Career in Politics & Goverment through Vedic Astrology

Career in Politics & Goverment through Vedic Astrology

so ladies and gentlemen politics career in politics well first of all when we're looking at political career astrologically okay the first thing we want to ask why do you want to be a politician okay that's the first thing you want to ask or at least ask yourself as the astrologer why does this one person wants to become a politician do they want to become politician to gain power do they want to become a politician to make a difference in society do they want to make become a politician for fame and money or is it all three or the two because politician or politics itself you have to understand is a quite a corrupt business okay it's quite a corrupt business I mean there's no such thing as an honest politician I don't care who you pick there's no such things so the very first thing astrological be astrologically we will look at does this person have any inclination towards being selfish not necessarily corrupt selfish because what is politics ask yourself this question what is politics and leave that in the comment below before I tell you what politics is what is politics I'm the professor you're the student well politics simply means who gets what where when and how much that's politics so your job as a politician is to decide who gets what where when and how much and none of these things come with simple honest negotiation there's always going to be corruption regardless of what you see of a person image on a television magazine newspaper or some article there's always going to be something so that's the one thing that we see but to see if you will succeed in political field it is actually one of the most the easiest thing out of all the careers seeing a career in politics is a very easy thing and I'll show you that today and one of the things that I will discuss today regarding this easy Messam method requires a little bit of knowledge too and I'll give you this knowledge as much as I can here in this video but I've actually made a video for people on my website under the shop section about a method known as ashtakvarga I think did I take it off and I merged it in with this chat others are reading so I've actually made a video on showing you this one particular thing known as ashtakvarga and which is like within 40 minutes you'll know the most complicated system of pasta purga so that's something you should know and the second is I'm going to describe you in my light board and as long as you have these things set that is a very strongest foundation to become a politician and to win okay so as always if you do not know what your horoscope is what your planetary alignments are especially your ashtakvarga alignments for that check out the links here checking off loose logic report including my books astrology conjunction and aspects of the speed of light including all my readings here so let's go to our board and talk about the political career in the most simplest form you'll hear maybe not let's go so you want to be a politician I'll show you how to be a politician so if you know basics of astrology you got to know some fundamentals and basic astrology meaning what a house means what the signs means you know what the planet stands for that's what you need to know and once you know that this process will become very easy so first of all when it comes to politics political career the most important thing is Raja yoga if you don't have Raja yoga you cannot be in politics regardless of if you just want to be a senator if you want to be a congressman or if you want to be a prime minister president without Raja yoga is you cannot accomplish this feat so Raj yoga is important but what kind of fraud yoga's not for after Raj yoga don't even rely on those okay we're going to talk about different type of Raj yoga here what are those Raja yoga the Raja yoga we're going to talk about is j-money Raja yoga how do you look at a Gemini Raja yoga the way you look at a Gemini Raja Yoga is you got to know about the seven caracas meaning the seventh Tirek erica the movable caracas meaning the significance of a planet based on its degree and it's nothing complicated you've just got to know which planet has the highest degree which planet has the lowest degree that's it and this is a seven planetary caracas key meaning the only planets that are involved in this is Sun Moon Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus Saturn that's it don't need no need to worry about Rahu and Ketu so if a planet as you know a zodiac sign is 30 degrees long so imagine it's 30 feet long okay so let me actually draw that for you here so this is a zodiac sign and it is 30 feet long okay in case you don't know anything about degrees and whatnot this is 30 feet long this is 0.1 this is 0.3 that's all you need to know now you can fill in the blanks what are the seven planets that are described in the scheme I said the Sun Moon Mars mercury Jupiter Venus and Saturn one two three four five six seven that's it you got to focus these planets so if we have a zodiac sign which is 30 degrees or 30 feet long in the sky and let's say Sun will put Sun at fifteen degrees okay 15 feet because I know sometimes degree for beginners don't really understand mood is that 10 feet of distance Mars is at 5 feet mercury is at 23 feet Jupiter is at 7 feet Venus is at 18 feet and Saturn is at 28 feet that means we'll put them in here so remember this is 1 to the 30th which is a planet with the