DNA Activation Explained + POWERFUL 528Hz Meditation | Positive Transformation | Healing | Solfeggio

DNA Activation Explained + POWERFUL 528Hz Meditation | Positive Transformation | Healing | Solfeggio


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  2. Hello A lovely 11.11 2018(11) morning to all straight from India.Thank you so much for this meditation so grateful to u.Really enjoying this video so much energy in your voice and so clear.
    Thank you once again
    Stay blessed always

  3. I love this meditation it is like whole body joy and love and brings all divine love and light into your cells and being….

  4. 432hz is the Healing frequency of DNA , NOT 528hz. do your research people. think for yourselves. instead of relying on misinformation someone gave you. 432 = 9 ….. 528 = 15 . The Universal Number is 9…. do your research to find your truth. If your truth falls within lies , that will be your truth.

  5. Please see Book of John..which means Grace 💕chapters in a row. 1:11 2:22 3 33 4:44 .555 ( hidden hand of grace).6:55 key to the land of milk n honey..and then the last one. Yup you guessed it. 😇Seek and ye shall find. love, Yahanan (only in this book are they in a row.all together )💕😇💕😇💕

  6. Does anyone know who the voice is? I have listened to her videos for some time now. I would like to buy her books or more videos

  7. I really liked doing this, so refreshing she has a beautiful calming voice. I needed this right now. Thank you.

  8. The meditation at the end of this video really works. I've double sales in my business. I play it as I'm drifting off to sleep. It's the perfect time to focus on your desires.

  9. I asked to be led to healing from Rhuematoid Arthritis and to be off of methotrexate. And this immediately popped up.

  10. ~PEACE ~ON ~EARTH ~WITH ~OUR ~NEW ~DNA~ ~WE ~ARE ~ONE ~WITH ~CREATOR ~GOD~ LOVE WILL WIN……….. fear will not……. LOVE IS THE ANSWER……………as love always is………..😍 ~♡♡♡♡♡~♡♡♡♡♡~♡♡♡♡♡~♡♡♡♡♡~♡♡♡♡♡~♡♡♡♡♡~

  11. It makes sense why they tell us to stay positive while having cancer. It’s so hard but it must do everything it takes to heal. Thanks for this video. I notice when I’m happy and laughing, the pain in my body goes away.

  12. Unbelievable… I never was that deep into a meditation without a special thing happening in my mind due to childhood trauma. It started to go off as usual but vanished completely after just a few breaths. I felt tingling in my left ear and right side of my nose. I felt hot in my shoulders like after a good round in the gym. And I cried good tears after just about 2 mins. I'm not sure if I already feel different but I feel good and will most definitely continue to work with it. It's amazing.
    Thank you for work!

  13. Much love & gratitude for this beautiful meditation, love & light to You beautiful soul 💜🙏🏼 xxx

  14. I would love to do as instructed but no way can I remember all she says! Each statement of permission is too long and spoken too fast. I have the desire but not the ability. Love to all. ❤

  15. I must do this morning noon and Night the power of the Great I Am is the Greatest. God Bless you for this Video.

  16. I just recently put together through discovery that frequency is the sole determiner of the geometric shapes at the subatomic level. I believe this is accepted science in physics as is the fact that geometry of these structures is the sole determiner of the frequencies that cause them to vibrate. These vibrations begun at a subatomic level determine the frequencies that we can perceive. We can choose the frequency of our Hearts and this frequency will travel throughout and around our bodies. When we slow our thoughts and or our engagement with them then we lessen greatly the influence they have on subatomic geometry in the present. Over time this will increasingly change the geometry of all the receptors in our bodies from enzymes to ganglion to DNA. These receptors are what inform us of reality, every frequency is a different reality occupying the same space. I think it's what she says in the video but in my words after putting it together.

  17. I opened my eyes during this meditation because when I saying the words I felt like I messed up but then closed my eyes and listened to the rest and still felt the energy does that mean it still worked

  18. I thought this was probably one of the BEST videos that I've seen going over DNA Activation in a long time. I actually run the channel that shows VISUALLY the Crystalline DNA Activation, or what I would term as the light body integration as well. I really LOVE THIS video. I thought YOU did an excellent job, and I'm going to share it on MY community tab. Thank YOU again, I think this is REALLY fantastic. For those that wonder what THIS process actually looks like VISUALLY, check MY channel, where I break it down in multiple different aspects and help others with the symptoms associated.
    So very much luv to ALL!!💖💙


  20. First of all, I absolutely love your channel! There’s something really special about your calming voice and the way you explain such complex topics. I cannot thank you enough for this meditation! Also, it’s really inspiring to see you truly following your soul’s path. For reasons I cannot explain, it makes me very happy for you as well. This past week, since the eclipse, I have been extremely stressed out and haven’t felt like I belong anywhere on Earth. In fact, I have never felt so lost in my entire life…….until I participated in this wonderful DNA upgrade/ meditation session that you created. Your means of expressing such complicated are so simple that just about everyone will understand and be able to follow along. You are a Godsend! Much love! Keep on keepin’ on! The more people that find their true purpose, the better this world will be, and much quicker too. 😉

  21. Thank you! I absolutely love this video and meditation,second day listening to it first thing in the morning when I wake up — has a more powerful effect when your mind hasn’t been tainted by negative thoughts or illusions, but instead you start with a clean slate, a blank canvas. This meditation will paint you “the bigger picture.” Hope you all enjoy it! DNA activation, complete! 🧬 🙏🏼🙌🏽

  22. I feel the difference in my Amazing vessel so grateful to have my DNA upgraded mu cells are rejoicing yesssssss Thank U. Namaste

  23. Very nice. Also have cancer as Kareen mentioned. I did feel great shifts in my body. BUT……….the repeat mentally part! Crikey Moses, you speak way, way too fast. I was more focused on my frustration of not being able to repeat these incredibly long sentences. Otherwise, great and thank you.

  24. I trust this channel, that’s why I went in search of DNA activation. I had physical experiences, tingling of lips hand and feet and felt perfectly relaxed. I aim to practice this everyday, thank you! I will share also with my pages and group.🙏🙏🙏

  25. When we are happy we are literally in a different world, one of hope. Hope is the opposite of nihilism. Remember that my niggas

  26. Wow, thank you for this wonderful meditation, I could not open my eyes even when I tried, proves how powerful the meditation was. I was searching for this, and I feel it has given me a boost of confidence & positivity. Thank you for this amazing Gift. Very relaxing Solfeggio 528 Hz and well spoken! Thank you all at Your Youniverse.

  27. Thank you. My new guide Tommo kept bringing me back to listen to your words. I could tell he wanted me to do this meditation. Om- Peace & Amen. Thank you

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