Do we have mystical visions and sounds during kundalini meditation? – 930

Do we have mystical visions and sounds during kundalini meditation? – 930

Be blessed by the Divine Rajesh Deo, this is a video for you. Do we have mystical visions and sounds during
kundalini meditation? Yes of course It is not like we do not have visions and
sounds during meditation However, please remember that it is not mandatory Don’t start the meditation with an aim to
hear some sounds or see things. What happens is this When you go to the Alpha level and then Go to the Theta level Go to the Delta level between 0.5 to 3 cps The mind begins to identify itself with the
almighty force. Questions naturally arise in us If the almighty force has evolved into subatomic
energy particles Into Akashic energy Into air, fire, water, and the earth Into different life forms Plants to animals to human beings Why did it evolve so?. What is it’s purpose? The purpose must be to enjoy the creations
of the creator itself Or is to realize what kind of force? When you start dwelling on this question You begin to realize the truth about yourself The nature, and the life forms. Several truths begin to dawn on you Each life form and each human has his own
genetic center As a magnetic energy there must be a vortex There must be a three dimensional center From there it must be spreading throughout
the body. The genetic center must not be functioning
all alone We have an unique characteristic You are an unique human being I am an unique human being My sister is unique The videographer here is a unique human Her mother is a unique woman The cow in her house is also a unique being The calf of the cow is also unique. Even though we are all functioning independently In your inner vision when you meditate at
the subtle levels of frequency A vision will dawn on you We are all connected at the subconscious level By the superconscious almighty force All our genetic centers are connected as one
single entity. Let me explain this Let us take an imagery An ocean and it’s waves An ocean binds all the waves together Millions of waves come off the ocean Even though there are millions of waves There is only one single ocean Likewise there is only one single dark almighty
matter From which the life forms have evolved Functioning with an unique characteristic Connected at the subconscious level By the single superconscious state. This is not something you can learn from a
book You need to experience this as your inner
vision Such visions will guide us To make this world a better place For us to live happily, prosperously, and
peacefully. When we get such visions We become messengers of God The almighty force will further send its force To act through us To guide humanity in a prosperous, happy,
and peaceful path. Such people with such great visions are the
saints and gurus who are guiding us. Rajesh Deo, thank you for inspiring this video. I enjoyed making the video Thank you so much for continuing to support
the channel And support what I am doing Quite a few people are supporting this channel If you would like to contribute Visit I will see you in the next video Be Blessed by the Divine,
Krish Murali Eswar


  1. Hello Sir! What are your thoughts on psycadelics? They are safe and non addictive and can open up a persons mind beyond imagination.

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