CREEPY PARANORMAL Investigation in SCARY Mannequin Room | Old Tailem Town, South Australia

CREEPY PARANORMAL Investigation in SCARY Mannequin Room | Old Tailem Town, South Australia

certainly the creepiest I’ve had
mannequins thrown across the room I don’t even know how to describe that it
really really sound like footsteps he doesn’t weird one you don’t like
women do you they saw it go faster we know what cells are posted okay or
something ran out crying can anyone else hear voices oh no guys they were
like right there feel like I keep seeing like an old man red eye creep peepers
thank you for tuning into Amy’s Crypt tonight we are back at Old Tailem Town to continue our paranormal investigation we’ve already had some
really amazing evidence captured if you guys haven’t done so already go back and
watch the part one before we get into things oh I do just want to give a big
thing here and shout out to Adelaide’s Haunted Horizons they’ve helped me out
to gain access to this place and if you guys are interested in doing your own
investigation here or coming on a ghost tour here you can I’m going to leave all
of their details below in the description so you can find their
website and book tickets or follow them on social media but now let’s get this
investigation started Old Tailem Town is said to be one of the
most haunted places in South Australia the artificial town was built as a
tourist attraction and consists of many old relocated buildings filled with
antiques our investigation of the town’s old church had already yielded some
scary and interesting results which can be seen in my part one video that’s so creepy paranormal music box is going off flat
sir just one that’s the doorway where there’s been figures seen right now we
move on to other paranormal hotspots starting with the Emporium perhaps one
of the most unsettling areas of the town where we already captured some strange
occurrences during our walkthrough in the day what hell keep watching because as this
night progressed we documented some very interesting phenomena I’m currently
inside the Emporium here and this is I think this is one of the bigger
buildings it’s at least very long certainly the creepiest and Alison who’s
here with us again mentioned like this was one of the more active like scary
places I love it mannequins literally hurled across the shop and I’ve been on
my own and is an experience you don’t want to have any on your own I don’t
mean the just topple I mean they go do you know anything of the history or
anything what was that well we don’t know the history that might cause it but
it’s not a shop so you can see it’s one very long shot okay there’s a women’s
section up here children’s section here and then section down here the thing is
it’s not one long shop it’s three different homers so he brought three
different houses not the walls out and then put the houses together to make the
long shot so you’re actually standing in people’s homes and the earliest home
that you’re standing in is 1890 so there’s a lot of history with yeah and
this is one of the buildings we think that it’s to do with the building one of
these three buildings not so much with what we’ve seen around the village yeah
this is specifically with one of these buildings some point from their
responses were getting maybe there was a bit of in some time fear in its history
it had an abusive relationship I don’t know it seems to be indicating that
there were some you know abuses in partnership do you think that
it’s a female here or a male and I think it’s the male and it’s usually when I’m
calling the male out because quite often we’ll bring guests in here and we’ll go
down the track that you know it’s not like it was women now got the right to
vote women now kind of great to work with and
our like we’re in charge and that seems to stir things up
we’re not provoking it’s just calling out yes
yeah I’ve changed and women are stronger these days and they used to be like them
yeah that behavior don’t know if you like meaning but yeah we’ve always been this male 1 here oh oh this one here so
you Sydney’s earlier today a music title jigsaw tricycles I don’t even know how to describe that
okay Dolan yeah oh and so all these a lady in
what wedding dresses I’m like getting choose right here baby
oh yeah look at this one maybe that’s why I’m getting to this how
do you feel yeah yeah mannequins are pretty creepy funny Walmart was this creepy guy anyway
actually yeah I think isn’t it creepy creepy forever raisins bra it’s already cool oh did they girdle brenigan yeah this lady looks like a
zombie she belongs in a row marry film this 100
oz I missing and she’s moving I think that might be just the floor she’s
moving big name she’s moving can you see the dingle-dangle on her cheek I think
maybe because we walked near it very trouble can you reckon yeah like if I
