Astral traveling ( traveling between space & Time Travel) by bapuji

Astral traveling ( traveling between space & Time Travel) by bapuji

Question: Today we will talk about astral travel, which is also known as ASTRAL PROJECTION.
There is a website name where all the world wide information is displayed.
Many people of different sects, different gurus of different religion, and different
specialist of different countries have talked about this on the website. There are 62 references
given on the site. From all over the globe- Western, Bible, Ancient Egypt, China, India,
Japan from all the states and countries, books have been written on this and said this is
very much possible. Here my question is that whether astral travelling is possible in today’s
kalyug time (Iron Age)? I would like to share one thing in addition to this that our Shastra
talk about Brahma’s seven sons (Manas Putra) who could travel from one galaxy to another.
Bapuji, please tell us whether it is possible? Bapuji: First of all come to main question,
whether it is possible in kalyug or not? There are 4 yugas- Satyug, Dwapar, Treta, and Kalyug.
But all these yugas happen to be on the Earth. You go beyond bhulok, there is bhyurlok, swalok,
mahlok, janlok, taplok. There is no Kalyug thereafter. It only limited to our Earth.
Only our Earth experiences all the yugas. In Devta yug, there is no Kalyug. In janlok,
taplok, going beyond Brahmapuri or vishnupuri, shivpuri or supreme Abode, there is no kalyug.
As we descend the celestial power is different with coming down. You can see the symbolically
sapt rishi (7 Stars) in the sky , 4 in square and 3 vertical representing the seven sons
of Brahma, Saptrishi. Let me explain you the story behind it. Brahma created his seven
sons though his sankalp (thought power). Further through the seven sons the universe was created.
These seven rishi’s created 7 lokas. Further to 7 lokas, Bhulok was made. All the saptrishi
has taken a form of star today. To illustrate more, there was Prahlad, son of Hiranyakashyup,
Lord Vishnu save him, and designated him as a star. It is seen as Dhruv Star in the sky.
It is constant and stable. Earlier there was no Dhruv as a star, it was made later. When
we talk about star it is not alone, it has the satellite, and solar system. The saptrishi
after accomplishing their work on the Earth went up and become star in the galaxy.
They could travel from one galaxy to another? I have explained in my earlier videos also,
when one soul becomes paramatma he becomes shiva. When Shiva goes to meet his creator
Maha Shiva, who is the creator of the Galaxy and Shiva is the creator of Brahmand (universe).
Shiva can travel to Galaxy when soul becomes paramatma. Who can Travel? Travelling in the
vacuum and space, when a soul leaves this Bhulok, he leaves this gross body. While leaving
this Earthly connection, and if he has strong will not to take birth again on the Earth
in a human form, and wants to go high above to the supreme abodes. He wishes to travel
to Brahmapuri or vishnupuri (Vaikunth) or Shivpuri or supreme abode then he can go there.
These souls have high goal. But how many are there such souls? There are handful of such
souls, few odd souls among hundred and crores of souls.
Question: Bapuji, people were not aware of the infinite galaxies and the parallel universe
earlier. Few years back only scientists have started talking about all this. Since now
they have talked about all this, we can imagine travelling there?
Bapuji: Science is gradually developing. The pace with which it has developed in last 50-100
years is significant. The Almighty authority is pushing spiritual scientist down, and making
them as a source of inspiration to develop the science. I have explained in my earlier
videos also. But this is not new; it is very well mentioned and talked about the astral
travel from one universe to another. In Devi Bhagwat Puran, it is mention; Maha Devi took
Lord Brahma with her and showed him different universes and in all the universes there were
Brahma like him. Devi showed him infinite Brahmas, Vishnu and Shankar. She showed him
similar Brahmands. Bapuji you have also explained about Mahabharat.
Yes! Yes! In Mahabharat, it was next to impossible to kill Guru Drona. The simple tactic cannot
be used to destroy him. Lord Krishna taught a lesson, that if for someone good, one needs
to say lie it will not be considered as sin. Whosoever is in favor of Duryodhan are demons.
