CAPRICORN FEBRUARY 2020 ** PREDICTIONS ** Online Tarot Card Reading from Spirit Guides

CAPRICORN FEBRUARY 2020 ** PREDICTIONS ** Online Tarot Card Reading from Spirit Guides

welcome to Sonika’s Guidance. I’m a
psychic medium and energy healer happy Valentine’s Day Capricorn I put a heart
around you make sure you share this video with your family and friends and
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number of use on its Feb 20 2014 february okay now if your Venus Jupiter
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ok my readings are definitely much more affordable compared to what many other
readers charge out there and now let’s get started with the analysis of the
cards and I bring this reading to you with love and the knowledge that your
spirit guides and your guardian angels love you and care for you Capricorn and
the reading is handled with care let’s get started interesting okay three of
swords reversed very interesting interesting four of Pentacles reversed I want to say four capricorns February
2020 late January could prove to be an emotional time emotional baggage coming
up for some that’s what the spirit guides are saying to me right now king
of Wands interesting knight of swords oh and the four of Wands okay so let’s go
ahead and get started we have for you capricorns the king of Wands the king of
Wands indicates that for some of you there may be a prominent airy sachet
Arius or Leo male or a female energy in this month ahead there could be really
anybody of any Sun sign exhibiting the energies I’m about to mention including
you yourself okay Capricorn the king of Wands tends to be enterprising socially
and commercially enterprising a go-getter a real go-getter I see a lot
of you enthusiastic in some area of your life you’re maybe chasing something new
or maybe it’s not completely new but it is still relatively fresh it may be
you’re building up on something okay something’s really a start for us
really essentially I would say at a starting point in some ways for you the
king of Wands is an adventurer okay and he’s looking out for his next conquest
you know conquering conquest with the king of Wands
very good energy for those in industries of display you know fashion
entertainment beauty art painting all that very nice energies also for sales
and marketing energy is very interesting this is somebody who again is able to
put on a show effectively and be in some ways like a
marketer you know a marketer being able to sell or promote a message or even
propaganda the king of Wands upright also have bodes very well for
adventurers new your connections with the other kingdoms
that we humans share the earth with the plantain and other animal kingdoms okay
nature nature adventures I’m being told a very good energy for travel
transportation for many of you this is probably I am being told though for many
of you capricorns this is going to be somebody else a prominent male figure
who is somebody like you’re coming up against in some ways it’s not a
completely easy to deal with character I feel for many of you late January
through February it could be a boss it could be a boyfriend it could be a
husband it could be anyone in your life but this figure is not the easiest to
deal with there are some good points about him I think for you and in
relation to you in how he relates to you but there’s also you know sticky energy
sticking points that they just don’t make him completely mmm the most they
don’t those sticking points do not allow him to be the most subtle character in
your life this is what’s coming through from the guides okay so this person is
going to be a definite feature for you in some area of your life now we also
have the four of Pentacles reversed and the four of Pentacles reversed here
indicates Capricorn that some of you there’s going to be this energy of in
the month of February be more extroverted they say more social there’s
maybe some relief anxiety relief I also see something about expulsion like
exertion of something like something is let go of possibly release liberation
freedom you become unrestricted or maybe you become less fearful you become more
confident in some ways more social possibly or you’re willing to release or
let go or liberate yourself from some situation or circumstance or even desire
or outlook or viewpoint or a good of some sort a product or service whatever
it may be and it actually liberate you it feels liberating there’s a sense of
freedom here possibly coming from a separation now
they’re also saying this to me right now the spirit guides some of you Capricorn
so I hate to say it but it is what it is in the month of love the right
Valentine’s a month and you may be possibly setting yourself up or two
somehow that your situation reality is set up for possibly a romantic breakup
or a disappointment or feeling just overwhelmed but not in a nice kind way
obviously this is a general reading that’s not the message for all
capricorns watching everybody watching has a different life story and a
different birth chart right so you have to keep that in mind but I am getting
some sort of a hassle with someone either and family a romantic love that
leads to challenge okay arguments argumentative energies argumentative
natures possibly even with a male figure who has positive qualities to em but
also has some real sticking points that make him to be quite a dominant player
or character in your life in some regard now before of Pentacles in Reverse
indicates also that there may be less anxiety about money or resources or
possessions on another you know and another way though in the general
reading it could also indicate that your boundaries are not well set up you may
be spending too much money time energy or effort in some regard the boundaries
aren’t in place that may need to be at this time possibly for some of you this
is higher expenses maybe needing to open up your pocketbook because some expenses
come up that’s a possibility for some of you capricorns okay again if you need
guidance coaching messages for your money energy for 2020 2021 onward you
can always reach out to me okay you never know until you try you can check
out my real testimonials on my website watch out for any miss placement of
possessions resources elements you know objects that mean something to you or
that you know you would be like oh my God why did I misplace that there could
be something here about a miss placement or something kind of gets out of your
grab something was insecure now for some of you there could be
a release of some insecurities though as well release of something as you were
