Pay attention is being present and it’s a skill just like golf or tennis the more you practice it the better you get at it and you know when someone’s present with you in your life because they’re paying attention to you And you know when they’re not present with you because they’re not paying attention to you so now What’s the relevance of that? well there’s an intelligence that’s giving you life That’s always present and many people don’t take the time to connect to it by being present, right? So if where you place your attention is where you place your energy and all of your attention is in the present moment You got a lot of energy in the present moment now think about this when I talk about being present I’m saying that once you fall into the generous present moment according to the quantum model of reality all possibilities exist in the eternal now so most people, they wake up in the morning They come back to their senses your brain is a record of the past. It’s an artifact It’s a, it’s a Circuits of everything you’ve learned an experience to this moment So people wake up in the morning And then they think about their problems those problems are connected to certain people Certain things at certain times and places the moment they start thinking about the problems are turning on the circuits from the past their memories All those memories are connected to emotions because emotions are the end product of past experiences so that problem has the feeling of disgust frustration anger judgment hatred and of how you think and how you feel creates your state of being and Thoughts of the language of the brain and feelings or language of the body that person’s Entire state of being is in the familiar past and when you’re in the familiar past you crave the predictable future so then what happens next? They come back to their senses. They sit up they check their cell phone. They do their watsapp. They do their Twitter They do their text they do Facebook. They take a picture of their feet They post it on Facebook they tweet something they check one email. They check another email They check the news and now our entire brain is connected to everything known in their life And they stand up and they go through a series of routine behaviors They use the toilet they get go to the kitchen. Have a cup of coffee or a cup of tea They go in the shower. They wash themselves the same way Put on the same clothes. They walk out to the kitchen they Cereal with the same spoon facing the same direction they drive to work the same way they do the same things see the same people That push the same emotional buttons, and and they do this every day So now their body is programmed into a predictable future based on what they did in their past and they lost their free will to a program and so now if you’re not getting up in the morning being defined by a vision of the future Then you’ll be predictable in your life, you’re left with the old memories of your past so then as I said the stronger the emotion that You have some problem person in your present reality the more you’re gonna pay attention to that person or problem And if where you place your attention is where you place your energy all of your energy And your attention is going to all these different people and problems and places and now Every one of those people and problems in places as a neurological network in your brain So I want a little chemicals of stress, and now as you shift your attention from one person to one problem You’re activating those circuits, and if you’re measuring a brain that’s doing that. It’s very incoherent when the brain’s incoherent you’re incoherent so then When I talk about the generous present moment the person is sitting there, and the body’s going well It’s 8 o’clock in the morning. You normally get pissed off -excuse me you normally get frustrated when you’re in traffic and We’re on a schedule here, and well you’re not in traffic. You’re sitting with your eyes closed the body goes well Let’s just get a little irritated right and you make that person become aware that That feeling of irritation is the body craving that addictive emotion and you settle the body back down in to the present moment and you unfold back into possibility every time you do that you’re Reconditioning the body to a new mind, and you’re telling it, it’s no longer the mind But you’re the mind and now your will is getting greater than the program, and then the body says well It’s 11 o’clock. This is you’re normally when you check emails and judge everybody that sends you an email And now you’re sitting the body’s looking the judge And then all of a sudden you get images in your brain of your ex or your coworker or whatever And all of a sudden you realize that that emotion is connected to them You settle the body back down into the present moment and you lower the volume to that emotion and when you do that You take your attention off that person or thing and now you’re breaking your energetic bond with everyone and everything in your life Now you’re in tro – calling energy back to you now that is available energy to heal That’s available energy for you to design a new destiny and when that energy comes back. It’s chaotic energy So the person’s going through this disturbance internally, and yet, they’re working with their body And they’ll come a moment the body’s the animal just like training an animal sooner or later It’s gonna surrender to the mind and when it does there’s a liberation of energy and now the person Doesn’t want to think about the predictable future. They’re familiar past doesn’t want to get up and open their eyes Doesn’t want to go to the bathroom, or eat anything. They’re so happy in the present moment that they freed themselves From the chains of their own personal limitations and the side effect of that is called joy That joy is the absence of that habituation or that emotion that’s been conditioned


  1. Seriously? This infatuation with happiness is so self-indulgent. To experience joy, which is the real thing, one has to go, by definition, through a dark tunnel. All great people, all great work are called that because they donot consider new possibilities every morning. They stick to the unsolved problem they have focused on for years, and continue to chip at it. And that gives them joy, a deep sense of satisfaction, because they know the value of what they are working towards.

  2. I disagree that everyone's first thoughts after waking up are about their problems. My first thoughts are about the day ahead and prioritizing my activities. Granted, this is not being in the present moment, but I'm still just waking up mind you.

    Since deciding to change my life by changing my thoughts, two years ago, I am 100% more aware of them, especially those knee jerk reaction, judgemental ones that try and sneak by now and then.

    If they are judgemental, negative energy thoughts, I release them like a balloon.

    To stay present as much as possible, I have an imaginary blind and deaf friend to whom I describe what I am seeing and hearing at the present moment, trying hard not to judge as I'm describing things to my friend.

    Not having a car, I use public transportation and walk a lot so there are plenty of things to describe to my friend.