Who favor unrighteousness; all are in the list of demons. Lord Krishna knows in order
to destroy these demons like souls, tactic has to adopt. It is common phrase, If butter
doesn’t come out with a straight finger, then the finger needs to be curled i.e. – When
things don’t work your way, you have to make them work for you. Lord Krishna told Yudhistar,
who never lie, in order to kill Dronacharaya, he has to bring in state of Depression. Therefore
Yudhistar said to Drona Ashwatama has died! Yudhistar murmur that he could be elephant
or the human. As Dhronacharya listen this, he got depressed and drop his weapons and
then went into deep soul conscious and meditation. His soul travelled into space and went to
heaven to find his son Ashwatama. His son must have gone to heaven only. He looks for
his son all around the heaven. Till the time he returned back to his body conscious Dhrishtadyumna
killed him. He was Dropadi’s brother, he was born to kill him only. He was born from
the fire. The main thing is he did Astral travel at
that point? Yes, Dronacharya did. Our Saints and hermits,
even today if you go to Himalaya you will find them shutting themselves in one den and
when they go in deep meditation, they travel to subtle world moving out from their physical
body and travels all around the Earth, and then comes back to the original form in the
body. In Our Shastras also it is written “Par Kaya Prayesh” i.e. they can take another’s
body. Shankracharya did 1500 years back “Par Kaya Prayesh” When there were intellectual
arguments between Shankracharya and one lady, she defeated him in arguments. Shankracharya
was solitarian (religious) and has no experience of Virtuous life (Gristhashram). Lady Ask
him the question related virtuous and materialistic pursuits, of what he has no experience and
he had no answers to it. He was failing to answers her questions. There was one king
who died; Shankracharya took his body as a chariot and his soul enters in the king’s
dead body. He stayed in king’s body for long time and experiences the life of Gristhashram,
later he succeeded to answer the questions of the lady and won. Therefore “Par Kaya
Pravesh” was very common. Spirits (Bhut) also take the access of the human bodies on
the Earth. But what travel we are talking about? Is it limited to the travelling in
Space? Question: Bapuji, Practically I wanted to
know astral travel. When you go in the deep meditation (Samadhi Avastha) you see infinite
galaxies and universes, I wanted to know what state of our soul is at that point. Whether
our thoughts travel or our subtle body or the casual body or the soul?
Bapuji: What should be the stage of the soul at that point? When and who can do this? When
I go into deep meditation, like earlier the hermits were supposed to go into deep silence
and mediation. I have read about the Samadhi state of our sages in our scriptures, during
Samadhi all the 7 Chakras open up, from Mooladhar Chakra to Agnya Chakra opens up. They have
an experience of soul consciousness and have divine enlighten. They worship their God and
unite with him and have a feel of oneness and bliss on merging the supreme and their
creator. There are different stages at different level. When a person attains a stage beyond
the Agnya Chakra, his Sahasrara (Crown Chakra) opens up. In our myths, many saints have shared
the experience of Samadhi stage. When any person Sahasrara opens up, each cell in the
Crown Chakra which is equal to the no. of Brahmands opens up. When your all cells open
up in Crown Chakra you can travel to infinite Universes. When our sages attain Sahasrara,
they reach and go beyond tenth Door (Dasam Dwar), thereafter they can travel anywhere
in the infinite universes and can return back in the body. They can connect anywhere in
the universe. When he returns back in the body he comes in Agnya chakra and further
down he comes in body consciousness. Going away from body conscious is attaining the
Samadhi state. Who can do this? Our Rishi Munis who goes in Jungle retiring them from
the materialistic world, the ordinary sages could not do. Those Rishi munis, who had the
knowledge and the wisdom of three lokas, those who have the knowledge infinite universes.
They have the knowledge of shiva, maha Shiva, Pralay, beyond Veda-Upanishads , here we are
talking about Param Gyan (Supreme Knowledge). When a person’s Agnya chakra gets awaken
and he has visualization of Soul consciousness. Most of our sages believe in the power of
Shiva, my experience says most of them are worshippers of incorporeal shiva (Nirakar
roop of shiva). They call Par Brahm Parmeshwar to Shiva. They worship his incorporeal form.
They know the nirakar state of Shiva has the power, because his corporeal form does not
have power. Therefore they remember and pray nirakar form in the supreme abode (Paramdham),
gradually by doing his soul consciousness stimulates and the Agyna Chakra gets active,
he receives power from above in crown cell when he connect to the almighty authority
in the supreme form in his dwelling place. When his soul gets the power from the above
almighty his soul travels directly to the supreme abode of this universe. As soon as
the soul enter in the supreme abode his state changes to supreme light. He become of Param
Prakash (Divine Light). He become in incorporeal state. He becomes in kevalya state. His body
gets dissolve. He reaches to the Shiva of supreme abode of this Brahmand (universe).
