Desdoblamiento Astral – invitación

Desdoblamiento Astral – invitación

The material body in which we live is an organic case that is going to expire to know the inner worlds, another more subtle body is necessary. for that reason, you can learn to use the astral body with an astral projection sitting in a comfortable place we do a very deep physical, emotional and mental relaxation. and the key is not to lose attention at the point where we go from wakefulness to sleep at that mathematical point when the vibrational frequency changes of the brain with the mind if you insist seriously asking the inner being, it comes a new experience of himself it opens the possibility of investigating to another level Nobody is going to open your inner eyes. Only you can with effort open them for yourself and discover what you really are The war against our shortcomings, such as laziness, doubt, fear and leisure that are the ones that do not let us verify our real interdimensional nature know yourself and you will know the everything.


  1. Que buena explicación, sería muy bueno hacer una segunda parte o el mismo más alargado mostrando que se puede viajar a algún lugar y explorarlo, y a la misma vez ir al pasado y futuro y extraer una información.. Como para que se muestre el objetivo por el cual es importante desdoblarse..👌👍🙏

  2. Se puede modificar una parte de el cuerpo fisico. Ya que tengo algo que. No me siento muy bien con el.

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