s it that’s it so let’s say when we’re an ego the
experience would be I am angry right because the wording the words are always
very specific the wording is angry as in the way the character is defined I am
angry but a fully-integrated soul is going to feel all that emotion they’re
feeling it as objectively as the witness from afar and they’re still experiencing
it as close as close can be so real liberation and transcendence is I am
experiencing this as untouched if as if I was separate but I’m actually fully in
the experience so the ego experiences I am angry the fully integrated
experiences I’m anger anger I am now let’s just look
at the difference in that and to know the difference I want you just to feel
the energetic difference if I have you say this out loud so try this out loud I
am angry and you see how when you say that there’s a sense of I a separate
character this is about me this is the quality of me and when you are that you
either blame yourself for falling for something you blame someone else for
causing it or you look to someone else to fix it that’s the basic premise but
try this out loud I am anger anger I am all right now if you can feel the
difference in that one is defining yourself by the experience one is simply
being aware of your experience you see the difference so when you’re shifting
from ego into integrated soul you go from being angry to simply being anger
you’re being the space where anger can arise to be expressed it’s coming up to
be released out of you like a volcano but it doesn’t get on anyone because it
only gets on people when you’re expressing it unconsciously so really
what if the whole spiritual journey isn’t to stop your emotions but to learn
how to express them masterfully a spiritual master isn’t someone void of
emotion spiritual master is someone who knows how to express emotions without
getting it on anyone including themselves that’s what a spiritual
master is someone who can handle their energetic business
life wants to arise in a rep some anger and all erupted it and no heart will be
harmed in the process because you could also be a primal energy and learn to let
energy out but she can just barf it on people so what we’re here to learn how
to do is to express our emotions without just barfing on the world
that’s a we’re really learning that’s the that’s the unfiltered uncensored
definition of mastery notice your emotions feel them completely and don’t
ruin anyone’s outfit not even your own not even your own even if we take
sadness egoic version of sadness I am sad I’m affected by something it’s not
wrong to be affected but the egocentric interpretation is that I’m the one who’s
been affected by things a fully integrated soul
I am sadness meaning I am a space where sadness arises I don’t have to pull away
from it to try to shift my experience create a state change or reframe it
which a lot of spiritual gymnastics will teach you how something comes up just
run over here yay it’s a spiritual form of avoidance
that’s called reframing well if you look at it differently you don’t have to look
at it differently you can just be that experienced when you’re an ego we all
believe that there’s something you can do performance wise to change your
experience when you’re a fully integrated soul there’s no need to
change your experience because you’re just fully integrated you’re not out of
the body you’re fully grounded you’re not pulling back from your experiences
you’re stepping into them and no one gets harmed in the process because the
only time anyone gets harmed is when you’re unconscious experience is blind
you and you either reach out to people to fix it or you lash out at others in
defense to what you can’t control so when you’re an ego it’s I am sad when
you’re integrated it’s I am sad and a sadness I am do you see the difference
in that so that’s what we’re learning how to do is we’re learning how to
become fully embodied integrated souls and there’s no way out of the process
meaning the next five years are going to be very progressive especially for the
first wave of ascension when I say first wave of Ascension I speak of a third of
the planet that is waking up at an accelerated rate and it’s very important
that the third of the planet that’s waking up in the way that it is realizes
the importance is not untried to be awake or trying to be liberated because
those are all things you discover once you’re integrated what the focus needs
to be is integration integration even if you have these
flashes of I’m that which is already awake already liberated some people get
fooled into thinking oh that’s it I’ve realized it no in a flash you realize
you’re already awake and already aware but the whole journey is now integrate
that integrate that into the fiber of your being and become what you’ve
realized you are and someone could say well if I’m already that I don’t need to
become it that’s fooling yourself that’s what I
call being blinded or being ignorant by your own intelligence and there are
beings on this planet god bless them that are aware of some things and it’s
amazing to be aware of some things and to not know anything at the same time
