Does Jumin Han Is Gay or European – Mystic Messenger

Does Jumin Han Is Gay or European – Mystic Messenger

There right There! Look at that tan well tinted skin look at the killer shape He’s in, look at that slightly stubbly chin Oh, please he’s gay totally gay I’m not about to celebrate every trait could indicate a totally strait expropriate this guy is not gay I say not gay. that is the elephant in the room when is it relevant to assume as the man who wears perfume is Automatically radically , Fey? but look at his quoft and crispy locks, look at his silk translucent socks. There’s the eternal paradox. Look what we’re seeing What are we seeing? is he gay? Of course he’s gay! or European ohhhhh …[Pause/Shows evidence] [Pause/Shows evidence] [Pause/Shows evidence] gay, or European? it’s hard to guarantee is he gay or European? well, Hey don’t look at me. You see they bring their boys up different in those charming foreign ports, They play peculiar sports in shiny shirts and tiny shorts Gay or foreign Fella the answer could take weeks They both say things like “Ciao Bella” while they kiss you on both cheeks. Oh, please Gay or European, so many shades of gray! Depending on the time of day the french go either way. Is he gay or European? OR- wait right there look at that condescending smirk, seen it on every guy at work, That is a metro-hetro Jerk, that guys not gay, I say no way! That is the elephant in the room, well, this is relevant to presume that a hottie in that costume is is automatically, radically, ironically, cronically, scurtinly, curtainly, gentically, scurtinly, curtainly, gentically, Medically; GAY officially GAY, Officially GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY GAY, GAY, GAY, GAY Dammit! Gay or European? so stylish and relaxed. Is he gay or European? I think his chest is waxed. But they bring their boys up different there is culturally diverse. It’s not a fashion curse If he wears a kilt, or bears a purse! Gay or just exotic Gay or just exotic? I still can’t Crack the code. Yet his accent is hypnotic But it shoes are pointy toed. Huh. Gay or European? So many shades of grey but is he turns out straight. I’m free at 8 on Saturday! Is he gay or European? Gay or European. Gay or Euro Wait a minute. Give me a chance to crack this guy. I have an idea. I’d like to try. The floor is yours So, Mr. Han this alleged affair with Ms. Choi has been going on for two years and your first name again is, Jumin and your boyfriend’s name is, Zen. [Crowd gasps] I Sorry, I misunderstand you say boyfriend I thought you say best friend Zen is my ‘best friend’. You bastard! You lying bastard! That’s it. I no cover for you. No more people’s I have A Big announcement! This man is gay and European, Whoa! and neither is disgrace, Oh! You gotta stop being your completely closet case! D’ oh! It’s not me he her seeing No matter what he say! I swear he never ever ever swing the other way! you are so gay, you big parfait! you flaming boy in cabaret, I’m strait! You were not yesterday. so if i may, I’m proud to say He’s Gay! and European! He’s gay! and European! He’s Gay! and European, and Gay! Fine! Okay I’m gay. HOO- -RAAAAAAAAAAAAAY


  1. Lmao I'm studying and like to listen to music so I left it on auto-play and this is what I get! Also when I was looking at the title I thought it said "Jimin" from BTS instead of "Jumin Han"

  2. This video has been staying in my recomendations for months and never watched it cause I dont know mystic messanger.
    Today, I clicked on it by accident.

    Best mistake ever.

  3. this is giving me war flashbacks to fucking two or three years ago shit when I first downloaded the game and il it’s jumin a lot

  4. They should be discussing this about Yoosung not Jumin

    I mean look at the boy’s face he’s absolutely gay

    Edit: shoutout to my favorite lesbian/bi named Phi.

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