Conversation with Julia Cannon about the big questions of life!

Conversation with Julia Cannon about the big questions of life!

hello everybody a warm welcome to wisdom from North my name is yannick ax and today I have an incredibly inspiring and knowledgeable and wise guest on the show Julia cannon Julia is the managing director of Ozark Mountain publishing and quantum healing hypnosis Academy and she’s the daughter of the wonderful Dolores cannon was brought so much wisdom and knowledge to the world and recently passed away now julia has written a book called soul speak the language of your sold and this book can be bought on my site and it’s about how we can heal our bodies with our minds and today we’re going to focus on the big questions of life like why we’re here and what life is really about and how we got the golden ticket so Julia much much welcome to wisdom from North how are you doing wonderful thank you so much Jonica for having me it’s an honor truly oh it’s an honor for me because I’ve been following your mother’s work for years and I discovered you I think half a year ago and I was so excited that to see that you were working so closely together and that you now continuing this work and I know that I mean you were a nurse for over 20 years and this was your big dream and all of a sudden you shifted into doing full-time metaphysical things stuff like why why did you do this shift what happened um well if the universe made me made me do it it’s funny it was first gradual but then at a point there’s like a point of no return the universe just said look you have to do this there’s a you you can’t play over here anymore you have to get on this road on this track and you you there’s things over here that you have to be doing and I think when we set out and set a plan for ourselves we have a point that we have to get doing things and and that’s when we set a course and we say you you have to get well I know I’m sorry so much information is coming in and I’m sure downloads are happening whenever you find yourself stumbling on words that’s what’s happening it’s so much information is coming in very very quickly I believe that we set a course of actions for ourselves you know and we we have a blueprint of sorts and we say okay I want to come in and experience XY and Z and have a course and then that certain point I it’s I want to get to this you know and then I have a point that I want to accomplish something but then there’s a that I have to get Mistah and it’s like if I’m not any you know then I can’t get this other thing done so it’s almost like a point of no return and so then I have to really give myself a strong message if I don’t get to this point by this time and that’s kind of where I was at this point in time and I had to hit myself over the head with a 2×4 and that was I say it was the universe but it was actually me you know when when in my book I discussed that more you know we’re we’re saying the universe is hitting us over the head with the 2×4 or directing us you know I really want people to realize it’s not a god or this big being you know victimizing us you know there’s something you know making us do things that we don’t want to do because it’s us you know we we set a course for ourselves and we are the ones keeping ourselves on course we are the ones saying hey this is what we are doing does that make sense I hope but yeah I’m so curious about this because who are we because we have this inner knowledge and you’re also talking about the higher self the Oversoul I mean what is back to them great and thank you for backing me up there I know I went off on us that was because of that download um you just got that download now yeah this that happens and and when it does it kind of scrambles things for a minute and I have to sort things through so now it’s sorted I hope and I can make things rational when we come in or let’s just back it up we are great and powerful beings we are these huge beings okay and we choose to have experiences and some of them earth experiences we have we take a piece of ourselves and we drop them into flesh bodies just a piece of art it’s a small piece of ourselves into human bodies to have an experience on this 3d plane to have to learn things to have experiences okay and we can have all kinds of experiences we can have him in human bodies we can have them in animal bodies we can have them in rocks we can have them in plants we can have them in all kinds of things that’s just to have experiences okay but you can contact this higher solar there’s bigger part of you to get information is that where you are downloading information from now for instance or is it other beings oh no it’s just from yourself it’s just that’s from that higher that other the higher self that bigger part of you and that’s just going low you know sometimes it comes in a great big download like that and yeah it just it could be other beings but you know what’s to say and I’m sorry I apologize if this is you must have a really advanced listening audience well I do thank you because I wanted to back it up and make it really simple and they’re like no your audience doesn’t need that you getting that information now yeah that’s why they’re giving it to me like that because they’re like now they keep wanting to give it and this in this big they don’t need bite-sized pieces they need it in mouthfuls that’s why doing it that way because that’s what they’re okay with that so they apparently they can understand what I’m saying so I hope that’s okay yeah because I feel like I’m going so okay let’s despoil speak more about