Cancer Tarot Intuitive Love General Messages January 2018 – Moon Water Tarot

Cancer Tarot Intuitive Love General Messages January 2018 – Moon Water Tarot

everybody this is Johanna and Nikolas
just sat down here okay sorry about that thank you so much for joining me for our
January readings I know it’s been a while since I’ve done readings it’s been
since mid-july and I really appreciate you coming back here to watch welcome if
you’ve never been here before and for those that are returning also thank you
so much for reaching out to me and for your concerns your emails checking on me
seeing how I was doing just thank you for your patience your your love and
concern I really do appreciate it so I wanted to say that now
I am doing these obviously in December hopefully it won’t take too long with
Mercury retrograde but you know with the upload times but I wanted to wish you a
Happy New Year and so we’re gonna go ahead and get started with these
readings okay all right take care bye a cancer happy new year
sorry I got a sore throat so I’m a little hoarse the way I’ve been doing
these readings is I share a little messages that I get prior to the reading
and then the Terra reading is a love spread that I’ve been doing so I want to
start with I feel like there’s new beginnings for you in January there
and and some of you might have more than one it’s like I’m getting like the
chariot almost like being pulled in different directions but because I’m
seeing that the chariot I do feel like some of you are going to be traveling
and possibly also moving so this could be a travel work-related but I do get
like an actual physical move or a potential move where you’re starting to
look and possibly down the road you’ll actually be moving now prior to doing um
you know to sitting down for this I was hearing the song I think it’s too much I
think too much heaven by the Bee Gees so what I was getting from that is I was
being pulled to England and I felt like maybe someone is going to England you
may be going to England to study or to actually move could be a business trip
the other thing is I was also focused on heaven and I feel like what the message
is I feel like somebody is studying mediumship you may be discovering that
you can communicate with past loved ones or with those on the other side and
along with that I got writing but it wasn’t just writing I am picking up on
writing some of you oh and here I happen to leave a pen here it could be actually
like writing maybe you’re taking a writing class
but I got um besides like blogs or I got legal papers grants or filling out some
financial forms maybe financial aids or financial aid but I got
so automatic writing so somebody may be doing something along that line
I also picking up forms like for scholarships so there may also be some
kind of legal forms that’s that there’s something about legalities that may be
coming up for somebody the other thing that I was picking up is doing something
with hands I kept seeing hands so that to me could be something in the medical
field where you’re healing it could be alternative medicine it
could be Reiki or as some people call it rake a it could be massage therapy it
could be maybe someone’s going to medical school becoming a surgeon
I mean it’s so many different things massage therapists physical therapists
you may be also helping someone heal or maybe you’re going to be receiving some
healing or some of this therapy yourself in January so these were just some
messages that I was getting you know prior to to doing your reading so let’s
just see here in terms of love what comes up so let me focus on love for
cancer 2018 okay so I’m gonna just keep going usually I cut the deck but you
know some cards have just been kind of flipping out you know I also feel like
somebody is dealing up huh oh you don’t want I got
okay I got and let me angle this down a little bit more to so you can see it
better I may have to readjust it again but the
tripod but I also got it I felt like somebody was going to have possibly
surgery and I felt like it was possibly on their neck or their back or lower
back I felt like it was a disc issue like May and it could also be someone’s
receiving like a shot in their discs like a steroid shot or something like
that it could be and it could also just be you know something minor like
acupuncture but that was coming up – for somebody who can’t serve 2018 January I’m just gonna cut them just go ahead
and cut I will finish the king of Pentacles the
seven of Pentacles the magician so I was talking about new
beginnings Wow in the two of Wands let’s see what’s underneath here another two
so I was talking about new beginnings and opportunities and I believe I also
said being pulled in two different directions so and that kind of speaks
here of the seven of Pentacles so let me angle this down excuse me
and make sure that everything’s in the picture okay cancer so we have the major
arcanas the hair ephant and the magician so I believe that Taurus and Aries are
of significance and we have the king of Pentacles male or female
and this is earth sign so in addition to Taurus Capricorn and Virgo are of
significance so I feel like some of you here especially with this card are at a
crossroads when it comes to love and you definitely have decisions to make
you are definitely assessing a situation of where you’re wanting to put your
energy especially in the new year and you know where you’ve been putting your
energy and where you want to start putting your energy so I feel like
there’s something about you know the history or where your energy has been
going like with with a past relationship or even a
current relationship and again with this one that’s kind of away from these
something new beginning or a new stage in the relationship that you’re in so
this is coming across different ways because they’re a fit for me really
represent at least in this love reading marriage and partnerships and unions and
so what I am feeling is that some of you are contemplating if you or if you’re
single and you’ve never been married will I get married when will I get
married I think that some of you maybe are possibly a bit tired of where you’ve
been looking for love and you’re really kind of assessing what is it that I want
in love and what kind of a partner do I want in love the king of Pentacles to me
is very resourceful he has your back or she very grounded
can take care of the home can take care of the finances they’re hard worker you
know there’s a lot of abundance here and they they have your back and I feel like you’re looking for somebody that’s
dependable that’s willing to put in work into a relationship you’re not getting
what you want and I feel like you are wanting to look outside you’re looking
and it’s you know looking at what resources you have you’re putting all
the cards on the table you’re wanting a fresh start and you’re
looking here it’s almost like when I look at this card you’re looking
globally you maybe even looking outside of your locale so this to me means that
you may be searching online on the Internet you’re going worldwide you may
be and maybe that’s why it’s picking up on England or you know moving or
traveling you may be willing to go to the other side of the world or the other
side of the earth to to find somebody that you’re willing to marry or you know
to be a form of partnership with now I do feel though that there is somebody
out there that somebody has proposed to them and I feel like somebody is a bit
hesitant in taking this proposal and I wonder if it has something to do with
the their belief system I feel like somebody is really kind of assessing a
situation due to maybe they’re from a different culture will their family
accept me or the family you know there’s different belief systems the traditions
are different and will this work so you might be traveling in January again to
go and meet these people or the family to see if this will work or not
now I’m also though picking up on a situation where I do feel that somebody
doesn’t know what to do I feel like there’s there’s somebody there’s a situation that somebody’s
involved with somebody for a while and I do feel like this could happen in
January where somebody new comes in and there’s information that is being
withheld regarding a union or a relationship so in other words what I’m
saying is something new is forming but there’s information you know that is
being withheld so it could be that you don’t know all you know everything
that’s going on or something’s being you know held closely guarded and I’m also
picking up on a pregnancy it could be that you know and this may not be you
this may be a friend of yours a family member that you’re gonna find out that
something’s going on this also I’m hearing maybe something that’s happening
in the workplace that you may hear about but I do feel that there is something
going on that’s a bit secretive and I feel that I again I I do think that
something is going to be revealed regarding the situation so it could be
that somebody has not disclosed their full information about the status of
their relationship could be that somebody doesn’t know they’re pregnant
or somebody is pregnant and it hasn’t been quite revealed that they are so
there’s still some there’s death least some decisions that have to be
made now for others I do feel like you may be in a relationship and you do have
a decision to make you could out-of-the-blue be meet
somebody new in January and you have to decide am I going to end the person that
I’ve been with for a while or do I want to keep investing more time more energy
into this relationship or do I want to go down a new path do I want to start
new does this is almost like the beginning of the major arcana you know what direction do I want to go
in because this also can indicate you know once again somebody that’s been
there that’s had your back for a while and this is newer energy so there are
definitely choices in love that some of you will be making or you might be on
the opposite end where somebody has a choice and it’s going to affect you
you’ll kind of you’ll know if this even resonates with you because it’s not
going to resonate you know with everybody
of course I’m getting the message to that I do feel somebody is wearing a
mask it’s it’s a mask and it’s not they feel like they’re being false but it’s
almost like a protection because I feel like if they were to reveal themselves
and I feel this goes back to cultural differences or traditions and beliefs
possibly around family or around work where that could be an issue like and I
feel like it may have something to do with revealing their true self and I
think it has something to do about their sexuality and they’re holding it close
to their vest because I think there’s a fear of rejection from somebody very
close to them and so they’re contemplating it’s a decision on you
know revealing to people very close to them who they truly are and so there’s a
decision to be made about that I also got the message that someone’s searching
for somebody they’re searching for somebody it may have been somebody from
their past they may have chosen to have let this leave this marriage or the
marriage has dissolved or is in the process of dissolving or they’re making
that decision they’re starting fresh and they’re going in search of somebody to
find somebody and it may be somebody from their past that they’ve had a
history with but I feel like there’s the the past history there may be something
that needs to get resolved or they you know what whether this is you or another
person where by facing the issue it’s kind of like I mean you know there’s a
resolution you know you’re gonna be able to then make a decision or this person
will be able to make a decision in what they want to do with the relationship oh
look at that I just took I hit the thing see it’s the end the end of the major
arcana so something is is ending or concluding so that something can begin
there’s something that needs to get tied up you know tie up those loose ends something coming full circle resolving
something from the past past history and then and it could be like I said it
could be resolving any past hurts so that a new phase in the relationship can
begin and for others I feel like it’s ending this relationship making the
decision or choice so that you can start fresh and start new and move forward
move onward so it’s going to be different
of course and with the pregnancy it can actually be a pregnancy and I’m also
getting something about twins but it also is the birth of something new so
these are just some messages that I’m getting for you cancer I hope that this
reading helps you in some way have a beautiful January I will talk to you
soon all right bye


