Earth is a spiritual School and here is how to PASS so you don’t have to come back again

Earth is a spiritual School and here is how to PASS so you don’t have to come back again

This video, I’m going to show you how earth
is a spiritual masters school and I’m going to show you exactly how to pass so that you
don’t have to keep coming back over and over again and so that you can really wake up to
who you really are. Welcome back to another video. My name is Aaron and I help people expand
their consciousness. Now in this video I’m going to be showing
you a metaphor for understanding life in general, how life is a form of masters school, a spiritual
masters school, and what you can do to pass to get to the quote unquote next level. Now the purpose of this video is to show you
more, to help you roar. So remember who you are as a spiritual being. You are a spiritual being, having a temporary
human experience, and the thing is is in life, many of us, I mean all of us will experience
some form of pain, some form of suffering and there are certain things that you’ll notice
that once you learn, you then no longer have to keep repeating that cycle. Like for example, if somebody doesn’t have
boundaries and people are always taken advantage of them, well maybe there’s a certain point
when you say, no more, I will not experience this anymore. I’m taking my power back, and then from that
point forward, you’re not giving your power away anymore. And when we learned these quote unquote lessons,
then we can move on to the next level. Just like when you go to school, you might
have certain grades and then go into the next grade. What happens? You have to pass that grade to get to the
next one. Well, in a way, earth is a similar type school
and what happens is the more we learn about ourselves, the more wisdom we develop, the
more compassionate we build, the more that we start to unravel ourselves from the karma,
from the low vibrational energy that may keep us in certain States of consciousness. Now, if you study that of a like autobiography
of a Yogi by para Mahasi yoga, Nanda, if you study a lot of the spiritual texts that’ll
refer to karma. Karma is once you put out is what you give
back. And what happens is most people are not aware
of their karma. They’re not aware of what they’re putting
out into the world. And because they’re not aware of it, it continues
to be like a cycle playing itself out over and over and over again. And therefore they attract themselves to similar
situations or around people that treat them in a certain way. And it all has to do with them not knowing
that what they’re putting out is what they’re getting back. So when we talk about karma, this is a part
of the school of life. Now, let me show you, I made this little chart
right over here. It’s actually, there’s a, what’s it called? I don’t remember the YouTube chat, but there’s
a YouTube channel that does like, right, like drawings and, um, and like, I’m like spiritual
texts and it’s, it’s actually, it’s a really cool channel. You guys should check it out. Maybe I’ll, I’ll link it below if I can, if
I can find it. Uh, but th I remember seeing it a while ago. I’m gonna show you. So this right here, this is a similar drawing
that I saw in that YouTube video. Now this drawing right here, so this is a
spirit. So let me just kind of show you how this,
how this works. We are infinite spiritual beings. That is us as in that of a, I mean, we’re
infinite and we’re beyond even what we could even call like an angel with a halo. And when we look at ourselves as this infinite
spiritual being, what we chose to do is normally we feel unconditional love. We feel peace with full joy for enlightenment. However, what we wanted to do is we wanted
to see what it was like in a form. It’s called like the spark of life, the spark
of our individual human form. We were able to separate ourselves from spirit
so that we could have an individual expression individual. Uh, I guess you could say an individual. Um, you know, we’re, we break ourselves off
into almost different bodies in a way. We’re such vast spiritual beans, but we wanted
to have individual experiences where we could learn more, where we could learn more about
the game of separation. Because up here we’re very much aware of our
connection to all other things to all other people. So because of that, it makes the game a little
bit different. But what we decided to do is to go into what
we could call, you call this a spirit. You call this a soul. We have different souls, different you could
of it as infinite spiritual beans, and then we have a soul that may be as a perceptual,
separate person or a separate entity or a separate, oversaw our higher self. But in general, we projected ourselves down
here into the spark of life, into a human form. And what happens is then we went through what
is called the veil of forgetfulness. We completely forgot who we are because that
makes the game, that makes the school that much more powerful. If we knew the whole entire time that we were