this how powerful we are because I saw you doing a talk online on YouTube and you were drawing and that we thought we were like small dots and we were like huge like how can we have that feeling because I don’t have that huge feeling right and that’s because on this plane and then that’s what’s so wonderful it was at that dot that’s the only place of supposed suppose it’s separation once you get on the other side of the veil you know because the veil is the only thing that makes us feel separate once you get on the other side of that veil then you realize the connectedness and how big we are how huge we are you realize the expanse of you and you know that and that’s it and that’s it’s just that little bit and then you it in a switch it’s right there and that veil is thinning constantly every day it’s getting thinner and thinner and thinner and the experiences the abilities that people have coming in you know the where they’re seeing they’re having more and more visions they’re seeing things they’re hearing things they’re they’re feeling they’re the abilities that are coming in that’s where they’re sensing into the other dimensions to other dimensions is that is where they’re sensing through that veil okay that’s that veil coming through so that’s that’s all that veil is that’s another dimension so so I’ve been curious because your your mother she for those who don’t know Dolores I bet everybody was watching this or at least my audience know Dolores can and she’s so famous and she has done so much work and been doing this for such a long time but she was regressing people she was a hypnotherapist and she based her work on you know what she observed and everything but you seems to have abilities now did Dolores have these same abilities it’s interesting um Dolores claimed yeah she did not have abilities or she said she didn’t right he wanted to stay she wanted to stay the objective observer she and because they told her in the beginning when she started doing the regressive hypnosis gnosis they said you know we can come through you and she was like no no that’s okay that’s okay you can come through the client and I’ll be I’ll stay the objective reporter and that way I can just ask questions and I prefer that they’re like okay that’s fine so that way she could keep her objectivity but right here in the last I’d say five at least five years maybe a little bit more than that she was starting to hear she was starting to hear them get the messages and she would ask me is that what it sounds like is that what it is and I’m like that’s what this is PFO so she was allowing it to happen so it was happening yeah and she’s she had the gut feelings she had that for quite a while so it was happening for her yes I’ve been observing that it kind of runs in the family like if I speak to someone who was clairvoyant I mean her grandmother would be clairvoyant it seems like it’s you know in the same family but so let’s talk about how we have this have been very lucky to come to this earth that we got this golden ticket like many wouldn’t perceive it in that way you know correct correct I know and that was one of the things and you know to tell you how it first came I’m still trying to remember exactly now where I first heard it but when mom was talking about the you know how the she would talk about earth being the dredge of society and it was the or the dredge of the universe and all this they put earth way out here on the edge of the universe because it was so volatile and things like that and I just it was like that does never I just didn’t like that you know I just felt so yuck and the messages that I was getting and and then what ended up coming through was that I mean it is it is volatile here I mean that’s true and it’s very dense planet but what came through was that was by design it’s all by design and then as it more and more came through was that it’s you know we are not here by chance you know it’s a very clever design you know granted there’s there’s extreme conditions here and there is like I said the volatility here and everything but that’s that’s this other thing that has to be worked out but the ad the design is what’s so creative you know and and that’s what takes masters to do and that’s what he’s talking about the Golden Tickets not just anybody can come here like what we said I mean because they’re not evolved enough for something like exactly it’s it’s two extreme conditions here that so because it’s so dense because it’s so you know it’s it’s just it’s too it’s very hard play hard it’s very hard place to live the the emotions and all the the extreme conditions and everything it’s a very hard place to be all of these new souls that are coming here is hard on them and they’re they’re warned please don’t go there it’s really hard you’re gonna have a hard time it’s really hard and it’s like it’s not for the willy-nilly it is not for the faint of heart let’s go more into these this work that Dolores have done in regressions because there were all kinds of things coming up in these stories like you know in between lives and contact with Nostradamus and can we speak about time like how this is possible that this are happening at the same time right and that’s probably the one of the because there again time is an illusion so that’s one of the biggest complexes is you know realities of illusion times an illusion it’s so what she was told is why she was able to do this and why things look the way they looked is because we put everything in a linear fashion is we think things are moving day by day by day by day by day and it’s not actually