might have a fascinating card here at the three of swords reversed excellent
card to have in reverse in a general reading most definitely and usually in a
personal reading as well but personal readings are really interesting anyway
so the three of swords in Reverse for some of you capricorns indicates that
late January through Feb 20 2008 to you I feel like ignorant like ignorant but
like in a good way like you ignore ignoring someone this may even for some
of you have to do with the release of past life karma yeah oh I just got a hit
of energy about that really strong a lot of capricorns maybe you know about this
maybe this is not known to you you know unbeknownst to you if you don’t know
about past lives or if you’ve never gotten in a past life regression you can
always get one from me in this month of February the season you are essentially
pushing back put closing the doors on past life karma is a serious stuff this
is some really key significant experience so important I feel for you
capricorns with that head of energy I just got as soon as I said past life
karma some of you this three of swords in Reverse there you know so that
dissolution or blockage of that past life karmic effect resolution to it in
some regard dissolution or blocking of it not falling into that experience
again in your current life that’s gonna you know it’s gonna be different for
each one of you how it kind of is blocked out or resolved or dissolved
right but nevertheless it’s somehow capricorns I see this vision of like you
becoming Kings surmounting over this past life karma you become like you know
the rulers in a sense that it’s just symbolism that the spirit guides are
using but that’s essentially what they’re saying the three of swords in
Reverse can also be for some of you again right you don’t let anybody’s
words get to you maybe there’s all so maybe you realize that there is not
any kind of an affair or three party interference going on in any in some
area of your life maybe you got a reading from me and I tell you you know
somebody’s not really cheating on you so whatever this is this is going to be
playing out in a way that brings you relief again I’m getting this energy
tension and anxieties dissipate slowly or you simply prevent them from coming
on to you from happening to you that’s very good
the Sun comes out more optimism you’re able to also maybe handle someone’s
words appropriately some of you this may be healing from like a heart attack or
an operation or a surgery and incision this could be that healing you know
you’re healing now capricorns that’s what’s happening some of you this three
of swords in Reverse is not allowing yourself to be overcome by say strong
emotions that are really of a negative nature or not or choosing to let go of
grudges possibly as well very nice very healthy energy I really like this a lot
for you yeah and maybe you take a different route you don’t go into
surgery or operation maybe you do something else you know to prevent that
it’s also about preventative energy as well okay very interesting very very
interesting I like you a lot for you okay now a Capricorn you also have in
another area of your life however the knight of swords now keep in mind there
are no hard starts and stops the energy flows life is very fluid some people
actually believe that a new month starts around the twenty twenty second when the
Sun a major major astrological energy body transitions into a whole new zodiac
sign so some of you will start to feel these energies in the last ten days of
January 2020 and then you’re going to be feeling them in major a minor and subtle
or more visibly apparent concrete ways throughout Feb 20 2000 it’s gonna play
out in all different ways for you capricorns there’s a fluidity to energy
and therefore your life as well Knight of swords maybe some connection
the car with uh excuse me an Aquarius Gemini Libra for you capricorns any
other sign element does not have to be it could be really anybody of any Sun
sign that you may be thinking about over and over again
interacting with best personified by the knight of sorts including yourself now
could even be somebody who just comes in really quick really quickly with message
so quick message information data communication somebody who maybe pops up
into your life very quickly now for some of you this person may go out just that
quickly as well you know it make fly right off that card just as quickly but
for others that’s not the way it’s gonna play out this is the event of maybe
sudden expectations being suddenly your expectations are met or your hopes are
met something happens quickly data news
communication results documents something comes in real quick some of
you though this is a battle cry I feel at some point in February you may feel
like you want to kind of they even say to me like lash out a bit you wanna
there could be emotional reaction here you want to speak up and say something
that’s a possibility as well being on the offense or playing defense here with
the knight of swords some of you this is about I’m getting a little bit like what
working through or breaking through language barriers now remember the you
know the spirit guides are using the word language like in a very specific
way I feel like for some of you we have to understand like lay there are many
languages right obviously there are the languages that we know like English
German Italian etc etc there’s also body language and then there may be the
language that is that’s in a sense the language of how you and someone else
talk right the language of sometimes cultures and subcultures and we can take
it even you know on an even a more micro scale and then that’s right so there’s
something here about maybe not being able to understand somebody else’s
language you you know the way they function why they think the way they
think why they are the way they are so there’s something here Capricorn’s
that’s very much about maybe not getting someone else
this language maybe not wanting to or really disapproving in some ways of the
way the other person where’d that person comes from okay that’s what I mean so
see how it plays out there may be some connection with the you know ethnicity
or the language of religion or their religion or whatever but see how it
plays out it’s very interesting I feel like there’s some barriers here to fix
or cross or work on related to differences in language but it’s really
not just about you know linguistics it’s really it’s really more about like this
is where you come from right this is a language you speak this is who you are
this is how you view the world and this is how I do okay sometimes that can be
