Deepak Chopra Gives Lilly Singh a Meditation Mantra

Deepak Chopra Gives Lilly Singh a Meditation Mantra

-So, you say
that you are never angry. But I’m curious if there’s
exceptions to this rule. So I thought it would be fun
to give you a few scenarios, and you would tell me
how you would deal with it instead of being angry, okay? So, number one. You’re waiting in line
at a Baskin-Robins. Let me paint you a picture.
A Baskin-Robins. -I don’t go to Baskin-Robins.
-Okay, where do you go? What’s your favorite place
to eat or drink? -Babu Ji.
-Ba– Okay. -Babu Ji in New York.
Bibi Ji in San Francisco. -And what do they sell there? -What do they sell?
-Yeah. -The best Indian food.
-Indian food. Great. Oh. Even better.
This is more my forte. You’re waiting
at Babu Ji’s, okay? -I never have to wait.
They give me preference. [ Laughter ] [ Cheers and applause ] I’m being honest. -Okay. You know what?
-I’ve never had to wait in line. -No wonder you don’t get angry. Let’s just say there is
a new staff member. Didn’t recognize you.
You had to — [ Gasps ] You had to wait. Okay? The person in front of you
is asking for a sample. They want a sample
of the butter chicken, of the shahi paneer, of the dal,
and everything, and you’re not waiting
30, 40 minutes. How do you not get angry?
-I write a book. [ Laughter ] -What is the book about?
-Not getting angry. [ Laughter ]
-Okay. Okay. One more, one more. Wow. You are smart. You make a new friend, but — And this is hypothetical.
You just have to — You make a new friend,
but then you find out that they’re just using you
to get to Oprah. -Well, then,
I call Oprah and say, “If you want to be Oprah Chopra, don’t get confused
by this person.” -Okay. I mean, I’m sure
that probably happens to you all the time.
-All the time. -Where people are like —
you know — Having said that, I really want Oprah on my show. So I was wondering, do you think
she should do this show? I mean just
hypothetically asking. ‘Cause don’t you think
it’s a great show? -I think she should, actually.
-Yeah? -She went to India with me.
And she enjoyed it very much. She would like to do a show. -So, basically, we booked Oprah, saying that Oprah
should be on the show. [ Cheers and applause ] Oh, my gosh. That was so unexpected
and sweet and kind of you. Thank you so much. So, you meditate how often? -I’m there now.
-You’re meditating right now? -I’m in that state of being
which is called meditation. -Even with my loud voice
in your face right now? -That’s —
I don’t hear it as loud. [ Laughter ] -All of my exes
want your advice. Um, so, you start your day
with meditation in the morning, though,
I’m guessing? -Yes.
-Okay. Great. So, you have your own mantra.
-Yes. -And it’s supposed to be
very secretive? Is that correct? Or are you able to share it? -I have so many mantras.
Some I can share. -Can you share one
that you’re able to share? -“Take it easy.” -Oh. Very simple. I love it. [ Applause ]
So, here’s the thing. I’m starting to get into
meditation a little bit more. It makes me feel
infinitely better when I take time to meditate. But I don’t really have a mantra
that I repeat to myself. I was wondering if you could
help me figure one out. Because now that people pay
thousands of dollars for this. -Instead of saying,
“I am Lilly Singh,” say, “I am…” and then replace that
with a hum, which is the vibration
of the breath, which is the source
of all existence. -So I —
-So get rid of Lilly Singh. -So just get rid of Lilly.
-That’s not your real identity. That’s your
provisional identity. -So I am a hum.
-I am. That means “a hum” in Sanskrit. -Ohh! I am —
“Before, I am Lilly Singh.” Which was a name given to you.
-Yup. -You are just
this wondrous being. And now you’re still a wondrous
being, but provisionally. -This might be the best day
of my life. Like, this might be
the best day of my life.


  1. Lilly: Even with my loud voice in your face right now?
    Deepak: I don't hear it as loud.
    Me: 100% agreed
    People say that someone is loud when they don't meet their "norms".

  2. 11 wakeful and living meditation is my forté.(always learning though) I believe when I was about 13 , I found one of my grandmas chopra tapes and that night I had the best sleep beginning my journey & exploration as a meditative ninja. This was an awesome interview. Ps- introducing the meaning of the Sanskrit /hindu reality and translation to the understanding of the American mind, excellent 👌🏾11

  3. Deepak makes total sense, you as Lilly, provide for yourself and others, "provisionally" providing for your soul and for other souls with humor love and Canadian grace you were taught with. Oprah could come on the show and support that, it takes less energy to be supportive than it does to negate what you provide for your soul and others. Go, Lilly!

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