and the way the universe reminds beings when they’re in that crazy state of
existential purgatory is they because life will show you where you’re at by
relationships if you want to know where you’re at on the journey just pay
attention to how you interact with people and what the universe will do for
really really out of sync spiritually egos is they put them into
interactions with people that don’t care about spirituality because for a lot of
spiritual egos that’s where they can do the dance in the spiritual setting let’s
see what happens when you around people who have no idea we’re talking about
that’s the real game because a fully integrated soul could be with people who
don’t give a crap about spirituality and still have harmony because we’re not
divided by concept that the liberated being is liberated from the attachment
to concept someone could say to a liberated being I don’t like anything
you stand for that’s wonderful to hear doesn’t touch I don’t believe all that
spiritual stuff hey me neither me neither something even say hey
anything that you say I will dislike fantastic I’ve been doing that for years
I’d love to have some company a liberated being can’t be touched an
integrated being cannot be touched they cannot be threatened because they don’t
negotiate think of it this way how do you negotiate with one who’s always
willing to listen the only one you can negotiate with are those who don’t
listen think of anyone that you need to negotiate anything with a partner a
co-worker a boss a family member aren’t you inherently always reaching
out to negotiate with someone who’s not willing to listen to you the way you
want that’s what creates the negotiation you go to them and say hey you’re not
giving me what I want let’s negotiate wrong if you’re trying to negotiate
life’s telling you you’re already negotiating with the wrong person
because how do you negotiate with someone who’s not listening and if you
found someone who’s listening you wouldn’t need to negotiate that’s why
enlightened beings don’t negotiate there’s nothing to negotiate some of
those hey I want to say something huh I shall listen when you’re fully integrated you lead
with listening and it doesn’t always create that like you want to jump in the
middle of someone talking with that oh I got something really good to say that
whole thing of like you hear someone talking you’re like almost shaking cuz
you got something really amazing to say like oh my god oh oh my god I’m gonna oh
my god it’s almost like a start on the sweat a little bit that huh oh my god
okay guy for different course and miracle quotes in here which one am I
gonna pull out oh my god shaking home see that’s a sign of light
that’s it that’s that’s someone who’s in the dissolving ego but they’re not
integrated integrated here’s listening oh let me hear this hmm
that’s nice that’s wonderful alright and then when they’re down smell
go so what do you think about that nothing nothing anything about that is
listening to what you say sounds good to me go for it when you’re fully integrated clarity is
very simple some of us say what do you think about
what I just said I think you just said that
we were both here you remember I remember look what you just said all
those words and syllables put together so eloquently don’t carry my heart
forever when you’re starting to dissolve the ego but you’re not integrated that’s
when you have that like oh god I don’t have to listen I got so many cool things
to say that’s why the universe puts you around people who have so much to say to
you you’re forced to listen because listening helps you integrate and
eventually the litmus test is can you listen without on the inside
feeling like you’re giving birth you laugh because you know I’m talking about
it’s funny cuz it’s true it’s so funny so when you’re integrating you’re
returning to world but you’re not identifying with it and and and the
whole misunderstanding is trying to stay as the witness instead of seeing that
the witness is like the ocean that returns to the activity of waves the
waves are just the framework that it lets the ocean be expressed so you don’t
have to pull the picture out of the frame and order for the light to shine
through let the light shine through and illuminate the image that’s being framed
it’s not wrong to have a personality personality is of the soul even if
someone goes there’s just awareness that’s an insight of the most
unintegrated nature that is actually besides the point
there’s just awareness so what it’s not even a shoe save them by the way there’s
just awareness because that which is declaring that that which is watching
the emanation of that insight isn’t defined as awareness so that’s a
beautiful insight that quickly becomes irrelevant fact what’s so amazing about
the spiritual journey so everything you’ve realized will become irrelevant
at a certain point first it’s amazing that’s irrelevant and if you know that’s
how it works you’ll be sane because the worst thing
to do is to walk around trying to rehash the energy of what totally expired and
you know it’s expired you’re trying to whip it back up into magic or it just it