I am not talking of the Shivpuri, in shivpuri shiv-shakti stays in subtle (Akari form).
It directly goes to Paramdham. What is the difference between Shivpuri and Supreme Abode?
Understand this first! There are 14 lokas said of this Brahmand- 7 above the Earth and
7 below the Earth. The creator of 14 Lokas is shiva. In the shivpuri, Shiva doesn’t
stay in incorporeal form. Shiv-Shakti in akari form controls the whole universe.
Is he only Shankar? Shankar is the incarnation of the Shiv. We talk about Brahmapuri, Vishnupuri
and Shivpuri, who stays in shivpuri- Shiva or Shankar. Shankar stays in Himalaya.
With Whom Shankar meditate? When he goes in Samadhi State, with whom he takes the power?
Who stays in Supreme Abode (Paramdham)? The incorporeal Shiva stays in Paramdham.
Then who stays in Shivpuri? Shiv-Shakti stays in akari (subtle) form in the Shivpuri. Therefore,
in paramdham shiva incorporeal form stays, in shivpuri akaari form stays and Shankar
in physical in Himalaya. Bapuji, there were lot of people asking about
this, I always said when right time will come, bapuji will certainly tell us. Bapuji now
tell us when the soul reach Paramdham, he becomes in Shiva Param Prakash. Yes he becomes
Shiva from the Jeev. By the time soul reaches the Shivpuri, he acquires wisdom and intellect,
and become Gyan-swarup. Paramdham is the ocean of Knowledge. Becoming at stage of Shiva , he
can know Maha Shiva. Question: What is the purpose of travelling
from one galaxy to another? Bapuji: They have desire to meet Maha Shiva.
They want to meet maha shiva in the galaxy who stays at the centre point of the galaxy.
In the galaxy super souls resides Maha Vishnu, Maha Shiv- Shakti, Maha Brahma, Maha Indra.
The high capacity and voltage like souls resides in ParamDham. If a soul has to reach Paramdham,
he has to transform him in a incorporeal abstract form. There are group of souls who get together,
have the same level of energy and have a collective desire to go up to Maha shiva. They collectively
make a plane of Supreme light and they travel down in the plane of Supreme light. They are
in the abstract nirakari form. But if they travel in a subtle form in the supreme light
plane, it will take more time. It is kinds of UFO made up of supreme refine elements.
They transform from jiv to shiva. Then all the shivas travel to Maha Shiva. They get
power from the Maha Shiva , they all become like Maha shiva.
It must have taken lot of time to for Shiva to become Maha Shiva?
There are different processes. This I have explained is applicable to our saints not
to ordinary person. When a soul devote his several births in a human form, and in each
births he do hard and dedicated austerity; in each birth his aim is to reach shiva then
after he can have access to the Shiva. It is not the devotion of one birth.
Yes Bapuji, I used to think when I read in the Shastras, that why a rishi has given his
10000 years in doing tap. Bapuji said, it not the years, it goes till Yugantar. While
in Tapsya he doesn’t realize which Yugantar is going. This process is of our saints and
gurus. But what about the ordinary man? When a normal being desires to have astral travelling,
want to travel in space, it has a different process. It’s like, when a person has a
strong will that he doesn’t want to come in the cycle of life and death and has a strong
wish to attain and reach the shiva with the ultimate goal to reach paramdham. When the
person dies, what is there at the time of his death, it follows the same. That means,
what thoughts are flowing at the time of dying, the same course of action follows. The souls
which are powerful move towards heaven abode, and say that a plane has come to take him
above. Some people say Lord Vishnu has sent the plane to take him to Vakunthdham. There
are some special souls who can predict about the life and death time and age. There are
person who have not done any tapsya in any of his births and giving one birth of his
devotion, how the person can travel then? When a person die, and he is free from disorders
of sex, anger, greed, fascination, proud and has a strong will not to come in life cycle.
He pursues knowledge of Gita. He looks for the God, and worship the God of Gita. He meditates
with him. He connects himself with the God in Paramdham. It is said in Gita by Lord Krishna,
“You connect me, visualize and see me in Paramdham, I will remorse all yours sins.”