the way it is when you look at things as they are all happening so don’t look at is that they’re happening at the same time they’re all existing at the same time or existing is like until we come up with a better word than time and seen that’s that’s what I think is gonna be our stumbling block we need to come up with a better another word because as long as we keep using time that’s gonna keep messing with us because what I’m saying it’s our good things existing at the same something hmm okay because if I keep saying time our minds gonna keep going to time but everything’s existing at the same visit I thought okay I’m gonna take you to a moment in your childhood and you can relive that moment as if it’s happening right now as if it’s existing right now and it is existing right now you’re back in your childhood and it is existing at this moment and yet you are right here at this moment also City you I’m saying so here you are here and you are there at the same moment so that person is alive at this moment and this person is alive at this moment all right so and that’s what’s happening in regressive hypnosis you are communicating with two different life time periods and then now you can go back to another life time entirely and you’re communicating with someone else I mean but it’s still it’s still this person but now you’re you know a same soul but now you’re in another lifetime and then I’m saying yeah it’s just good I get so many questions in my mind because I’m like well but then I’m living everything at the same time and then everything is just everything and how can something that it seems like there’s so many things at the same time how is that possible it’s just my mind stops right well exactly and that’s where they said it’s not it’s our it’s our minds they said the brain it’s not the brain it’s our mind doesn’t have two concepts and but it’s getting better our mind has the ability I ten years ago I’m trying to think when I was able to start even formulating some of these concepts ten years ago it couldn’t but now I’m getting to where I can grasp some of it so it’s like we are getting to where we can where ten years ago we couldn’t and so we’re getting there our minds are getting there yeah I know what to mean cuz I can notice myself that five years ago I couldn’t understand that all these concepts and now I’m like a comma stepfather and I’m opening up more and more exactly it’s interesting because your mother was also talking about future lives and parallel lives and recently yeah exactly so that’s on that it’s all it’s all a matter of that time element so to kick out the the time once you kick out that thing of time once you know that time is an illusion and you get rid of that then you can you can put that whole you can accept parallel lives you guys that future lives yeah you don’t have to look at they’re not linear at all it’s more of a cylindrical thing so it’s you know not on its a fits matter of physics someone in physics could explain it much better than me but it has to do with but it and someone that says space-time events someone mentioned it that way space-time events and it’s almost like you’re you’re dropping down into these different things from a central point you know it’s just it just drops down into things and it’s just it doesn’t matter when and where they are you’re just dropping down into them from a central place but still it’s important to be here and now rights I mean to be in this experience absolutely the one that you’re focused on is the one that is important to you right now that’s the one that has the the lessons or the experience that you need to know right now okay wow I’m just like picturing myself being in all these different parallel lives and these other experiences that I like is going on I’m just feeling this right now but and they’re all wondering about you Oh so but still we are split into different beings right you know I have a very left brain sometimes trying to understand I just need some I need to see it you know because I mean you are your being and I’m my being but still were one how is that how can that be like you said it it’s blitz off let’s go back to the big me okay big me if you saw him in my picture and I I for those that don’t have access to that picture but let’s just say you have big me up here and then it has an experience so it drops down has a bit of it comes down to an experience but let’s say that experience can be in 2015 but then it also drops down in our experience in 1854 also drops down and turn experience in whatever 15 22 also drops down into an experience in 22 33 also drops down an experience in the fifth dimension also drops down into an experience and a craft on the planet whatever you know something okay see what I’m going with this it’s just dropping down space-time events all over the place to have experiences right okay it’s just it’s just dropping down from boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom all over the place all at the same time for lack of a better word okay having experiences and they’re all shooting back this information to big me to come pilot okay and make that our data out of it and then but do you believe that there’s a source you know that there’s a yeah yeah because this all feeds this back up to source okay okay well it’s a mystery yeah the universe is so missus so let’s go into your book I haven’t read it but I’ve heard about it or read about it and there you say that our bodies are designed to be you know centuries old like so much older than you know it is now and because it dies around I would say a hundred and