Astrology February & March 2013 – KG Stiles, Astrologer Coach

Astrology February & March 2013 – KG Stiles, Astrologer Coach

bjbjqPqP Aloha and welcome to Moon Scopes
for the Aquarius New Moon Cycle which began February 9th and ends with the Pisces New
Moon on March 11th 2013. I m your host KG Stiles. Moon Scopes is sponsored by
organic aromatherapy and holistic products & services to enrich and
heal your life. A BIG thanks to everyone who visits our website and to those of you who
have purchased our products and services. We really appreciate your support. Moon Scopes
looks at the planetary cycles occurring from New Moon to New Moon. Aligning yourself with
the feminine, intuitive and magnetic forces of the moon and its natural monthly cycle
through the signs of the zodiac empowers you to have unique insights and be in the flow
of current celestial events. Moonscopes is created with the intention to inspire and
support you to live your best life. The current Aquarian New Moon Cycle is opening you to
a New Vision for your Relationships, relationships of all kinds, but especially your most intimate
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potential), or a Relationship Report can help you resolve repeating relationship patterns
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this video to learn more and order your private Relationship Report. The Aquarius New Moon
Cycle may be quite intense for you as there is so much potential for blocks to your future
visions being released during this cycle of time. Let s look at some of the key themes
and dates in this Aquarius New Moon Cycle. For Moon Meditations and Rituals check out
the Health Mastery blog on my website at On 2-9-13 we had the Aquarius New Moon at
21 Aquarius at 11:20pm PT The Aquarius New Moon was conjunct Venus (the planet of love)
and square the North node (where your energy is focused at this time for upgrades) & Saturn
(the taskmaster the planet that brings new structures into your life). Both the North
node & Saturn are in Scorpio. At the time of the New Moon Mercury (the planet of communication)
was in a loose conjunction to the planet Mars (the planet of drive and ambition), and conjunct
Chiron (the wounded healer & Square Jupiter (the planet of good fortune). The moon went
V/C immediately after until Sunday 2-10-at 1:20pm, the day of the Chinese New Year of
the Water Snake. Recall back to how were you feeling over this past week-end as these Aquarius
New Moon energies were constellated. This will give you an insight about what gifts
this particular New Moon cycle has to bestow upon you. 2013 is a powerfully transformative
year when you need to really be on your game, living authentically, not just talking about
your dreams, but activating and living them with heart. The way forward to your happiness
is by living your truth and this year that will become ever more rapidly apparent. This
Aquarian New moon cycle represents a time to release any chains of guilt, fear, worry,
blame, shame and whatever else that may prevent you from living your best self and creating
the life of your dreams. The Aquarian New Moon energies support transcendence of your
old self, your old patterns and the shedding of skins and ways of being to activate and
realize your Divine potential more than ever before. Key highlights for the Aquarian New
Moon cycle include a Grand stellium of planets within 60 degrees of one another, including
the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus, Neptune and Chiron. That s 8 planets within
60 At the time of the Virgo Full Moon at 7 Virgo on February 25th the Full Moon will
oppose and illuminate this Grand Stellium of energies when the Sun, Mercury, Venus,
Mars, Neptune and Chiron will be even more exactly conjunct one another in the sign of
Pisces. This is a real opportunity for illumination and realization of something that has been
hidden beneath the surface to be revealed and released. Neptune is the natural ruler
of Pisces and ruler of the 12th house, the 12th house is the house of inherited ancestral,
karmic patterns, and repeating patterns based on guilt and shame. The 12th house is also
about spiritual healing and governs large organizations like hospitals and insane asylums.
The 12th house is the house of the saint or the martyr, and any need to feel unworthy
or play victim may be indicated here. For an overview of all the houses and their meanings
please watch my YouTube video Key Themes for the 12 houses of the Zodiac a link is posted
below this video. This Opposition of the Full Moon in Virgo, which is the sign of the original
healer in the zodiac, is very incisive and detailed in its analysis of what has been
hidden and represents an incredible focus of energy to create movement and change in
the area of your life where the Virgo Full Moon and the Grand Stellium of planets in
Pisces are located in your astrology chart. Look in your astrology chart to see where
these Grand Stellium of planets are aligning to know what areas of your life are being
affected. Now is an internal time of emotional clearing and healing in these areas of your
life. As the energies increase and intensify in the sign of Pisces over the coming weeks
the Aquarius New moon activates the Pisces energy in a harmonious trine to Saturn and
Pluto. This represents tremendous energy for change and healing being triggered repeatedly
by the Aquarius New Moon as it touches planetary aspects on its journey through the zodiac
this month. These triggers are frequent and numerous generally speaking throughout this
entire lunar cycle and may be even more active in your own personal chart. As this Grand
stellium of planets make their numerous conjunctions one another; they also sextile Pluto (the
planet of transformation and healing that digs for the truth and brings it to the light),
and trine Saturn (the planet that gives form and structure through limitation, consistent
effort and hard work), and square Jupiter (the planet of opportunity and good fortune).
These back-to-back planetary alignments are triggering a release of pent up energy and