won’t be relevant in a situation with people that just you know you’ll be
sitting there and people will be like arguing and I produced awareness and it
doesn’t do anything seem to work a while ago doesn’t work ever never works it
only works in spiritual circles for beings that have never seen there’s just
awareness and even once you see there’s there’s there’s just awareness that’s
the moment it expires I don’t have you ever heard that the moment you have the
insight is the moment it’s done and if you don’t know that it will haunt you
right you’ll go see a judge for a speeding ticket uh sir do you have a
reason for that are you going to fight this ticket yes I should have to pay the
ticket because there’s only awareness there’s only a ways your honor doesn’t
work it doesn’t work because this world is here for us to live out and play out
all of what is here form is here the fact that form is moulded out of
awareness is irrelevant when you become integrated what is true
and false both disappear and you’re in a reality beyond all that because in the
beginning there is I was lost in falsehood and then I realized something
more true and by comparison something more true seems a lot more
heart-centered relaxing and invigorating than this endless suffering of ego but
then there’s this stage of integration where you are waking up out of truth and
falsehood and you actually realize the truth and falsehood are both just
comparisons and you live in a reality where there’s no truth and no falsehood
now that’s either going to lead to transcendence and bliss or confusion and
frustration because you’re going to think you veered off in the wrong
direction in your and you’re lost somewhere you’re not lost at all you’re
exactly where you need to be you are merging back into oneness with that
which does not define itself nor does it mind how its defined it’s one thing to
try to stay undefined it’s another thing to see that defining yourself has no
meaning so one thing for someone to say something to you and you try to be
impenetrable or in your mind you disagree with them it’s another thing
when someone says something to you and legitimately your only experiences is
watching them go hmm really because really if we’re
really honest that’s the only experience you’ve ever had in life of other people
is I was walking out street and this person I cross passed and they went yeah
and I took those sounds and I made it mean something and I said hmm doesn’t
feel very good that’s all people have ever done is made
sounds at you you decide what it means it’s funny like someone says something
and you say can’t believe they said that you know what you can’t believe it
because they didn’t they know what they said to you but that’s just from their
perspective from your perspective all they did was go good and the fact that
you’ve been taught a language that says when someone makes that noise here’s
what it means and here’s how you must feel about it that’s just a state of
conditioning and as human being that’s one of the
funniest problems we have said they’re going God wishes people just make
different sounds at me I don’t like the sounds they make it all make different
sounds if you think about that words or sounds and what you’re asking when you
negotiate is I want you to make different sounds at my face and until
you do I’m gonna make not-so-nice sounds at your face
so if you want me to make nicer sounds at your face I’m gonna need you to
change the sound you’re making a mind and if you don’t I’m going to give you a
bunch of spiritual sounds integration of the soul very different from trying to
remove ourselves from life trying to pull back from experiences when you’re
an ego the big goal is trying to have a greater perspective of understanding
when you integrate you wake up out of the need to understand you’re not
refusing to understand that’s the definition of ignorance you’re free of
needing understanding understanding can come to you all at once you’re no longer
looking for it that’s the definition of integration how often do you seek an
understanding do you let understanding come to you or are you hunting it down
and if you’re not seeking an understanding one of the first stages of
that integration process is being uncomfortable with not understanding
it’s called confusion confusion doesn’t mean you don’t understand
confusion means there’s nothing to understand and it can be very
intimidating if in the past in your school life as a child or in your family
you have a lot of uncomfortable and embarrassing experiences where you
were singled out if you didn’t understand we seem to still live in a
world where not understanding is socially unacceptable and so we try to understand more than we
need to know to load up on all the right answers so if we’re called on by someone
we always have the right answer like we’re in some game show we always have
to have the right answer and be right because we’re afraid to be without
understanding and yet the minute you don’t have an understanding you’re
actually having an experience if you haven’t understand and you’re not