highest feet its Saturn right so Saturn is right there at 28 feet this is Saturn then which is the second second one close to the 30th point it's mercury mercury is at 23rd point so we'll put mercury here this is mercury who's next Venus at 18 so we'll put Venus here okay then the next one is Sun Sun is at 15 so this is Sun at 15 feet right in the middle then after Sun becomes moon at 10 feet this is moon then we will look at the next one which one is the next one with the least amount of feet given here in the scheme that would be Jupiter right yep Jupiter so Jupiter is at 7 feet then the last one is Mars with five feet right there so between one and three feet or one in 30 degrees pattern is the highest closest to the 30 degree point 30 feet long point of the zodiac sign okay that means Suns becomes the odd macaca then which one was the second mercury mercury had the second highest feet mercury becomes the Amata khakha the third one was Venus becomes battery caca which one is number four son becomes mitrik ARCA then after son which one is the next moon becomes Putra Kaka then after moon which one is next Jupiter in cottony Kaka then which one is the last one Mars right there the last one the one with the lowest one lowest points in the 30 it's da de caca so this is something you got to know in the scheme of politics Raja yoga is which planet is closest to the 30th degree point that planet becomes D at macaca so that is the first in line then Ematic ARCA is second in line but ricotta is third in line metric ARCA is fourth in line but takaka assistant line katana carcass sixth in line jaracaca is seventh in line this is known as carcass spirit ARCA moveable carcass because in one horoscope son might be metric ARCA in another horoscope son might be not macaca and all this represents at Makaha is your first house first house matter Amata Kaka is your second house matters patrique arcus third house matters Matra carcass fourth house matters Putra carcass fifth house Jupiter or Ansari katana carcass sixth house matters Dada Kaka is seven thousand matters so what happens to the other house schemes eight nine ten eleven twelve well same thing Amata kharka represents the first first house okay second house which is a Mata Carter represents two and ten scheme then number three which is battery Carter represents third house and ninth house schemes mitrik akka represents for Taos and yeah Matra carcasses represents forethought schemes put the Carter represents fifth and xi tau schemes gotten Akaka represents six and twelve skims and Hara kharka represents the seven thousands only so you see how this works very simple so when you look in your horoscope okay and this is all based on side aerial calculations side aerial Vivek calculations not for me I don't know which one you follow but for me I'm talking about these inside aerial Vedic form okay so you got to know these schemes now let's move on to the next part to show you about Raja yoga so to be a politician you got to know the you know the seven carcass that is described so in your chart either you should have aspect aspect or conjunction aspect or conjunction of Amata kharka plus at macaca will will name Amata kharka amk okay so I'm just going to use a MK e MK + DK jaracaca remember jaracaca emk plus set v Lord okay then and we'll call autumn Akaka a K the planet closest to that 30 degree point right so a k plus DK a k+ v lord moon Plus Venus these are the combinations you must have in your birth chart then also the other one I forgot to mention as macaca plus Patrick ARCA PK put the cargo and admah this is a mock tacacá plus Patrick Arkin at macaca plus Patrick ARCA so if you don't understand the things again go back into the video rewind okay it's going to take some time to rewind in the VCR but just rewind so you can see it these are the combinations you must have to be a politician number one this is step one and the more you have these the better it is in the main birth chart the d1 chart so if let's say in your birth chart you have one two three four four of these combinations excellent you have a much thicker cup plus at macaca either conjunct or looking at each other through Germany aspect which is Rashi aspects this is why I said you should know about Germany and if you don't go learn from mark boning it'll make your entire astrological life easier so your d1 you have these Raja yoga these are known as Raja yoga most important thing forget the parish rah rah yoga's work Indra Lord is in precone taken Plus kyndra Lord okay that that has all sorts of fine-tuned contract written in those Raja yoga as well this Raju devil's work if this has happened if let's say from Saturn is it from your Raj yoga it'll different the Raj yoga in Germany it's very simple regardless of where Saturn is so now you see that this person let's say you have one two three four four Raj yoga's you got your ma takaka plus at Makaha you got a mistake applause jaracaca you got a bodega at macaque applause fifth Lord you got at macaque applause post Akaka so you got these four raja yoga beautiful excellent now comes the real deal look and see how many of these Raj yoga is you have in your d9 okay navamsha very very important chart when it comes to Germany see how many you have do you still have in d9 4 or do they get reduced to 2 only and this may matter the more the merrier you hear that term more the merrier so if you have for Raj yoga in the birth chart but only to Raj yoga it's still good but it's no longer that strength of the