Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) | Rebecca Zamolo

Divorcing My Husband…for 24 Hours! (Emotional) | Rebecca Zamolo

– Pranking people is stressful. And I may have kissed
him, I’m not really sure. Do you see what I’m seeing. – You guys can’t fight. You guys gotta work this out. – You read the thing. I want a divorce. – Hey Zamfam its Rebecca and right now Matt is fine on the outside and he doesn’t think I know but of course I am a game
master spy and I figured it out. So, today I decided that
I’m going to prank him and pretend I’m divorcing
him for 24 hours. So, right now I have my
friend Bailey with me who is a super awesome flipper. Dude do a trick. – Gotcha. – I was over here at Bailey’s learning some ninja moves because you guys know
VidCon is this weekend and the Red Hood is there and I need to defeat her. And it might turn into a battle royale. So, I need to be ready. But for now we’re just gonna try to make my husband jealous, right? – Oh, yeah. – We are turning the tables
on him for spying on me and not trusting his wife. – Sorry Matt. Why doesn’t he trust you? – I have no idea. I mean, I’m his wife. I have given him no
reason not to trust me. Oh my god! – What the heck! No! No! Come on! No! – But we are going to get him back. So, what’s super crazy too is that I’ve known Bailey for a while. I did not know that you are
Lizzy Sharer’s ex-boyfriend. What! What have you kissed her? Okay okay you don’t have to answer but it’s Carter Sharer like cool with you being the ex-boyfriend? Like – Carter’s dope. So,
what are we doing today? – Oh, okay. So, here’s the plan. I have my purse over here which is how I got this camera obviously. I’m gonna put some lipstick all over so it looks like we were
doing something in this room to make it very suspicious
and then we’ll go out there and do some gymnastics
moves and ninja moves but we’ll make it you know like we’ll heat things
up a little bit, okay? – Okay.
– Are you cool with this? – Yeah, let’s do it, I’m down. – Okay Zamfam smash the thumbs up button if you guys like me doing pranks on Matt. I mean he kind of he didn’t he deserves. Zamfam I have lipstick. Now, I just went in a room with Bailey who’s obviously my friend. I’ll just do this I don’t have a mirror. Okay, so it’s gonna look like
I just came out of the room and I may have kissed
him I’m not really sure. Does this look good Zamfam? Does this look believable? Matt is going to freak
out when he sees this. All right Bailey let’s go. Okay Bailey, so Matt is outside right now. Just play it off. We’re just gonna be doing training, normal but just it’s like a
little extra friendly okay. Come on Bailey you got this. Do this for the Zamfam. Wow Bailey! It’s hot in there, huh? – Yeah. – So, let’s get back to training
now that I’m all warmed up. – Yeah, I got you got a new
trick I was just thinking about. – Okay, I’m gonna put the camera down so that’s like not in the way, okay. – Okay. – Okay. – Yeah, that’s cool, let’s do it. – Okay, yeah here. – Just gonna do a little warmed up. Make sure my legs are good. – I thought you we’re warmed up, stretched out from earlier. – Up again. – Okay. – To the right. There you go. Here, lets get those
arms a little up more. Yeah, like that. Big reach, you feel it there? – There you go. Let’s switch it up a
little bit on this side. – All right. Wow! I need to come over here more often. – Yeah, I know. This what I do every day man. I love it. – I should do it every day. Okay, Matt is leaving right now. – Dude, he is not happy. – Oh my God! I went full out on that. – He’ looks stressed. – I mean yeah I I would
be pretty stressed too if this was like the reversed and it was the other way around. Okay, so I’m gonna spend
the rest of the day pranking Matt and pretending
that I’m divorcing him, doing all these things
that make him think that. But for now can you show me some flips. – Yeah. I got you. – Okay. So good! That was awesome. Guys if you haven’t subscribed to Bailey, I’m linking his channel
in the description. Yes. – Boom! Your turn Rebecca. – Okay, so I’m pretty sure
Matt is waiting in the car, waiting to see where I go next. So, thank you so much for training me. – Yeah, of course thank you for coming. – I know this was awesome. I’m gonna go continue pranking him, okay. – Yeah, good luck with everything. – Yeah. Okay Zamfam so I’m back in the car and Daniel and Matt were
definitely spying on me. I really hope they’re believing