infinite spiritual beings, the purpose of the game, like imagine the purpose of the
game is to remember that you are infinite spiritual being. Well, if you knew that going into it, then
almost be like you, uh, it wouldn’t make the game that special. It wouldn’t make the game that much more real. It’s kind of like having a, a video game and
having all the cheat codes. Yes, there’ll be fun for a while, but eventually
you get bored of it because there’s not that challenge. There’s not that growth. But at will, however, this is one thing that
we decided to do is we decided we’re going to go through a veil of forgetfulness. We’re going to completely forget who we are
now. Also, we’re able to create what we want and
it things happened in a much slower way because we have linear time-space reality up here. All time exists now and if we think it, it
happens. So it’s like that. I Ariana Grande’s songs, I want it. I got it. It’s just like I got it. I got it, I got it. I got it. I got it. I got it here because I want it. And I gotta like kinda like manifest it and
I gotta like put my attention in a certain and then eventually, Oh yeah, I’m sorry. There we go. And then eventually a guy you see, there’s
a little more, there’s a lot more learning that can happen here because there’s more
of a time-space buffer. Now what happens is we come, we have this
place called earth, this beautiful place in the universe where I believe many different,
uh, many different, there’s so much diversity here on earth. I believe there’s many different types of
races that incarnate here. Many, we all are multidimensional beans that
exist at many different levels and we’ve kind of forgotten that. However we, there’s so much diversity on earth. It’s amazing like elephants that have like
these trunks that walk around and we have sharks and we have like all of these for all
these different, like animals would appear alien. And I believe that at a higher level they
are. Uh, they are, they’re just, it’s an expression
that a diversity of the whole universe in general. It’s all a reflection as above, so below. So now what happens is we come to earth and
depending on what we do on earth, how aware we become, how much we learn, compassion,
how much we let go of old karma, which means becoming aware of what we’re putting out to
what we’re getting back. The more that we learn, the more that our
vibration then goes up, the more that then what happens is our soul progresses, our soul
progresses. However, if we act in form of separation,
the way I would think of this is more as separation and the more as connection up here connection. So the more you realize that everything is
connected and that you are focused on your own vibration and doing your own personal
growth, the more that then you move up in vibration and you evolve yourself. The more you go from let’s say third grade
to fifth grade, fourth grade, I know that, but I’m just saying like and then like seven
eighth grade and then eventually you graduate. Now how do you graduate? Well, right now on the planet, what I believe
is happening is there is a form of planetary waking up that is happening where so many
people on earth are waking up and we came here. We literally descended from spiritual beings
into the spark to come to earth so that we could help. Many of us are what called our what are in
the new age community called Lightworkers. What a Lightworker means that somebody that’s
coming from, and I mean this gets kind of tricky with the ego cause then you say, you
guys, I’m dispersed and everyone else’s less than everyone else’s reflection by the way. First off. But what happens is, is we’re high vibrational
beings that have come here to wake and help other people wake up so that they can raise
their vibration so that this earth can evolve to the next level so that we can evolve to
the next level. We can realize our own connection with each
other, that we’re all one consciousness, that we’re all ultimately one being. Now we also have this thing called the subconscious
mind. Our subconscious minds are all connected. So it’s like that’s why certain things get
brought into your life. That’s why other people in a way treat you
in a certain way. It’s cause you’re still consciously projecting
out to them. They feel that connection and part of the
game of life is that we’re all connected, but we’re going to play the game of separation. So that game of separation is us in separate
bodies. Having this experience of I have Aaron Zazi
and you are, you know you and we have this game of being separate, but what’s happening
is we’re waking up more and more into realizing that we’re all connected and because we’re
all connected. That’s where things begin to really shift
because we start to see that what I put out is what I get back. Because what I do to you, I do to another
aspect of myself. You see this work, it’s deep. You are me. I am you from the deepest level. Like imagine like imagine this right here. Let’s imagine our, let me show you kind of