twenty or thirty dice you know and even before that some earlier than that yeah most of the time but I don’t know if anybody has become rounder than much so yeah why do we get ill well exactly and that’s what I that’s why I like to say is here we have in our bodies are designed to live hundreds and hundreds of years and never be never have aches paying their illnesses so why do we have all these aches pains and illnesses why do we have all these commercials on our TVs for all these aches pains and illness relievers and why do we have all these people suffering all over the world why good question and that’s my belief is our bodies are terrific messengers this is one way of delivering messages we have a lot of ways to deliver messages to our bodies through like I said I got a big download a while ago we are constantly getting messages but a lot of times we will not listen we don’t hear them and so our guidance system up here has to resort to other measures to get messages to us and so through the body is to me one of the last resort measures what about this blueprint then that you were talking about them in the beginning that we actually have a plan and a blueprint I mean how solid is that flood that plan is a basic plan that’s probably more it doesn’t involve things like cancer it doesn’t have things like that and it’s more of a basic life experience thing you like I want to you know Mike meet certain people and and have certain accomplishments things like that you know and I’m gonna do this by this point and and like get to this stage you know these different points the cancer comes in because you didn’t get something done at a certain point and you’re very angry about that or whatever and saying you didn’t you just got upset and you just didn’t accomplish anything so but does that mean that we can actually fail well yeah you can fail and you can sure but the thing is is it doesn’t matter okay ya know we come in the blooper and that’s right I like to say you know we have our maze it’s a life as a maze that we go through that’s the blueprint that we set up for ourselves and we introductive or come back it through the blueprint we’re trying to get through the life that we set up for ourselves and we have our guidance system and that’s where our guides are working they’re trying to help us and they’re directing us ok go here go here go here sending us messages however we and they can talk to it yes they can send a signs they can talk to our bodies however they can do it at whatever ways they can do whatever we want them to and and there’s all these different ways of doing it and then but some and sometimes what we do if we don’t listen to them and sometimes we just get stuck and that’s many of the times that’s why they’ll use the bodies is because we just get stuck because we’re not listening we just sit down and we just won’t move and we get upset and angry we just kick our feet and just scream and cry and won’t do anything and we just get angry so we just have to look at ourselves that’s what we think we’re yeah we think we just say I just failed and I didn’t do anything and all they are guiding the system wants us to do it just do something if we’ll just start moving because like I like to say is a system in motion is easier to move than a system not in motion you know when you’re sitting that’s hard to get moving you know but if you’re moving it easier to guide you so if you’ll just do something even if it’s not the right thing that’s easier to move so it’s like just do something anything then they can start steering you again does that make sense yeah totally because I’ve heard that before and I’ve been thinking about that because I think it has to do with changing perspective and get out of your mind because you like sitting there giving up or or just going on the same thoughts and you just need to shift to see something new and absolutely what you do yeah absolutely and on that when you did your neck like that and that that’s a very good thing that’s what that’s what the neck means oh okay because that’s what the neck does it changes your perspective and it put the neck because it’s moving the head which moves the eyes which is the perspective right it’s where the eyes are looking so have you experienced anything of this yourself oh absolutely yeah yeah and it always works better like I said the process is you know it works better when you can talk to your body as soon as you know something’s going on and and it’s this is not easy none of it is you know this is all learning this is all part of the human growth process um but it’s it’s just how it works it’s all you know it’s part of the connection it’s part of what we do and how we’re working with ourselves but it’s just talking to ourselves is talking to your body like the part that’s it that is hurting and it’s trying to communicate you’re just speaking direction like with you talk to it you talk to the part of the body which is also or you talk directly to the big you but by talking to your body you are talking to the big you because that part is connected to the big you right because that’s how it’s communicating so by doing that it is connecting right to the big you so you can do either one and what you say is what are you trying to tell me what do you want me to know and you can just get quiet and you keep asking that and the first thing you hear you just listen get quiet it will tell you the first thing you hear that’s it the first thing you trust it trust it first you may not want to believe it no no no no no no but remember accept allow because we only lie wasn’t it