Christian PTSD Meditation With Music

Christian PTSD Meditation With Music

hello dear welcome to this guided
meditation I am Anna Szabo from and I will be guiding you today on
your journey to peace please get comfortable when we breathe slowly the
oxygen our body receives helps normalize our functioning
breathing slowly helps decrease stress slow breathing helps increase our
clarity the world out there demands your attention but to give your best of the
world you need to breathe be still full moment
so you can recharge you will need this time you need comas in this moment in
space we’re just focusing on one thing your breath make sure your body is
relaxed your face muscles are relaxed your neck
tension is released your teeth are relaxed and so is your jaw relax your
forehead and relax your chest they release all the tension from your
shoulders you deserve this special time you deserve your own special attention you deserve a you moment all problems
are solvable all situations are figure out Abel you are okay everything is okay you always persevered survived and
thrived you will persevere
survive and thrive you are okay all is well imagine yourself on a beach the sand is
white the water is clear and calm the sky is blue it’s nice and warm the birds
are singing happily you are calm you are peaceful you are relaxed the sunshine is embracing your right
cheek and arm it feels good the ocean breeze is playing with your hair it’s
just relaxing the warm ocean water is rubbing your feet
it feels pleasant you are at peace you feel recharged you have clarity and focus you are now ready to give the world your
very best come back to this meditation for some
special you time every day you deserve a pause every day you deserve peace you

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  1. This meditation was exactly what I needed. It was heavenly to take a moment and imagine myself on a beach. Plus it is really comforting to hear someone say that everything is okay. 🙂

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