actually having an experience you’re only having an experience of what you
understand and interesting it’s like most again and that’s like the calamity
of the spiritual egos having these debates or conversations whether at
events or online not that we’ve ever seen that right maybe you’ve heard of it
but that it’s not an experience of spiritual transcendence it’s an
experience of understanding and when you’re exchanging understanding with
someone neither person is going beyond their understanding they’re just
defending their territory and so when you’re an unintegrated spiritual ego you
seek more understanding you think you need to understand or you defend the
understanding you need by trying to correct people that seem misinformed
when you’re a fully integrated soul there’s no one to correct there’s no one
to correct that doesn’t even arise as an impulse it really doesn’t because what’s
more obvious is that the person who’s speaking just needs to be heard no
corrections whatsoever and so as we go as you go through this process of
integrating the soul and and and really just kind of stepping out
little paradigm of dissolving the ego you’re going to go through four
interesting stages that don’t happen in a particular order but a fully
integrated soul is free of four things these are the four things that we free
ourselves of by experiencing it over and over again so how you going to get
through this path is by facing what I’m about to describe to you four stages in
no particular order and they can be in any order righteousness victimhood
entitlement neediness that’s the four stage journey from the endless
dissolving of ego and always feeling like you’re this close to enlightenment
and into fully integrating the soul as an embodied expression of spirit in
action and if you know that that’s what you’re moving through you can go through
it much quicker than normal otherwise you’re just going to go from oh I once
was righteous but now I’m a victim and it’s just from once extreme to the other
I was right I was entitled now I’m just needy needed a break from the neediness
I found entitlement we get stuck in these four quadrants righteousness
victimhood neediness entitlement and yet that’s we’re moving through to fully
embody that which we already are a seed can know that it is already the
fragrance of the flower but it has to go through the blossoming process in order
to have that be realized so the destiny can be fully anchored in
the garden of life so you may know yourself as that fill in the blank
answer but you still got to go through the
showing your work and coming into the world is that which you already are and
we do that by putting aside the idea that liberation self-realization
enlightenment put that aside that is only going to come to you on its own
when you’re fully embodied integrated it’s so interesting to even think of it
linguistically so many of us have been in the experience of endless stages of
disintegrating ego wondering when does it shift it shifts when you start to
become integrated but think of that word disintegration disintegration is a word
that means evaporation and it also is a word that refers to a lack of
integration so you’ve been constantly vanishing out of your old paradigm while
embodying a lack of integrated truth and reality and that’s when we become very
spiritually aware beings with very questionable social skills we know how
to meditate for long periods of time sometimes we forget to be nice and
whether we’re playing out the righteous ego the victimized ego the entitled ego
or the needy ego just by me saying the word integration or integrated something
you responds energetically it’s like something and you lights up and steps
forward you feel that you go oh that’s what I really that’s that’s what I’m
really here to do yes integrate integrate it’s a form of spiritual
sobriety integrate integrate any awesome right ever have it happen
you ask a question and press the button eyes go integrate booms are great integrate because when you’re integrated
you are leading with faith when you’re dissolving but not integrated you’re in
fear and the stage of what you experience between fear and faith is
known as frustration so that’s another way of describing this journey from fear
to faith through the valley of frustration doesn’t that sound appealing doesn’t that sound appealing so that
just tells us that the next five years is about absorbing the energies being
guided by the teachings from those that are guiding you into the most
transcendent heart-centered level of consciousness to accelerate the
vibration of the world in the most miraculous way to step forward as a
light bearer of awakened consciousness by moving towards life not away from it
by letting understanding come to you instead of you try to hunt it down by
you not trying to just be the space where a higher consciousness can reside
and shine through because you are that which is shining through you we’re way
beyond the stage of like I just get out of the way and let it come through you
are what you’re getting out of the way up you are what’s coming through I got
