Crystals (Ask Teal Episode About Crystals and Gemstones) – Teal Swan

Crystals (Ask Teal Episode About Crystals and Gemstones) – Teal Swan

Too many people who are grounded solidly in the physical dimension The idea of a crystal or a mineral being anything more than just a pretty rock sounds like new age But there is more to this physical dimension and reality than meets the eye our Current definition of what is alive is incredibly inaccurate the current definition of what makes something alive is something that exhibits movement respiration sensitivity Growth reproduction excretion and nutrition But what makes something alive is much more complicated than this I? Can tell you if these things which I’ve mentioned previously are the criteria by which we define life We will have no idea what to do when we are interacting with extraterrestrial life forms that don’t fit any of those criteria But are very much alive We need to start defining alive in terms of consciousness What constitutes something being alive is in fact the ability to be aware to perceive and to think? Viruses and prions are an example of conscious beings which are very much alive But which do not exhibit all of the traditional characteristics that we think constitute life Minerals especially crystals are also alive that is they are conscious. They are aware they think and they perceive The Earth itself is comprised of mostly iron silicate Rock and Oxygen You could consider mineral energy to be the original manifestation of the consciousness that we call mother Earth Which also is its own living being as far as scientists are concerned? Carbon and Silicon are the two elements which constitute life? Carbon is the sixth element Directly below that is the element of silicon on the periodic table Carbon is associated with all organic chemistry and everything that is considered to be alive We have discovered life-forms, Deepa’s in the ocean that are alive conscious and reproductive whose bodies are made up of 100% Silicon their bodies do not contain any Carbon Whatsoever Silicon is the primary element of quartz Crystal and about 80 percent of the Earth crust without crystals computers wouldn’t exist Marcella vogel a world-Renowned scientist who holds over 200 patents including one for the floppy disk Discovered that crystals are able to receive and send both human thoughts and emotions It makes sense when you realize that the first radio in the world was in fact a crystal set The Crystal is picking up and emitting the electromagnetic signal in the radio band of frequencies This is very important when you realize that thoughts are electromagnetic frequencies Crystals are living beings The individual crystals which we call crystals are in fact a unit of consciousness which belongs to the cluster of crystals which that? Crystal point came from these clusters can be up to Metres wide some of you might be familiar with an aspen Forest an Aspen Forest is one of the largest organisms that is exists today on the planet Earth basically What happens is you have a single aspen tree and that aspen tree will shoot roots through the earth and then from the roots in The Earth they’ll shoot up a new tree So you can’t differentiate between one tree and the other tree because the root systems are all the same So an aspen Forest is considered to be one organism This is exactly the same way that crystals work you can’t differentiate between the crystal point and the cluster which that crystal came from because the Cluster of Crystals is one organism unlike Humans that can’t be really cut in half and continue living you can remove a crystal point from the crystal cluster and that Point will still be alive and still will be imbued with consciousness. Which is capable of perceiving and emitting thoughts So why are crystals so important to Human Life any? Herbalist can tell you that the various herbs and plants which exist on this planet are? Capable of helping humans in a numerous amount of ways for example When you have a headache you might take something like aspirin that’s because there is a component in Willow Bark Which is what makes up aspirin? Which helps the human pain system The reason is working on a sub physical level is Because the frequency of Willow bark is a very high and slow frequency it’s not a compatible vibration with a vibration of something like a headache and Because of the law of attraction the only frequencies which can share the same space are frequencies which match So the frequency of Willow bark and the frequency of something like a headache are incompatible. They are not a match So what must happen for these two things to share the same space a person’s headache and will apart is that they must match but the pure vibration is always going to be the most dominant vibration because Well-being is the natural condition of all beings on this earth so when a human with a headache shares the space with Willow bark Their headache must cease to exist because it can’t share the same space because it’s not an energetic match this is essentially the same thing that’s happening when you have a mineral or a crystal in your living space Minerals especially crystals work the same way Many of the Human Ailments which you could consider on this planet are very non cohesive and Rapid patterns They’re not really a match to the frequency of Mineral energy so you could use something like say fluorite a Condition such as cancer or as arthritis has a very rapid non-cohesive pattern whereas fluoride has a energetic frequency in a pattern which is very coherent and very grounding and so the excessive and rapid energy of Cancer or of Arthritis can’t share the same space with fluoride because it’s not energetic match so when you introduce fluoride into the equation the vibration of that ailment being the arthritis or cancer must change to match the vibration of the fluoride and Once the vibration has changed the physical Manifestation must change because as we know the physical reality must must match the energetic reality which is creating it and so The ailment must cease to exist if it’s going to share the same space with fluoride Crystals and what we call gemstones have a vibration