bounce yes this is by far the creepiest room and like just looking back at ya I
can just see mannequins reflecting in the mirror la Llorona a little doll down here to record and
look at that one even better back easier oh yeah hi guys I think it’s time to
just go lights out and we’ll start reaching out in here and see if we can
get any mannequins to fly across the room or something might be cool yes try
so what if we got here ohms we have a couple of k2 meter set up on this bench
and they measure fluctuations and electromagnetic field and some people
believe that ghosts can manipulate that we have a populace over here so it’s
really spit out a couple of random words so just calibrated yeah so I’m not too
fussed on them persons and check out some more cat balls
we love the couple so the life of the party and then down here we have that’s
reading the current temperature and I just felt like this one just went off
I’ll take good that one’s going on yeah now I see what interests me more is when
one goes off and the others don’t I’ve seen this one go off and then this
one oh and that one can you set off just one of these just one my new one can you
make it go read oh thank you thank you okay I read yeah I did and I need one of
them you make it go read you make it go read for the night vision of people who
are watching when it goes right up that’s reaching the road whoa that’s big
that’s huge I could go read cuz we said bread I’ve never seen got that
guys can you make a different one going red makes me wonder what’s in that chest it’s not you making it go off is that
your movement shouldn’t make it glass because movement doesn’t I meant
oh I really like Sam you don’t wonder that the skaters don’t work on movement
yeah vibration it works on macs too well just then I wasn’t moving at all so yeah
the one nearest Jared isn’t so if it’s the camera that’s making it go off which
it shouldn’t we’ve never had our camera cause ours off I mean if it gets close
enough it will maybe I’ll just take a step back and it’s like they’re all
going off even the far one you know can you make the one near me go red so
whatever it is is in this area here but stronger here but it’s not affecting
this if it’s a natural wave coming from your camera all three should be fine now
it’s York too the middle woman it sound like pine Jared bond main can
you make another noise if there’s someone down there that sounds like
footsteps yeah it’s technical steps like boots
can you come join us okay just started coming about I think that’s a bit normal
wasn’t it to go a little bit yeah why got you there because I don’t know if anyone else for
this but that’s happened like it was like well that’s been walking now and
it’s not making that same so he’s going off I’m gonna try and go near it and see
if I make it go off see I’m writing you right now it’s not going on so I don’t
think it was the camera or anything it’s kind of King is it this stopped while we
were talking it was like we’re paying attention but I wasn’t doing when I just
will put the camera near then it didn’t do anything so I don’t think it’s the
camera that’s interesting if you like us make it go read you don’t
like women do you come on we want to see bread you sent a lot of red tonight it
was got off crazy before me but it was interesting when you said that question
can make go Jordan is just one of them different for me okay and just one but
not third yeah so different strengths each time yeah on different ones which
all of us have moved that’s definitely not Michael yeah that’s not Michael that sounds like
things moving around in it you still there man something yet check out Friday
1 times down on the Emporium because we’re hearing quite loud oh okay was he hearing like heavy funds and at
the start it really really sounded like footsteps coming from back there maybe watch out
for Kappas on the floor it’s almost like a dragging noise I
can’t really hear us about anymore yeah it does I can’t really hear it yeah
what’s wrong it’s almost like a dragging it’s yeah ah sorry this Gila it’s been
that it can nothing out there so Allison just went outside to check it was a
source yeah that weird noise that we’ve been hearing like there’s no source
source outside for it so yeah it’s really that’s a weird one but this sort
of guy he’s the one that’s been thrown across the room apparently headless
mannequin yeah why this poor chap he deserves the best
it’s pod breeze not sponsored let’s go back towards in the middle though
because I feel like we were getting most of our stuff there have been I think
it’s getting colder and yeah but that’s not a funny joke
so it’s Carney twelve point nine there’s a gentleman here tonight why call me a
gentleman happy this women didn’t hear tonight am i right you don’t like me you
can make me leave Amy’s pretty tough too yeah you need to
do something pretty extreme to get rid of me do idea