out of the way and what came through you that’s right so if you’re trying to get
out of the way in order for you to come through maybe we don’t need to get out
of the way anymore because remember the three the triad signifies three aspects
to one consciousness there is a body there is a soul which is the
individuated expression of source and there is a source to all of this which
is that which projects all of this into form but all of it is one and what my
intention and purpose for being in your life is to free you of the calamity of
moving from one aspect of the triangle to the other one and chasing your own
tail and to just integrate all of this as the supreme truth that you are
because we’re all in a path we’ll Reese all in some way know the supreme truth
whether we can put it in words or we’ve tasted and don’t even know it it doesn’t
matter what you know about truth it only matters how integrated you are and your
body and your experience is your living testimony as to how integrated you are
and someone who’s energetically sensitive or who is attuned can just
just take a whiff and know what’s going on just and just take a read of what’s
going on and you can see there’s the truth there’s their experience of the
truth and here’s the space the gap that needs to be resolved for them to be
fully embodied and fully aware again the misunderstanding is we’ve been trying to
be so aware of ourselves awareness has been a spiritual term for
self-judgement as I’ve said before if you’re going to look within and you’re
not coming with a boatload of compliments you’re trespassing don’t
trespass against yourself I want to look within bring flowers bring compliments none of this I’m going to look within
make sure everything is working right it works fine and for the second and third
wave of Ascension there’s this really really extraordinary gap between people
trying to be too aware of themselves and people who aren’t aware of anything
other than themselves and so it’s going back and forth between self judgement
and self absorption and becoming a fully integrated soul dissolves and collapses
both those paradigms to become a fully integrated expression of your highest
wisdom and action and once that is anchored you start calling forth a new
world and for a lot of the first wave of Ascension participants those of you who
are called to really accelerate for the well-being of this planet you will be
going through a very tremendous undertaking which doesn’t have to be as
painful as the dissolving of the ego paradigm but it will be progressive and
that’s one of the reasons why I’m here to be with you is to guide you through
this five year process we go from being fully integrated souls from the fifth
dimension then we go into sixth dimensional consciousness fifth dimensional consciousness is unity
consciousness where what you are and what others are are one sixth
dimensional consciousness is the dissolving of the veil between one and
other seventh dimension is where the other is I and the I of the other an
eighth dimension is where the one that I am is simply the light of all and we be
go from being aware of just the governing consciousness of one body to
the governing consciousness of a paradigm to the governing consciousness
of a planet to the governing consciousness of humanity to the
governing consciousness of a galaxy to the governing consciousness of reality
itself and that’s 12th dimension and this Dement this journey is here to take
you as far as you’ve already gone see what I’m saying is not a prophecy
because a prophecy in first this is what’s going to happen I’m not giving
you a prophecy I’m telling you what already occurred I’m just briefing you
on it and I’m helping remind you of what you forgot already happened so that you
can remember while playing out what seems like it’s all unfolding in present
moment I’m or guaranteed success but only with your highest participation this will unfold miraculously it will
unfold with your participation and it is my honor and privilege to offer you a
path the Dozen in the most loving miraculous
progressive and joyful way because that’s what you deserve you deserve the
truth and not the truth that takes you from ego to spiritually ego not from
spiritually ego – conspiracy ego the truth and not the ultra super duper
spiritual ego not that Oh everything’s an illusion and if you fall forward
you’re dumb oh my god I’m eating a piece of pizza and I totally thought there was
pizza oh my god I’m so in my ego come on come on you’re going to have emotions you’re
going to have thoughts the purpose is not to be thought free and emotional
free the purpose is to ask yourself the question of integrated consciousness and
the question because if you don’t ask the right question you’re not point
yourself in the right direction you can think in in any direction all right any
direction you can think in but if you’re not point in the right direction
you’re going to go off to the end of time the wrong way some people say well
there’s no real wrong way oh but there is there is if you’re trying to go to
Hawaii and you’re aiming for Indonesia that would not be the right way and you
