Bob Proctor | Reading A Person’s Energy/Vibration – LIVE!

Bob Proctor | Reading A Person’s Energy/Vibration – LIVE!

We think that we really gotta study the other person. You don’t have to study
the other person at all. What is your name? Jason. Jason? How are ya? Very good
Where ya from? Phoenix. Do we know each other? No. We don’t know each other. Now, I have never met
Jason before in my life. I’ve never read anything
about him, but I know Jason. I could shock him with
what I know about him. Jason has two distinct
sides to his personality. You really do. Now the one side is dominant,
that’s the control side. You’re gonna be the sheriff of the universe at times, right? It’ll be done my way! Yeah, ya married? – Yes.
Yeah. Yeah, well his wife will tell ya this guy is as stubborn as they come. (audience laughs)
He makes up his mind to do somethin’, he’ll go right through a wall to make it happen. But he’s got another side of
him, and it really bothers him. There’s a side of him where you can hurt his feelings just like that, but he doesn’t show it. You bottle it up inside. Now if you don’t start expressing, you’re gonna have stomach problems. That’s an emotional side of you. That’s the side of you that says, do it! And the other side says, Jason,
don’t do it, don’t do it. It’s about 20% of you that’s
impulsive; it’s very creative. Get it, go do it right
now, and your sensor, no man, you better study. And you start playin’ around
and you’ll talk yourself out of all kinds of deals. So you’ve got do it, don’t do it, goin’ on often in you and your mind. Do it, don’t do it, do it, don’t do it. See, I don’t have to wonder if I’m right. I know I’m right, you see? Now, if I’m gonna sell Jason something, you’re in sales, if I’m
gonna sell Jason something, here’s something I know:
He is never gonna be broke. If he tells me he can’t afford it, I know he’s not tellin’ me the truth. What he’s really saying to me is you haven’t made me really
want what you’ve got. That’s what he’s sayin’. This guy’s always got a kicker, he’s always got a buck
stuck away for a rainy day. And if I’m sellin’ and I
understand that, I’ll sell ’em, but if I don’t understand
that, it’s not gonna happen. That make sense, Jim? – Absolutely. Yeah, Jim understands this. He’s got a lotta that in him. In fact, I was lookin’ over
at this table and I thought, God, if these people
don’t move around a bit, they’re gonna have a hell of a time because they all want to
be sheriff of the universe, every one of them.
(audience laughs) (laughs) Wouldn’t that be
an interesting mastermind. My way and always my way! (audience laughs) If you’re gonna take Jason
out for somethin’ to eat, take him somewhere where he can get his teeth into somethin’. Not necessarily a lot,
but somethin’ solid. He’s a meat and potato
guy, take him for a steakj. And if you want somebody
to look after the money, he’s the guy. If you want somebody to
run the show, he’s the guy. You know that shy side? It is shy, too. That’s his shy side, yeah. That sensitive side, that impulsive side? That’s an empathetic
side, he’ll have feelings, he’ll pick up your feelings. Well, the other side’s pretty strong, he’s gonna drive, but he will
be sensitive to your needs. Isn’t it amazing I knew
all this about him? – It’s dead on. – It’s dead on; I know it’s dead on, you don’t need to tell me, I’m right here. Alright, now, I know you’re a man too, and I know you’re a woman. You’ll say, well, wow,
that is really brilliant. How in the hell did you figure that out? (audience laughs) See everybody knows that,
but you know somethin’, Jim? Everybody doesn’t know that. Babies don’t know the difference
between a man and a woman. The baby has to become
aware of the difference. That’s what this is all about. It’s about awareness, and
the more aware you become, baby, the more it happens. You see, everything’s already here. You don’t have to get anything. You’ve just gotta be aware
that it’s already here. And then you gotta get in
harmony with it and, woo! You attract it. You can only attract what
you’re in harmony with. You got a good mix in your personality for what you’re doin’,
I hope you know that. It’s really a good mix. Now, how do I know that about him? Well, you see, this is not Jason. This is Jason’s body, and Jason’s body is a mass of molecules. There’s enough potential
energy in the hydrogen atoms of this body to light up a small country for nearly a week if we
could utilize it properly. There’s nothing but a mass
of energy sitting here. This isn’t Jason, it’s his body. Now, the way Jason operates
controls the vibration he’s in, and this vibration, it’ll cast off energy. You can actually photograph
it, you can feel it. And you can know what Jason’s like. You’ve been given a
mental faculty to do that. You’ve been given it, you really have. I learned how to use mine. Here’s what you wanna know,
if you see me do something, you can take it to the
bank, and you can do it. Do you know, I just
glanced down here at you, and you will confuse
people right to no end. You know the part of him, I
said there was a little bit of him that’s very sensitive? A whole lotta you that’s very
sensitive, you’re a lover. But every now and then, bang,
that tough side comes in. She’s got just enough of left brain to really drive ya crazy, probably bothers you too at times, yeah. You’re the polar opposite to him. Pardon? – I said I’m working on it. – Don’t work on it, just understand it. You don’t wanna change it. My goodness, I could tell ya
all the good things about it. Don’t focus on what’s wrong with ya, look at the other side of it. You know that part of you, Jason, that says, do it, don’t
do it, do it, don’t do it? Stop doin’ that. If you didn’t do it, you didn’t
do it, forget it, you know? You’ll see somethin’, ah, I
shoulda bought that shirt. You didn’t buy the shirt, forget it. Or when you buy it, you