You pock whichever Shastra, but if a person has love, affection and fantasy with any bodily
connections, he can’t travel to higher celestial. When he dies and leave this body, he is left
with 3 elemental body. When a person leaves this physical body, his body is called Antarvahak.
But the elements are heavy i.e. the three elemental body is heavy. When the deceased
soul wish to go to the higher abode, his karmic connections hinder his path. Gradually he
tries to go higher to second loka Bhuvarlok. There are spirits of Maharishis who guide
his path and show the direction to move ahead to the third loka; swalok and also warn them
not to stuck there in any kind of affection or fantasy. They are good maharishi souls
who guide well there. It is clearly mention in our shastras the
lust, sex and fantasy are the enemies for the intellectual souls. Thats why it also
said “Nasto moha smriti labdha” – one can attain his divine self if he is free from
any kind of affection and fascination. When you have no attraction and lure towards any
manifested being or thing, then you have self awakening. Then comes the remembrance of soul
consciousness – I am a soul and all the bodily attraction and conscious is stop. The fascination
and endearment is the biggest agitation of mind. Even after death, the souls tend to
have bodily affections. Therefore they stay in a spirit form at their homes and with their
people with whom they have allure. Question: wonderfully thing shared! Bapuji
I have two more questions. One is that what you told us about Astral travelling is after
death? Bapuji: Could a person do travelling or could
go above to the higher celestial degree in this physical human form?
Question: That’s what my question is! Is astral travelling possible for any being while
he is living in this physical form? I would like to illustrate here. Somewhere in 1967
0r 1977 there was one English person Ingo Swann who had the knowledge of this, so it
was mention in that he did astral travelling. He has shared in the website that
his soul travels to the Jupiter and then returned back to his source. He has told everybody
what he saw and understood there. Research was done. It was revealed that 37% of information
told was correct and rest was not right. I want to understand from you, could a human
body, manomayi (mind) body , causal body or subtle body, this kind of travelling is possible.
What is your point of view, and how you look this universe?
Bapuji: When I go in Samadhi state, it is very common thing for me. When a soul travels
to second third lokas through antarvahak body, his subtle body keep changing with the stage.
Question: Bapuji when you go that means your soul goes or thought?
Bapuji: It is the soul travels. But along with the soul, it is accompanied with the
subtle body (Sukshm sharir) Question: What is present in the physical
body at that point? Bapuji: when a person dies, his two elements
dissolve. Soul has five elemental bodies, his earth and water element gets dissolve
when he leaves this gross body. When soul boards from these gross elements, he has 3
element body, and has Karmic connections and bondages in this 3 elemental form. Soul always
carries the Karmic bondage with him. He doesn’t attain the stage of Karmatit. If he has not
procured the Karmatit state, and he intent to travel to space, how he will do? He has
Karmic connections, and his bondage is such that he has to take births to square up his
karmas. But at the same time he has knowledge and wisdom not to limit one to these birth
cycles. His goal is to reach higher dimension. There are saints in the spirit form who are
there to guide them. Quesiton: Bapuji I wanted to know about your
travelling? Your body is here? Bapuji: If I share about my story, nobody
in this whole world will understand. My yog and Samadhi state is different. Samadhi State
of saints and guru is different. My approach is different. I go in soul consciousness and
am in light body form. I am completely in supreme light form (Param Prakash). I feel
it. I am always connected to the almighty authority in the highest supreme abode in
his abstract eternal and infinite form. I can see the subtle causal form of the almighty
in his eternal abstract incorporeal form. Further that almighty gives me vision of Galaxy,
universes, great universe, great great universe, multiverse. He gives me the clear vision of
the whole. I can see the infinite universe and multi-universes which beyond infinity
to infinity. Its beyond imagination, what I can see and vision given to me by the Almighty
Authority. We also says that you be a messenger and give this message to whole world and tell
them my similar images are working and controlling all over the places, in different galaxies
and universes. I am transforming and changing the whole universe and the multi- universes.
He gives me direction to announce openly to the world that doomsday is going on. Don’t
be afraid and declare that Kayamat period is going. That’s why I know; nobody will
understand me and what I say. The people and the world have become so negative that they
will not understand me. It is true, that it is doomsday going, and God has come from his
incorporeal image. I vision that group of people are travelling in divine planes from
one universe to another. Further they are going from universe to great universe then
to great great universe. But they are high quality souls with high range of power. There
exist eternal supreme souls (param param param mahan atmayein). Their body is composed of
supreme light (param prakash). In causal world, souls are made up of supreme
elements (param tatva). At the centre of galaxy, the body of mahashiv and at the centre of
universe the body of param mahashiv consist of supreme elements which is lower quality
of supreme light. Controller of galaxy is mahashiv and controller of universe is param
mahashiv. Their soul power in incorporeal form (nirakar) is the lower quality of supreme
light. I had seen many visions during astral projections.
