COLLUSION & COMMON SENSE: Are the Russians manipulating Sweden?

COLLUSION & COMMON SENSE: Are the Russians manipulating Sweden?

Is the image of Sweden engineered by the Kremlin to suit Donald Trump’s needs? Yes it is, if we’re to believe the New York Times and it’s Swedish baby brother, Dagens Nyheter. I’m Henrik Jönsson, an independent Swedish, self-made entrepreneur and independent commentator on political and social issues. Last week, The New York Times published an article portraying Sweden as a puppet nation, with its strings being pulled by a malevolent global conspiracy designed to divide the nation and to turn the orderly and egalitarian Swedes into aggressive racists. The conspiracy is claimed to be helping president Donald Trump falsely appear right in his critical assessment of Sweden. Sweden! They took in large numbers, they’re having problems they never thought possible.” The story was quickly picked up by all the Swedish national newspapers, and raises the question I will address in this video: who is really manipulating who, to what extent – and why? If you want the Swedish version of this video, with english subtitles and a more in-depth focus on the Swedish side of this issue, it’s available here above. If you appreciate my videos, please feel free to support me using the payment options on the left. Also don’t forget to hit the subscribe button down below if you haven’t already done so – and remember to hit the notification bell so you’ll get notified when I release new videos – which I do like a clockwork every Saturday morning at 8AM central European time. Today, I’m talking about Conspiracies, common sense and – COLLUSION. Stay tuned! The New York Times claims to have discovered a Russian conspiracy behind the increasing societal concerns of the Europeans. To many Europeans – this conclusion is perceived as arrogant and opportunistic in equal measure: the flippant downplaying of serious and pressing issues facing many European nations in order to leverage a domestic democratic party-narrative in the US has prompted even European liberals to question the authority of the New York Times. The article is cleverly deceptive: it first praises Sweden, and then establishes an external, malevolent and enigmatic enemy which is blamed for many problems in Swedish society. By doing this, the New York Times manages to side with the left-leaning utopian image of Sweden, while at the same time accusing those voicing criticism against Sweden of collusion and ultimately for being responsible for any problems themselves. The article is sketchy at best, and is obviously designed to relocate accusations of collusion to Europe by pushing the story that Russian interests are manipulating the image of Sweden. It reads: “Russian television crews showed up, offering to PAY immigrant youths “to make trouble” in front of the cameras. “They wanted to show that President Trump is right about Sweden”. This is actually a new version of an older story that ran in several Swedish newspapers in 2013, when a public service journalist accused sensationalist journalists of paying youths to set cars on fire. The claim was wildly contested. In a following paragraph, the Russian TV-men have been replaced with “nationalists”, who – dripping with schadenfreude – are manipulating the Swedish middle classes into seeing problems where there in reality are none. The articles goes on by claiming that the rise in popularity of so-called alternative-media websites is due to the undue influence of Russian link-farms. Link-farms, for those in the know, is an outdated way of gaming the Google search engine without much sway. The result of all of this, according to the New York Times, is that the Swedish middle class gradually has started adopting the corrupt viewpoints of the manipulating nationalists, as they have started voicing concerns over fictitious problems – represented as rising crime levels and an eroding welfare system. Let’s begin by firmly establishing that disinformation campaigns are a fact of the information war, and certainly do exist in Sweden as well as everywhere else. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who would question this. It is, however, more important to determine to what extent these campaigns really make any difference, which with Sweden in mind raises the question: Is it reasonable to believe that the kingdom of Sweden is subject to a global conspiracy determined to prove Donald Trump right? Is it reasonable to believe the concerns of the Swedish middle classes over rising crime levels and an eroding welfare system is a result of manipulation orchestrated by Russian link farms, and that this concern has no basis in reality? …or is it more reasonable to think that the New York Times is pushing a liberal agenda that makes truth a post modern opinion, in order to find new cases for accusing Donald Trump of collusion? ”You’re a funny guy!” America is gearing up for the 2020 elections, which means that the vocal anti-Trump New York Times is in need of ammunition to fight him. At the same time Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter needs ammunition of its own to defend the increasingly impopular centre-left government they worked for years to get into office. The two papers are therefore collaborating to engineer this… creative… world view of a global conspiracy to serve both their liberal political agendas. This process of journalistic, or more truthfully, activist – mutual back-scratching roughly breaks down like this: ONE: The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter supplies the New York Times with information concerning Sweden and indications of a Kremlin-backed conspiracy. TWO: Based on this information, the New York Times can publish a text that shows that Trump is wrong about Sweden, and that the Kremlin is attempting to distort the image of Sweden. THREE: They attempt to incriminate the immigration-critical Sweden Democrats by falsely accusing them of hosting the American white nationalist Richard Spencer. FOUR: In Sweden, Dagens Nyheter now publishes a rewrite of the text, stating that the New York Times has revealed a Russian conspiracy against Sweden. The implication being that anyone who raises criticism of the current state of Sweden is either part of the conspiracy – or deluded by it. FIVE: All the major of Swedish media outlets follow suit, and publish the story of a Russian conspiracy against Sweden – discovered by the New York Times. Regardless of your political position, this kind of newspaper activist operation is extremely concerning. Europe has a stable, bipartisan consensus on the issue that Sweden currently is struggling with the financial and demographic consequences of attempting to absorb very large numbers of immigrants. This is uncontested. The rise of conservatism in Europe is not a Russian conspiracy. The stubborn attempts to find collusion abroad when there was none to be found in the US – by implying the existence of a global, evil conspiracy, quite frankly, makes the once venerable New York Times appear like a group of outright lunatics. This behaviour is likely to further polarize society rather than promoting unity, respect and bipartisan understanding – and it undermines trust in the media. Occam’s razor is a scientific principle which suggests that the least complicated explanation of a phenomenon is probably the correct one. For instance, it is easier to ask people why they have a certain opinion, rather than by speculating on whether there might be a malevolent, global conspiracy behind their opinions. The Democrats are determined to stop Trump’s so far largely unchallenged 2020 field by any means available. With The liberal NY Times close at hand, it is likely we will continue to see new examples of questionable conspiracy theories put forward by the NY Times. It is an alarming new situation when established media outlets actively begin working to undermine the opinions of people and politicians, to label social media platforms as “a rabbit hole to radicalization” and accuse ideological opponents of being stooges of the Kremlin. It’s not only alarming. It is also bonkers. Do you think it is important to show restraint in proclaiming global conspiracies if you want to be taken seriously? Then please share this video, and subscribe to my YouTube-channel, for the guaranteed non-socialist voice of Sweden! Do you have other examples of conspiracy theories, alarmism or exaggerations by the establishment media? Please share your views in the comments section down below. I appreciate all respectful commentary. My name is Henrik Jönsson, and as a self-made business man, I am independent of both the establishment media and suspected conspiracies. Thank you very much for watching this video!


