Dybbuk Box CURSED my HOME (Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape)

Dybbuk Box CURSED my HOME (Paranormal Activity Caught on Tape)

windy as hell out about to be like a
thunderstorm well we’re gonna go inside and see what’s going on see if there’s
anything different about my studio that when I left it so you guys could see that everything is
pretty much exactly how I left it last night I got up out of here last night I
didn’t turn any lights off draining FPL bill right now my electricity is
probably through the roof because everything was on I didn’t even want to
stick around the turn shit off I actually just hit stock on the cameras
we got to talk about it so so this smells really bad in here too by
the way this box stinks like as soon as I opened it the whole room just started
stinking there’s my flag on the floor I worked way too hard to let some demon
take away our 100,000 plaque alright guys I really think that maybe I was
just being a little bit like paranoid cuz I was here by myself like 3 a.m. in
the morning opening up this box that I got as much as I would love to keep
recording videos for you guys I have got some major cleanup work to do today
gotta go get some laundry done had to clean up the mess that I made in here
and we just need to get life back on track again all right stop stop apparently the TV
just stopped working out of nowhere worked fine last night and now I press
power and it looks like it’s lighting up but nothing is turning on so it looks like it’s powered on it’s
just a black blank screen that’s weird unplug it there it is
that’s the plug power off looking it back in now let’s see what happens first time it’s ever done that that’s
really weird so it just went completely black on me maybe that’s a coincidence
that all this is kind of just happening right after that demon box ding or
whatever but I am a little bit freaked out I’m a little bit paranoid now so this is the second time that this has
happened where I left the house the first time I thought maybe I forgot the
lights on in my studio but this time I know for a fact that I turned them off
when I left and this is the second time I’ve come home and seeing the red lights
on up in the studio it’s a really really weird feeling I don’t like that this has
never happened before and now it’s happened twice within the last three
days sometimes feels like looking out of that room all right so you guys probably can’t see
me right now it’s pitch black in my room and Zoey my
dog has been growling like every couple hours and she just started doing it Shh
hey hey it’s okay come here come here come here it’s a good girl come here you this is the
time today that I heard noise up in the bedroom I’m definitely here by myself if
there is any kind of spirits or life forces here
I heard the closet door open and closed while I was downstairs earlier if that
was you can you give me a sign can you move the closet door again any kind of sign will be great
I’m not here to harm you just want to see if you could let me know you’re here
because I’ve been hearing some weird things lately guys holy shit holy shit guys there’s nobody else in
the house with me right now and I am going to show that to you alright first of all
there’s no strings anywhere no strings nothing attached to the door nothing getting the lights on okay there’s only
one way in and one way out of my bathroom buddy in the shower nobody
behind the bathroom door just the toilet there is nobody in my closet sorry it’s
kind of dirty yeah I am completely alone in the bedroom and that door just closed because I’ve been hearing some weird
things lately so I just got out of the shower I
finished eating dinner downstairs I locked the door after I took Zoey out
and I heard cabinet slam downstairs twice already now I know for a fact
there’s nobody in here with me so yeah that’s pretty fucking weird red lights
on in the studio again and this is the guest bathroom that I use for storage I
never even go in here like I have boxes and stuff piled up in here I don’t know
why that light would be on fuck this and I definitely didn’t turn the studio
lights on today at all and they’re on once again it’s like the third time
they’ve turned on by themselves all right didn’t I just close that door I’m so
over this shit like I’m ready to leave I’m ready to leave a lot of stuff has
been moving lately on its own and I mean I caught the bathroom door closing by
itself in my room now look and now my cabinets are open in the kitchen isn’t
that wonderful so I guess that explains why I heard the
cabinet’s moving by themselves I’m gonna turn some lights on real quick come on
what the fuck I am out of here I’m done I’m done yep I’m done I’m going to
Chuck’s I’m gonna put my fucking shoes on and I am leaving but I’m not going to
turn this camera record I love some I thought you’d never ask your circuits
are fused you’re feeling confused but I’ll be right here to lend you and in
the air I didn’t ask the lecture to sing
anything I’m getting out of here guys I’ll get back to you soon


  1. I didn't see this anywhere in the comments, don't know if it was just my ears playing tricks on me but when you listen closely at 11:41 or so I heard what sounded like someone gasp or taking a deep breath, I think you can hear it more clearly through headphones

  2. Before the Alexa song played you can see where an edit in the video was made. Guy makes cool videos, though they are fake.


  4. Don’t take this the wrong way, but next time something intimates there’s a demon inside, fucking bind it and bury it.

  5. In the beginning, I was like "He's a grown ass man. He can take care of himself". But as soon as his dog was growling and got a swollen face, I was ready to FIGHT.

  6. Hey what happened!! I’m on the edge of my seat did you get it cleared and did you take your gorgeous dog with you when you left?!

  7. I hope when you leave you take your sweet partner, your fur baby. Your dog should not be there with that entity that already hurt it, poor baby😢

  8. Bees wouldnt sting unless being threatened, than why would the bee even sting her? I dont think it was a bee

  9. right before you walk away, you turn around before you leave.. there is a moment you record little room (maybe toilet) i saw shadow form of maybe a human or something. it dark…. you were not alone.

  10. Sad, Casey, that you closed the door to that inhabited room to keep your equipment safe from Zoey, INSTEAD of closing the door to protect Zoey from the obviously maligned spirit. In a fire, would you make sure Zoey got out okay, or would you grab your computer?! Sorry, just sayin'.

  11. There's certain experiences I have had I don't really want to go into detail because it's a long story, but I know for a fact the paranormal is real.

  12. I definitely saw a face flash on your tv. Not just agreeing with others it was legitimately flashed. Also I watch a lot of videos about demons/spirits and very few give me the chills, I definitely have the chills and it doesn’t seem to be leaving even after 15mins of viewing. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. Omg y’all gotta go to 3:27 and wait till it goes to like 3:29 you can see like a face appear in the tv than disappear really fast

  14. Is it just me that the demon is kinda good cuz he/she/they didn’t just slam the door. They just move it lol

    Also the last one, maybe the demon love you lol

  15. I think I would feel more uncomfortable with having Alexa in the house than some "demon" that has a "thing" for opening and closing doors. Can't believe you left your dog behind.

  16. When a pet becomes like that after opening the box?
    That's a bad sign for you because animals like dogs are very sensitive to spirits, be careful.

    May god always protect you.

  17. This is why you don't fuck with anything relating to the paranormal. Even if it seems fake, leave it the fuck alone. Especially when it relates to black magic.

  18. Hi mind seed tv
    See firstly get your home cleansed by calling a priest or so
    See sometimes these things can follow you and hurt
    Hope you get better day by day
    Hope and peace be with you

  19. That would be it!!! Messing with my 🐕🐱 is where I draw the line😁 ♥️♥️ your videos , glad Zoey is ok🤗🙏🏻❤️♥️ be safe & God Bless

  20. me : im going to buy a dybbuk box after watching this video.

    Also me : wait my parents are not letting me buying this nevermind.

    also also me : its expensive af.

  21. Poor Zoey. I feel so bad for her. Who knows what that poor dog has seen or been subjected to while alone in that house? It made me sad to see her eyes so swollen and red. Something was definitely affecting her and she was trying to tell you by growling especially since she never growls.

  22. Videos like this are just all suggestive. From the added creepy music to his commentary, they're all combined deliberately to make you think it's all real, when it's just fake.

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