and if you didn’t hear anything then trust if somebody else may come up to you and say something and you want to trust that too there’s different ways of giving of receiving information just like there’s different ways of receiving information other way otherwise you know other people may come up and give you the information that you need you know in general like you might get information through dreams you may get information with people – coming up – you off the street you know me off the TV off the radio you somehow you get the information you need but then it’ll be verified it’ll be confirmed for you and then you act on that and then you start moving I could say it is a movement in direction well this start changing your direction and start acting on you peer and as you gift you will see your body change you will see the pain shifting and as it it will change completely all the pain or whatever the the illness that whatever’s going on it will stop yeah as soon as you get the message as soon as the message has been received delivered and acted upon the message has to it will go away that this everything stopped because there’s no more need for the message it has to stop so the so you’re healed say you’re healed hallelujah I mean that’s I don’t mean it to sound trite but that’s that’s why you get instantaneous healing it’s because it was only a messaging system the first place yeah so now there’s no more need for the message it just makes sense and I really wanted to be true my lift brightness you know still like a little bit skeptical but a part of me is believing it but what about when people are saying it’s a flu season we all get the flu you know what about that or you know what is it called when we get contagious diseases yeah in lack of better words what is that about that’s called we are powerful co-creators okay did you hear what you just said yeah it’s this flu season and we all get the flu and these are contagious diseases and we all get right another thing is if you feel like you need a rest and you want a rest then you’re gonna grab the next thing that comes by you’ll do it because you want it if you want to rest you’re gonna grab it okay and if you want to prove prove that that’s how can i word this right so you know everybody else is getting it then you say to yourself I don’t have time to be sick I don’t have time for that you won’t get it okay so you can say consciously and time for it don’t you I got other things I don’t have time for it that’s not my world I don’t spend energy on it maybe mm-hmm it’s not my belief system but I will get that and I do not have time for it I’m too busy it’s not my belief and I love these perspectives because it just shows how powerful our minds are and absolutely and that it should really be tried out in a way before we say no I don’t believe in that because what if it’s really like that that’s what I am doing with a series what if it is like that that we are attracting what we are thinking about the focusing on why not try it out and see you know if your life will change absolutely what have you got to hurt yeah if you got to hurt it’s not a matter of trying you can’t you can’t hurt yourself that’s what I like to do with all this is try it play with it yeah it’s it’s not gonna hurt anything you can’t don’t be afraid of it you’re not going to hurt anything so what do you think we’re headed now are we headed into a time where this will be natural to speak about you know metaphysics and will we all get these abilities so we can actually just oh I got the message and I’ve got the download yes absolutely yes and that’s how we get there is by not being afraid to try go ahead and accept this as normal and know that we can do anything and it’s okay to just you know yes we’re creators so play with it so well if I can do that then maybe I can do that okay let’s try it so I’m not having more spiritual beings in a way mm-hmm more light beings like mm-hmm and just knowing more of what we are yes we’re flesh and blood and yes we’re here 3d but we’re also wear this and we’re this we’re aware of both parts and we’re spiritual beings that happen that happened to live in a 3d body and we’re learning how to make the to work together and this 3d body can do great things when it accepts the 5d part of it right mm-hmm so are we should moving into another world that your mother we’re talking about she had these two worlds actually we’re already better really but what does it mean am i there now like yeah you’re there now they what they told me in two thousand eleven eleven you’ll see it when you believe it and you see it yeah it’s just a matter of excuse me just being aware because and it’s one of those things like you were saying a while ago you have to like when you look back like five years ago you can see how you have different concepts now then you had different then and that’s kind of how you have to do this when you look back you have to go backwards and then come back forward and you’ll realize that you’re in a different world than you used to be okay it’s kind of the same thing you’ll realize that things have been shifting and they keep shifting and they keep shifting and then that’s when you realize that we’re in a different world so it’s not another physical globe it’s just I think eventually it will be okay I really do think eventually it will be but right now it’s just it’s so subtle and it’s there the two are superimposed and I think graduate I think they’re probably just little by little I have the other hand I think little by little they just keep moving a little further apart a little further