how this works. So we have our individual body with an energy
field around it. Then you have Carl over here with his, this
is Carl. We put late. We put labels on ourselves that we can separate
ourselves and understand who is who and who is who. So Aaron, Carl, separate beans, right? Well imagine this. Imagine we then expand the scope out a little
bit and then we put a big energy field around both of us. Well, look, we’re both connected. You start to see it as more of a connection,
but because we’re perceiving reality through that of just the five senses, we assume, well
this is where my skin ends. Therefore this is why I am not knowing that
all of our energy fields go far, far, far, far, far outside of our body. And that if you were to zoom out, you would
see that we are all literally immersed in our own energy fields and the in the energy
fields of other people. So when you go places and you’re out in public
at the supermarket, you’re literally in immersed in other people’s energy fields. When you go to a concert, you’re immersed
in a lot of people’s energy fields. When you go to a very crowded city, there’s
even more energy fields out. The thing is is in your energy field you only
experience what’s activated, what’s resonant, what you are focused like for example, if
you’re in a high vibe state and someone else comes around with the low vibe energy and
it’s trying to affect you, well that only affects you. If you, if you let it, if you agree to it,
if you resonate with it, if you don’t resonate, it doesn’t effect you. Now the reason I’m sharing all of this is
so that you know we’re all connected. We come to earth to forget who we are so that
we can then remember who we are and part of the thing, and you want more information on
this as well, you can check out Dolores Cannon’s books. She has 17 books where she put people in what’s
called a, I forget the name of this state, but it’s a very deep level of hypnosis and
people’s higher self would come through and she would ask questions about the soul. Why did this person in cardiac this time,
what is their mission in life? And it’s called Q, H, H, T, hypnosis, quantum
healing hypnosis technique. It’s been around for probably 20, 30 years. And her books are very powerful and you’ll
hear it. They were literally say, earth is a master
school. Earth is and is a thing too. It’s a master school is very difficult to
be on earth, to come to this much level of forgetfulness. Many places in the universe that you go when
you’re born, you remember who you are, you remember that you are an infinite spiritual
being, having a temporary human experience. And it’s not that much of a shock. One thing that they’ve, uh, that uh, I don’t
know if who is Abraham Hicks, I forget who it was, but they say it’s much, it’s a much,
much bigger shock for you to be born on earth to the soul and to the spirit than it is to
die into your life. Because when you die, you just kind of wake
up to who you are at a greater level. But when you are born, you come in, there’s
kind of like the shock. There’s this shock value here. Now when I say that, also know that you’re
here for a reason. You are here for a reason and the key is understanding. The more you tap into your purpose, the more
you tap into your mission, the more you are also elevating yourself in the school of life. So the school of life is a master school. It’s very difficult to be here to go through
this much level of forgetfulness, this much level of density and because things move slower
here, there’s so much more experience of growth. One thing that Dolores cannon said as well
as there was this somebody that was in that [inaudible], GHD hypnosis, and they said they
had a, they were in that hypnosis and they said that they were looking and there was
almost like this management system going on outside of Earth’s orbit or something like
that. You know, this may just be a metaphor, I’m
not sure, but I remember reading it years ago and what this person said in his deep
level of gnosis is that there were souls that wanted to come into earth and it’s like some
of them, it was like, okay, you can come under earth. Somebody was, I don’t know, there was like
some type of gatekeeper or someone, but someone’s like, you can come onto earth but you’re going
to have this very short lived life and probability wise have an Africa or some third world country
and you might not live that long and this is the probabilities. And there was souls that were like, I don’t
care. I just want to be on earth for this time of
transformation. I just want to be able to say I was there. Think about that. So even if somebody came here, they just want
to be able to say they came to earth that at this time now is a thing. Whether that’s a metaphor or that’s actually
quite literal. I’m not sure that was, it was in one of Dolores
Kevin’s books though. However, the main point of it is that it is
so exciting to be here right now. Whether we’re aware of it or not, and not