  1. Welcome back Joanna miss u sooo much. Great to have you back. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year 2018!! Peace, love nd light in abundance….. 🙏🏼❤️🕯

  2. Omg I'm looking for loans to go to school for clinical/medical massage and reiki! Trying to figure out a descent part time job while in school. I need surgery on my neck but no insurance and trying to avoid it if possible.

  3. Joana so good to have you back. As usual many things you mentioned resonated, from the Virgo/Capricorn ( I have one of each in my life) my roommate ( a hands on healer) and I have been staying in vacation rentals in Arizona and plan to move back to California end of January. I’m retired from my RN job, and have many health issues I’m going to a massage therapist today to try to get my lower back and neck back in working order, I’ve been thinking about a spinal injection with steroids as an alternative (epidural) to hurry the healing along. I have been meeting men on the internet one after another, and actually one was from England, but I think he’s a scammer. The only thing I’m clueless about is the person from a foreign culture, but maybe that wasn’t for me. I have an older gentleman in California who wants me to marry him, but I’m reluctant because of his gypsy lifestyle. Lol, waiting for the stable king of pentacles to show up, but I may have to give up my roommate ( a gay man) before I can engage in any serious relationship because he’s very possessive and fearful that I will leave him. I feel a decision is st hand soon, and I’m not wanting to hurt anyone. Thanks for the confirmation in these matters, and welcome back, you were missed.

  4. Hi Joanne thanks for the return its good to see you. I now have my own channel if you wish to have a look that would be great xx hi to you to Nicholas

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