am i beautiful with my mask?
I took care of my gums see what i mean or not? ok let’s get there we get there little loulous Good evening everyone
I hope you are well that you are well installed in your home
in your bed or sofa besides tell me in comment to which
moment you’re watching this video then for people who don’t know me
not yet my name is Vinz Warren Jr. and I’m a paranormal investigator and we
will try to establish as with each investigations, to establish a possible
communication with the beyond try to interact
with possible entity i will do be careful not to break my face you can watch i am
in the woods I will avoid telling you the exact location and i will try to be
attentive to all noises that could possibly polluted and not go into panic If you know what I mean
it’s cold enough the temperature is from -5 degrees it is exactly 2:30 to
close to morning and we’re on the 29th December by the way when you look
this video we will already be in 2020 and I wish you all
a very good year hoping that the year 2020 will be
filled with paranormal phenomena I take you for a walk in this
forest where we will reach a chapel a chapel which is dedicated to saint
joseph she is considered okay it is
considered an event as the boss dying several years ago
that’s what they told me we would have invoke satan exactly and part
of a tree would have collapsed them candles from this chapel would light
all alone that’s what we’re going to try to see and
i am in company i am not alone friends and I’m with tiffany the
doll that you could see on the social media
by the way don’t hesitate to follow me on Instagram Instagram
finally especially social networks where I me i am so there are things to go I don’t know
what it is look it looks like hairs
Banimmo I did not spot two days
I discover with you the places we can watch there is a lot of mess
there are cans everywhere frankly it is bullshit there is someone my name is vince warren and i am a
paranormal investigator do not be afraid I will try to communicate with you you can contact me there are
my devices but camera you can talk touch me make it a sign we’ll take a look around this call
don’t be afraid i’m not here to bother or hurt you I am looking for answers and I hope to get some tonight so I
am not completely serene for the moment it’s quite calm could you touch me please am i alone so I took advantage I withdrew my
material like that we will be able to try interaction I would be much more comfortable without
all my equipment we’re going to take the temperature it’s
important we will try to be formal to them
friends if the device will unbelievable very cold moncheaux
difficult to take to take the temperature
inside I hope you see 2 ° 2 on the statue I’m not
at my age I must admit can you communicate with
me, please as i often say i’m not here
to play the harmonica i’m here to provide evidence of the paranormal you can speak in my cameras while what’s gray lot without
antoine de padoue pray for you i pray for you saint joseph patron of the
good mother will take it the mail m to see
but to measure managed 5 04 03
approach my device please please touched the little blue antenna safra fluctuated the device and it me
prove your presence is what you are with me are you with me are you with me as the investigation began ten years ago
minutes we already have an answer to the question is what are you there the
answer yes in a hoarse voice arises according to me from the bottom of this chapel a
answer I can’t hear on the spot but which was recorded by my camera
primary so did i just establish a
first contact for me there is no doubt we are at
0 2 please 03 a bit the trick is what you can
please communicate with me I am not here to make you
bad bother you i’m here just to establish a
contact with you can you enlighten the
chapel please jean 3.02 I go take another material that you like
all and that I like much less this is the k2 then the k2 i will ask it
can i put it here on the grid here it is beautiful it is placed there I will lower the
light my name is vince how you
call you can you fluctuate the
case of the device I just put down on the grid do you want
get in touch with me I’m going to try to calm me down a bit I have to
admit it i’m really not serene so i have an eye on the city at all
way we will see if it fluctuates the mail m or look look
yes it gives me chills every time times this is my 1.3 plot Go for it touched my devices I want to leave the device here we are at 0 1 at the level of evil m and I
think we are going to go around this forest 03
look 04 yes show up I feel like you want to get in
communication with me it’s time it’s now go go between you are you lurking in the shadows
what you want to touch me the I pick up my equipment and we are going for a little walk in
this forest why not try to establish a contact not several
perimeters 03 always 0.4 0.5 yes talk to me makes a noise is what you
can make a noise so I know my mask can be
scary but I reassure you I don’t am not mean at all I put my mail m I take my bag and we will do the
tower I will leave my camera on
the door I’ll leave you alone even if I’m not
not there you can train try to manipulate it Besides, I’m going to leave you some
company i think i will not leave my case on my own I don’t have
want to leave it unattended and for that i will ask at tiffany look look how beautiful she is I present you tiffany you can
interact with if you want to touch her you can she is here to keep you company I put a little more light here