feelings and potentially give rise to entirely unique new forms of experience. Potentially
people, places, things, and situations never thought or dreamt of before suddenly come
into being. With Pisces energy everything is in the now and being fluid and going with
the flow of events is your best strategy to align with the cosmic energies and allow the
universe to work its magic through you. Know the universe has your back and is on your
side and wants the best for you. Pisces is a very spiritual energy and opens your heart
and brow chakras to the flow of love and fresh imaginations for yourself. Over the month
of February and into March this Grand stellium of planets will continue to be in harmonious
trine to Saturn bringing form and structure to your imaginations, dreams and heart s desires.
So, miraculous things are possible if you will open your heart and mind to them and
take action as guided. The negative side of this vibration feels like confusion, feeling
lost, escapism through some form of addictive behavior. Neptune teaches us to deepen in
our intuition and follow our inner knowing. So our usual external markers for finding
our way go offline as our internal compass for navigating through life comes more online.
This can feel very disorienting. Neptune also has a tendency to dissolve boundaries and
structures in our life and we are made to rely on our inner knowing. This is happening
for everyone at this time and for the next 14 years while Neptune transits Pisces. Your
psychic and intuitive abilities are being upgraded. All of humanity is awakening to
the subtle realms and your sensitivity is increasing. The New Moon energies are most
fluid and in forward motion until the first quarter moon on 2-17-13 at 12:31pm PT. Then
on 2-18-13 the Sun enters Pisces and Saturn stations retrograde at 9:01am 11 Scorpio for
a 4 month review of the new structures and changes you ve been making in this area of
your life until July 7th. On this same day The Moon eclipses the planet Jupiter activating
the Grand Stellium representing a release of energies so something new can be given
form and your dreams can become reality. This day you may feel things are a bit stalled
or held up from moving forward, but it s really about letting go and going with the flow of
the moment. Trust things are working out for the best. Then On 2-23-13 Mercury stations
retrograde at 19 Pisces (Mercury is in Pisces for over 9 weeks), usually Mercury is in a
sign around 3 weeks. Mercury circles the Sun completely 3 times each year and as it passes
the earth there s an illusion that it is slowing down and we are passing it. Kind of like passing
another moving obstacle. It appears as if the car or train we re passing is going backward,
but we re just passing one another. This retrograde phase lasts for 3 weeks. During Mercury Retrograde
it s an excellent time to review, refine, renegotiate, rewrite, rethink, rewind. You
re going through an upgrade in your thinking in this area of your life, so that you can
move to new levels. It s the perfect time to release old outmoded ways of thinking and
attitudes in this area of your life. You may rediscover something that was lost, or an
old idea will surface, or you may reunite with an old friend (one you love or one you
need to forgive). During Mercury Retrograde information will surface that helps you in
some way to move forward in this area of your life. On 2-25-13 we have the Virgo Full Moon
7 when Venus moves into the sign of Pisces and joins the planetary Grand Stellium in
Pisces and the Virgo Full Moon illuminates this Grand Stellium of planets which I talked
about earlier. Then On 3-4-13 we have the Last quarter moon at 14 Sagittarius when the
Moon opposes the planet Jupiter and squares off with the Grand Stellium of planets in
Pisces. It s a great day for releasing the old and could be an emotional day when deep
cleansing and release of blocks and healing is possible. I see this day as preparation
for what s to come for you on March 6th one of the most powerful days in this Aquarius
New Moon cycle. Early in the morning on March 6th the Moon will square Uranus opening you
to release blocks to your authentic and free expression. Then, later in the morning, the
moon eclipses the planet Pluto. As the moon sextiles the grand stellium of planets in
Pisces during this time it also sextiles Saturn. So opportunities are available for transforming
the old and creating new structures in these areas of your life. I see March 6th as a most
auspicious day. You must seize any opportunities that come to you and make the most of them.
From March 6th until the Pisces New Moon On March 11th you have an opportunity to Slowly
release any remaining vestiges of stuck energy that may be blocking you as you head for the
Pisces New Moon. The Pisces New Moon promises to be a stellar moon for setting your new
moon intentions to create your heart s desires in this area of your life where it s located.
This area of your life has been fully prepared by the Grand Stellium of planets that have
been present here during this New Moon cycle, making it especially fertile with promise
for birthing new beginnings. The Aquarius New Moon cycle has the power potentially to
release you from bondage of very old patterns that you may have worked to release your entire
life. Very real progress forward is possible now. You must choose to realize it though.
It s yours for the taking. For Moon meditations and rituals please check out Health Mastery
Blog at Thanks so much for joining me for this episode of Moonscopes. Please
visit our websites holistic products and services to enrich and heal your life
and organic aromatherapy products. Our links are below this video.
Wishing you a rewarding Aquarius New Moon Cycle. See you next month for Moonscopes.
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  1. Thank you for this video. Really interesting and full of information. Looking forward to March 6th 🙂 . Hope you have a good month too.

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