Doorway to your higher self guided meditation | Cosmic consciousness and peace hypnoses

Doorway to your higher self guided meditation | Cosmic consciousness and peace hypnoses

Make yourself comfortable Place your feet flat on the floor And rest your hands on your thighs Rest your hands down by your side And gently allow your eyelids to close And just begin to allow yourself to relax Letting all your cares and worries go And at this moment in time Nothing matters As you switch off your thoughts And just allow this time for yourself So that you can unwind completely And as you begin to feel more and more relaxed Letting go of any worries or problems That may have been on your mind lately And there is no need to fight any unwanted
negative thoughts As they will soon drift out of your mind again Just as easily as they came I would like you to take a couple of deep
breaths Slowly filling your lungs with fresh air And as you exhale You will relax more and more With every outbreath And as you gently slow your breathing down You begin to feel more and more relaxed More and more comfortable You will feel your whole body sinking into
the couch/chair And you will notice how relaxed your whole
body has become From the top of you head To the tips of your toes Your eyelids have become very heavy And may even twitch at this moment As you let go of any tension in your body And all the muscles in your jaw have become
limp and relaxed As your jaw sinks down And your tongue rest gently on the bottom
of your mouth And you are beginning to drift down deeper
and deeper Feeling more and more relaxed with every word
I speak And as this wave of relaxation spreads down
your neck and shoulders And all the way down your arms to your fingertips… You may feel a tingling sensation in your
fingertips As your arms grow as heavy as lead And you soon become aware of a growing peaceful
feeling inside A feeling of calmness and contentment As you feel every muscle in your chest and
abdomen Become limp and relaxed And all the muscles in your back are relaxing Almost like a mental massage And all the way down your spine The muscles loosen and relax And as you drift down deeper and deeper relaxed You let this wave of relaxation spread all
the way down your legs So that your legs become as heavy as lead And every muscle in your legs becomes limp
and relaxed So that you are completely relaxed from the
top of your head To the tips of your toes And as the outside world Fades more into the background As you begin your journey into your own inner
world To that unique and special part of you That only you can go to You continue to let go Of any negative thoughts or feelings And any sounds around you Or in the distance Will fade into the background The only sound that will matter to you Will be the sound of my voice Which will continue to take you deeper and
deeper Into a wonderful state of relaxation And you may soon find that your mind begins
to wander And it doesn’t matter where you drift Where you go My voice will travel with you at all times So that you will continue To respond to me on an unconscious level And in a few moments time You will hear me say the word Nowwww And when you hear me say the word… Nowwww All the unnecessary nervous tension is going
out of your body And your body Will continue to sink down Becoming more and more limp More and more relaxed And comfortable too Just feel yourself sinking down into the couch/chair Your head sinking down into the pillow Becoming even more comfortable Feeling completely at peace And calm and contented As you continue to drift down Really enjoying this wonderful feeling of
complete relaxation And there may be times when You will not be aware of your body You wont be aware of your body at all As you continue to go deeper and deeper relaxed Deeper and deeper relaxed Now in front of you. You see a staircase with 7 stairs each stair represents another level of self reaching to the top To the higher self Step up on to the first step raise your vibration and know you exist live your life proudly take the next step onto the second stair raise your vibration I desire live your passion whatever that may be claim your dreams go out and make them reality step up to the third stair I control. Go forth and control your own destiny and
happiness raise your vibration Now step up to the fourth stair raise your vibration I love Let your heart energy flow freely in and out be open to receiving the love that is available
to you now step up to the fifth stair raise your vibration I express do not suppress your own beautiful voice. Speak your truth, sing your joy, emanate your
love through the vibration of your words. step up to the sixth step raise your vibration I am the witness be open to your inner guidance let your thoughts guide you listen to your thoughts as they assist you
on the right path Now step up to the seventh stair raise your vibration I am that I am cosmic consciousness and peace are the frequency
at this place you are now at the top of the stairs look around you until you see the door once you see the door approach it. Memorize every detail about this door This door is the access between your physical
mind and your higher self open the door slowly and walk into the room look around you what do you see? What do you feel? As you look around the room notice a set of
chairs go sit on one of these chairs Now that you are sitting realize the presence
in the chair next to you you may see, or you may not see anything at
all. But feel the presence of your higher self feel the connection this is you this is not separate from you, or something
different from you it is you at this time you may ask your higher self
anything you desire do not doubt your answers do not doubt your feelings accept this is you


  1. Because of the nature of this meditation being hypnotic induction, you can use this for any kind of meditation practice. If you like this check out our newest delta brain wave entertainment video "Moon magic the deepest healing"

  2. Thank you this channel its really good i shifted Yesterday nearly whith your Quantum jump my body was vibrating and i got odd dreams omfg and i sleeped so much

  3. I’ve never felt vibration like this!! By the time you got to the 5th step I felt this wild dizzy spinning pulsing floating sensation. It was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ

  4. Hm can you may make the Quantum jump 8 hours long soo you can hear it all sleep may its works better if you hear it all sleep not only 2 hours :DπŸ’“

  5. This 'doorway' with your sync voice goes much beyond than we may realize today. A sort of signal transduction. Life may not be as intelligent as Paul davies may claim or may not be beautiful as of now, but the time shall arrive due to contributions like these. It will become a thing of grace from a thing of fear or shame. Your voice and intention goes deeper than you think, it goes and touches the substratum as Henri Bergson may have called it if he was here today. One of my friends had experience with his 'creative evolution'. It could draw a parallel to 'SOLID ANCHOR' that really transcends you into something more by descent or ascent to quantum realms. Nobody knows just like that primate who wanted to be something more and went to become man of today. it was still a primitive life form that continues till now. But seeds are already there in such forms such as your 'doorway'. One of my friend got through. He had his moment when he watched 'artificial intelligence, a movie by steven speil. Where david the ai creature asks certain questions to the old man and Judy encourages him to couple flat fact with fiction. In the end it does happen. the fairy tale. More on it sometime again

  6. This may look little rude but these are a sort of pseudo signals to Natural selection that have the potential to become real at some point of SPACE TIME INTENTION OR like SCHOPENHAUER'S WILL . (tHE WORLD AS A WILL) I will delve deeper into it and draw a parallel to your work with James le fanu's 'why us?'

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