  1. Satt just och läste en engelsk bok och fann ordet ”Collusion”, som jag inte förstod. Först trodde jag det stod ”Collision”, men upptäckte att så inte var fallet och skulle precis gå in på Google Translate för att försöka översätta. Då fick jag en notis, ”Henrik Jönsson, COLLUSION & the common sense”

    Det här är ju nästan läskigt sammanträffande..

    Ska se videon senare, men först måste jag bara översätta ordet. Tack för dina videos!

  2. Det är så himla komiskt att vänstermedia och mainstream media alltid klagar på konspirationsteorier, sedan skapar de sin egna och tror på full allvar vi kommer tro på deras konspirationsteorin. Svenska vänstern slutar aldrig förvåna och chocka en, om och om igen 😂

  3. … sa just till en vän att jag förvånas inte något längre med Sverige; om det så regnar Volvo V70–bilar från himlen kommer jag knappt rynka på ögonbrynen – och nu att det är lördag idag Onsdag… 🙂

  4. När varken intelligensen eller självinsikten räcker, skyller man allt på Ryssland. Ruski Man Bad! Orange Man Bad!

  5. The article cites a Peruvian "watchdog" in the suburb of Rinkeby claiming Russians offered payments to offering to pay immigrant youths “to make trouble”. LOL 😂. How ridiculous! Russians are supposed having paid youths to put fire to cars and making trouble all over Sweden. Come on! Such fake news. Who is this Peruvian immigrant "watchdog" anyway? What is that? Who appointed him "watchdog"? There is no such thing.

  6. Lördag hela veckan.
    Lyssnar hellre till dig än Lame ass media.
    Som den gamla Heartlåten "Tell it like it is".
    Något man saknar i vanlig media.


    If you want the Swedish video, please go here:

  8. För alla som anmärker på att det inte är lördag vill jag påpeka att "Enligt den speciella relativitetsteorin är samtidighet inte ett absolut förhållande mellan händelser. Vad som är samtidigt i ett inertialsystem S, kommer inte nödvändigtvis att vara samtidigt i ett inertialsystem som rör sig relativt S."
    Så bara för att det inte är lördag hos er hindrar det inte att är lördag någon annan stans. Jag vill till och med hävda med bestämdhet att det är lördag på åtskilliga platser i universum. Fast det lär ta ett tag innan videon når dem.

  9. Ni som säger att det finns verkliga påverkansoperationer mot Sverige från Ryssland, skulle man kunna få ett exempel, alla säger alltid att det sker, men aldrig har man fått ett exempel.

  10. Great vid as always….we have a lot of of bad actors trying to do harm to America…the next 15 months are going to be a wild pain in the ass…however dems are as stupid as they are criminal..their fatal flaw

  11. Underbart! En ny, överraskande video! Vi älskar dig Henrik!!! Ett fyrverkeri i miljonklassen! una giornata meravigliosa

  12. I wonder, what does the Swedish Kindom have, that makes Russia so jealous? How on earth intelligent people can trust in news papers such as NYT and DN. People, don't be blind! In this artificial new world you have to analyse everything you read and hear. Put your knowledge working and don't allow them to rule your life. These "serious" newspapers are very, very dangerous and the "journalists" behind them. Because of this irrationality Donald Trump will be president again.