this divorce prank so far. Comment if you think they’re believing it but I’m about to up the stakes a ton more and make myself look even more suspicious. Oh and by the way these are
the new Zamfam tank tops and I will be shouting
you guys in the Zamfam out later in this video once
we get this prank going. So. stay tuned for that. I’ll see you guys. I got a message on my
phone saying that someone in the Gamemaster
Network can’t be trusted. Let me know who you think it is. Do you think it’s Matt my husband? Or do you think it’s Daniel? I mean why are they spying on me? Okay, Zamfam so now I
am parked in front of Oz and sure enough if you guys look they see that car right there. That’s Matt spying on me. So, right now I’m gonna be going inside Oz because I need to get
some disguises for VidCon. I’m gonna try to see
if they have a red hood so I can pretend to be
the red hood at some point in case I need to with the quadrant. So, I’m gonna go inside. I’m gonna grab some supplies for VidCon so we can defeat the red hood. I think that was Matt. Do you guys think he knows
that I’m pranking him? Okay, we’ll see if he’s inside. If you guys see him let me know. So so far I don’t see Matt or Daniel. Let’s look for a red hood. That’s a lace one. This is a superhero one. I don’t think this is gonna work. Can’t find the actual
cape so I’m gonna get this and I’m gonna try it on. Hopefully, this works as a disguise. Let’s see if he’s following. You guys see him? Who’s that? So, I need to get this quickly and then I’m gonna take my
fake phone call outside. – Have a good one. – Awesome, thank you so much. Okay, Zamfam so what do you think? Do you see what I’m seeing? Hey, Bailey yeah no it was so fun. The room was so much fun and all of that workout was really good. Yeah, no I’m I’m gonna give
him the papers today for sure. No I just it just has to be done. I mean I feel bad but you
know, okay yeah okay bye. So, I think that worked
and they just ran back into the car. And now I’m going to take this
divorce prank even further because I am going to
go to a lawyer’s office that handles divorce. Like a divorce lawyer. Oh my gosh! This is so sad. Obviously you guys this is a prank. I just want to say that I actually really do cherish my marriage with Matt but I’m taking it a step further
because prank wars are on. So, we are here at the
divorce attorneys office. I’m just gonna have this. Right now I don’t see Matt yet. I’m gonna write divorce papers. I almost spelt it wrong. This is obviously a DIY divorce paper but it’s gonna have to work and I have this computer paper right here. Just gonna put it inside, okay. So, they can’t know that I’m taking this so I think I’m gonna have
to just like squeeze it. Oh no! So I’m just gonna have to squeeze it in. Wow pranking people is stressful! Oh wait! I need my keys. Just hope
he doesn’t figure it out and I hope he doesn’t cry. I want you to look really closely. Look, do you see the car right there? That is Matt and Daniel. I’m pretending I don’t notice them. I need to look like I’m crying. So I’m just gonna do this. It looks sad. I’m not actually going into the building but Matt thinks I went in. So, now I’m gonna come out with these and he’s gonna see it and I just don’t know what’s gonna happen. Smash the thumbs up button you guys because I’m about to serve
Matt with fake divorce papers. Oh my god! This is the worst prank ever. My heart is racing right now. – What are you doing?
– What do you think I’m doing? – Well Daniel and I have been
spying on you for 24 hours. We followed you here. – Okay well we need to talk. – What? Beck are you serious? – No, I mean. – Beck come on like
let’s just talk at least. – Where’s Daniel? – He’s in the car. – Okay, well I just I don’t know. – We’ve been through a lot.
Let’s just go let’s go talk. – I don’t know Matt, I just – I don’t think you want this.
– I don’t – Beck, Beck, What? What happened? – Nothing, I just no no no. Let’s just talk over here. – Can you just turn off the camera like – Yeah, I’ll just I’ll
set it down Matt, there. – Seems like a weird time to do this. – I just I don’t wanna do this anymore. – We’ve been through so much. Surgery and $2.00, that
house up in big bear. – Now, you know Bailey right? – We were spying on you today. What was going on? That’s what I wanna talk to you about. – Well, what do you think? – I’m hoping just like ninja moves cause that got a little bit weird. – I don’t know Matt. I don’t know. Bailey’s really nice. – Is there something going on? You know what, let me look
at these papers. Hold on. – No no.