you know maybe you are connecting with a person in your life maybe a boyfriend or
a girlfriend who is just making up a random example who is a very different
religion or background from you right so they come from and but maybe you are all
in the same place like maybe you are all I don’t know and it’s real or Tokyo or
you know London or somewhere in the u.s. you know you’re living close to each
other you are where you are you’re relating to each other but you still
come from very different kind of lifestyles or backgrounds and so there’s
something here where that’s going to involve possibly hassle or trouble or
difficulty maybe trying to get someone else to understand where you come from
in a sense what you you know your language you know why you are the way
you are who you are while you are who you are the kind of thing and why you
have the outlooks you have and that could be in any area of your life you
know maybe trying to convince your family members of your potential future
partner whatever you you know what I mean so that that you’re you’re right
you’re okay you know this is fascinating I want to say we usually don’t get this
message on this card but it could play out in that way watch out for verbal
discussions that go out of bounds you know watch out for emotional reaction
arguments argumentative natures defensiveness offensiveness brash cut
you know cutting biting short quick blunt kind of communication or body
language you want to watch out for okay in the month of January late
January excuse me and through February 2020 right again you can always reach
out to me if you wanted a relationship read or a compatibility reading you can
check out my real testimonials on my website right you never know until you
try now we also have the four of Wands so another four card for you all right
the four of Wands here indicates for you capricorns that many of you this is
going to be in late January through February a real welcoming I feel it’s an
invitation I feel you’re celebrated or maybe you’re you alone aren’t celebrated
but there’s a sense of of almost feel so feels like a homecoming or welcoming for
you you’re invited there’s this Invitational very much so for many of
you for some of you this may be a wedding that could be anything to
celebrate it could be but you know being encouraged to join a group or a
community or a club or an association may be a new job offer you know walking
through me a new gateway for others this is about residents and relocation
housing moves material security you know setting up the Foundation’s or taking
care of your basic foundations and life covering all your bases covering all
four bases all corners getting it all set up I’m also getting something about
it like a benefits dinner so somebody watching or some people watching you may
have a benefits dinner that you may attend and this could be very welcoming
you know maybe some of you are going out on you know into town or having fun
dating very celebratory very nice energy peace positivity prosperity related for
some of you possibly it’s a professional networking event or it has to do with
money in charity or or charity some of you the four of ones the guides are
indicating is going to yeah there’s a sense of establishment there’s a sense
of being collaborative it’s a very social card this month very interesting
I don’t always get this on this card as strongly as I’m getting it
but it’s social there’s a very so very social energy this forum one’s for you
Capricorn okay so you are encouraged by spirit to explore that okay so be out
there and about okay fly like a bird explore the world the world around you
okay accept investor and invitations now Capricorn I’m going to give you a card
from the Oracle deck that I developed I’m using God and the Archangels and
this is an Oracle excuse me this is an Oracle deck that you can purchase on my
website if you wanted to also use these 69 cards to read for yourself they come
with predictive and coaching motivational messages okay alright this
is the one simplify angel double letters simplify for some of you it’s a
fascinating message on think clearly the spirit guides are saying simplified the
mind I also have been given this sort of this message of like like cleanliness
and purity and mind you want to do away with toxicity right you just like you’d
have done with the three of swords reversed you want to do away with
toxicity this is central this is very much a strong element here capricorns
for you it’s about also that inner ohm okay so angel double letters you may see
these very randomly repeatedly on license plates documents on signs on
posters stickers wherever God wants to show the angel double letters to you to
remind you you don’t go back to sauna cos video keep this in mind
as you move through this time range of late January through February you have
to go back to basics you have to focus on the the main points in every
circumstance and situation going through in order to make the best decisions
sometimes this is also about organization choosing to organize
yourself often comes from within when you decide that you are going to focus
on what matters most right so simplification is needed priority
simplification and directness you know what I mean this is very very important
for you in this timeframe look at the main features of each circumstance and
situation is what the guides are saying it’s gonna be very important for you to
simplify okay get in your priorities possibly for some of you like in like
they show him like a reordering that allows for this simplification okay some
of you this is necessary very nice very nice energies okay with this angel
double letters AAA card alright so Capricorn if you are on a tight budget
you can still invest in your spiritual development and progress every month by
purchasing your personal monthly forecasts on my website for only $14 you
get predictions and coaching from Spirit you can try an energy healing session
with me you can use me to reconnect with passed away loved ones or pets for peace
consolation clarity I am a medium as well and you can you know give my
readings my book about angel double letters that you find on my on Amazon
actually for like 10 bucks you can learn the entire angel double letters language
system on in my book here for 10 bucks you can give my book and my Oracle deck
and my gifts and my readings as gifts to family and friends for holidays and
birthdays okay and don’t forget to browse all of the other deeply spiritual
content on this page check out my real testimonials at Golden Sun
happy Valentine’s Day

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