  3. Love listening to this guy I am actually no longer living in my head I listen to him all the time and he is so spot on . I feel now I am loving life cannot thank him enough he is a life saver x

  4. that's why it's important to have a good program that brings you what you want out of life as well as the freedom to tweek and improve it when the need arises.

  5. He is so right but so many people have no idea how trapped they are. I was slowed down and jailed within my own mind as well but already starting to use this ideology it’s crazy how happy and clear we can be. Listen and hear him speak wisdom of truth. Use it and re write your story!

  6. Picture this.. Bruce Lee saying these words, then re-watch the video and listen to Bruce Lee drop knowledge. (If it was Bruce Lee saying this, it would be one of the most popular videos on YouTube). Amazing words.

  7. Thanks Joe… We found you a while ago…
    You're a superhero of truth…
    Thanks for all the positivity you bring to this world…

  8. I am impressed by Dr Joe's quantum field meditation. The difficulty I find is how to become nobody nothing nowhere and no time to enter the quantum energy. Past guilt comes in past failures depress me. Repeated meditation though not very regular helps in a way, but how to reap the benefit of the quantum energy and manifest a rich life of happiness etc.

  9. The only mistake you’re making right now.. Is not realizing.. That you never made a mistake.. Why Two min https://youtu.be/2rjKSz1Zjr0

  10. Gotta stay conscious of the present moment , it hard.
    I have to remind myself again and again to be aware of that. Until it gets hard wired.

  11. I find t very interesting something he says right at the beginning about knowing when someone is present because why're paying attention to us and when they're not, I have interpreted this as us picking up on other people thoughts about us in the present moment, but I might be wrong. Anyone?

  12. Love every word that comes out of Dr.Joe, it makes unbelievable sense in every way. He is empowering anyone to take charge of their lives no matter what circumstance they may be in. Its so empowering!!! Thank you for all your teachings Dr. Joe!

  13. These are the facts but please keep in mind that there is training involved. You have to purposely keep at it and catch yourself when you appear to go backwards and going backwards means regurgitating the past on a constant basis. Your comprised of more then a billion cells which are following your lead and your instrumental in your own health

  14. I believe BEST 6 Min on the Tube. Anyone who wants to break free of the Past and Look forward to the Future watch it a Dozen times! side effect is a JOY! What a Statement!

  15. We live in a perfect time! People like dr. Joe are “available” through internet every second we need an inspiration to move on. We are really blessed ❤️ If you want, you can change. There is no excuse to stay in a place you do not want to be 💃🏼🥂🎉

  16. After almost 30 years of reading "spiritual books" and meditations etc..This short video is profound and takes the essence of so many teachings, and Joe presents the knowledge so clearly!

  17. I don’t understand how I’m supposed to take my mind off this person. I stay busy, try to think about other things, music, pray, meditate, but my mind is constantly consumed with him. He hurt me so bad I wanna be free and my mind won’t shut off.

  18. I have been working with this. I started with half hour first thing and now I can go for hour before going to autopilot. After lifetime habit of living in my head it feels very odd but I need that energy for healing my ME. Thanks Dr Joe.

  19. Dont be scared of failure ,
    Be scared that you cannot show your talent ,
    Be scared that you cannot show the hours you put in work

    Good luck everyone in your lives.

  20. He have a beautiful organised mind.I recomend so mich listening to Louise hay also she's a noble loving human beeing.

  21. Dr Joe thank you so much I am now free of those chains you speak of and for the first time in decades I feel joy!

  22. Nobody has ever or could explain this info so gracefully! Ive heard them all but never heard Joe until recently, Hes special!

  23. Thank u ,everything u discussed was very relevent to my life .It made me to stop and feel the present .thanks a lot😊😊😊

  24. Does anyone know what music is playing at the end? I tried Shazaming it several times but it either pulls up no result or gives me the wrong song

  25. This is super awesome ! Matches super-duper with what I had in mind but couldnt put thrm into coherent words. Joe, you did it for me and thank you very much. How I realised was that whenever I would sit with my boss for a discussion, she would multitask umpteen things and would often claim that multitasking is what she would expect from me. I simply told her that none of those multi-things have got completed or half done. I knew I was right all along, but nothing except my results would speak. I was shunned, my KRAs suffered. Still I was/is steadfast in my belief. Joe I discovered you a few weeks back and you have brought me back to myself. Kudos !!!!

  26. are there people on the planet over the age of 30 who really start their day checking their social media accounts? understandable for teens and early 20-something year olds. but why on earth would fully grown folk want to begin their day like that when there are sooo many other, better ways to start a day? but, then, this question is coming from a person who keeps her phone turned off 99.9999% of the time and has absolutely no time at all for social media nonsense. well, to each her/his own!

  27. Thank you so much, have the light bulb 💡 moment . I got it….you explain it to the simplest form…love you Dr JOE Dispenza

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  29. Do you think that the world will be consumed by greed and materialism or do you think everyone will wake up and fix this world. Just curious what anyone in the comments was thinking

  30. 6 months after discovering this man i've learned to be more PRESENT by LIVING IN MY FUTURE.

    florence scovel shinn

  31. I’ve noticed that every clip and interview is the same. Interesting I have been watching him for years beautiful human being. Good work!

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