that is free of resistant patterns They are among some of the structures in the physical dimension that have the very most balanced cohesive strong and intentional frequencies their unchanging physical structure is a reflection of the fact that their innate energetic patterns of balance and strength and Cohesiveness are incorruptible in The physical dimension when you pick up a crystal it may look like you’re not really doing anything more than touching and looking at it But in the other dimensions in which both you and the rock exists you are in training energetically with that rock this entrainment causes changes to your structure and physiology on the physical dimension The governing law of every dimension since universe is that of oneness in physical life we have come to call this the law of attraction Simply put only frequencies that are a vibrational match can coexist in the physical dimension Therefore in order to share the same space with another form you must be vibrating at the same level that it is vibrating Health is the natural state of any form within this universe? Therefore the natural inclination and tendency of anything within this universe is that of balance cohesiveness and ease This means that the natural progression of vibration is to entrain and resonate in the direction of health Because of this when you share the space with a crystal that has a resistance free vibration instead of the vibration of the crystal adopting a non cohesive pattern your energy will in train with the energy of the crystal and Adopt its cohesive pattern Because of this attainment effect crystals and gemstones are incredibly adept bringing us back to a vibrational state of health and harmony Anything with an inherent energetic pattern of non-resistance can act like a tuning fork? By offering a vibration that we can use to retune ourselves to a healthy vibration this is what is really happening on an energetic level of sub structure when you listen to a song that makes you feel good or Spend time near a person that makes you feel good, or take a homeopathic remedy Crystals and gemstones are some of the most powerful Advocates. We can have in the physical dimension These Advocates are things we’ve all used. We just haven’t really known that We’re using them most often what happens is you’ll walk into a room, and you just feel kind of drawn unexplainably towards a rock What’s really happening is? Your true self is telling you that that vibration which that rock offers is something which you I? Don’t want to say need but it’s something that will cause you to come into alignment More with who you really are and with your definition of well-being Many people who are limited by the physical dimension? Which have you believe that you are personifying an inanimate object? When you are treating a rock like it’s a pet or like a person But if you can get over the socially conditioned embarrassment of talking to a rock You will find that these mineral spirits are Incredibly beneficial Not only are they beneficial they’re less like tools and more like family members and close friends You can’t possess a crystal any more than you can possess a human being You’ll find that they are where they are for a time just like us? So they are with the people that they’re meant to be with and when they’re not meant to be with those people anymore They find their way to the new place and new people that they aren’t meant to be with You might have a crystal for twenty something years, and then you might meet somebody randomly And you might just get this internal knowing that that crystal or rock is supposed to be with that person The reason for this is because the crystal is actually influencing you, so it is broadcasting thoughts Broadcasting the idea that it is supposed to be with somebody else, and you are picking up on it being extrasensory I can see this interaction. It’s quite interesting it’s especially interesting because Minerals are Incredibly communicative They really are I really have to stop. They’re funny like they will from across the room would be going crazy, and that’s really funny there’s a lot written about the properties of Minerals and the properties of different crystals So it would be of benefit to you to research those if you feel like you have any Conditions in your life right now Which you want some help with do the research on what kind of stones have frequencies which help those conditions? But always let your intuition guide, you towards the stone So regardless of what you’ve heard or read if you walk into a room and you feel yourself being Pulled towards a certain stone. That’s your indication that the frequency which that stone holds is going to be a benefit to you and That will trump everything else that you’ve ever read your intuition is always going to know what is in alignment with your highest good more so than the Information that your logical mind tells you is right in My personal opinion the more raw that a crystal is the better. It is generally at emitting frequency So polishing or cutting them decreases the intensity of their frequency Size is not necessarily an indication of the strength of a crystals frequency either So just because a crystal small does not mean that it is emitting a giant frequency I Could go on all day long about this topic I personally could not love the crystals and mineral spirits that are spending time with me more if I tried They assist me in my healing work and every night. I personally choose one of the crystals from my little collection can place under my pillow and during the night it works very well because When you’re in a state of non-resistance like you are when you go to sleep any Mineral that you spend time around you will be in training with without any resistance So there’s no thought patterns which you’re going to be holding which hold you in opposition to that frequency So you’ll find that you wake up in a really good mood Sorry, I’m having fun So that sums up this episode on Crystals I? Wish all of you and any crystals who might be listening or helping to transmit this message a wonderful? See my life. What diamond Remove colors is the light Shines through you you you you oh


