Awareness Meditation for being present – Guided Quiet mind hypnosis for overthinking and sleep

Awareness Meditation for being present – Guided Quiet mind hypnosis for overthinking and sleep

beginning with how you feel, calmly scan your
mind now for anything that perhaps is bringing any feelings of worry, stress or anxiety.
there is no need to engage with any thought, just neutrally accept that it is there. now, closing your eyes, bring any feelings
that you have of that thought down, make that thought smaller, shrinking it into a corner
of your mind. your emotional levels of feeling toward that
thought should now seem a little more grounded. beginning to sense a state of stillness, relax
your shoulders to signal to your mind that you are okay with the presensce of that
thought and now know that you are observing it, as if it were in the corner of the room.
bring your state of calmness down once again, by detatching from that thought, by muting
it in the distance of your awareness. you are not nurturing the thought, you are
placing it out of the way for now, to have a little time to yourself and when you feel
ready to let it back into your mind, you can when
you want to. for the moment, just let that thought be,
where it is. if there are any other thoughts that seem
to be distracting, be aware of them, and take the next few moment to calmly and quietly
repeat this process.
calm, steady, a little more relaxed, take yourself now, to your breath, the doorway
to letting in and epelling emotion. bringing the state of your emotional level
down, cmfortably relaxing on each breath out and clearing your mind of tension on every
inhale. let your shoulders soften now, as you do feel
the sensation of your skin loosening from the tops of your
arms down to your toes, from the outside to the inside, to deep inside your muscles.
let go of all the tension in your body with a sigh of relief, expelling out anything that
doesnt serve your wellbeing with any positive effect.
loose, calm, relaxed and quiet. thats it, just relax in this present moment, experiencing
your breath taking you deeper into a serene and
still state. as your chest gently rises and lowers, you
feel the flow of your own internal energy, the connection of being one with yourself.
feel and sense the peace within. you may have a sensation of a warm glow round
your heart area as you become one with yourself, or perhaps a tingling or vibration that
brings comfort. everything about this moment is peaceful,
relaxed and still. from your breath calmly taking you deeper
into this blissful state, to the clearness of mind, where you can only relax more, float
upon these sensations now, being present within your
true self. SILENT MOMENT
feel how a weight has been lifted, sense how calm and relaxed you are.
calmly and slowly opening your eyes, without moving your head, at a slow pace take a look
around the area you are in. keeping that calmness, clearness and relaxed
feeling, just observe the things around you, even if everything is still, look at things,
as if they were in slow motion, or that time has
stood still for this moment. feel the calming energy around you, and let
it relax you even more. everything including you is still, calm, safe
and very relaxed. now, in your own time, you can bring yourself
back to awareness, taking this calm state of mind with you.
when you are ready, you can give yourself permission to re awaken, feeling calm, clear
and relaxed.


  1. Wow!!! I'm first!!! Never happened before!! So excited to listen! I've had knee surgery and am on bed rest and your meditations have saved me extremely!! Thank you 😊

  2. Felt so good after trying this. Thank you so much! I'm currently taking anti-psychotics and zoloft for PTSD and Depression. So these mindfulness meditation really help me to stay calm and in the moment. Can't thank you enough. X

  3. I'm practicing mindfulness so this came at a perfect time my friend. I'm really trying to live in the precious present moment. I'm a beginner but it's a wonderful feeling to live in just this breath. Thank you so much Christian for caring

  4. I absolutely loved this meditation! It was beautiful, peaceful and just what I needed this morning! I woke up with so much on my mind and had a general sense of worry and nervousness, but I decided to take some time out and try this meditation and I feel so much lighter and calm. I feel that using your ideas of taking our worries and putting them in a space in our minds where we can pause them is something that will greatly benefit people like me who sometimes feel overwhelmed by fears and worries. It was also great to open my eyes and see the stillness around me and having as much time as I needed to stay with that feeling before ending the meditation. You've always given your listeners the opportunity to take whatever time needed to fully explore their thoughts and feelings during guided meditations and it really makes your work stand out to me. Thanks so much, Christian and best wishes to you!

  5. This is excellent thank you very much. I've been listening to your guided meditations since last Autumn and they have really helped relax.

  6. Thank you so much your meditations have calmed me so much I feel more relaxed and less stressed all thanks to you 😊keep up the good work

  7. i dont know why many people want only sleep meditations but i'd appreciate some other kind of meditations too 🙂

  8. I love all the meds,but the last 2 that I play every night is the mindfulness and the sleep talkdown. Love them. 70.x

  9. Hi 🙏 “WOW!” Thank you . You are a star ⭐️💫✨My friend love hugs and blessings 🙏❤️😘 XX

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