Controller of multiple universes also travel in space, I call them world of 100 celestial
layer and there are billions of 100 celestial layer world. Controller of these billions
world, their great, great, great, great grandfather is the Almighty Authority or creator of the
infinite or controller of the infinite or father of the infinite world. I directly connect
with him and he shows visions of the space. But I did not mention about this because I
am different from rest of the world. My meditation plan is different. Meditation of saints and
sages is different. Question: Bapuji, you were telling that when
you were in the age of 4-5 years old, grandmother used to go on astral travelling and the experiences
she shared. Bapuji: First I will tell you about my grandmother.
Mother Jogini (I read somewhere in scriptures that the word Jogini came from the word Yogini.)
enter into her body. Yogini are great entity(mahan hasti) who came from space, we call it as
causal world. There is the existence of goddesses very far above in causal world. They came
on earth to do good work. One among them is goddess Jogini.
My grandfather and grandmother were benedicted by an exorcst that ”Jogini will incarnate
in your dynasty”. My grandfather did not have any child during that time he said such
words. Later on, your grandmother take birth. It is said that ‘goddess in form of Jogini
incarnate in your home’. I know about this that your grandmother is the incarnation of
goddess Jogini. During my childhood she usually tell me of
such incidents. On eighth day of Navratri she tell us to see “that leaves of that
tree will be lighted at 12.00 AM”. I stay awake till 12 A.M. to see and I saw that each
leaf as a lighted earthen pot. I tell about this in the family.
At that time we stayed in a rented home where two women leave their body in the past and
their souls exist there. My mother’s sister gave birth to a girl child and these two souls
take away that baby. My mother has the ability to see them. She warned them to bring back
that baby otherwise Jogini will come. Then baby was found in a short while. That baby
girl was the eldest daughter of your masi. I ask my mother to whom she talk to. My masi
believed that she can talk to ghosts. ‘See there are two ghosts inside the body’. When
she tell me to see such things then only I can see them. But in later years, I realized
that I have natural powers to see ghosts. We had crop fields. Sometime when my mother
does not go to fields, people working near our field said to my mother that I saw you
in the field and you also helped me to place heap of grass on my head. Have you came before
me. My mother replied that ‘ today I did not go to the field how can you see me there’.
So Jogini helped people in the field. My mother told us of her experience that once
when she was alone in the field, some hooligans came there. It was during Navratra celebrations,
my mother weared some ornaments. She went there with ornaments. Jogini had shown her
form, in such a way that all hooligan ran away out of fear.
I tell you of another incident. While I was doing training of CA . I place a boy in someone
finance company. That boy was sent to withdraw Rs. 40000 but he run away with the cash. Inquiry
was conducted and police came to take the statement.
When my mother came to know all about this incident, she said don’t worry about this.
Later, my mother told me that Jogini had make that boy blind and he remain there where he
hide all the cash. When police reached there he discloses everything. In this way Jogini
helped me. Regarding astral travelling my mother used
to tell all in our family “ look chariot of mother Jogini is coming and she will take
me away on that chariot for three days”. But nobody can see that chariot. That was
a divine chariot. Mother’s soul came out of the body and goes with Jogini. Her body
remains there just like a dead body because soul has departed. Mother has already told
us that “don’t burn my body and don’t think I am dead.” So we safely pack the
body for three day. Question: If soul departs the body then how
can body survive. Do they go in coma at that time.
Bapuji: I have experienced this by going into that stage, when any god goddess take away
the soul out of the body still some power of the soul remain there in subtle body. Similarly
when one is in coma, his soul departs with 90 percent energy and 10 percent energy left
in the subtle body. That stage is just like a coma stage.
After returning she tells about her experiences how mother Jogini take her to entire brahmand.
When this was happening frequently, to prevent it given a message that don’t take her away
so often as she has to look after her children. She has to work in the fields and also engage
in the work of cattles. I have seen all this during my childhood.
