CLAIREvoyant | S1 EP1  | “THE TOWER” | ft. Natasha Negovanlis + Annie Briggs

CLAIREvoyant | S1 EP1 | “THE TOWER” | ft. Natasha Negovanlis + Annie Briggs

[ Voiceover ] Claire: Hey, I’m Claire Ganski. [ Voiceover ] Claire: This is me… [ Voiceover ] Claire: And this is Ruby… [ Voiceover ] Claire: My roommate and partner in soul symmetry! [ Voiceover ] Claire: And this particular tale starts with two birthday gifts, a little too much gin, and getting evicted on my 25th birthday. Ruby: I know, I know, I know. I have one job… Claire: Yup. Ruby: Take care of our finances, and not get us evicted… Ruby: But… Ruby: Claire, I mean, your writing’s amazing, and we both know you never would have taken this step yourself. Claire: Yeah, that doesn’t mean you can just squirrel away $4000 of our hard-earned rent money, and — Ruby: $4562. Claire: 4562 dollars… and self-publish a book! Ruby: This isn’t just ANY book. Ruby: So, what’s in this box? Open it… Claire: Wow… Ruby: Oh my god, it beats the fertility tea and rutabaga she usually sends… Claire: Does it though? Ruby: Ooooooh! [ Voiceover ] Claire: Gift number one, a crystal ball from my baba, and numero deux, a book of poetry by… Claire Ricardo? Ruby: It’s your penname! Claire: Ruby, this is a very elaborate gift… oh, of my very, uh, personal poetry… from my private collections. Ruby: Your stuff is too good for the rest of the world not to see. Look, I’ve got a whole couple of boxes of these little bitches ready for sale [Claire: Ooooh] and distribution. Claire: Wow. Thank you, Ruby. You shouldn’t have… [ Voiceover ] Claire: Ruby couldn’t explain how she could afford the self-publishing fees, Claire: so she resorted to distracting me with the allure of potential romance… Ruby: At the stroke of midnight, you are going to be a quarter of a century old! Ruby: We are going to go out, and WE are going to get you LAID. Ruby: And maybe if you’re lucky, you’ll even be with, Nico McHottiePants… Claire: I dunno what you’re talking about… [ Sexy Saxophone Music ] Ethereal Nico: Hiii Claaaire… [ Voiceover ] Claire: *sighs* Oh Nico. My dream girl… Ruby: Now that is a touch more alluring! C’mon. Ruby: Let’s get this party started! Claire: *sigh* Fiiinnne… Ruby: YIEEESSSSS!!! Claire: *whispers* Jesus… kay. Ruby: Give us uh… a Baba special. [ Claire says what she thinks means “cheers” in Macedonian. ] Ruby: Sure! Claire: *teensy cough* Ruby: Fuck yeah… another! Claire: I think one was good enough… Ruby: *belch* *adorable bestie laughs* Claire: This is really enough… [ ERMAGAWD WE MADE A SHOW ] [ Semi Creepy Ethereal Music ] [ Voice Over ] Random Lady: My name is Madame Sonnom… Psychic Advisor… and seer of all. With my mystical online sessions, I can help you reawaken your fate! So call me… and wake up! WAKE UP!!! [ Cell Phone Ringtone + Vibrating ] Claire: Hello? Claire: Wait, what? Claire: Haven’t paid rent since when? Claire: Okay… Claire: Fuck! Claire: *scoffs* [ Voice Over ] Claire: So there we were… hung over and penniless. Groggy Rubez: It’s much too early to hate the day… [ Voice Over ] Claire: And we had a month to make 4000 bucks or — Claire: EVICTION, RUBY! Claire: They don’t have kombucha in homeless shelters. Ruby: Fiiiiine-uuuhh! Ruby:Sorry I let my excitement about your gift, once again, overpower my ability to make rational, adult decisions. Claire: You’re working on it. Ruby: You know what? It’s actually your birthday now… Claire: Great. [ Saucily Singing ] Ruby: Happy… birthday… tooo yooou. Ruby: Happy… Claire: Okaaay… Ruby: Birthday… Crystal Ball: *space ship like sound* Claire: I hate this so much. *through laughter* Please Stop. [ Voice Over ] Claire: Shit was about to get weird! (Hey! While you’re here, subscribe? Please.)


  1. Omg I about died from laughing!! This is so good and I am totally here for the weird.

  2. Hola, para cuando subtítulos en español. Estoy muy interesada en verla pero hoy por hoy no hablo inglés

  3. The curse words😍 also natasha in glasses😍 also seeing annie being not so perry like😍
    my life right now😍

  4. Amazing! Thank you to everyone who made the show and all the crazy talented amazing actors! I just want to thanks you guys for the LGBT representation it means the world to me and alot of other! #amazing can't wait to watch more! #youguysrock

  5. does anyone else feel like the scene progression is a bit fast? maybe i'm just slow but the speed of the dialogue and transitioning is slightly confusing. taking it down a notch would not hurt and would enable the viewer to process information. no offence intended

  6. Already in love with this. I love seeing Annie and Natasha as such radically different characters than we are used to seeing!

  7. Oh heck yes, this didn't pop up in my bell notifications but I had to check if it was out and it is!!!!

  8. Sooo this is my new drug… I’ve been watching and rewatching since it came out, not gonna lie this is what’s getting me through my depression spell👍🏾

  9. must say
    kindatv did a HELL OF A BETTER job with this web series then carmila. feels like they grown up and did a fantastic thing!
    the storyline, the acting (Natasha became better) Annie brigs is really good as well.
    I think its time kindatv well get their time on netflix
    good work guys!

  10. Does anybody else come to this YouTube channel kinda TV to laugh and have a lot of Gay Thoughts? because I do.

  11. I clicked on this at random and was like "eh I love our friendly neighborhood Natasha and Annie but do I really wanna add a webseries to the 30 shows I already need to watch?" Sees Nico "Yes. Yes I do."

  12. omg I've only ever seen Annie Briggs in Carmilla (and also I think as a member of Galactic Authority in Dark Matter) and seeing her act this part reminds me how good of an actress she is.

  13. For Christmas, I got the flu. :).
    On th brightside, I finally binged watched all of the series. I loved it. Can't wait for series 2.
    Merry Christmas to all and a happy, safe new year.

  14. This is great. I think they should milk the negovanman love team to maximum before exploring artistic growth.. Actors age you know.. It needs negovanman to blow the the view counters. But I love this already.. Nice who ever wrote it..

  15. This is great. I think they should milk the negovanman love team to maximum before exploring artistic growth.. Actors age you know.. It needs negovanman to blow the the view counters. But I love this already.. Nice who ever wrote it..

  16. Seeing Natasha not as Carmilla and not hearing her raspy voice is so weird! But she and Annie are as beautiful as ever

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