– Yeah, I just wanna see. Then why are you giving me like. What do we need to do like fix this? – I don’t think we can fix this. You read the thing I want a divorce. I’m divorcing you. – Okay, I’m just gonna
look at the papers, okay. – No no no no. – Beck! Beck! What! What is this? Is this a prank? Oh my God! These are blank papers. Are you kidding me. That was the worst day of my life. – You guys were you’re spying on me. Why don’t you trust me? – Because you’re going like you’re doing some
really suspicious things. – No, no I’m not. Trust me. – You’re kidding me. – Daniel’s in the cart right? – Yeah, Daniel’s in the car. He’s been with me the whole day. – So, he still thinks that
we’re getting a divorce right? – He knows that there’s
like a divorce attorney inside this building and you just went in and you brought out a thing that says divorce papers. – Okay, okay. No, no, no. – I didn’t even think about this. Nobody has the thing
that says divorce papers. Are you kidding me? – Okay, okay. No no no. But we’re gonna keep
pranking Daniel right now. Let’s bring him back to our apartment and let’s have a talk with him. We’ll make it really serious. Okay, Zamfam. We are upping the stakes. Matt, you have to go along with me. – I can’t lie to Daniel.
– Yes, yes you have to. What if he’s the one we can’t trust. – You got the same text. – You got, wait you at the text too. – Okay, let’s get in the car.
– Okay, okay. – Okay, we’re gonna go
film Daniel right now. He has no idea but my glasses are off. You know it’s serious right now. Daniel, we gotta go back to the house. – Okay, what’s going on? What’s happening? – We’ll talk about it when we get home. – That’s kind of what you figured. – Guys I’ll meet you guys back. I’m gonna take my car okay. – Are you okay? – I mean I don’t think either
one of us expected this. – Sorry man. – Yeah, just sit down for a second man. – Yeah. – Yeah, we should probably
go talk a little bit. – Yeah, we’ll be right back we just have to talk for a sec, okay. – Okay, all right. – Just hang out. – Okay, so the plan is
we’re gonna sit him down and we’re gonna basically let him know that we’re splitting up and then we’re gonna see how he takes it. – Okay. – Okay. – Also we should be like have a moment where like you need to chose. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. He has to choose. Okay, okay this is gonna
be extremely uncomfortable. Let us know what you
think Daniels gonna say. – Are they’re really getting a divorce. I’m really concerned about them. Like is that really
what Rebecca was doing/ Like what’s gonna happen? I work for both of them but now what? What about peanut? What about Blackjack and VidCon? VidCon’s coming up. What are we gonna do about that? I don’t know what we’re gonna do. – Come and sit over here. – Okay. This is awkward. – Yeah, so hard to explain. You saw everything that
like happened today right? – Yeah. – Yeah. and honestly it’s
been going on for a long time. – What? – I guess just like all
this you know VidCon stuff has been really stressful and the Red Hood and it’s hard to say this. I guess – Black jack not right now. Blackjack, no blackjack. – Blackjack’s really concerned. Divorce papers! What? Why? What? There’s so much going on. There’s two channels I work for. – Yeah, that’s what we kind
of want to talk to you about. We need you to choose which one – What? You want me to choose what
channel I work for right now? – Yeah. – Gosh! That’s not it. – It’s not easy. – I know. – Not trying to pitch you
but Rebecca Zamolo and Zamfam you have a connection with. – What? You’re gonna say that in front of Matt? – I won’t hold it against you either way. I love bro hanging out with you you know. You’re like kinda like my bro. We need to stop living like this. – Yeah, Matt’s getting peanut
and I’m getting Blackjack. – No you’re splitting up the dogs! – Well, Blackjack doesn’t
like me that much. – No! – And then doesn’t really
like Rebecca that much. – No! – That’s not true. Peanut loves me. – I don’t know Beck, don’t
start arguing with me. – Matt, no – Hold up! No no no no no. You guys can’t fight. You guys gotta work this out. What do we do about the Red Hood? What do we do about VidCon? The Game Master, everything. – You should look at the papers. – That’s you guys’ business. What do I have to look at this for. – You work with both of us so you should know what’s going on. – And also are you the game master? I just have to say that. – What? That is so.
– I have to say that. I don’t know why. I feel like I have to. – Yeah, I feel like I can’t trust you because you went missing. – You’re still up on that even though that you were talking about you guys getting divorce. – I don’t know Daniel. – I am not the game master. How could I be the game master? I’m usually around you guys
when the game master’s doing all of his work. – To be honest that’s kind of the start of why this is all happening. – So, hard man. Like what I hate to pinpoint on one thing but I feel like the relationships
have breaking points and – And in our divorce is you’re
kind of the cause of it. – What are you talking about? I am? – I mean, I don’t wanna
blame it on the Zamfan so you’re the other one
that I have to blame. – What do these papers even say? This is crazy. What is this? What are these blank papers? Is this a prank? Is this a prank? Oh my God! I was so concerned. – Yeah, you should’ve
seen Matt’s expression. – I can’t believe that you’re pranking me even after I found out
all that information in San Francisco about VidCon. – Wait we what information?