birth chart we just saw so now we see ok this person has only two Raj yoga this person only has in the navamsha they have their at macaca plus v lor and they let's say have Ozma Kamata Karka plus Patrick ARCA let's say you have these two forming so it's only two Raj yoga it's good okay but what if you're the opponent the person that you are running against has three let's say have two Raj yoga this is your opponent I'm talking about your opponent has two Raj yoga in the d1 chart okay so has two Raja yoga in the d1 chart scheme but in the navamsha they have four Raja yoga guess who is an advantage it is your opponent who's navamsa chart becomes more stronger than yours just by the scheme of this that's it just by the scheme of this how many Raja yoga's you have and this is nothing to do with you fear an IT if you are in filmmaking if you want to be a beautician if you want to be you know CEO of the company know this this is not going to matter as much but when it comes to politics you bet it's going to matter you bet your bottom dollar you bet your round Apple ass it's going to matter how many Raj yoga go into your navamsha is the main scheme of the Raj yoga okay so are we good with Raja yoga bueller bueller bueller are we good with Rodriguez okay now go take your day off now we're going to discuss another scheme okay so this is there's only two schemes to political career this is one so guys here comes the second thing which planets are the main significant of politics and actually before I go further into this see now that I have officially you know learned and learning Germany from art Bonnie I always now have to give that salute to my Germany guru mark Boni without whom I would not have understood this so simply so beautifully so he is one of the best Germany astrology teacher ever second to Canberra okay because he's the best student of Kinross oh I'm learning from the best so which planets are responsible for politics number one can you guess which one is number one anyone anyone Bueller Bueller Bueller oh no he took the day off so he's gone number one planet is Saturn whoops okay as eight Saturn number one planet okay second which one is second it's the daddy son Saturn and son just two planets need to worry about mainly let's not make this complicated with Moon Venus Mars okay let's not make it complicated so Sun and Saturn are two big planets for politics why is Saturn the number one planet for politics well like my Germany teacher mark Bonnie says Saturn represents a beggar in in Vedic Astrology okay it represents beggar poor people and I know this sounds like a very derogatory term but I mean I'm just saying whatever the astrological text says but what is the job of the politician is to go out and beg for what's right what for me please please I need your vote and everybody's would hear everybody so I can start taking bribes and money from the big people I need everybody votes so he's bagging so Saturn is number one number two Sun Sun is what are you doing at a politician you're working with the government you're working within the government so Sun is number two and that's it now comes the beautiful part this is equally important I don't know which one would be more important to be telling you truth I don't know which one would be important this method that I'm showing you or the Raj yoga method you know what this is number one I would say this method is number one method first for determining are you going to be a politician or not before you're going to go into Raja yoga so there's a scheme in astrology known as a shtick burka I don't know if I spelled it right or wrong I don't really care I snuck Varga where a planet gives itself wherever it sits in your horoscope in the d1 chart and all the houses around it it distributes points so if let's say I am here at Saturn and my room this the studio is the birth chart first wherever I'm sitting I'm going to give myself certain points and then what I'm going to do is I'm going to give each section in my room because let's say my room has 12 sections like the 12 houses of astrology I'm gonna give each section in my room a certain value based on my perception of this room it's like I'm being a judge like a dunk contest judge and the maximum you can give to a dunker me as a judge sitting here is maximum eight points and the lowest I can give is zero so this is the scheme that I'm working with so wherever I'm sitting I'm going to give a certain point here I'm going to give certain point to the next section the next the next the next what you need to worry about in politics with Saturn is that sixth and eleventh house from Saturn I don't care where your Saturdays your Saturn could be in the sixth house 12,000 house for Tots 10th house 6th and 10th from Saturn should receive above 5 points or actually I'm sorry not 5 points should receive above 4 points because Saturn gives very low points in this extra quarter scheming again if you do not understand this track Varga I have a video on my web on my website under in the options section either it's called shuttle – L reading where I give you the free video or I think I deactivated our stick Marga reading but I'll activate it again so you can just get the video and watch it so Saturn should have anywhere from 4 to 7 points where it sits and so where it sits the first house 6th and 11th especially 6th and 11th being the important houses the other thing that becomes important for Saturn is something called sarva ashtakvarga whatever service turcica this is