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  2. I am happy to know I'm not the only one who talks to, sleeps with and treats her crystals like family. Thank you for sharing this information xo

  3. I don't know if you knew about th3 new pod cast" the gateway". Perspectives work well porlaity& morality.please listen to their podcast about you. I want to know how your communities respond to condodiction.

  4. I am really nurtured by feeling that way about crystals and found it so lovely and heartwarming hearing you speak so personally and emotionally to and about them 💖

  5. i can feel, crystals.
    i wear Peal, emerald, blue sapphire, Gomed, red correl, Ruby and a blood sapphire.
    i love your vids.

  6. Don't wear more than one of each stone.
    A lot of great leaders lost there power because they wear to many of one kind of crystals.
    also, change your stones every 4 years. because the body gets use to them.

  7. if you don't know which kind of stones are for you.
    How to test a crystal.
    wear it for a few days to see how you feel.
    it should made you feel gooder.
    If you start having negative thoughts or if weird things start happening. Then take it off. that one is not for you.
    your birth stone is not nessesarely the one you need.
    my birth stone is Diamond, but i don't need to wear one.

  8. When ever I meditate with crystals or gem waters that I create, it is like a doorway into an entirely different way of feeling and exploring. Such a gift.

  9. Do you have or could you make a video about finding sustainable crystals? I dont want them to just be mined away bc so many ppl see crysals as a fad

  10. Loved this. Ty. My small collection are my joy. Holding them , feeling them always gives me something , like they know exactly what I need. Looking forward to seeing which ones call out to me and say hold me , love me , be with me. And yes they surely want to help me and most certainly do. Ty. Higher Power hugs 😍❤

  11. I put a crystal that was dear to me in my grandmas coffin. It was later burned and put in the ground. Did I caused him to suffer or it doesnt work that way? Cant stop thinking about it now.

  12. She is very smart, knows a lot that can only be learned with time. Those that have a very sensitive feel, already know what she has spoken about, Do you have something that once belonged to a Loved one? A Loved one that is no longer here? Why do you keep it? could it be a connection between you and this loved one that is no longer here? Same with Crystals, we form a connection Just as one day when you are no longer here that item you cherish will move on and so will a crystal. For God created man from the dust of the earth, is it then that what is in the dust of the earth is in us as well? we are part of Crystals they are part of us….

  13. Do you know anything about Andaras? I’ve recently had some come into my life & I can’t find much information about them but I’d love to know!
    Mahalo Teal!