can get to Indonesia and swear it’s Hawaii but only to you there is a right
way there really is and it’s the most loving way the right way is the loving
way because it’s the only thing that does justice to you and everyone around
you it’s the only thing that gives everyone this space to play out what
they got to work out and it’s the only thing that allows you to heal and
integrate without being damaged by other people’s growing pains it’s the only
thing that makes all of this make any sense
if not for love none of this would make sense love is what makes it all make
sense and that’s why I lead with only love only love only bringing through
teachings of love as love itself because that’s what you deserve love is the
truth love is what you are and the truth is ascension isn’t about a planet awakening it’s about the
integration of an awakened planet the planet was awakened the moment it was
created the history of humanity is the journey of integration not the journey
of awakening because that which is embodying all these experiences is
already awake it’s just not integrated you ever heard a child say something
extremely wise and have no idea the wisdom they said because they’re wise
inherently naturally awake there’s none integrated that’s why
children can say wise things but you’re not going to give them an adult task
well my child says a lot of wise things maybe they can do it babysit themselves
no they may still smell like heaven but they’re not integrated yet so in a lot
of respects spiritual beings are like spiritual children or inherently wise
naturally liberated not integrated to say the least that’s what our journey is
to become integrated I will tell you after a lifetime of experiences of
self-realization and transcendence that for me began when I was 8 I will tell
you everything you think you’re looking for doesn’t occur in those realizations
it occurs when you’re integrated that’s the true joy not that Awakening
isn’t magnificent not this transcendence and self-realization isn’t spectacular but it’s nothing like being integrated
because self-realization can bring you an experience of reality but it can
still leave you with the feeling of I think there’s something more for me to
realize if it doesn’t satisfy you with the emotions you want to feel
all the time and you go from self-realization to chasing and wanting
the next one it’s like being fed some delicious food that just makes you
hungry 20 minutes later the joy of integration is that integration ex
actually cures you and frees you from the existential hunger for needing
something more to realize that’s more important it’s important that we all
have awakening experiences but what’s more important is that you are
absolutely absolved of the hunger of wanting more spiritual experiences that
make sense it’s a very mature way of looking at it because you can have an
experience of I had this wild experience but then from my standpoint I tuned in
energetically and I say okay did that experience give you freedom from the
need for greater experiences or did it ramp up the hunger that’s what I look at
energetically and I can tune into seconds and I know it’s like smelling a
perfume it’s just it’s obvious at a certain point and you go hmm
many experiences ravenous hunger you know it like like walking down the
detergent aisle at a grocery store it’s not wrong to hunger for experiences it’s
just not the path of integration and you know what else the path of integration
does for you it heals your physical body when you’re having a healing crisis and
you’re exhausted or you’re having all these random things that means you’re
under a major energetic transformation you’re just not integrated yet so the
path of healing is trying to steer you in the direction of integration so what
will be the remedy for physical healing energetic balanced emotional harmony and
absolving you of the hunger for needing more and more existential experiences or
freeing you and absolving you from compulsive spiritual experiences
becoming integrated and where does integration begin with
your hand on your hat your attention not looking through the veil of illusion but
returning to the heart of truth and as self is turn back towards source your
consciousness returns to the kingdom of your heaven when I love you at a time I
love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I
love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you an integrative soul is love and action
an ego fears love often by running towards it it’s the most clever way to
avoid love is to run towards it and as you run towards it with your fingers out
trying to grab on it your fingers just pushing it away from you can’t get it
yet greatest way to avoid something is to run towards it and then winch it and
once you run towards it and kind of you catch up to it you grab it you can’t
blow my god you can’t believe you got it he’s drop it run away because you’ve
only been trained to chase it you haven’t been trained to receive it so an
ego avoids love by chasing it and then when it gets it it runs like hell a
spiritual ego believes it’s immune from needing love by outsmarting itself or