I talked to demons at very young age. There were ghosts in the field and I used to talk
with them But I never disclose this to anyone. If I tell, no one will believe in it. I have
seen 64 forms of Jogini were there during Navratra celebration.
Question: One more thing coming into my mind that one week before we have a made video
regarding medium regarding who are they and what did they do. We have discussed in detail
about them. What is the difference between astral travelling and a medium. Are medium
also a kind of astral travelling. Bapuji: Mediums by entering in other body,
do good work as well as bad work. They take human support to perform a job. Like there
are many exorcist who are doing good work. They can’t go very far away. From subtle
world they accomplish work through mediums. There are temples of god and goddesses all
around. Souls of subtle world who were their followers remain near the temple. Those who
pray in these temples, their wishes were fulfilled by the souls of subtle world. Souls of subtle
world travel but not very far. Maximum they can travel from one temple to another. They
live within the range of 200 K.M. of earth. Question: Alongwith this I want to say about
those normal human beings who died a normal death. Are they also go on astral travelling.
Probably, they can’t cross the universe. Bapuji: When a soul departs the body unattached
to anything or anybody of this world then the soul proceeds towards high dimension of
second celestial layer or to third celestial layer. After much efforts and austerity a
jeev become a shiv. Question: Now we are talking of those ordinary
souls who have no knowledge. Those who believe in enjoying life by eating and drinking. How
far they can travel? Bapuji: These souls can’t go upto the range
of 200 K.M. Some can’t go even upto one K.M. high because their astral body or subtle
body is heavy. Heavyness of air element in subtle body.
Why a soul cannot travel far because the soul has attachment (moh) of body and bodily relations
in this world. Those who live for themselves is just a animal life and there are vices
of anger, lust and greed in the soul. As per the intellect (budhi) or thinking at the time
of death so is the speed (gati) of the soul towards higher dimension. After death whatever
is there in the soul gets stronger. If the soul has knowledge, it will increase more
and go to higher level. If the soul has vices then vices will get more power. That is why
soul remain in their home after death. Question: Why it will increase afterwards,
Bapuji. Bapuji: Vices or negative energy in the five
elements of the human soul depletes human power. When human die five elements reduced
to three elements. Two elements i.e., earth and water which are heavy eliminated. That
is why power of three elemental souls increases. As the intelligence in the end so is the speed.
If the soul has negative energy then negative energy will get multiplied with soul power.
Increase of soul power also increases the level of negative energy.
Earlier, he had vices but then he was a human. Due to the heaviness of two elements he has
low power. Also he has low negative energy. When the soul leave their body having attachment,
anger etc. then soul do not leave their home. They can move from one house to other or maximum
to a temple because he has not seen the world outside the temple. He cannot proceed further.
Question: Bapuji, I have seen many videos of T.B. Joshua. Whenever any suffering person
goes for prayer then T.B. Joshua address the entered soul as a soul of anger or soul of
lust who is controlling the body. Then that soul gives his full description on its own.
Like when he entered the body, what they are doing and since when he has been there in
the body from the birth or not. Variety experiences shared in 1000 videos posted on youtube. After
watching these videos we realized that nobody is talking about spiritual science openly.
This topic is being discussed with fear or maximum a book is written on it. But to speak
openly in detail in front of the camera is a big task.
World has to accept that this is true and this is happening in every religion. This
practice is being done at mosque in muslim religion and at church in Christian religion.
Also practiced in temples. Everyone in the world should know about this real science.
When will people believe in this?. When scientists do experiment and give proof.
However, highly developed cameras have been invented. A organization, Indian paranormal
society in India whenever get news of such incident or hunted house reached there with
all their instruments.
They try to communicate with the spirits.
In our last video on medium, I talked about the incident wherein a soul entered a medium
and communicate directly through radio which is a very big technology.
Much talked about the aspects and truth of Astral travelling or astral projection in
the world. If science progress into this field then everything would become clear to everyone.
Science did not believe in soul. The knowledge given in hindu religion is all about the welfare
and salvation of the soul. Bapuji: Once I heard in TV that big scientists
like Einstein and others studied Indian scriptures. Most of the scientists believed that there
is some inspiration which guide them in their work like they were helped in making pictures,
to find a solution or equation of mathematics. About human souls and souls of the subtle
world who are full of vices or negative energy, dies and when they enter somebody they carry
on with their qualities they had. As the intellect in the end, so is the journey of the soul.