I don’t think he can Allison might be too weak to yeah well maybe you find
women intimidating because we’re not as scared as we used to be
women have a vote now to work yeah I’m the boss
emails Ken your tier doesn’t dare say anything again can you do it I’m the
boss yeah Jared no no oh yeah it’s like nah dude like this no it is interesting
because you would have thought it was a natural occurrence that we had you would
carry on it should be going still because nothing’s changed we’re all here
we’ve got the same equipment we’ve got yeah and now it’s just completely gone
dead everything’s died down a bit now so I
think we’re gonna wrap up in here for the moment all right guys so we were
just in here we had it while a tour guide came free
and just was explaining some of the ghost stories of the Emporium and Jared
had a weird experience so just tell me about it
so it was like so I was standing in this corner just not gonna smoke in here and
we had all the lights off so I couldn’t see anything but in my mind like I had a
perception of where my everyone was standing like Jamie was standing next to
me and I thought Alison was standing next to her like against leaning against
a bench but I couldn’t see anything and when the tour guide turned his torch
on obvious they weren’t standing there like ever like behind me and it sort of
just was it was just weird because I felt like they were like right there and
then like sort of they weren’t so whether it was you know a mind game or I
think when the talk I was actually saying you know when were in during that
session with that some people feel like there’s something like right here when
there’s nothing no sada no it’s just a weird feeling
like you know because you have an idea of where everyone is in the Raymond
yeah it’s odd because I was standing next year I didn’t feel anything like
that yeah I was also really cold but it’s a really it’s freezing
okay so we’re gonna move on from the Emporium now and going into our next
paranormal hotspot I think a guys we just ventured into the
bent elbow hotel but this was apparently someone’s home and we’re gonna go for a
walk for him then just again sink it what what are the kind of interesting
things that tend to happen in here is we’ve started mirror gazing which is a
lot that strange thing to say yeah we’ve been doing it on special Victorian life
in the bedroom here isn’t now and I put a girl there she was actually a skeptic
I said why don’t you just sit there and stare into the mirror low light see what
happens and she was like about five minutes in
right now crying into the street and she said she’d been sitting there in the
mirror when her face completely transformed another face transformed
over others and it was over man she could see every detail
she said the n30 my cheeks very same kind of vice moustache she didn’t even
see the popping in my head yes could be parts there three or four
weeks after that we had a group investigating in the Emporium and one of
the girls freaked out because she said a man you see the paper me man come up on
the brand don’t like he was a biga see and look in the window she said it was a
man who had a mustache very long cheekbones so low in the face and the
same plastic she didn’t know yes and just her in context the Emporium is
literally like right next door to his face yes it was it was interesting that
two people have now seen the same place and described or when the two people
didn’t even like yeah so imagine saying see that she was like oh yes do that
yeah I mean anything is just like yes and yeah we’ve had children laughing
with my children giggling there is a bath damn they the we’ve had some very
people seem to be drawn to it and we did follow him the history behind the bath
to kind of backed up what people were experiencing them unless it’s been a lot
of different things oh yes whitey yeah that is a funky looking all right guys you can probably only
just see Jarrod’s face that’s actually a reflection of his face in a mirror and
he’s gonna try and mera gazing so Jade listens me I’m gonna tell you what
you’re gonna need to do yeah I want you to stare at your face mm-hmm and just
relax and just almost like stay for your face don’t think about it maybe just
don’t even concentrate too hard on your features and just kind of focus on what
you’re seeing is your face the same is it changing oh you are getting on but
really does it look like you know look like an old man when I like kind of
relax and just stare well I’m looking at you from an angle I’m looking at your
face and you look completely normal to me like normal Jarrod so this is the
interesting thing about merit gazing is your face can change and you can start
to look like someone that isn’t you you might see other things in the mirror and
the longer you look the weirder things start to get so I think we’re gonna
leave you alone in here Jarrod mmm you go with that yeah and Alison and I are
