1. OMG! I Was looking for this program when it was on air on VH1 because I love it, and now, 10 years later you bring it back! Thank you, thank you. Regards from Mexico. <3

  2. It's so fake. How can investigators go there and not even see a shadow or hear a door close but their getting it all? Come off it. Please!

  3. Looking a long time for this!
    Thanks Bro, one of my fave paranormal programs.
    Scared celebrities are the BEST

  4. porfavor ponganlos en español o traducidos con subtitulos en español 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  5. OMG, I loved this program when it was on air on VH1, for years a looked the chapters… Thank you so much for uploading it!!!

  6. Okay is this real?!?!? DID I JUST FIND THE SHOW I WANTED TO REWATCH FOR YEARS?!?! I loved this show so much when it aired and I never got to seethe last few episodes and now I get to rewatch them.oh my god. THANK YOU so much for reuploading this show!!

  7. It’s fake but entertaining! If I woulda been there in the dark when I heard a scream I’d be grabbing the first tit within reach

  8. I seen this before! I was into that weight lost program with Bobby Brown and the rest of the other stars. She's on this now !

  9. when i was 5 i drowned saw the light and was resusitated
    i think it gave me insight that i wouldnt have had otherwise…i just know things without learning how to know them
    death was painless a little struggle but didnt hurt at all after dying i feli like i was in a dream/spirit state ….death is nothing to fear

  10. 32.39 that guy at " base camp / station " slobbering on that poor girls shoulder errrrrrrrr that is as creepy as I would want it YUK… He should be told to keep his hands to himself , what a creep.

  11. Obviously, this is Not fake..it’s real. Like just look at that place it’s creepy inside and out. I wouldn’t step foot in that place. I think I watched a paranormal show on Destination America and some paranormal investigators were checking that place out..because they heard it was haunted. I would know because I watch Destination America all the time. Lol, but I wouldn’t step foot in a haunted place..F*** that.

  12. Can some one link up the one with Evander Hollyfield where he is scared shiless and just about wont go any farther ????

  13. Here's a tight paranormal EVP capture: https://www.instagram.com/p/BjX5wTEgfog/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=11zewm4fq57t2 https://www.instagram.com/p/BjX5wTEgfog/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=11zewm4fq57t2

  14. I love this reality show, because you hear stories of different places and the truth is always a mystery. Do you have or know the link for the fans of Latin America? For see all the episodes in spanish.
    Greetings of Mexico n.n

  15. The corridor is the worst place of the sanatorium because
    The ghost appeared there is a demon is not human.
    In another 2 paranormals investigation said about that demon.It was created by the sadness and all bad feelings there.

  16. Guys, this programs it's false, keep in mind that this program was broadcast in the time of the VH, everything was worth at that time was entertainment. Now it's the same but with a little more realism.

  17. Isn't the girl from bay watch that is on here saying shes "never had an experience with the paranormal" on celebrity ghost stories claiming she had a ghost friend?

  18. They did not investigate properly.that was not taken seriously.the blak girl shud of been left in there alone for a hour .then she wud of got proof and felt things.that was a hopeless attempt at finding proof or feeling anything .gees .doing things that way won't make believers out of skeptics.

  19. How can these celebrities begin to know what it is like in a haunted place if they are screaming and running away at every little sound… I would love to go ghost hunting

  20. it is obvious that the shows staff was doing all the stomping and banging just to scare everyone … this show is lame !!!! no wonder there was no 2nd season

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