we will leave her quietly here so I tried to place it well and here look go ahead touch this doll please
please the gift does not move I take a
bag of course I’m not going to leave it there if there is an entity
good or bad you can touch this doll got in touch with her we will go around a little at the level of evil m 04 02 I tried to take a measurement
does temperature 04 the mail m ago somebody can you communicate with
me please i came specially to try to establish a
contact with you if you are a nice or bad entity I am here for you to listen to you
if you want to send a message I’m here to listen to you then
don’t hesitate talk to me and -6 8 degrees – 7 I put her away and will try
establish contact at jo the weather does not fluctuate go ahead fluctuate from there please
please I tried to stay calm I can seem calm but in fact I
am not at all I hope you see an interior at the level of 1000 meters 0 2 03 salesi please make a noise when you make a noise
all this doll brings down this doll touches there I will turn off the male m for now it’s very quiet nothing really special which
occurs well we will try to establish contact
audio I put the same m
next to tiffany and we pass try to get answers through
the digital recorder what’s your name what’s your
last name me it’s vince warren junior yourself
you know you know what i mean or not speak in this device please take my energy if you wish
communicate don’t hesitate take my energy the energy of my devices well
sure avoid taking all my batteries they may have
need do you have a message to do
pass does the beyond exist can you tell me if there is
A life after the death can you say my name so precisely I don’t know you what
that you think at the domain level paranormal is what you think it
there is a language barrier do you think in a place
as in east england let’s admit what you must speak
English is what an entity does not have precisely this power of power
communicate without having this barrier of language in any case it is a question that I
pose and I think that is useless to speak italian in italy english in
england i think an entity is able to communicate without
have this language barrier obviously if an intelligent mind
after residual cisse obviously that it will speak in the language of the netherlands what
moment I think there is no possible interaction with an entity
so to say what is your name I don’t think we could have a
answer is residual of course finally this is my opinion this is my point
of view tell me your take on this level there in the comments i would be curious
to know your opinion and if you have of course had other civilizations
if i can say like that go for months What is your message is there a demonic entity
here so this chapel as i told you
sometimes it is called the chapel of the good death and i won’t tell you the
place as I told you where I am to avoid seeing too many
visit is to fall back on the whole thing as you can see it’s almost a recycling center if you spoke in my recorder
digital day thank you I could only hear you when i’m home
exane to edging the content of the record Thank you
thanks if you did of course i will analyze that and you
of course you are going to have them live results
if i can say like that i will try taking pictures can be
interesting then there are people at this chapel
who who took his aunt one for lost items or stuff like that i will take pictures don’t hesitate
show you I cut my lamps feel free to show you i will
take photos Go for it thank you I take a photo manifest yourself if it will thank you so for now I don’t see anything two concluding I return please show yourself thank you i will take pictures of
tiffany the entrance please
thank you their masters
the light and I think we will go wander in the forest we manage to take tiffany hoping
who would have had contact with this doll please touch this doll I pray especially for you Besides, I think we will
walk with tiffany I tried to calais the mail m
on her to avoid that there are shocks due to my
movements and who would risk doing fluctuate this case two despite everything i have to use it
it’s still a measuring device resume my bag and we left we
I’m going for a walk in this forest you can follow me and try
want to make contact with me dim the light a little I is there anyone here with me manifest yourself can you get in touch
with this doll please it’s small flashlights please can you fluctuate the
as well as i like the there is no movement that can be performed
awkwardly am i alone in this forest can you move the
case of touching these little lamps the little green man
can you make it fluctuate please
show me i’m not alone tiffany want to get in touch with
you she is here for you then don’t hesitate don’t be afraid I pass nothing at the level of the city like what there is
way to use it breaks the figure and a way to use it wisely i will avoid filming because a
phone number on a small sign there is another way
which leads behind the chapel there is mud it’s a real mother
jane and i can say I am here
I took the right path and I resumed the same what is that i will stretch the town watch what I come across a building is less a ruin It can be interesting so what was there before
I’ve no idea one of the young people has a good day
if i get there i wear my flashlight look we are going to the excavations go we have to go and someone like a battle way the dir knew of