gonna go so I’m currently in the whole way it’s
very very dark Jarrod’s just in heat don’t stop looking at the mirror turn
the music box set up and a rempods down here
is there anyone home and puts k2 is there anyone home we’ve just put
someone in your bedroom I hope that’s okay
if there is someone here can you come and say hello to us maybe you can walk
into the bedroom gentleman that’s standing by the mirror his name is Jared
maybe you can show yourself you try very hard and show Jared what you look like can anyone else hear voices like distant
chatter Church which is over the other end
yeah it was very very faint yeah the whole thing babe silent and I
don’t know what oh it really really is guys if there’s someone else around can
you come and meet us in the hallway okay I can see a torch other so maybe that
distant Sean it was people do you want to give us an update yard
are you seeing anything keep looking don’t stop looking
what does the old man look like does it look like you can you describe like okay
wrinkly old man now what a say he has not just cuz any other features you can
point out so it like saggy like sort of like saggy cheeks you know really all
sort of saggy cheeks he he has a mustache
I trying to focus on like you know I mean like it’s not there anymore
stop breaking you guys does the mustache have a white patch in the middle that’s
where I seem like a really old really old man like other people think older one said he was in his sixties and
fifties sixties and the one that’s you know I said the girl went out crying
yeah I put a second person there who didn’t know what she’d seen and he saw
another old man but he said he was in his eighties oh okay it’s a two
different age just recap what you see some jurors so this is my first time
doing the mirror casing thing and I started the state of my own eyes and I
like let them my sort of eyes adjust and just relax and I swear I look like an
old man like a massage but when you’re doing it
if you’re trying to focus on the starch like you know I just see my own face so
but if you just feel like kind of let yourself go and I look like a really old
man in his eighties with under starship was a odd yeah it does feel kind of
weird guy so just coming down the hole and we write in the bathroom say if
Jared just pokes his head in here I’m gonna see above top mirror and sink so
I’m gonna call out here I’ve got an office I’m just gonna put that on the
floor okay name wish yellow I was just about to say I feel like me holding it
cousin for my body heat might trigger it so I want you to put it on before we got
the words wish inhaler free I’m not sure if that’s pretty thank you for letting
us come into your home I hope that it’s okay that we’re in here if we do have
anybody around that’s the same to me maybe you want to talk or let us know
that you’re here if you do that would be great can you make a noise for me please there’s like another group of people any
one of them you just ran and screaming is all ahead say I wasn’t making note of
that they’re in a different building an area but that’s all I can hear
as soon as I start having it would stop yeah that’s it
so the rem-pod just went off and we just missed it yeah we were just talking
about like wrapping up what we’re doing and like that nothing was happening in
here and then of course we here in the middle chips tormenting us yeah teasing
come on do it again he’s just good I thank God to these spirits who respond
to reverse psychology sometimes you get nothing
sometimes you get small things and sometimes you hit the jackpot yeah oh
that guy’s that guy’s just as you said that yeah so I was again I was like yeah
we’re wrapping up we’re leaving and nothing’s happening in here
Jerry turns off the camera boom starts going did you catch the end of it yeah
take care of their baby you sure you didn’t get the question but all the
comment yeah same comment both times I think you’ll play alright that’s late
now I think you’re teasing yeah let’s get going yeah that’s a walk down home
away from us you’re about to leave are you setting it up well that’s we’ve
walked down here to the exact step alright
no it’s definitely not upset we did have a little ice cream bucket I
think Chuck tops are heaps Australian cinema thing if you know what a choc top
is please leave a comment so guys in my part one we came in the cinema but I did
want to just nip it back in before we leave just because if you didn’t know
iced work in cinema is very close to my heart but I am gonna wrap up this video
in here if you guys did enjoy it please remember to Like comment share and
subscribe you can do more reading on any of the
haunted places that I have visited over on you guys can also
follow me @amyscrypt on Facebook Twitter and Instagram thanks for
watching Cryptkeepers until next time


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