Dhumralochan sadhana mantra for all protection and remove negative energy. (with ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Dhumralochan sadhana mantra for all protection and remove negative energy. (with ENGLISH SUBTITLES)

Namaste!! At Vajreshwari near Mumbai… Divyayogaashram is planning to construct Maa Pitambara Devi temple… also known as Maa Baglamukhi. We look forward to your support in this. If you wish to come forward and make the donation… You can make the donation through Bank transfer, PayTM & UPI. Your donation will be eligible for Tax Deduction… Under section 80G, Income Tax Act. You can get to know more about this from the link give below in the description box. Also, At Vajreshwari near Mumbai… Divyayogaashram presents 2 Days ‘Panchanguli Sadhana Shivir’-21-22 Dec. 2019. There will be anushthan of special mantra chants ranging from 1.25L – 5L. This sadhana is especially beneficial for those… Who are in spiritual field… For e.g. Astrologer, Reiki healer, Pranik healer… Who performs Puja, Sadhana, devotee in spiritual field… or those who by any method perform natural remedy… For such kind of individuals, this sadhana is highly important… Because when you take any decision… Then your every decision becomes important and accurate. If you wish to attend and learn this sadhana, link is in the description… you can fill the form therein to register for the sadhana. Namaste!!! Welcome to Divyayogaashram! Today, we will discuss about Dhumralochan sadhana… and also we’ll try to understand…. That in “Ugra Shakti”… Why does the name of Dhumralochan sadhana is taken… and what else are we able to do with it. “Dhumralochan” was the commander of the army of Ashuras “Shumbh and Nisumbh”. Due to the death by the hands of Goddess… All their evil deeds and bad karma got eliminated. By command of Goddess, as the part of the cemetery… Dhumralochan got enthroned. Thus, in shamshan sadhana without his invocation… any kind of sadhana does not get succeed. If anybody goes to the cemetery… and think of doing any evil to anyone… or think about performing any sadhana… than the “Dhumraclochan”… has to be invoked. It means that, By going at place like this… a person is thinking of doing something bad to anyone… than this sadhana is very important for protection against it. The name of this sadhana is “Dhumralochan Prayog Sadhana”. It means, “If a person is trying to hurt you by performing any practices at cemetery”.. Then, this sadhana is highly beneficial for you. This sadhana provides many benefits… such as… Any kind of evil eye gets eliminated. Scary dreams comes to an end. Unknown fear gets ended. Problems of miscarriage gets eradicate. Safety from any Tantra prayog. Protection against all kind of enemies. Protects from all negative energies. Benefits in feelings of insecurity. Especially women, having trouble in sleeping or having scary dreams… Feeling of somebody’s presence in their room… Pain below the waist… These types of problems if any women has… Than they should perform this type of sadhana. Now, let’s see about the procedure for this practice… Wear loose fitted clothes and sit on a Black asan, if you are not able to sit on the floor… than take a chair or sofa… and place black color cloth then sit on it. Now, do the normal pranayam for 10 times… i.e. inhale deeply then hold the breathe as long as possible and then exhale it smoothly. Similarly, do the normal pranayam for 10 times. After this… At “Manipur Chakra”, which is… below the Heart chakra and above the Navel part… by concentrating on it… “Dhumralochan Mantra”… || OM HREEM SAMSHANADHIPATI MAMM RAKSHAY RAKSHAY SHATRU… KILEE KILEE KREEM HUMM PHAT || || OM HREEM SAMSHANADHIPATI MAMM RAKSHAY RAKSHAY SHATRU… KILEE KILEE KREEM HUMM PHAT || Do the Upanshu jaap of this mantra… “Upanshu” means to chant the mantra in a very low voice… Your voice should not go outside the room. Similarly, you have to do the chanting of this mantra and… chant it daily for 20 minutes. If you want to chant with mala… than, chant 5 malas daily with any black hakik mala… and chant for 21 days on a regular basis. On 22nd day, donate fruits or food to anybody. By donating food or clothes to any unmarried girl, the benefits are even more. Do not donate money, keep a note of it. This practice is of 21 days. This mantra can be started from any Eclipse, Amavasya, Ravi Pushya Nakshatra or any Saturday. Do not perform this practice in a Temple room… or in the Bedroom. Except from these place, you can practice it anywhere. This sadhana should be performed by those… Who are tired from all type of measures… and… have got disappointment from all the sides… Then this type of sadhana they should perform. And now, let’s see about some specific rules… Keep full faith and reverence. This mantra can be chanted by any Family man or a Hermit. This practice does not require diksha because on your Manipur Chakra… you concentrate and chant the mantra. By this mantra body generates excess heat, thus wear loose fitted clothes during practice. Respect all women. If husband & wife practice this mantra, then the benefits are 10 time greater. If you are a Job doer or Unemployed or Student or the House-maker… than chant this mantra by facing East side. If you are a Businessmen or belong to Art sector… than chant this mantra by facing West side. If you relate to Lottery, Bet or Share market sector… or work at Banking sector, Medical sector or in Hotel sector… than chant this mantra by facing North side. If you are a Land/Property dealer or work as a Farmer or relate to Iron, Mining or Leather… or in Oil sector or work in any other sector in which… you have to give or take Brokerage or Commission… than chant this mantra by facing South side. Chanting of this mantra can be done by any Male or Female above 18 age. Remember that, whenever you start any good work or decide of doing it… Then immediately any obstacles or disturbance starts to occur. thus, perform the practice with a strong oath. This mantra should be chanted after the sunset. Avoid smoking, alcohol and also non-veg consumption. Follow the Brahmacharya with all means. During menstruation period, women can take a break for 3 to 5 days… and then can continue later. After completion of practice, perform “Ashwini” or the “Vajri” mudra. This mudra helps in following the Brahmacharya. To know more about “Ashwini” or “Vajri” mudra, there is a link given below in the description… You can get the information from therein. I hope your life will be full of happiness. Thank You!


  1. महोदय जी ,प्रणाम मै बीस वर्ष से एक ही शत्रु से परेशान हू कृपया उचित अनुष्ठान तथा उपयुक्त पंन्डित बतलाने की कृपा कराये ।मेरी परेशानी यो के कारण मे एकाग्र होकर उपाय नही करसकता हू

  2. Guruji , muze gale ki bahot samasya hai. Gala hamesha baitha rahta hai aur awaj ladki hoke bhi madhur nahi aati. Isliye mai gana bhi nahi ga sakti. Kripya ispe koi upay bataye ! Please

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