where wherever I'm sitting okay I'm giving wherever I sit I'm giving myself certain points but guess what some other planet is sitting across the room giving themselves a certain point and where I'm sitting a certain point so all seven planets will give this one particular spot where I'm sitting certain points so the accumulation of all the seven planets the points known as service check verga so when we come to the scheme of this Saturn's position of sixth and eleventh the higher the points the more successful you're going to be and especially in politics and charts a politician between 31 all the way up to like literally 48 anywhere you just get 31 to 48 points sixth from Saturn and 11th from Saturn first of all ensures that okay this person can beg for votes sixth house and get achievements eleventh house because if Saturn is a beggar we want to see how much can it do gained through begging which is the sixth house and what desire and achievements will decide and receive when the beggar gets that money that is begging for how much can it accumulate is it sufficient enough so if the total which is in the extra-large report that I give you from option 6 all the way above okay or option 5 6 all the way above there's a stock market section so server stock market shows accumulated point like for example I will make it easy for example let's say you have Saturn in the first house ok this is the ascendant Saturn is in the first house 11th house this is the eleventh one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve these are the houses so eleven from Saturn the accumulation service step Varga let's say is thirty four and six from Saturn is thirty when I'm looking at a chart when someone asks me can I be a politician I see the fact wow he is receiving high points here okay I'm going to go to the next point now this becomes a very first point Saturn before even Raja yoga first I look at are you capable of getting votes and are you capable having achievements eleven thousand achievements then I'm going to look that zero to eight point scheme even though I know Saturn does not give eight points but I want to see where Saturn sits how many points is it giving in what we call finished at Varga so let's say Saturn gives four points or let's say five points Oh beautiful rarely I've ever seen Saturn receiving five points where it says but that kind of like ensures me even more that this person is going to do well in politics then I look at the other planet okay oh that looks ugly mine I just messed up my so let's say Sun Sun is the government I want to see sixth from the sun and eleventh from the Sun sixth house is not just a house of begging it is the house of service are you willing to serve the king the government and are you able to get achievements through the king so now with Sun I want to see how many points you get so let's say from Sun you get 38 points 11 from itself it shows that through government you can have great achievements and service I see 29 it's okay it's not the best but it's okay it's above average average is 28 anything below 28 is week above 28 is strong and this is what the two things I want to know in political career first does your Saturn received highest at worker points especially the accumulation service check work out then I want to see does the Sun receive high points 11th from itself and 6th from itself then I move on and I see ok this person has Raj yoga ok so once you have this let's say you have excellent points 11th and 6th from Saturn and Sun but you have barely any Raj yoga in your horoscope then that also defunct that idea of somebody going into politics because you got to have Raj Raj Ghat Dee sitting on a throne so it's like they go hand in hand but the very first hand is that a stock Marga second is the Raja yoga and obviously debilitation and exultation of the planets become very and d9 chart so in d9 especially pay attention to exultation debilitation that does not mean you will not be successful in life again don't think that way this is simply for politics and believe me there are many many more important things you can do in life to better the lives of people then going into politics that's my first thing for here for you so look for that in the in the birth chart if you have let's say son here debilitated well okay fine but what is in the navamsha that is up here exalted in the sign of Aries what son is gaining strength man this is what politics is this is all it is to forget any yoga in the parish recite just use the Gemini side before you do anything else that they'll determine everything and go read charts of politicians whether you're from China India US Canada France read their chart see Raja yoga siesta quagga and you will get the story that's it this is this is my lesson so again if you remember tell subscribe below and if you want to know how your esta Parker points are and if you can be a politician if you want to go in there for that check out my link astrology Karis calm and check out my report so you can see that on my readings bye bye you


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  4. 2 mins into the video I had to pause. I belong to a very conservative tribal traditional Patriarchal Household. My Father is a Politician & I, since childhood been calling myself a Rebel. I have Moon in 5th House, Mars in 9th House, Jupiter & Venus in 10th House, Sun & Saturn in 11th & Mercury in 12th House with Rahu-Ketu on 1-7 axis …. I'm Ready!
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