CLAIREvoyant | S1 EP8  | “THE HERMIT” | ft. Natasha Negovanlis + Annie Briggs

CLAIREvoyant | S1 EP8 | “THE HERMIT” | ft. Natasha Negovanlis + Annie Briggs

*ring back tone* Claire: *sighs* [Automated Voice]: Record your message after the tone. *beep* Claire: Hey Ruby, it’s… me. Your inbox is probably gonna max out from all my calls. but I just wanna know you’re okay… Ruby: I… feel like this isn’t exactly what you wanted to hear for me… Xavier: *French* What I want is a family with you, I’m ready for that. Ruby: Well, I’m not. Not… … now, anyway. And I’m not — Xavier: *French* It’s right. Ruby: I don’t know, may– maybe not ever, I – Xavier: *French* Ruby I don’t want to force you to do something you don’t want to do, it’s just, I want you to know how you make me feel — Ruby: Xavier, I thought that you knew that I didn’t — That I’m not ready for…[sigh] Like — [Xavier: Ruby you don’t need to understand everything to have a baby] I don’t — I dunno how to come back from this… I dunno how to come back from this. I’m sorry. *sobs* You-you will resent me. [Xavier: No.] Oh, yeah, I know you will. You will [Xavier: No.] You will. I feel so fucking guilty, and I had to do it, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I-I think… I think I-I need to leave… this. Xavier: *French* I love you. It’s your choice. *footsteps and cries* [door closing] [café door jingling] Claire: Hey! Claire: Huh… uhm… I thought I’d never see you again. I mean I — don’t deserve to see you again. Nico: Because you told me my aunt was… Claire: I’m really sorry about that. Nico: I was pretty shaken up after, so I went straight over to my aunt’s place and I made her soup. We watched her shows… If you hadn’t said that to me… I would never have gone. Claire: Nico, there’s something I should… probably… tell you… Nico: Oh, uh, no, your roommate explained everything. Claire: She did? Nico: Yeah, about…the edibles? Claire: OH, yeah, yeah… Yeah, the edibles. That was… bad. I don’t like…*mumbles* normally get high so… Nico: Okay. [laughs] [Claire: Yeah…] Nico: Yeah, your roommate actually sent a carrier pigeon to my apartment with a note… It waxed on about your infinite complexity and how my life would be vastly improved by having you in it. Claire: A-and that’s cooool with you? Nico: It’s not… NOT cool… Claire: I’d really like to try that date again. Nico: Yeah, me too. Claire: Yeah, okay, cool. Nico: Yeah. Claire: Yeah next time I will… totally be on the straight and narrow. Promise. Except like not… straight… Wiiiiink. [chuckle] Nico: You actually don’t have to SAY wink when you… Claire: Oooh… [adorable Nico chuckle] Bye. [Voiceover] Claire: Things weren’t perfect, but I had a second chance. [door jingles and closes] Things were… comin’ up Claire! Dreamy Madame Sonnom: Call me and I can awaken your fate! Call me and wake up. Wake up, Claire… You have something that I want and I will try *anything* necessary to get it back… So… WAKE UP! [Hissssss]


  1. It amazes me how all of you seem to be so comfortable with eachother. This really makes it a pleasure to watch.

  2. Really Ruby??!!!?!!? And i think that i should have been more awake in French class because i wish I could understand everything Xavier is saying 😂😂

  3. I desperately wish my French was better so I could understand Xavier. I’m gonna need to rewatch that scene 1000x to parse our what he’s saying. But goddamn if Annie didn’t deliver that scene well!


  5. OMG thus is so good! Ruby facing not wanting kids yet and Nico getting to spend evening with her aunt. All the ups and downs of psychic "gifts". Powerful story- telling Annie and Natasha.

  6. Is it just me that can't get subtitles when that guy speaks French? Because I have no idea what's going on it kind of takes away from the scene in the beginning. I mean I kind of get things but that's about it or that's just intentional?

  7. Annie Briggs is such an amazing actor and this is some of the best work I've ever seen her do. Absolutely phenomenal. I hope they keep producing their own stuff, when women create their own content it's just… above and beyond. Brava!

  8. Need captions pls. I understand not a word of French. Usually KindaTV is really good with captions but for some reason this series has none.

  9. Oh come on I don't speak french!!! I just missed the most importart scene so far. It looks heartbreaking and I just got half of the conversation. The other half was just gibberish to me! Can anyone help translate, please? 🙁 🙁

  10. How nice of Ruby to tell Nico about the edibles. It shows that despite fer irresponsibility, she cares a lot about her BFF.

    This series so far is just so captivating towards what a normal life
    Is with people and friendships (minus the psychic abilities) I’m so in love 😍

  12. Can someone get on these captions here please? He speaks a lot of french and I understand almost none of it lol

  13. Honestly have no effing clue what Xavier saying except the "I love you" at the end but I think i still got the jist of it and it was so beautiful and emotional. Amazing acting!! Also the kindatv salute and wink we see you Natasha!! 😉

  14. I feel so privileged being bilingual !!! I just wish they had casted a french actor to play Xavier because, even as a french person, I struggle understanding what he says sometimes and some phrases are not correct… But it's still great to see this kind of cultural diversity !!!!

  15. Just so you know guys, Xavier said to Ruby he wanted to have a family (yes he wanted a baby) with her and Ruby answered she wasn't ready. Then he said he respected her choice. HERE'S A RESUME OF WHAT XAVIER SAID. Here is the full conversation :
    Ruby : I feel like this isn't exactly what you wanted to hear from me.
    Xavier : What I want is a family….with you….I'm ready for this.
    Ruby : I'm not…not now…..anyway i'm not-
    Xavier : Listen-
    Ruby : I-I don't know…Maybe not ever….
    Xavier : Ruby I don't wanna force you to do something you don't wanna do. It's just…I want you to know what I feel for you-
    Ruby : I thought that you knew that I didnt…..that im not ready for….like-
    Xavier : Ruby you don't need to understand everything to have a baby !
    Ruby : I dont know how to come back from….I dont know if i can pass through this im sorry (didnt get what she exactly said here o-o)
    Ruby : You will resent me, i know
    Xavier : No !
    Ruby : sorry i fucking cant (still dunno exactly what she said bruh) I think…i think i need to leave this
    Xavier : ….I love you…..It's your choice.

  16. If you are not ready for a child than you are not ready and should not be made to feel bad a out that.
    That was some amazing acting.
    Btw how on earth did Ruby train a carrier pigeon?

  17. I loved that i don't need to speak french to understand exactly what Xavier was saying throughout that scene. Fantastic guys, loving the series so far. Natasha is funny as hell by the way!

  18. Gracias a quien le pone los subtitulos en Español. Excelente trabajo y me alegra poder disfrutar esta webserie. Annie y Natasha son geniales 😘

  19. Begged for an English translation to Xavier’s speech, and now I don’t want it. Frick that scene is so sad 😥

  20. Maybe it's just me, but the French guy has got to go. He is in need of a bath and a shave. I'm no prize but I have seen better looking road kill. I love everything else the show has to offer. He has to go.

  21. j'ai une question, c'est commun au Canada, qu'une personne parle anglais et l'autre réponde en français dans la même discussion ? genre chacun parle dans sa langue ?

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