everyone waxes him necessarily but it looks like that there is a way there is not
where i put my feet i don’t care totally at there is someone can you manifest
please can you get in touch with me is this
that it is possible to establish contact both or with others
More the merrier, the merrier what’s your name by the teeth but
microphone speak into my cameras microphone I heard I heard something and someone can you communicate with
please give me a sign throw me a pebble knocks down a tree oh no in the mess there was a shadow in
done is the shadow this is the shadow of my lights on the trees on the leaf
which is right here and which bang on the wall I thought they
had a demonstration and approach the wall
to be careful there is a hole well shit excuse me Well can i put the doll in
the wall but try look it’s its place and that’s it there is someone shit done totally in the dark I try my flashlight I have left
more than that but battery my battery of but slow has just gone out
suddenly perhaps this is a signal I’m walking I certainly have some sort of
the tiffany 1 do you do in the hole i have
laid down our here is what you can do
fluctuate the frame of please show me i’m not alone please show me your presence I listen to this silence I resume the trip and i will get out of here trying friend break the figure is
more at all moved more than my little flash light what normally there is a path i think maybe given behind the chapel age is really advancing with
very low light i will try to take another flashlight here it gets complicated and i kayes le cal terrible i think
I’m going to tidy up tiffany
no my sex shows between ste says it’s good aulas
I hope we will see something About that we see more than that i think it will be time for me to
to run away I hope
that we could have had a contact at the audio level I am refrigerated
I hope you enjoyed this paranormal ride the next paranormal investigation I will do it in a place in a
building but i will do quite a few kilometers in order to be able to offer you this
investigation I’m the same age there it’s terrible I was going to forget something very
important that we haven’t done we will do
a session you know hear
to the pelvis I hope my microphone was able to pick up
it looked like a crime the problem is no longer lamps a small green mail lamp I go to be placed we are going to land
to do our little session spirit boxing I hope it will be like that in a
small soft light we are not there, manifest yourself
show yourself please show me your presence show you i will
say go you show all mus you are hiding
it hall and please show yourself you are where you are there you have two
solutions above or you go out red come out she’ll have to choose truce of blabla I leave the spirit boxing is there anyone wanting
communicate with me please you need these two it looks good do you want to talk to me it’s like a piece of land
as for radio yes yes I’m listening to you i don’t understand at the moment but at home I could want
understand that’s it just go ahead charles and please yes you heard and Yes you laugh Yes
massat and radio maybe a white noise continues that
freak sahara to peer levis loctudy is there anyone talking to me
please go fast do you want to talk to me actually i have more than this little lamp
to enlighten me I don’t know not what’s going on around me it’s
scary I explain yes go ahead please speak can you communicate with
me what is your name do you have a message to do
move on can I help you I hear screams wrong at the level of spirit boxing I believed
hear something unfortunately I did not understand what it said I think it’s time for me to
leave the premises I really hope that this exploration
will have pleased you that you will have appreciated unfortunately I don’t have any more
light we have a little look at this little lamp and even this little one
plant starts to weaken so is this that it is due to the energies of the place where
so it’s just the cold the same a game leaving no more said my
comment if you would like me someday come back to this place
and tell me what experience you want
that I perform i’m really exhausted it must be
spend three in the morning widely there are crimes she cd anigo we leave here I hope it’s
animals I hope you enjoyed
we tell ourselves to a next paranormal investigation
feel free to share the video on social networks blue mouth
sharing it’s life auzits pas next friends


  1. Partage la vidéo pour le soutien. (Le partage c'est la vie) ❤
    Merci beaucoup et n'oublie pas de donner ton avis sur l’enquête 😀
    Je suis très actif dans l'onglet "communauté" alors n'hésite pas à y faire un tour pour suivre mes infos importantes.👻

  2. Quel courage d'aller explorer la nuit et dans le froid cette forêt ! Tu es patient et endurant dans tes enquêtes même s'il ne se passe pas grand chose c'est pour moi toujours un plaisir de te suivre … 😉

  3. J'adore toujours autant tes enquêtes, ton self contrôle et toujours ta petites pointe d'humour. Je sais que lorsque tu auras des preuves du paranormal ce sera pas du fake. Bravo Vinz 👍💪👻 vivement la prochaine

  4. Coucou Vinz alors au début en effet il y a bien un "oui " qui a été dit d'une voix grave et moi juste après ça j'ai entendu ton prénom après oui je pense qu'il y avait une présence avec toi

  5. Bonne vidéo Vinz dommage que tu n ai pas pu entré dans la chapelle ! Mais sinon cool dans l ensemble bon boulot mec !! Merci bye !!

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