Atlantis Is Not Fake. An Eye- Opening Evidence By Graham Hancock!

Atlantis Is Not Fake. An Eye- Opening Evidence By Graham Hancock!

Of course, it’s not even in 1995 the the notion
of a lost civilization was not a new idea That notion has been around for a very long
time We can take that notion
Actually back thousands and thousands of years the most famous example is plato the Greek
Philosopher plato who
Gave us the story of Atlantis from plato comes the story of Atlantis a great
Advanced civilization Which had navigating in sea-fearing skills
which could explore the world which built gigantic buildings which had advanced knowledge
in every area which was prosperous and powerful, but then plato says
that corruption Crept into this society that it
became cruel and avaricious. It became greedy it began to impose its power
Around the world and he has a very ringing phrase he said that
Atlantis ceased to wear its prosperity with Moderation and
The suggestion is that it’s this this Hubris this? Conceit of Atlantis that had become so sure
of itself that somehow the universe Struck it down
and we have the the cataclysm of flood and and disaster and the
Atlantis is submerged beneath the waves now of course the view of historians and academics
Is that plato story is just made [up] he just made it up to make [some] political or philosophical
point? But this [cannot] be so that that that you
can’t be right? I was very suspicious of that view the first
time I heard it from a mainstream historian I say that plato made this up plato repeatedly
states that it is a true story And as we look into it further we find something
else that plato Puts a date on the destruction of Atlantis
he says Atlantis Was submerged beneath the waves in a huge
global cataclysm? Nine thousand years before the [time] of soul
on that gives us an absolute date for this We know soul on we know who he was [Sollen]
was a famous Greek lawmaker He was an ancestor of plato as a matter of
fact about 200 years before plato and around 600 BC
soul on the Great Greek lawmaker Made a visit to egypt and in egypt the priests
are the temple of [syce] in the in the Delta Told him the story of Atlantis and they said
that it was written on the walls of the temple And he said when did this happen when was
this great civilization destroyed and they said 9,000 years ago and that
[was] in 600 BC. So that’s
9600 BC in our calendar that’s Eleven thousand six hundred years ago
Plato is telling us a great civilization was destroyed in a global cataclysm of flood Eleven
thousand six hundred years ago He’s laughed at by all academics and historians,
but then geology comes along and Lo and behold. What do we find? Eleven thousand six hundred years ago is a
truly cataclysmic Episode in Geological history, it’s called
Melt water pulse [1b] We have a massive rise in sea level as the
ice sheets on North America and Northern Europe just column
But crumble and collapse into the ocean if plato made the whole thing up
he was just astonishingly on the money
with the latest geology And I think that we [really] have to reconsider
our attitudes to these stories that have come down to us from the past
Academics have been too quick to dismiss them too quick to say oh we figured the whole story
out. There’s no mystery there
Maybe there’s a huge mystery there Maybe we should listen to these clues and
hints from the past that speak of a great civilization
so when I published fingerprints of the gods in
in 1995
It was at the end of a long lineage going back to plato and before and of course famously
ignatius Donnelly in the 1900s The early 1900s and late eighteen hundreds
wrote Atlantis the antediluvian world which was a huge investigation of Atlantis
So this subject has been tackled again and again and again and again
Mainstream Academia has said no, it’s impossible there could be no lost civilization
We know everything about the past and it’s been dismissed
but the problem is that new evidence keeps coming out which can’t be explained by
the existing historical model new evidence that just doesn’t fit the picture and
My sense is that this evidence is now be coming overwhelming and that we’re reaching a tipping
point. Maybe not this year
maybe not next year, but within our lifetimes we are going to see a
Complete the new understanding of the past or a radical revision of the past and therefore
of our place in the world as well


  1. Hello, I would like to offer an alternative opinion to this, after finishing on this channel please follow this link to my channel and see where my Atlantis is, Thank You.

  2. Hello, I would like to offer an alternative opinion to this, after finishing on this channel please follow this link to my channel and see where my Atlantis is, Thank You.

  3. I paused at the pics shown n when I seen 91 volcanoes under Antarctica that pretty much solidified me believing it was possible… just imagine even back then all the ice and then bam 91 volcanoes erupt not only creating its own tsunami but breaking up and also meting the ice causing yet another tsunami plus the melting ice… hell if that was to happen today I could easily see majority of modern life being wiped out simply cuz all major cities are costal!! Really the only places that would be safe is Chicago, London, Egypt, and Moscow!

  4. Reading and writing has up to the 20th century always been for the elite only. So, if someone wrote something down, you can be sure it wasn't to pull a prank. No one would be in on the joke because only maybe 1% could read/write.
    Also writing was considered a gateway to immortality. A warrior might carve out a kingdom, but he eventually is forgotten. The written word had almost a magical aura because it had the potential to stand the test of time. No one would dare make a prank/joke about that. If you had something written down it was because it was considered vital to be kept known for prosperity.

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