shouldn’t have bought it, you don’t need it. Get outta here! And just treat it like somebody inside and tell ’em to get the hell out. Just make a decision, quit
arguin’ with yourself. What we wanna do is gain an understanding of who we are and how we function and really understand we
have infinite potential. You’re sort of an interesting guy, you know that guy I was
talkin’ to over there and I was tellin’ him
about what he was like? – Yeah. – I was sayin’ where’s he’s
dominantly left-brained guy, you’re dominantly right-brained, but you have that left brain too. You got a very shy, sensitive side, to ya. You’d just as soon I was talkin’ to somebody else right now. (audience laughs) I know, I know what’s
goin’ on in your mind, David, and you’ve got a conflict goin’ on frequently, don’t ya? ‘Cause you are very impulsive, and you’re super sensitive. My God, your feelings are
like that, you’re hurt. (gentle instrumental music) But you have a tendency to suppress stuff. You don’t express it too quickly ’cause you do have that
left-brain side that kicks in. (gentle instrumental music) Don’t say anything. Don’t say anything. Isn’t it strange I’d know this about you? Man, you got such the ton of conflicts goin’ on in there from time to time ’cause there’s a side of you
that has very high energy and just (blows) goes like that, and the other side’s
very organized (growls). You’ve got a phenomenal fix, or a phenomenal personality, to do anything management that’s creative. What do you do? – I’m a designer. – You’re a designer. Do you run a department? – I run an interior design studio. – You run an interior
design studio, figures. Isn’t that strange, I would
hire him in a heartbeat to do that ’cause that’s
what your personality fits. You’re organized, but
you’re extremely creative. Now you got a lotta people in that studio that aren’t very organized at all, but, man, are they creative. You got those too, haven’t ya? Hmm? – Yeah, I guess. – Yeah, you guess?
– I only have one. – You only have one, oh. Is that person very organized? – No.
– Not very organized. He probably wonders how
come you’re so organized ’cause you’re both very creative, and you can pick up people’s
energy just like that. Hi.
– (mumbles) – How are you? – Terrible. – Do I know you real well? – We’ve never met before. We’ve never met before today. You have a quiet, shy side to you. – I do – You do, why would I know that? You have another side of
you that’s very analytical. – Yeah. – You have conflicts going
on in your mind frequently. There’s a part of you that’s
very impulsive, do this! But there’s another part of
you that’s very analytical. Say, wait a minute,
Dan, shouldn’t do that. So you got do it, don’t
do it goin’ on frequently. I don’t know what you do, but
I know what you’d be good at. You’d be good in management
and anything that’s creative because you’re very creative. You know that shy side of you? – Mmhmm.
– It’s also very sensitive. You’ll pick up people’s
energy, you’ll sense them. You’ll sense they’re upset, or you’ll sense they feel
good about something. Then there’s another side of
you that’s very analytical. It’s very determined. It’s the polar opposite to
that sensitive side of you. What do you do? – I run a Lexus dealership. – You run a Lexus dealership. – In Cincinnati. You run it. – I have about 78 employees. – Yeah, 78 employees. And when some of those employees are disturbed about something,
you feel it, don’t ya? Yeah, you do. Isn’t it funny I’d know that? You see, Dan’s got a ray
of energy around his body. His body is mass of energy,
it’s just a mass of energy in a high speed of vibration, and it casts off a ray of energy, and do you know you’ve
got a mental faculty that can pick that up? He’s got a very shy side to him, very sensitive side, but not all the time. There’ll be times, Dan, when
you’re in a social situation and just, woo, somethin’
moves into your head, and you’ll just feel
totally outta place there. You may feel like you might
just go to the washroom, sit in the toilet by
yourself for a little bit, and then, oh yeah, no, he’ll do that, and then that’ll pass, and you’ll come back out and everything’s cool. That happens, doesn’t it? Yeah, it does. Say, god, he’s the guy
that has the dealership. He’s the boss! Why would he be like that? ‘Cause that’s the way he’s made. That’s the way he’s programmed. And do you know where all this comes from? This comes from generation
after generation program, that’s your genetic nature, and if you don’t like
it, you can change it. What you should do is really like it because you got awesome potential. In fact, you may have had difficult time deciding what to do
because you’re very good at a whole lot of things
that are totally unrelated. You probably got the people in the dealership a little screwed up. They can’t figure how much
you’re so good at this, and then you’re so good at that. And they’re not the same at all. They’re totally unrelated. That puzzles ’em, doesn’t it? – Yeah. (gentle instrumental music) Why would I know all this? You’d think that I’d been
talkin’ to his mother. (audience laughs) You see? Well, let me something,
you have mental faculties, we call them intellectual factors, that are absolutely incredible. We’ve never been taught we’ve got them let alone how to develop them. (gentle instrumental music) Your intuitive factor is something that enables you to
deal with the universe, tune right in with the universe! Vibrations, a law of the universe. I’m just readin’ his energy. It was like I was readin’ a book. I don’t have to wonder
whether I was right, I know damn well I was right. He was wonderin’, well,
how do you know this? You see, his analytical side was, (mumbles) that guy’s right on the money. How in the hell does he know all this? Well, you can do it, if you’ve
seen me do it, you can do it. See, that’s the beautiful truth. Anything you see someone
else do, you can do.