After leaving the body soul travel in that direction only. Negative soul will go according
to their previous thoughts and karma, do harmful act and disturb others.
We talk about this openly in the world. You can bring media but not everyone believe in
it. Those who have deep insight into the supreme truth believe in it.
Today why suddenly a person become mad. Few minutes before who was alright but suddenly
what had happened to him. Another soul enter into his body and talks unnecessary. Then
third soul enters and fourth one enters because many soul capture his body and control over
his senses. Once a human body has 14 souls in it and talk. I have seen all such things
since my childhood days. Question: In one video of T.B. Joshua shows
that more than 1000 demons entered in one human body.
Bapuji: In human body demons in very large number can enter. Like you have cells in your
body. That demon become a cell and enter in the cell of the body. During gestation period
there is a single cell. A single cell multiplied to form a full body. Ghosts are made of three
cells. Three cells shrinks into formless soul, a cell and cell enter into the body of the
person. So in this way many cells or souls can enter the body.
Question: There was a serial named Kal Kapal Mahakal which came in Zee News channel shows
many such programmes. Bapuji: A temple of Mahakal in Ujjain where
1000 bottle of wine served daily in front of the idol and Mahakal drinks them all. Till
today there is no scientific expalantion how mahakal drinks so many bottles in a day or
who drink or how it disappeared. There are explanations very subtle (ati sukshma) in
nature which we cannot see with our eyes but it exists. You cannot see divine world with
your eyes. To have vision you should have divine eyes.
Question: The day all these explanations proved by Ancient Aliens History TV then the world
will search you for the knowledge you already given.
Bapuji: Science will definitely come forward for the knowledge we want to deliver. Such
cameras and satellite will be invented which can take photos of the ghosts and show how
many of them exist on earth. Science will be converted into spiritual science. Mixture
of gross elements with supreme elements will be created. On spiritual term we define as
unmanifested within the manifested. Question: Bapuji, if anybody with physical
body says that I am experiencing astral travelling, can we believe them or not.
Bapuji: If someone inside the physical body help to experience astral travelling. As I
have told you that goddess Jogini take your grandmother into the astral world. If the
souls living in causal world help then this can be possible.
Like Almighty Authority himself want to show me which enable me to see. I see millions
and billions of multiple universe not on my own but with the help of highest authority.
He wants to give message through me that ” the period of transformation (kayamat ka din)
is going on. Tell this message to the world “. He want me to deliver his message. He
wants me to do something for the world. There are incarnations (avtar) on earth for
specific purposes. Simlarly there are super incarnations(maha avtar).
Question: There were many names given on website who have experience the same like religious
guru Yogananda and others. But the knowledge we gain from you is unique which is about
to change the whole multiple universe. You have informed us that as per science M theory,
there are as many universe in the space as five hundred zeros after one. Now scientists
are also talking about this knowledge which was already mentioned in our scriptures. Our
viewers can see other videos of knowledge. There are 250 videos uploaded on youtube.
Like and share. More you share, more it will benefit the world. Our knowledge will reach
the world. Paramshanti.


  1. बापुजी,

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    प्लिज एक वात वतावं, पर सुननेमे आयाहै जव हम लम्वे समयके लिए एक्सट्रल ट्रयाभल पर जाते है न तो हमारे यहाके स्थुल शरिरको कोई दुस्ट कव्जाभि कर सकते है। अगर ऐसा हुअा तो?

  2. आपसे एक अाैर पुछनिथि। कभि कभि न मुझे जव कुछ लोग मिलने आते है उनमेसे कुछ लोगोके साईडमे मुझे विल्कुल एक सफेद सया दिखता है। कभि कभि तो उनके कपडेके रंगभि दिखता है। पर जवभि ऐसा होता है मुझे कुछ असहजसा फिल होता है। ऐसा क्यो? कुछ विमारी जैसा।

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  5. I had the experience accidentally in 1992 for a very very small time. But was unable to understand the situation as only 21 yrs old. Now Since 2018 again having the experience & changed my life completely. I am an engineer & thinking the same is fake till Jan 2018 since then understood experience had in 1992.

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    I have question as l loss my mother recently she died by cancer, if I want to talk with her, how do I do that ? Is she still in my house ? If she is still in my house why she not giving me any proof or evidence of her existence. Because I really miss her each and everyday

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