Best Paranormal Equipment for the Beginning Ghost Hunter!

Best Paranormal Equipment for the Beginning Ghost Hunter!

– So you’re just starting out
as a paranormal investigator and you want to know what basic equipment to buy without breaking the bank. We’ve got the best paranormal equipment for the beginning ghost
hunter coming up next. Welcome to Haunted Road Media, I’m author and ghostorian Mike Ricksecker. Explore with us. So you want to investigate the paranormal. You want to ghost hunt,
but you don’t want to spend a ton of money on a
bunch of fancy equipment. I’ve been involved with the paranormal in some way, shape or form since 1990, and our current team,
Society of the Haunted, was founded back in 2011. So, I’m speaking from my own experience. Just recently on our full equipment video, Gabby B asked, “Would
you consider doing one with the absolute necessities
and cheaper for beginners.” We’ve got you covered in this video, and what I’ll do is I’ll give you some basic idea about price, and put links below in the
description to those items. What I’ll also do is
I’ll give you a link here and in the description below to
our full equipment video so you can see everything we have. All right, first up, and I’ll save the best for last, is the flashlight. Now, I know it’s a very basic item, but it’s also a very necessary item, and I don’t mean from the perspective of the people that do
the flashlight trick. I really don’t adhere to that one. A lot of people like it,
I don’t particularly, but flashlight for safety. I’ve heard of people walking around in these different haunted locations, abandoned sites without a flashlight, and they get hurt, and some people trying to be tough, trying to be gung ho, like, oh, I don’t need a flashlight, but really, it’s a safety item. You need to be able to
find your way around these different locations and places. And you might be able to feel your way around a little bit with your hands, but you know, a lot of these locations there’s holes in the floors, soft spots, stairs that you could fall down. It’s very, very dangerous
to not be walking around with a flashlight. So this is like number one safety item right here. And the light just went out. So, your flashlight, and I
do have another one here. It will cost you about five, ten, maybe $15 for a higher end flashlight,
pretty affordable. You don’t have to break
the bank for a flashlight. It’s a very necessary safety item, so you know, not very costly at all for a very necessary safety item. Then there’s the very underrated item… of the notebook. Yeah, I’m
serious, a notepad and a pen. A lot of people really don’t do this, but jot down notes during
your investigation. If there’s something
going on, note the time, note the room that it happened, note exactly what happened,
note your experience. You might think, oh, I’ll remember when that was, where that was. Maybe you’re recording some audio, and you’ll time stamp it or whatever, but things happen, glitches happen. You never know. Also, if you’re interviewing
someone, take some notes. Yeah, you might be recording it off on the side, but there
are different things that’ll come to mind while you’re doing that interview and you
jot those things down. You might be interviewing somebody from a historical location,
a docent, a tour guide. If it’s a residential case, you’ll be interviewing the home owners. Take some notes and even with you on the investigation, take it with you, jot some things down that are going on, while you’re actually investigating. And you know, notepad and pen, we’re talking a couple of bucks. Now we’ll start moving into the items that are a little bit higher priced, and we’ll start with the
digital audio recorder. I love trying to capture EVPs, to work with that spirit communication. Mine is a Sony, so, it cost me around $50, but to me it’s absolutely essential. You’re trying to communicate
with these spirits. So, what better way than to try to actually capture that onto audio? You may not be able to hear a response with your own ears like
a disembodied voice, but you can always go
back over digital audio and listen to it later. So I want to make sure it has an output port to USB so that I can
download it to the computer so I can listen back to it later, put some big headphones on, and really get in depth into what I’ve
actually heard on this. Now, the other thing in
my hand, along with this, this is a little side item, cost me, I think it was about 10
or 15 bucks for this. I got this so long ago, but it was a perfect little way to
be able to secure this ’cause I was having all
kinds of issues with this. Like, sticking it on my belt and things like that, you’d hear movement. So, this little thing, which is basically an old school MP3 device holder, I just cut a hole in the top of it there so I could poke the
audio recorder through, zip it up, and then I
just stick it on my arm like that and then you don’t hear the rustling of all the clothes with that. There are a lot of different varieties. You don’t have to get the Sony. There are some that have all kinds of different features that are a lot more expensive, and there’s some others that are a little less
expensive, but make sure it has some of the different things you want like that output port. Then there’s the digital camera. You could pick up a
basic one for 50 to $100 just to get some photos and it might have some features on there to
capture a little video, if you’re trying to capture some video. This, I’m using a Canon SL2. I haven’t had a smaller digital camera for a while, but if you’re just looking for the basics, you can
buy a basic digital camera and that will work
perfectly for quite a while until you work your way up and in case you want to do something more. Like I said, photos, fantastic. Take photos all over the place, inside, outside the building. You want to capture what things look like around the location because things may move around during the investigation that you might not be
aware of. Or maybe there’s something when you’re reviewing evidence, you’re wondering, you
know, where was that, originally, or what was
there that I could’ve run into if you’re
listening back to audio, and those photos may show you? And then also, of course, you’re going to want to get some outside shots as well. Now, I don’t necessarily
have a specific kind of digital camera that I can recommend. There’s a lot of different varieties. I’m using a higher end camera right now, and I haven’t used one
of those for a while, but you can do some shopping
and pick up something that you think is really
appropriate for you. Some people are going to
say this is sacrilege, but I’m going to tell you
right now that if you really want to cut back on breaking the bank and keep it really inexpensive, for everything that I’ve
already said so far, you can use your phone. Absolutely, you can use your phone. Now, people will say, well, that will compromise the investigation. Well, just put it on airplane mode so that there’s no data transfer. In a lot of our videos, you’ll see that Shana’s actually holding her phone. Well, she doesn’t have an actual
phone plan connected to it. There’s no data transfer anyway, and a lot of times she’ll put it into airplane mode just to make sure. She uses it, well, as a camera. It also can be used as a flashlight. You can also take notes on this. You can also record audio on this. So everything that I just said, you could do right on your phone if you really want to keep it inexpensive, that is, of course, if
you have a smartphone, but most people do these days, and you just get the appropriate apps. Now, I don’t use any of
the ghost hunting apps or ghost box apps or anything
like that with the phone. I really don’t believe in them at all, coming from a computer
programming background like I do. We have an entire video on that if you want to see my opinion on that. Now, a basic EMF detector,
that’s electromagnetic field detector, I’ve got the K2. I also have the Mel Meter up here, that’s a bit pricier,
has a lot more features. Just something basic, that’s the K2, and I got this years
ago for about $40 or $45. And what it will help you do is to see if there’s any electromagnetic activity going on at the time. If you watch the beginning of our Part Two of the 518 South video, you’ll see that I was doing a just basic scan of the area with the K2 because every time I went upstairs I kept feeling this buzzing sensation. And so I’ve been at locations before where I’m getting that sensation and it’s because there’s a high electromagnetic
field within that room or within that building. And so this will give you just kind of a basic reading that yes, there’s an
electromagnetic field here. In that particular video with 518 South there actually wasn’t,
so it made us wonder what may have been going on there. So, basic item. People do try to use it
for spirit communication and I’ve had that happen
before, but it’s difficult. This is kind of like maybe an extra item you want to, might pick up, you know, as far as like a basic kit. It’s not an absolute, but
it’s nice to have around. So the best low cost
tool that you can bring on a paranormal investigation
is you, your body. Your body is actually your best tool on a paranormal investigation. Now there’s a lot of people that don’t believe in the whole sensitive side of it, but it’s a legit thing. You think of those moments
in which your body’s just alert suddenly to
some kind of danger. That’s kind of what we’re talking about. In these cases, your body
suddenly becomes alert to something paranormal
going on in the area. There’s some sort of
spirit activity going on. We just did an entire
Inside the Upside Down live stream show on this
which I’ll also go ahead and link here for you, and we get in depth into how all of that
works, and how we’re able to perceive these different
things on investigations. You know, pay attention to your body, and what your body is telling you, and what your senses are telling you. Be smart about things and
know what your perception is about the location that you’re at. Trust your instincts. Couple of quick tips about investigating. First off, wherever you’re
going, get permission. Now, it already may be set
up, going to somebody’s house. You’re in there, you’ve
got their permission. You’re doing a historic haunt, you’re in there, you
have their permission, you signed the waiver
form, all of that stuff. But there’s a lot of locations around that might be abandoned or
might be on a private property that you may be really tempted to go to. Well, it’s kind of illegal to do that. Get permission first before you
just go walking on in there. Also, for the first time investigator, I would recommend
latching onto a reputable local team for a little while. Learn the ropes from
people who have been doing this for a while. What you see on TV is
not really what happens. So, learn what really
happens from somebody who’s been doing it for 10, 15, 20 years, and has a good reputation in your area for doing paranormal investigations. I’ll go ahead and link our video on our full range of paranormal equipment off to the side over here, and also, we have an entire playlist
on Ghost Hunting 101 and learning the ropes of being
a paranormal investigator. I’ll link that over here as well. I’m Mike Ricksecker
from Hunter Road Media, ’til next time. (upbeat music)