  13. Good work Henrik. I hope it will be spread and others worldwide will understand the lack of democracy in our beautiful country.

  14. This is exactly the same message as the Swedish state media is trying to send about
    Brexit and the population of Great Britain. They have been fooled by incorrect facts and reportings, is what we get to read and hear. Not enough has been done to suppress this we're told. Democracy is broken, so let's ignore any result from voting. Obviously the only answer is to limit citizens access to such reportings and to strike hard against anyone looking like that kind of reporting. I've made a simple video translating articles from SVT regarding brexit to English for anyone interested. I think it's important to do this to understand our current situation. Thank you for your videos Henrik! Always inspiring!

  15. YAY! More videos in English please. It difficult to get a straight forward point of view of international affairs that isn't from a major news company. Thank for the information!

  16. Vad händer? Det är väl onsdag? Varför har jag plötsligt champange i handen?

    Aaah, det är ju lill-lördag!

  17. "baby brother". How (un)sweet! While the question struggles among eggs and chickens, the answer is HJ. Cheers, and share.

  18. "Do you have other examples of conspiracy theories, alarmism, or exaggerations by the establishment media"

    Henrik… this happens every single day, at least in Sweden. Last day we had Lars Lindström of Expressen making an a** out of himself by actually putting forward everything discussed in this video, and then some:

    I mean… if this doesn't have all the hallmarks of establishment media idiocracy… i really don't know how to describe it. And Expressen i "supposedly" right leaning, at least by Swedish measures. I swear, reading Swedish media these days is like reading old Soviet propaganda, at least when it comes to the chronicles and/or culture pages.

  19. You've got more to fear from the new york times and their propaganda than Russia the big bad bogeyman they drag out every other day

  20. Dagens Nyheter i samarbete med The New York Times

  21. I'm really frightened by the massive anti-Russian propaganda in Swedish MSM. Russia is always portrayed in the most unfavorable light. Only the small minority of Russians who are highly critical of the Russian government are given a voice in Swedish media. I have also listened to the other side, people who support Putin. If you really listen with an open mind to people who support Putin, you will suddenly understand why Russia acts as it does!
    Think about this: I could make a 100% true documentary about Sweden where I only show immigrant ghettos, beggers, rape statistics, burning cars, people mistreated by the authorities, lack of freedom, and so forth! I could then interview representatives from NMR who talk about the government. All this could be 100% true. Still, most Swedes would not recognize their country, or approve of my documentary! This is what MSM does to Russia on a regular basis!
    Many Russians do read English, and many Russians do have access to the internet. Imagine what these Russians think about the West when they read what western MSM writes about their beloved country and about their beloved president!

  22. Rysslands, Polens, Ungerns statstrogna eller statskontrollerade nyhetskanal brukar det heta på SVT. Och vad är då SVT och SR? Tvångfinansierad genom skatt och ägd av en stiftelse där det sitter…….. trumvirvel……… tsssccchhhh… folkvalda politiska riksdagsledamöter! Bahhhh man kan tugga på mattkanten för mindre!

  23. Vill inte vara dryg, men allt snack om att det inte är Lördag, har ni läst vad Henrik skriver? Det är en engelsk version av det som släpptes Lördagen den 17/8. Han frågade också om vi tyckte att han skulle göra en engelsk version också. Det är väl bara de svenska som släpps på Lördagar?

  24. I don't get it. MSM describes Russian disinformation, like looking into the eyes of Medusa. Like you cannot think for yourself and make a judgement.

  25. Men va fan. Är Ryssland fortfarande ett hot? Jag trodde det dog ut när sovjet försvann. Nu håller ryssarna på att muppa sig med små skit som flyga sina plan för nära…

  26. “I just don’t understand Skipper, immigrants would never hurt Sweden.”

    “Me neither Kowalski, but somethings you just have to live with… Unless. Donald Trump! I should’ve known it was you!”

    “Ah, Skipper I see you’ve discovered my master plan. By taking over Sweden I can now say that Sweden was hurt by mass immigrant whenever and however I please.”

  27. Henrik, du gör ett fantastiskt jobba att beskriva aktuella samhällsfenomen (aka problem) i vårt avlånga land. Manus till denna video borde göras om till artikelformat för offensiv export till utländska nyhetsbyråer. Absolut världsklass!

  28. håller helt med dig om allt, Occam's razor är dock ett filosofiskt begrepp, inte ett vetenskapligt begrepp.

  29. Tänk om Greta och hela vänstern gänget försöker ta Guds plats och har gömt honom någonstans, och det började 1962.. •

  30. I constantly get Sweish state propaganda on my hotmail an di certainly did not ask for it. Maybe other people who are watching Swedish alternative media in Inglish get it to?

  31. Henrik. Vet att du redan gjort en klimtvideo, men du borde verkligen göra en till med som källmaterial och driva hem vilken bluff det är.

  32. Manipulation is the name of the world game. Sweden shall leave EU and UN. The big conspirators against the people of the world

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