  1. I'm a big fan of Bob but this was just cold reading. Any of the statements he told the people about themselves could have applied to anyone in the audience. It seems very specific, however if you listen again you realise they're very broad and general.

    He basically said the same thing about each person worded slightly differently. If someone told you these things I'm sure you could apply it to your own personality in some way. Especially if you respect Bob and want to agree with him.

    For example: of course people have different sides to them. They have different emotional states. No one person is 100% confident the whole time, even if they seem so. Does this mean they have two sides to them or carry a secret shyness? Not necessarily. It just means as human beings we all collectively experience many different states, high and low.

    Watch "Derren Brown reads hands with a twist" it perfectly shows how people can apply seemingly specific statements about themselves to their personalities.


  2. Bob is selling his ego to egotists…The harshness to his voice whilst driving home a point is practiced. Freemasonry hints by a 33rd degree Freemason – in the Scottish Rite…

  3. Thank-you so much for everything. You have been a blessing to me and my family and we are extremely grateful for it. Thank-you once again. God bless you.

  4. On the real he needs to chill man we need more vids on this title subject broo. No man it's better then any spiritual teacher in the world. Shit man.

  5. I call it "reading" I've been reading people for years but I feel like it was a gift that was just given to me through spirit …I use it in my everyday life and it flows perfectly …I don't ever tell anybody or explain to them that I'm reading them, in the past when I've kind of mentioned it people get uneasy that I can "see" and feel who they are and their past so I really try to keep it to myself but my line of work I do give them "Health readings" that are always exact and spot-on and just like Bob says I don't need to ask if it's right in my particular case it's black and white it is what it is.. and nobody is ever told me otherwise, they all know it's right, it's a little hard to explain but it's just part of my line of work but then I feel like it's a gift that I was given that I'm able to read much further I call it "reading" some people call it energy or Vibe but I just simply call it "reading"〰️☺〰️

  6. It's a pleasure to listen to Bob Proctor. Each time, I found true in his teaching and it's give me more and more confidence in me. My dream his to have the 15000$ to get at the matrix even in Toronto in a time to come. Since then thanks Bob for been helping people in your way.

  7. I agree with that cold reading response. I've heard him say almost the same things in his other videos lol. To truly read a person and activate your intuitive sense you need to zone in and be deeply aware which he's clearly not doing.

