Being Authentic ~ Spiritual Tips by Sloane Rhodes

Being Authentic ~ Spiritual Tips by Sloane Rhodes

hi everyone Sloane Rhodes here I wanted
to make this reporting for you today about the difficulty many people have
with being authentic or understanding even how to be authentic or what that
means for them I do have a podcast episode entitled being authentic allows
your needs to be met and there’s a link here but this recording is to help you
understand more clearly what it means to be authentically yourself so first of
all a lot of times we’ll the wait let me back it up this idea that many people
have about being authentically themself begins from the misunderstanding that
who they are is who is what they’re egoic identity is so when you’re being
encouraged to be authentically yourself or to be authentic many people go to
their notion of who they are which is from the mind from the ego and a
construct of the ego of of their self you know and so you it’s important to
kind of roll it back through the layers we go at conditioning and social
familial economic cultural constructs and ego conditions because who we are is
extremely simple at its core but there are many many ego layers that create our
echoic identity so is it any wonder that many people all of us at some point can
experience this and I know this can forget how to be themselves who they
truly are and how to be authentic in their words their actions and the
experience so one of the first things that you can
do practical scale is to acknowledge that you are more than the person you
think you are right everything upon the planet Earth
is much more multi-faceted than we could ever begin to understand as humans so
when you hold that understanding when you know that at your core to be true
that you are not just the person you your mind thinks you are
you know the eldest child the youngest child that the person of this ethnicity
or cultural background on gender identity if you can understand all of
that makes up yes who you are on the planet Earth but it is not authentically
who you are who you are is an eternal soul you are having the experience as
this individual so when you are being asked to drop into the heart or you have
a desire to be more authentic hold that understanding first so let’s just say
that it’s a given right you you’re not arguing this point let’s give it as a
given that we are more than our notion of who we are on this planet well that
allows a lot more freedom to respond to the experience that you are having so
when you no longer see yourself as in my case a female a white female right what
very cut and dry I no longer have to respond to experiences from that egoic
identity I can respond with more of an open heart to all people all
experiences without the need to hang on to that identity to feel my feathers get
ruffled if someone treats me you know you know that’s in terms of my ego
identity my ego of perception if someone treats me in a way that doesn’t
recognize who I think I am you know so I don’t have to respond from a place of
ego I can just respond from a place of open-hearted acceptance and love of all
the experiences I’m having all right so it’s something to think about with your
mind of course and that’s something to play with in your experience because a
lot of times we create situations where we aren’t being authentic because we are
reacting from the place of the ego because our egoic identity is being
challenged seemingly um our egoic identity is being sometimes it feels
like it’s being threatened to the ego so we thought we have to fight back right
I’m being disrespected you know are you or is it just what you are mine during
ego your egoic identity imagines this occurring based on who think you are and
who you think the other person is so it creates a lot of tension throughout the
days weeks months years when we keep acting reacting and reacting to these
seeming threats and challenges to our egoic sense of self so when you are
being asked to be authentic then drop into the heart from my perspective what
I mean when I am working that people are talking with people by that is to come
from a place where you aren’t resisting or fighting against when is occurring
based on what you think you should be what you
think who you think you are like you how you think you should respond based on
who you think you are it’s deep work it takes the level of
conscious awareness that can be safe with expanded upon and mastered but it
creates a lot more peace in your life more opportunities for peace and when
you feel peaceful everything opens up but when you’re feeling on guard when
you’re feeling as though you’re right and they’re wrong there’s that
separation and with the separation comes at that tension the anxiety
now it’s not always easy to drop into the heart and be more peaceful because
we are accustomed to that level of anxiety and adrenaline you know in our
physical bodies in our energy system so when it dissipates and we come into
peace it feels sometimes uncomfortable or we feel vulnerable because we are
accustomed to the fight right or the flight or even the freeze you know
there’s many different ways to respond to external stimuli that feels
threatening so I guess what I was hoping to leave you
with with this recording is to remember that you are more you are authentically
a child of the universe you are you are authentically an eternal soul you are
also authentically a human being with many many many layers of upon layers of
your conditioning so be gentle with yourself but also tell you what the
middle of that imagine what it would be like to be not who you think you are in
any given situation of circumstance are you the person who drives a nice car are
you the person who doesn’t have a car or are you more than that being the person
