Barbie – The Twins First Gymnastics Class | Ep.136

Barbie – The Twins First Gymnastics Class | Ep.136

Barbie – The Twins First Gymnastics Class Just move that there… Change the colours a little bit… Barbie What size clothing will the baby need? I don’t know… Maybe a triple zero Ok, triple zero it is! What are you doing? Ordering an outfit for the baby You like it? Ben 10! Ken, you don’t even know if it’s going to be a boy yet I know, but even if it’s a girl, she can wear this Mummy! Come on! I not want to be late again! Ok, ok… Don’t forget I have a check up at the doctors before gymnastics I sure baby is fine! We can’t be late for gymnastics! Yeah, we’ll go to doctors first We’ve got hours before your lesson anyway Well I hope car not break down again! You coming Ken? I might stay here if that’s alright Just want to make sure this looks perfect Fine… Come on girls I’m sitting in the front seat! It’s so cool here! I can see everything! How come Chelsea get to sit in front seat? She’s old enough to sit next to me now Not fair! I not see anything back here Can I change the radio station? Sure! What? She change radio too? You’ll have a turn when you’re older Well we having lots of fun in the back seat Aren’t we Annabelle? Yeah! So much fun! You guys aren’t doing anything! Well it still fun Looking good Barbie The baby is growing nicely And how much longer? I think it’ll be about a month more So definitely before Christmas? Oh yes I expect the baby to come out weeks before Christmas Good! So Ken still has no idea if it’s a boy or girl? No idea… Ha, ha, ha! Alright Barbie we’ll see you in a few weeks Thanks Doctor Mummy! Hurry up! You taking too long! I was in there for less than five minutes Well that still too long Let’s go then Can’t you drive faster? No Annabelle! I’m driving at the speed limit What that car in front doing? Move it Mister! Isabelle! We’ll get there in time… I promise! I hope so… Maybe you press horn so everyone know we in hurry No! Definitely not! We’ll be… (Toot) (Toot) Chelsea! I said do not press horn! Sorry… But at least the cars are moving out of the way now (Toot) (Toot) Sorry about that… Maybe Chelsea sit in back seat now because she naughty If she presses it again, she will be! Yes! We made it! Whooo hoo… Hey! Where is everyone? Hello? Anybody here…? Girls, we’re about two hours early! Two hours! Mummy… Why we here so early? What? Because of you two! I not know what you talking about Just sit down and wait Maybe I start warming up on trampoline Sit down! Yes, you sit down Isabelle while I practice on beam You too Missy! (2 hours later…) Alright girls, come through Yippee! Everyone here! Chelsea? How long have you been here? Perfect timing! We just got here too No, we get here… Shhh Isabelle! Come on, let’s go have some fun Hi girls! Ready for another gymnastics lesson? Yes! Great! Now… Veronica is on vacation, so she’s not here today But we do have two new girls! Make welcome Annabelle and Isabelle! (Clapping) Thank you Miss Gabby Hello everyone I just want to say that you girls terrible at gymnastics but me and my sister help make you better… Ummm… Thank you Annabelle You welcome! Alright everyone, let’s go to the big beam Great Talia! Keep your balance… And jump… Perfect! This going to be fun Isabelle! I know! I can’t wait! That’s it Chelsea… Whooaa! I’m ok! Good recovery… And… Nice jump! Yes! Now…Anna… Oh! Miss? I don’t think you’re ready for the big beam just yet girls… Ohhhh…! Sorry girls Let’s try the vault everyone Great work Tamika! Keep those arms out when you jump Amy… Perfect Chelsea! Much better than last time Talia! Yay! My turn! Stop, stop, stop! Sorry Isabelle… What now? I really don’t think you’re ready for the vault either I’d hate for you to hurt yourself Ohhhh…! Hmmm… I’ve got an idea Give me five minutes… There we go! What this? This is for you and Isabelle It’s your own little gymnastics area Huh? You can climb on this big block and jump off to practice your dismounts Walk across this small beam Do little somersaults on this white mat Climb through this tube Practice cartwheels on this floor area and even do some jumps on this mini vault! Ok… What do you think? It looks a bit boring Well you two try it and let me know what you think We’ll be at the trampoline Oh great! This for babies! Isabelle? Look at me Annabelle! I doing it! Let me try that I doing it too! Whoa… Whoa… Phew! That fun! Again! Annabelle and Isabelle look like they’re having fun I know… Tamika… Well done Isabelle! Ohhh… I want to do that Tamika… Tamika! Oh… Sorry Miss Gabby Your turn on the trampoline Let’s go through here Isabelle Sure! After you Miss Annabelle Why thank you Miss Isabelle Ha, ha, ha… Your turn Isabelle Annabelle? Where are you? Annabelle… Hello down there! Annabelle… I want to go through the tube… Me too Me too! Tamika, why have you stopped jumping Oh, sorry Miss Gabby Annabelle and Isabelle look like they’re having lots of fun That’s good, now keep jumping You want to do this one next Annabelle? Great idea! I show you how to do it I know how to do it silly! Weeeee! Now that was fun! Watch out Annabelle Hold on… I try and catch you Ok, but be careful One Two Three! Watch out…! (Thud) Oooohhh! Sorry Sis! Sorry! That so much fun! Ha, ha, ha… Again! Girls! What are you doing? Miss Gabby, can we please go play with the twins Yeah! They’re having lots of fun But… Oh, alright Go on… Yay! Weeee! Guys, look at me! Whoa, whoa Whooaaaa! One… Two… and… Jump! That’s fun! Sorry girls I guess they all thought your little gymnastics playground was fun That ok It is fun Maybe next time I’ll teach you how to use some of the bigger equipment No thank you… Me and Isabelle like this better Make way girls It me and Annabelle’s turn… Whoa! Chelsea! Whoo hoo! Hooray! Weeee! Look at me everyone!


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