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  11. Why he doesn't teach people and explain the process of reading vibration ? What I see he is only saying if I can do it, you can do it. Ok. SHOW ME HOOOOOWWW!!! What is the point of his seminars if he doesn't give you knowledge how to do it?

  12. When that woman said i am working on it…and you said oh my god we dont work on it we understand it…
    We dont understand coz we cant imagine..
    We cant imagine coz everything is made up of energy…which we cant see with our naked eye…we can feel it and imagine it in our third intellectual eye…
    But only one%people are actually doing it..
    People say that the world is ending…its not the earth that is shattering in pieces its the highest created mind is…thsts human mind…
    It will take years to come…coz that day is already decided by him…
    Albert einstein said…world war 4 will be with stick and stones…it will be…with minds that has stopped working..literally..stopped

  13. To People saying its way over the top even for bob…
    I sending u some positive energy…
    If einstein would have seen this video he would have patted on bobz back…
    This whole meet was not for money…it is bobz lab room..a temporary one tho…where he is trying to achieve something from believing that they have discovered(for the less evovled) they know..see..feel…hear..etc the energy…

    N the joke is he didnt even do it for money..
    Earning money is his last problem…

  14. Bob Proctor routinely cites Napoleon Hills book, Think & Grow Rich, as his (guide ) for lack of a better word. And his own advice is to follow the advice of someone who has " made it ". Napoleon Hills net worth was approximately one million dollars. He was not rich. Nor did he have a healthy relationship with family.
    i recently watched a Napoleon Hill video which president Trump commented on. Citing Henry Ford in a conversation with Hill pointed out the fact Hill rode a public bus to a book store promo of his book, as he did not own a car, and was not rich.
    I know people, especially ones wanting to advance, want to believe Bob's advice. And ignore the ney sayers. As i am one of them. But numbers like Hills one million, and Bob's own relatively small pile, do not lie. The facts i've presented can easily be googled & verified.

  15. So if I speak my mind by saying I found Bob's delivery of cold reading in this video to be cringe worthy, I'm offering a negative vibe? 😧

  16. I believe this is not ok at all. You read people? Really ? That's part of what exactly? I am sorry but this is the most disrespect thing to human is mind .

  17. i found intrest in bob proctor til i found that all what he does is repeating himself all the time.. with no depth on what he says… for some people it's enough for other not.
    I found that there is much more than what the teaches.


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  20. No message any bank where my account escaping going on no help line they reality in the work how can we expect truth Yshk Viswanatham.

  21. Amazing reading. Trust your motives Bob. It was to get the audience understand that all of us have that intuitive faculty. Look forward to meet you, one day. Your work is deeply encouraging and is appreciated ♡☆

  22. I love & admire Bob, he is extra ordinary personality ,. I wonder whether its possible to control somebody's thoughts in the way that makes him think / feel what you want him to feel / think, this way you always can READ his mind, didn't apply to Bob bcz he said that everybody can do it

  23. Thanks Bob. You're the best. Now I understand why I am the way I am. I read people meeting them the first time. People hated me for it. Now I can use it positively

  24. We can be/do exactly what we see another person being/doing.

    Best value is the last sentence spoken in this video, not because it is the end of the video. The reading seemed a bit unconvincing, Bob, but I do respect everything else you teach – keep going and good health!

  25. Wow….. although I know I'm very observative….. seeing him blew me ….you have helped me grow and still helping me grow

  26. This has never been my experience and I've read many. It's never so detailed and it doesn't come from my mind, it comes from my spirit and their spirit. When I encounter people for the first time their spirit speaks to mine. The mind is not powerful enough to hide the spirit. So while I may not have details about what you had for breakfast -the most important thing I need to see will come through and I cannot control it.

  27. I can do this and have been able since I was a kid but I wasnt aware at a teen and alot of the time I ignored it and when I did it results in heartbreaks and other bad things and now I seen this I'm gonna trust it more

  28. that shows a little other side of you- that was cold-reading and very general. i ask myself, what is so nescessary for you doing that way to reach people?

  29. Apparently reading this crowd was reading the same story over and over. Shy emotional side. Extremely creative. Yeah…

  30. I'm pretty good at reading people's vibe I knew the workers would turn on me before they even knew it themselves because of their stinking attitude towards work. As a KP they didn't even realize. I was thinking miles ahead. Did a test got the results I expected

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