August 30th:  NEW MOON in Virgo ~

August 30th: NEW MOON in Virgo ~

Jean Wiley: Hi everybody.
Welcome to your soul note for the new moon
in Virgo on August 30th. This is a super moon. It has everything involved
to propel you forward. The word that comes to mind with this
new moon is one of the reverence. Reverence for your daily
life, for your health, for being really
mindful of how you tend to yourself, what you
eat, your routines, how you are of service
on the planet as well. Being of service
to others is a very high form of evolution
and ego strength. It’s a brilliant time to begin
and to initiate in the external any of those actions that
involve organizing, sorting, analysis, discernment. This should be a helpful time on the planet for people
to be able to discern what is workable, what
isn’t, what resonates, what doesn’t. That’s lovely because this
has been a time of collective fogginess and unclarity,
unclarity in clarity. A little bit
of reality heresy has been at play as far
as being told what is true versus what you feel, see,
and what your eyes are telling you. This new moon is
on Friday the 30th. It’s exact at 6:37 A.M
Eastern Daylight Time. It’s at seven degrees of Virgo
and it is conjunct Mars. And of course,
it’s the Sun and moon conjunct. The instincts,
the conscious and Mars drive all aligned
beautifully with this energy that speaks
to freedom themes and increased sense
of self-security, self-esteem because it’s training
up to especially the Sun and Mars and moon all trying to make it
a perfect trying to Uranus in Taurus. Doing that which gives a sense
of freedom and flow and innovation in your life is strongly accented
into the next two weeks ahead. Virgo also speaks to nature. Nature is always real, isn’t it? We don’t have to decide what
its affinity is or affiliations. That’s why nature is so healing
to humans because it carries a lot of light ocean,
mountain, forest, paths, creeks, streams, lakes. This is a beautiful
planet, so it’s a powerful time to
really connect with that truism and let that healing balm and heightened light
pour into your being. What’s also occurring is
a beautiful Venus-Saturn time the following
day on September 31st. This is Venus in Virgo
training Saturn and Capricorn. Again, highlighting
the flow of day to day tending and taking
steps and how that feeds to stability
in your outer world, your world work,
your life direction. It’s a time for adaptability
because Virgo is feminine, it’s mutable, it’s an earth
sign, it can go with the flow. Virgo also rules
craftsmanship, hand-eye coordination, herbs,
libraries, animals. For example, I’m getting ready to
take my dog in for an assessment. I think she has some
arthritis creeping in, but I know that the energy is with me in finding solutions and evolving health
and healing with us. It’s a practical sign and it can be
exacting and a bit over critical, hypercritical with all
of this energy building up here,
so be aware of that. Catching yourself, criticizing self,
maybe criticizing others, putting two strong and eagle eye on every
gesture movement and tonality. The sign also rules,
secretaries, chemists, administrators,
accountants, teachers. I find a lot of accountants
and bookkeepers with Virgo strong in the chart. It also has to do
with the intestines, the bowels, the hands,
and food assimilation. You may find that this
is a really helpful month as well to
say, “You know what, when I eat this,
I get exhausted and tired and I don’t feel so
well, but yet when I eat this,
it gives me energy.” In the most day to day practical
way, this is a beautiful,
powerful new moon to straighten some things
out in your life. Virgo, by the way,
was the daughter of Zeus, and she’s called the goddess
of justice as well. Don’t be surprised if your viewing
things with an eye towards bringing balance, equality, harmony to those
day to day items in your life. Much love to you. Be well.


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  2. Thank you! This shirt is gorgeous on you. On the 30th I have a neurology appointment for MRI results. My intuition is mixed. Because the MRI was ordered in July an image without contrast & of cervical spine was not approved.

    If I may recommend Theracumin, CBD, reduced activity & assistance getting out of high vehicles for doggie arthritis. My beloved was prescribed Gabapentin at the vet & I have mixed feelings about this medication. My Jack-dog was on 30 mg CBD gel caps but I don't feel that was a high enough dose and wish I would have found the right CBD tincture. I understand this is a very personal decision.🙏💜

  3. Thank You Jean.🙏❤️ Hope Luna will be good. My 14 year old Chantilly Tiffany cat Michaela has arthritis.She responds well to her medication. Had to get baby steps to help her get up and down my bed without her hurting herself.

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