only are you here, but you’re aware of this type of information. Think about how amazing that is. There are billions of people on the planet
and who have no idea that they are spiritual beings, have a temporary human experiences. Imagine you’re in a school that you don’t
know you’re in a school. Well, that’s most people. Most people aren’t aware of that. Therefore they’re not studying in the curriculum. But if you know that you’re in school and
you know that the more you you do your own inner work, the more that you will progress
to where then you can help other people. You’re going to be in a higher vibrational
state. You’ll have more freedom in a way. Imagine the more you move up these levels
that the more you can then go and have more recess or more time to yourself or more higher
vibration like Tivity or more extra core activities that are just fun more. What was that called? Like grace periods. Imagine that the more you raise your vibration,
the more you able to do that because the more you’re able to take control and manage your
own energy, you see, earth is a master school. Don’t get it twisted and think, Oh, earth
is like the kindergarten in a way. Yes, in a way, a third dimension. Like where do we are right now? And the level of forgetfulness that we had,
we can look up to other beings, Meg. Well they’re so evolved and beans that are
just unconditional, loving and have higher technology, you know, but it does take a certain
level of mastery to forget who we are at this level to then remember who we are. So we’re infinite spiritual beings. Don’t get it twisted in thinking that you’ve
only just been some, uh, some human being once you, I mean, you are much more vast than
you can even imagine. It’s not just some feel good thing. Go within yourself and find out, meditate,
go. Inside. Meditation is one of the ways that you learn
more about yourself. You become more and more aware. But the key to this time is becoming aware
of what you’re putting out because what you put out is what you get back. If you [inaudible] put out negative energy
and you are hurting other people and you’re focused on separation, then what happens is
you then that energy begins to become heavier and heavier and it brings you down into lower
States of consciousness to lower vibrational fields around earth. Almost like you start to tap into a lower
vibrational energy. Now, what’s happening is many people on the
planet are waking up. Now is the time of waking up and we wake up
by raising our own vibration by [inaudible] realizing earth is a form of school. So are you learning the lessons? The lessons could be for you to take your
power back? The lessons for you could be for you to draw
more boundaries with people. The lessons could be for you to learn how
to forgive. Forgive is one of the most powerful lessons
of on on earth forgiveness. Learning how to forgive other people because
remember, these other people aren’t aware that they are connected to each other. They’re not aware that these individual, other
sparks, when we have, when we have Carl and Aaron there, some people aren’t aware that
these are actually one can. We’re all connected so they’re not aware of
that. So in their unawareness, we can start to have
compassion and realize they’re doing the best they can with where they are. You see, this is where the game begins to
change. So the, the school of life lessons, boundaries,
forgiveness, going for your own passion, power, personal power, and learning to forgive yourself,
to transcend lower vibrational emotions. This is where things really begin to change
in a powerful way. And one of the things you can begin to do
on this process as well as become aware of where your current vibration is. When you know where your vibration is, you
can then know how to get to the higher levels, which is how you move up in this game called
life. So something you can go to is, what’s my
if you go to, what’s my what’ll happen is there’s a survey there where you
can calibrate your own vibration. Find out what your vibration is at the archetype
for where your vibration is at, and then I’ll send you two meditations that will help you
get to the higher level of consciousness. Plus, I’ll send you emails as to how to raise
your vibration to a whole new level. So that’s something that you can not to absolutely. Free quiz takes about a minute or two to calibrate
you. Go to, what’s my I’ll go ahead and link it below. Other than that, I hope you enjoyed this video. If you liked it where I draw kind of like
this, could you do me a favor and like this video, let me know what you think and maybe
I’ll do more like this. Other than that, go ahead and leave comments
below for the kind of esoteric videos you want me to talk about as well. In the future, I’m going to be making more
videos, take it on your suggestions and I’m excited to do so. Other than that, as always, I will see you
on next video. Peace Much love and Namaste


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