apart but it’s so gradual or it’s so subtle that we don’t realize it really it just it’s just happening but if you go back ten years and then zoom yourself forward fast forward then you realize oh yeah things are very different but when you do it day by day you don’t see it but if you do that business oh yeah we’re different we’re very different so you have to do that do you think then the goal if we are you know moving into this new world now do you think it will be an end of incarnated or what is my question here I’m wondering if you know in a way this will be my last incarnation on planet earth or and if I will move on to different planets because I’m kind of done with this because I’ve heard that some are just repeating the cycle over and over again because they haven’t you know learned their lessons or they’re very dense in their energy and I kind of feel like I want to move on it’s not two different ages so is that a goal to kind of get out of the earth reincarnation cycle I know there are a lot of different um answers to that that mom got in her different sessions and I don’t know if I have a good answer for that but I’ll do the best I can hear um my understanding is when this is all complete one yes we’ll have a 5d version of this which is where we were pretty much we’re in there now or we’re going they’re the ones that the 3d low-density version it’s like that won’t be here anymore and those that want to stay in that low vibration karmak they’ll go someplace else so that version won’t even be here anymore so yeah if you’re wanting to do that game that game won’t exist here anymore so you’re right you can’t that you can’t even do that game here anymore so gone so they have another globe or planet that they will go to in a way so that correct they’ll go someplace else there’s apparently other planets that it that will have the karma and the negativity and that going on someplace else so that’ll be done somewhere else when those that are from the 5d when they’re done here and I say because apparently the 5d here will take on a whole different thing we’ll be able to live it longer lifetimes and we’ll be able to do different things so I’m not sure you know we’ll be able to in the lifetime and and is this kind of go into Light Beings and all that thing and then I guess we’ll go into other dimensions and things there so that I mean we’ll keep doing lifetimes it’s not the end of life times and and but it and it may go into other you know it may be the end of earth our earth times I don’t know then it goes on yeah and you know but we’ve been on other dimensions and other planets before – so right yes you know Earth has just moved into her next incarnation so oh right yeah so it doesn’t mean that you know this is that the secondary or primary school second grade and then we’re moving on but the earth is actually going to the next step right yeah and you know that’s pretty cool yeah so it will kind of be very attractive to come to earth then yeah so yeah interest and and that’s and that’s really been the UM they said that’s you know it’s been so attractive as everybody wanted to be here when this happened it was like this was the biggest show biggest show on earth you know front row tickets to be here when this was going on and this huge shift yeah okay yeah cuz I’d heard that there it’s very special in the universe is ships ships that were going through right a wonderful show is going on on earth right now absolutely yes well this is very interesting thank you so much Julia what is your work now these days like are you traveling more I am traveling I’m carrying on mom’s work we’re still expanding on the class this we have the online classes continuing then I’m I’m driving back tomorrow I leave for Australia to do your level 2 class and then yeah and so we’re doing those and continuing those and then we’re continuing the conferences and and then I’ll be starting some soul speak workshops probably online and well so expanding on my own work and yeah people well hopefully we’ll see you one day Scandinavia perhaps yeah that’ll be wonderful yeah it will okay well thank you so much for taking time and good luck with everything you’re doing and your wonderful work and I will definitely follow it thank you so much and thank you for watching guys much like from


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    Everything is existing at the present moment … (co-existing)!! 😜💕

  13. It's true and I didn't even knew it!! I've been saying it for years "I don't have time to get sick" and it worked for me and I didn't even knew why. Amazing stuff!! Thank you.

  14. We have pain because we hold on to emotions. This is the main issue with pain. If you change the emotion in a positive emotion with the same energy as the negative emotion it will change and pain go's away. That what I do in B.E.S.T. bio energetic syncronisation technic.

  15. I have a BIG question for Julia! If we all have lived many many lifetimes for the reason of learning lessons and having experiences—–are we doing HARM to our soul/spirit growth and evolution, when we have "CLEARINGS" OF KARMA FROM MANY PAST LIVES—-by using NEW AGE TECHNOLOGY, Where HE CONTACTS SPIRIT TO "CLEAR MANY LIFETIMES" OF BAD KARMA FROM US?? What I'm asking is : does that defeat all those past lives lessons and evolution, to have him DO those CLEARINGS??? Hope you see this and can answer—I purposely did not mention any names, I'd just like to know if its "erasing progress" our soul/spirit had made in those previous lives??? Thank you Julia!

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