  14. When I was a child on a school field trip I was drawn to a beautiful amethyst in a gift shop which I ended up buying. My mother made a comment about not liking the crystal, and I threw it away a few years later due to the subconscious part of me wanting to gain my mother's approval. It was a really pretty rock that I wish I would have kept 😔

  15. I love that I have before seen her video but now am vibrating to actually love and binge listen to her knowledge . And yes, I have had stones nit only Crystals but they can deff make you feel better in many ways. Ive told my gyno how I held a huge orange crystal on uterus area where we get cramping though no cramps held it there which in this 3d world orange is sacral chakra. She then to my surprise said interesting as I did just get my period which was rare bc my birth control didnt allow ny feminine energy of its monthly blood sacrifice to occur. Niw that us a video if knowledge Id kive to hear her speak about. Neem tree and its properties can be used w men for birth control without side effects as the females form gives off. But5 seems to be if no interest as the way it is indeed is their interest. Anyhoo. Birth control for periods to be normal as that I still do not comprehend and when it stops those like myself from even getting one and what is really occurring on many levels or stunting a feminine energy to complete her natural cycles. Etc!!! I am beyond Greatful for her. And know luves change daily sone shape way ir form due to her videos which again. Thank you!! What to do as crystals given as gifts do not resonate. Was it really for that person who gifted it? I feel so. Do i keep ir ask to change them? Ir bring to environment of the gift giver.? Though feek in time anger will harm it/them.
    Next time I am near I shall ask them what they want as it has been over a year and maybe rather stay w me for now ?!!! They know.

  16. Your vibration is in tune and compatible with my mind and heart! I am a dork, but you truly are helping me very much Teal and I appreciate ya! I remember as a kid, someone told me if you talk to your plants they will be happier and healthier. I remember people laughing as it were a joke but I never forgot that and never really doubted it! I love how genuine ya are and laugh at yourself! Very endearing! 💙💜🧡💚💛

  17. I totally loved your video! I started to work with crystals because i have been exhausted for a year now and working on my past traumas was not enough… but crystals help me so much!

  18. I’m sending you love, Teal. You have a beautiful spirit and have taught me much. I’m sorry social media is what it is and people can harass or insult you for just doing your best in this world to be helpful — and I am also glad that it allows we two total strangers to communicate – you with your videos and me at least sending some love your way and letting you know about it!

  19. The beginning of your video, I,AM shore I saw my self Flying of the Planet with all the Featured the Ark Angeles left for me

  20. The day that I first purchased a selection of crystals (today) I watch this video of Teal. I have watched probably over 50 videos of hers and everyone she ends with, "have a good, week." This one of COURSE just had to be different. I pretty much jumped out of my chair in delight and amusement.

    Much love. <3

  21. That looks like spirit science animation. Do you know Jordan? I've talked to Jordan a few times. We both had the same friend, Ben Carroll.

  22. I lost some crystals in a crazy unexplainable way!! I went to sleep with it and the next morning it was gone, nowhere to be found!!! It was a carnelian and another one I don’t remember. 😞 Also I lost snowflake obsidian and tourmaline.

  23. I was skeptical of crystals. One day I was feeling very anxious. I had this polished clear quartz stone sitting in my snail terrarium and i looked at it and randomly thought “I want that on my forehead”. So I washed it off and laid down and when I placed it there I immediately felt this tingling sensation and started to laugh. I must have looked crazy but it made me feel so relaxed and happy I laid there for 30 minutes. Afterwards I felt very light, a complete shift from how I was feeling before. I’m the type of person that looks for scientific facts and evidence. But whether or not there is something more to these rocks than meets the eye, if you find something personally helpful, that’s really all the evidence you need right?

  24. I used to collect these as a kid and carry specific ones at school, I ditched all of them because I thought it was stupid and got rid of everything and anything I didnt think was normal, only to now over a decade later feel their energy and that they all have what I would describe as "character" I honestly feel they've been waiting there all this time for me to discover them one box was a set in a display that I never even opened until very recently when I could literally pick them up one by one and feel and discern their frequency, only to research and see it matches with what most say.

