Ek Deewaana Tha – एक दीवाना था – Ep 21 – Full Episode – 20th November, 2017

Ek Deewaana Tha – एक दीवाना था – Ep 21 – Full Episode – 20th November, 2017

Somebody had come. Somebody who wanted me to get
this phone number was here. He wants me
to meet that woman. Hello. I had heard that a person
spends sleepless nights when he is in love
with somebody. But why are you awake? Are you worried about me or is my love
not letting you sleep? Vyom, actually.. Actually, I was not
feeling sleepy. What happened, Sharanya? All okay? Vyom,
I remain worried.. What if something
happens to you because of me? Nothing will happen to me. Just relax. Vyom. Vyom. – What
happened, Sharanya? Is there something
else bothering you? Vyom.. Shall I talk to the woman who had come to
the hospital? Sharanya, that woman is
a psycho. She wants to scare you and take advantage of
your fear. Please stop thinking
about that woman. I don’t understand what madness
she has instilled in you. Have faith in yourself. Just relax.
Have faith in yourself. Vyom, I am not worried
about myself. I am just..
– Nothing will happen to me as long as you are with me. Vyom, I am not
feeling sleepy. Wow! Shall I sing a song? Would you be interested? Please sing. Wait a minute. “You are my friend.” “You are my
confidante too.” “You are my silence
as well as my voice.” “You are my love
and my style.” “You are my friend
and my anger too.” “You are my first
and last wish.” “You are my devotion
and my interest.” “I am lost in you.” “You reside within me.” Not whiskey,
but you should drink cold coffee in the morning. Coffee? Yes. My favourite one which you used to give me
every morning when I used to go to school. I’m sorry, Mom. I shouldn’t have
spoken so rudely to you. But I lose my temper
when it comes to Sharanya. But remember one thing. If she is my love,
you are my mother. Neither can I forget my love nor my mom. What happened? Nothing. I’ll get your coffee. Your favourite coffee
prepared by your mom. You know what? I will step into
the kitchen today after many years just for you. I love you, Mom. I love you too, my son. Always remember that your mom
loves you a lot. You are my world. I’ll be waiting here
for my coffee. I’ll get it immediately. You have Sharanya. But I don’t have anybody
apart from you, Vyom. Nobody. Can you see what I see? The sudden patch up between
the mother and son is bad news for us. Their relationship
is just so volatile. If there’s someone
who can separate them it is Sharanya. Where is sister heading
right now, without informing? Agent Aditi 001! Tell me what’s the
news! – Mr. Vyom Sister Sharanya has
just left the house. Where is she going? I do not know. But she left suddenly after
my parents left for the market. That too discreetly. Where can she go like this? ‘The woman who came
to the hospital.’ ‘Shall I talk to her?’ God! Vyom, where are you going? Vyom, wait.. Oh, my God! This.. Madhavi, what is this? This.. Vyom did.. How can he..
– Mom someone had called up and that person was
asking about Sharanya. So what? Is she
important than his mother? Madhavi made cold coffee
with so much of love.. It was all spilled. Such cold behaviour
towards his mother.. Ms. Odhni? Anyone there? Ms. Odhni? So you came. I was waiting for you
since a long time. Why do
you wish to meet me? You came here without
letting anyone know, right? It means that even you
wanted to meet me. You said you know about all
that’s happening with me. Yes, I know about it and he is the only
other person who does. Who are you talking about? Who? He who always makes you
feel his presence. The one I had seen in the
park the other day. In the park? I can see wandering souls. The other night there was a spirit
in the park. And it came only for you. Even I felt so. There was something. Dr. Amit’s death wasn’t natural. I had seen that soul
before the doctor’s death. Who? Who is he? Who are you talking about? I don’t know. I do not
know of his identity but his target is you. We would get to know
of it easily in your presence as to who that person is. And what he wants. Would you like to see him? He is the answer to
all your questions. He is the secret of your past. All right then. You will be able to
see his face in the flames. Your search
for him will end here. I know you are here. Come before us. Come. The one for whom you
haven’t attained salvation yet is right before you. Come. She wants to see you. Show her your face. Who are you?
What do you want from me? Please come before me. You are here. You are back. He is here. Can you see him?
– Yes. Black clothes thick hair white face and black eyes. But.. But why am I unable to see him? You will see him. The secrets
will be revealed now. You will come
to know everything now. You will get all your answers. He is your past. He is coming to you. He is coming before you. Look at him carefully. Hold my hand. Come on. And don’t leave it until
I ask you to. Hold my hand tightly. I said, hold my hand! What’s all this? What’s happening here? Go. Go from here. Go away from her. Your life is in danger. He won’t spare you. He will kill you! Go from here. Hey, girl! Your past has come back
to haunt you. He will kill everyone who
comes close to you. He won’t spare them. He hates him. Someone from her past
hates someone? What nonsense! That’s the truth! The closer you get
to this girl the riskier will
it become for you. Tell me. Aren’t you
experiencing strange incidents? Go away from her.
Leave her. Shut up! I can even die,
but I can’t leave Sharanya. Let’s go.
– Vyom.. Vyom,
I was about to see his face. Just five minutes more.
I will.. – Not even a minute.. Let’s go from here. Come. Vyom..
– Hey, listen! Listen to me. Just shut up!
And listen to me. If you try to contact
Sharanya again I will kill you. “A tale filled with love.” “This is a story” “of this crazy lover.” “Not even death can stop him.” “A tale filled with love.” “This is a story of this
crazy lover.” “Not even death can stop him.” “There was one crazy man,
a crazy lover.” ‘You didn’t listen to him,
you didn’t feel him.’ “You caught a
glimpse of his face” “but there are still
many secrets hidden.’


  1. Faltu veyom … Kahase tapke usko kisne pata bataya tha aur woh darwaja kon khola … Ese aya jese woh ghost hai yea phir dusre room par tha.. kuch real dikhao..

  2. Too much suspend yar please reavel the truth. i think that ghost 👻 is not the real villain And which type of that mantra haruchi haruchi yammmaa yammma😁😁😁😁😁😁

  3. Kaisa serial hai yaar🙄🙄 Abhi itna confusing bana rahe hain aur last mein ek simple sa reason dikha k show end kar denge.🙄🙄 Itna bhi kya drag karna story ko ki dekhne wale hi pareshan ho jaaye. Please don’t drag the story😡

  4. does anyone know which episode it was where Vyom sings for Sharanya till morning but Shiv seals all doors and windows so Sharanya doesnt get up from sleep?

  5. Vyom…. Is the example of a perfect life partner… If the ghost is not the villain then why he tried to kill saranya at the beginning

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