who never gets respect are you the person who demands respect it’s all you
go out conditioning more than that
you don’t need to react from that place we of who you think you are being
authentic is about being open saying what feels right and true for you in the
moment not for the place of fear necessarily even though if that comes up
that’s five minutes being authentically human yes but if you can drop into the
heart even more and say gosh you know I reacted from that place of anger because
I felt threatened or I felt uncomfortable I didn’t know how else to
respond or just out of familiarity and I’m choosing now to understand that that
it’s not who I truly have the authentic reaction was from obsessive openness and
love and to say yes you’re having this exchange with me you’re angry with me
now if I identify with that anger as someone who needs to fight against it that creates stress and that prolongs a
situation that is already fraught with problems you’re angry with me I
understand when you’re feeling more peaceful when
you’re coming from the authentic place the deep wellspring of who you truly are
this eternal soul and you bring forth that sense of peacefulness because you
know there is no threat you know that there’s nothing that can occur and I
could never harm you as an eternal soul you begin to reflect that peace back to
the universal oneness in terms of your external experience here on planet earth
whether we were the person or situation now if it’s a person and you are
reflecting if you are emanating peace you are reflecting that individuals
peace back to them now they may not be able to take it all in but they get too
secretive looks like on some small level it depends on how open they are so
there’s nothing for them to fight against necessarily it may frustrate
them they may not know how to react and their anger and their ego me super seize
and cover up obscure the peace that you are reflecting back to them but it’s
still there when they’re coming at you within your when you’re feeling more
peace you don’t experience that reflection of anger back to yourself as
often or as intensely because you’re coming from a place of peace so of
course you’re human so you may have some anger within you of course that’s fine
you know you are physically human as I mentioned but as you drop into the heart
more and you become more than two click who you truly are which is a spark of
the audience you are an extension of Source Energy
which is only love then that begins to be your move arm becomes it becomes more
familiar to you than the in authentic experience of the ego or conditioner who
you think you are really thought you were what do you think or thought the
other person was of the situation so it’s something to play with you know
it’s um it’s a journey but I wanted to offer that to you today because it came
up and I thought it might be helpful for some of you and I know it’s always
helpful for me as well to UM to make these videos and to do the
podcast episodes because just like all of you I’m human
you know and so even though this is part of my life’s work to understand this and
to bring it out to help others as well and as well as myself yes it’s still
helpful for me to listen sometimes it’s my other recordings as well as to the
currents of others and votes or whatever because when I’m making the videos or
they’re doing the episodes it’s a channel through the information that I
need to hear again later when I’m caught in my own ego so anyway I hope that you
find that helpful and of course you’re welcome to leave comments or to email me
if you have any questions I know that I was making the Q&A videos and I stopped
for a while but if anyone would like me to address something here in a video
form you can leave me the question here or you can email it to me and if you
know what your name mentioned I won’t mention your name
I do enjoy doing the Q&A videos because if someone asks a question that means
for sure that many other people have the same exact question or some version of
it and so don’t be shy because it will help
others you know just like when you’re in school and they say there are no dumb
questions you know it’s true because if you have a question guaranteed other
people are seeking clarity on the very same issues so anyway I wish you much
love and I will see you next time


  1. Thank you, Sloane you are always interesting and inspirational. This authentic self I understand what you are saying about love in us all and I also find anger spreads like a weed and that if we listen to another when they are angry and show empathy we somehow dyfuse their anger. It is funny I am 66 years old and it seems only this last decade or so we talk about our true authentic self. It seems to me for myself I have wondered is authentic a personality trait like when I was younger and more care free and accepting of myself if I wore love beads or dressed in general more trendy: I ask myself is this being authentic because it felt so darn good. So I do hear what you are saying but I guess what i'm saying is to be more authentic I have confused this with what makes up a happier personality. Anyway I hope this makes sense and Thank you again for all your wise content you share. Many Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving if You are in Canada.

  2. Thanks Sloane This very inspirational video was so helpful to me. I really appreciate your little talks. Great Work!! Thanks

  3. Thank you for taking the time to create this video, Sloane! It is very easy to mistake the ego as the authentic self and not look further for the heart center. I am guilty of that myself. So a gentle reminder is always welcome!

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