Birds eye Meditation | Expand your perspective/ find a spirit guide

Birds eye Meditation | Expand your perspective/ find a spirit guide

Choose a bird that you feel resonates with
you most. It must be one that can fly. If your mind draws a blank, choose from the
following. Sparrow, robin, crow, eagle, or owl. Close your eyes and imagine yourself stepping
outside your back or front door. As you do so, the bird of your choice flies
down and lands in front of you. It asks you to hop on your back. It seems natural that its talking to you,
but how could you possibly fit onto its back when its so tiny and you’re so large? As you’re pondering the problem, you are
suddenly on its back, resting comfortably on its soft feathers. It takes off into the air and you suddenly
realize there is a magnetic force between you and the bird. However it moves, you move with it, as though
you are both one and the same. Knowing this, you relax into its feathery
coat and start to enjoy the exciting pleasure of flying off into the sky. To begin with, your bird stays quite close
to the ground. But you feel so secure you want it to go up
higher. It circles above where you live, gradually
climbing higher and higher. You look down on where you live, its getting
small and smaller. How does that make you feel? You look at the other buildings aroundd it
and see it with a new perspective. What about the lives of all those other people? You’re climbing higher now. The air feels softer, fresher. You feel it caressing your skin and then,
as you breathe in its fragrance, you feel it filling the inside of your lungs. It feels warm, reviltalizing. The higher you climb, the freer, the more
alive, even the more relaxed you feel. Your home is but a dot in the distance now
as you break through into the clouds. They feel like soft cotton wool brushing gently
against you. The bird pauses to rest on a cloud and you
watch the world swirling below you as the clouds carry you along to different areas. You see land masses and mountains and bodies
of water. You realize how vast the world is and what
a tiny dot your home is on the earths landscape. You start wondering about all the other countries
and their people, about their customs and beliefs. How many of them have spiritual values that
you’ve never considered before? Your bird now takes off again, higher into
the universe. Everything is becoming brighter and lighter
and even more beautiful. You see stars and planets. You are drinking in the beauty of the universe
when you become aware of something more in the far, far distance. Is it a new planet? An undiscovered star? You strain your eyes to see it, but it remains
elusive. You know that something new is out there. You know its something very special, something
you want to experience. You ask the bird to fly nearer but he explains
he can’t. Not yet. Your curiosity is aroused. What is this new and unexplored something? You are drawn powerfully towards it. You ask the bird why its so important. It explains that the entity is the distance
is enlightenment and you can only reach it when you are ready. Your journey has started, but you still have
a distance to travel. You don’t have the means to complete the
path yet. The bird informs you that you must return
to your home now. Slowly, it starts its descent. You reluctantly leave the planets and stars
behind you as you fly back, through the clouds and drawn towards your home. The bird gently lands at your door and you
step off, you are back to earth size and the bird is now at your feet. It explains that you can call on it any time
you want to explore further, All you have to do is call it. You ask the bird its name and it tells you. This is the name you use to call it in the
future. You thank him for the journey and watch as
he flies off into the sky. You are sorry to see him go, but you have
work to do on this planet. You know you can’t reach enlightenment until
you have completed more of life experiences. You feel refreshed and re energized by your
flight. You have a renewed sense of purpose and an
increased confidence in the future.


  1. What a beatiful practice! What a lovely story… My bird was a osprey. We have a ton of them here… I am right along the Connecticut river!

  2. Right as you described the bird telling us its name, my cat named Smigel head-butted me, so I guess my bird is named Smigel

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