  1. Great advice for beginners. Especially the fact that real life is totally different than tv. A lot of people still don't get it. Enjoy the weekend guys! πŸ™‹πŸ‘πŸ˜Ž

  2. Oh my goodness Thank you for your advice!! I’m a newbie on paranormal anything. But if I try doing something on investigation I will take your advice. I appreciate you being helpful and honest. Fan From Ohio, Mary!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. Thank You for the very informative video.
    I've seen so many Fake or Click Bait Youtubers out there and you and Shana are the Real Thing My husband and I think.
    Excuse my English please, I am Chinese (American Citizen now) but Mandarin is my language and I was raised under Chairman Mao Regime.
    My husband is American Born and Raised, Proud American.
    Thank You for letting me explain myself and Please say Hello to Shana for us.

  4. Basic equipment nothing sophisticated for beginers and paranormal investigators cheap voice recorder vhs or sony handicams batteries lots of batteries and if you have any abilities sensative alike your body will tell you and let you know hair will stand up feel like electricity going through you lol it can be overwhelming at times lol atleast how I would do it learned all stuff from Mike and ghosting buddy πŸš›πŸ•πŸ˜

  5. I know this may sound lame but are you Mike from OKPRI (Historian). It's just I've been watching a show called "Haunted" & there's a guy that really looks like a younger you. I'm not trying to bbe disrespectful ok, just curious. Thank you all the same as I do enjoy your shows.

  6. Great suggestions! I always wondered if flashlights were blocking views of entities, but safety never crossed my mind and it is really important! Love the arm band holder for the Sony recorder! Would you consider using flour or talc powder on a floor to track entity footprints?

  7. How's it going Mike? I'm sorry I didn't make it to mineral springs, a lot was going & I lost track of days lol. But anyway, I was wondering about that haunted cafe in Kampsville, is it still there? Me & a buddy went cruising up there the other day & I thought about that place.

  8. I'm so glad you mentioned that your body is a real ghost hunting tool. I tell people that all the time, and no one seems to believe me. I've picked up on more things than you can imagine. When they come back with their tools and devices, then they verify what I've felt and heard. Spooky but cool. Thanks, Mike.

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