    Before all of this I discovered im highly intuitive after an awakening and started meeting my soul family who are much like me, they arent as awakened yet but I was talking my friend just hanging out and we came to a conclusion that he had talked to someone I used to know an ex who I havent seen in over a year who I would never have expected to have crossed paths with my new friend.

    We were blown away but he couldnt remember where he knew them from, to help him with intention im almost jokingly hand him a crystal and say "hold this and it will come to you", I did this in the hopes that this "intention" would make him believe and the memory would come back, so I leave the room to go grab some stuff and when I come back he is holding 2 different crystals(which later he says he felt he was called to) and I just know he is watching memories or channeling energy from the way his eyes are going, I sit there with a huge grin on my face knowing whats happening and then he says "i remember" and he was able to bring back the whole memory and describe it so well I felt I was living it, when I later researched the 2 crystals he picked up one is said to help memorize…….

    After this even as a skeptic IM SOLD, I bought a ton more crystals after this mainly based on intention and some that I read were powerful or I thought would benefit me.

    If you ever feel energy or are highly sensitive to others emotions and situations I would highly reccomend you find some for yourself some of the more powerful/noticeable energy's come from the cheapest crystals aswell.

  25. Teal mam …your explaination is perfectly scientific……and let me compliment you by saying that you look very sweet & cute……

  26. I love these videos just for the fact that you keep laughing, I do the same life just2good 🤗💞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

  27. The bit I find hard to swallow is the charging them under the light of a full moon to get benefit from them..seems laughable

  28. Thank you seen 14:14 and knew what to press play on my stone and Crystal family watching while my body lighting up ☀🔋👤

  29. Spirit drew me to this video this evening. I am a spiritual healer and am currently working with a man with cancer. The fluorite crystal is exactly what I needed to move forward with this healing. A synchronicity. Thank you. Btw, when you crack yourself up, it cracks me up. Thank you.

  30. I just love this video. I look at it from time to time just cos it resonates with me so strongly. And I hope more and more ppl will see this video and understand it 💚💜❤💙🧡

  31. You're amazing I love the way you explain things and your energy comes through the videos. I would love to meet you someday. Namaste.

  32. I would love recommendations on where to read more about this. There is a ton of information out there, some contradictory, & I’m not sure who to really listen to (besides Teal!!)

  33. In another vid she said some minerals want to be around other crystals or have preferences of how they want to be wrapped or worn… some rocks like being painted? Or carved?

  34. yes, i always sensed this tone of indifference whenever i offer my smoky quartz to be my cuddle buddy. like he loves me but he just usually prefers to chill on the nightstand or closer to a window before bed…perhaps i snore.

    it’s nice to know that others have similar experiences lol

  35. Good stuff, thanks Teal! I freaking love my Lemurian Crystal – thought I found it by “accident” and I’m starting to realize it found me. I think it may have even been my crystal in a past life…

  36. Ahhh…Literal Logic…Love it…ran across here in searching…Aragonite…Brown…compilation of Dragon Stone/Septarian…of the root Chakra…much as I do…stumbled upon…unknowingly what I had found…then harvested…pondering thereof…associating…
    Then there is that Unakite???

  37. I agree with everything you said. I pick a new crystal every day from my collection to carry with me. That way I can bond with each one individually. I love meditating and sleeping with different crystals. Rainbow fluorite (especially wands) are one of my favorite stones.

  38. Aw my heart is warmed from watching this older (but still very relevant) video. So much love and gratitude for you, Teal. Going to give some extra love to my crystals now…

  39. This is SO resonating!. My consciousness is calling and bringing me beautiful mineral spirits in the form of crystals who are helping my energy body in such amazing way!. I had never felt this connection on this level before. i feel GAIA is also helping me attract the right crystals for my vibration. I am listening here with my Clear quartz, rose quartz, black tourmaline and selenite wands 🙂 Thank you for sharing!

  40. As I watched this my little tiger's eye friend asked me to find him. Also amethyst, smoky quartz and amazonite. They definitely like old friends💜

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