instead reaching for the surrogate I don’t need love I need understanding
that’s the surrogate but you want to know what a ego or a spiritual ego
cannot do successfully it can’t even impersonate it it can’t love a spiritual
ego would never be caught dead loving itself I don’t understand the purpose
who is the one saying the I and who’s the you and there’s sounds like there’s
two characters and there’s only one and this just is an outrage this is an
outrage I think you’re trying to fool me this is ridiculous I feel my vibration
lowering as I do this this is an outrage right here who is the
I and who is the you I just don’t get this spiritual ego can’t even get close
to impersonating love it tries even which hives I love you it’s it can’t
pretend spiritually ego can repeat all the cool phrases and although one and
two lot you know one-liners in existence cannot impersonate love that’s a litmus
test under once someone came to me they said I am here to awaken my
consciousness that’s awesome how often do you love yourself what do
you mean by that say sniff it out immediately an
integrated soul is so one with the vibration of love an integrated soul
doesn’t even have the choice to love that’s why an integrated soul so
powerful the reason you feel the power of one who is transmitting from a space
of love it’s because you’re feeling the energy of someone who doesn’t have any
choice anymore because once you’ve discovered love as a choice which is the
beginning of integration you’ve found the highest vibration what other options
would you need to peruse you found the highest vibration love let me see what
other options are why you found the highest why do what why are you still
looking through a catalogue why a being who is becoming integrated
becomes aware of the most loving choice more often than not one who is fully
integrated no longer has choices only love chooses and the most powerful
energy you’ll feel is from a being who doesn’t have a choice anymore just love
and the person who has choices go I can’t believe you’re so loving the
reason they’re captivated can’t believe you’re so loving they think it’s a
choice I’m not making the choice to love you I’ve already made the choice choices
are done there isn’t even the int there isn’t even the a remote idea that there
would be an option other than love and there isn’t even an inference there’s
anything else to love but love itself it’s love being one with itself in the
beginning love is a choice and then choices disappear and when choices
disappear I knew to simply love working through the form that’s when you’re
integrated so don’t hold against you all the times you forget to love just revel
and celebrate how often you remember and return to it choose love choose love
choose love until there’s nothing left to choose that’s the path of integration
and there’s a lot more to it but this is the taste this is the beginning and whether we take this journey
together in person at our immersions our retreats are online through the angel
Academy for this transmission of energy in this clarity which is always
upgrading and changing is to take you through this process of integration as
quickly miraculously and loving as possible because this is your time to
shine the fields open and if you can be guided
in the clearest way this will all come full circle rather quickly and once it
does then we go to the next stage and the next stage with no end how brightly
you can shine way beyond the paradigms and dimensions of looking for
spirituality to solve your problems way beyond the frontier of using
spirituality to get what you think what you want but using the spiritual journey
as a way of returning to the source of your origin bringing it forward into the
body and calling forward a world that reflects your conscious back to you for
the well-being of all and then when that happens your energy expands beyond
manifesting a world to reflect back your vibration and then you start manifesting
a galaxy to reflect back your vibration and a universe to reflect back your
vibration until there isn’t anything in any dimension that is other than the
light of your eternal nature this is where it gets fun this is where it gets easier this is
where it gets miraculous and this this is where it becomes what we’ve all been
waiting for the first coming of truth or people call
Messiah hood was that light awakening in one individual maybe you’ve heard of him and then there was the prophecy that
there will be a second and boy there is a second coming the first Messiah that
came embodied I am the second coming is that I am awakening in all so who is the
second coming but you you are the second coming as I am and this is where we
emerge and as I’ve said before to anchor in the
grace of unity consciousness to discover the second coming as we how else do you
discover we but by turning the me upside down this is where our journey begins
together as one and as I always say the best is yet to come
and as a universe always says to me that I say to you further instructions will
follow you you


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