– What are you talking about? – [Matt] Daniel. – Yeah, we haven’t even
really talked about this. While I was up there
before our Z twin took me you guys rescued me. So, I was up there with
all the other super hackers from the clue mansion. Do
you remember all of them. They were gone together. – Yeah yeah. – [Matt] Was it like a convention or what? – Yeah, so they were taken
during the clue mansion game and they were brought to San Francisco. Basically, the super hack
is taking place up there because you know how Facebook, Twitter all the social media
headquarters is in San Francisco. – Wait that makes sense
because all of those hackers had different social medias. – Exactly, so this has
started all the way from clue. – Well, how come they let you in? – No no no. So, luckily they were
hypnotizing all of us but I still had some of
the hypnotizing mixture. – The mixture so you won’t get hypnotized. – Yeah, it was in my hoodie. So, I was able to take that
and I was able to break away. – Zamfam do you guys trust him? I mean the game master did say that that someone can’t be trusted
in the game master network. – You get you guys got that text. – It was all the same text. – What if that wasn’t the game master. – Yeah, he wouldn’t
want us split up right? – No. – Not even right before VidCon. – Who would want us to split up. – [Matt] Come on guys it’s so easy. – The Red Hood. The Red Hood would want us to be divided. – She was pretending
they’d be the game master and sent that text message. She, hacked into the game master network. – Then no matter what we need to all stick together right now so we can defeat her at VidCon
and get that super computer before she hacked all of our channels. – We are in a truth circle right now. We all trust each other. Rebecca we got some questions for you. – For me? – Yes. – Okay. – First off why did you buy a Red Hood? – A red hood? – Yeah. – It was a costume you guys. I wanted to go in disguise. I’m prepping for VidCon. – Okay. – In case I need to trick the quadrant. – You picked up a mystery
box inside the alley. – Yeah, It had some initial on it. – Yes, so the game
master actually called me and I spoke to him on the roof that’s where I was talking to. And I don’t I just want
to be careful here. You guys I’m not gonna say
exactly what it is quite yet but if you go and comment on my most recent Instagram story I will send you guys a DM
so you know what they are. I’m just gonna say it has
something to do with VidCon, decoy and it’s for the Zam Fam. – [Matt] Hold on can
you tell us real quick. – Oh my gosh! No way! – Yeah, the game master
had all of them sent to me. So, you guys go to my Instagram
if you want a DM from me and you will see what it is. But just in case this place is bugged, I can’t give it away. – What about the red velvet
cake that you bought. – I mean I was trying to find a cake that looks like the other
one that we found a clue in in case we needed to use this again against the quadrant you guys. – [Matt] Oh, another decoy. – This is exactly this is VidCon. We need to have stuff ready to go. – [Matt] What about Bailey? – Rebecca. – Bailey’s in on it too. I knew you guys were spying on me. As soon as I saw you guys,
I brought him into the room and I put lipstick all over me to make it look like it
something happened which didn’t. But he’s in on it. Matt he feels bad but I
told him not to feel bad but he actually feels bad. – [Matt] Why did you go
there in the first place? – Ninja training. I feel like I need to practice my skills and he was helping me. – [Matt] That’s true out of all of us, you need the most help. – Well, I was trying and I actually got this
one kick pretty good. – [Matt] Okay, let’s see what you got. – Okay, let’s see it. That was pretty good. – Bailey taught me that. – That’s pretty good. – And did you know that
was Lizzy’s ex-boyfriend? – What? – All right guys I think
it’s time that we start banding together, figure out how we can stop the red hood at VidCon. – Yeah and we need your guys’ help too. All right you guys yeah, I’m sorry for not trusting you guys. I mean we’re all part of
the game master network. So, we need to work together. – What can we do to
really take back the power into our hands? – We’ve gotta take back the safe house. – He’s right. – Yeah, you’re right. Zamfam comment below
take back the safe house. I think we should do that. Are you guys ready? Game master on three? – One, two, three game master! – So we are here at the safehouse. We’re about to take it over and take it back from the quadrant because that is our safe house. – Are you guys ready ready? – Yeah, ready! – Okay, ZamFam and make
sure you are subscribed. You have notifications
on and give this video a big thumbs up. Check out the video right here where Matt’s spying on me for 24 hours and you can see why I did what I did. Are you guys ready? – Ready! – Okay, three, two, one


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