Astral Projection – Beyond AP! How I reached Nirvana (in 2018) and Became God Part 1

Astral Projection – Beyond AP! How I reached Nirvana (in 2018) and Became God Part 1

So what was my life like as an initiate.
When I first got initiated I could barely meditate for 15 minutes in a row.
I felt like I needed to get up and do things. So for the first few months, if
not probably a year, I was just meditating for 15 minutes in a row and I
would try 10, 20 perhaps half an hour was the most I could do at once.
Eventually I increased my time. When I was in India when I lived in my masters
ashrams in India I was doing an average of 14 or 16 hours a day of meditation in
the inner light and the inner sound but… this sounds like a lot but that’s
exactly what I went for to an ashram, to meditate to try to reach the goal so yes
it’s intensive but otherwise… At the beginning, when I first got initiated, I
saw… I did see some light mostly darkness and some movement, as I
kept meditating I saw more and more things. After 3 months I saw the profile
of my master during meditation so I understood I was making some progress,
which was fantastic for me, so I kept going the meditation experiences they
changed, with time did… as I was saying in a previous lecture they became… they went
from shapes to my Master’s profile then other masters from the past and then
eventually I had a full movie going on. Here was the theme and… things were going
on. It was after two years that I had been initiated that I had been
practicing meditation… not full-time of course, at the beginning I was going to
school so I couldn’t do more than half an hour, perhaps, a day for meditation and
I was not really that serious at the beginning. But then when I did become
serious and I went to the ashram then, at that point, I had been initiated for two
years when I was taken out of my body for the first time when I was taken out
of my body I was actually sleeping, it was not during meditation but I remember (that)
for a while, for a few months before that event, when I closed my eyes I saw an
eclipse, a purple eclipse and that… that’s what I saw in my meditation I would
close my eyes sit for light meditation and here it was, like a moon and you know
the purple eclipse, that’s what I had for a few months that day that I was taken
out of my body I remember I was sleeping and I woke up because my legs were
detaching from my body and I went “Oh no” I knew what was going on, right? it was
going to be an astral projection I had, when I was a little girl, when I was
eight years old, I had a detachment not full detachment a partial detachment of
my legs again and I knew -when I was eight years old- I already knew… I thought
I was going to die and I begged Jesus “Jesus please, I promise to be a good girl
etc” right? so I clinged with my physical hand side clinged to the mattress when I
was eight years old but my legs they were like… if these are my physical legs
my astral legs were here, and this was my physical legs and my astral legs were
here. I could feel how my legs were up and I could couldn’t believe it because…
I would look at my body, you know, I was sleeping but I would look physically at
my body… my legs were there, my physical legs were there, but I felt them like
they were already… you know, like they were already here so I knew I… well, I
thought I was gonna die. I knew the soul was detaching but as a little girl I thought
I was gonna die and I didn’t want to die so I begged Jesus for what was a long
while, it felt like a long time. I don’t know, an hour? It felt to me at least like an
hour for this experience. So when I was in the ashram, sleeping, that I woke up
-after I had got initiated two years after I got initiated- I woke up again
with the same feelings that my legs were getting detached that’s… I realized I
knew I was gonna leave especially after I had already gotten initiated, I had already been meditating I had already been reading and studying, and asking questions, I knew
that was the natural thing to happen especially when you are REALLY doing it.
I, at that point, I was already doing it intensively, full time. I had left school
-I was in university- so I had dropped out of university I went into the ashram and
I was meditating full-time and doing “seva” which is voluntary service. So I
was really into the spiritual path, I really wanted progress, I really wanted
to get to meet God like… I really wanted to do it, I was ready to do whatever was
necessary, to do it. And going to an ashram doing it full-time was the
obvious or the next obvious step for me to give. So that’s why I did it.
So I was falling asleep, I felt my legs were detaching… It’s a very strange
phenomenon because although you intellectually know what’s gonna happen
and that that’s what you want to happen there’s another part of you, at least
that’s what happened to me, another part of me was terrified of the experience I
had never fully left my body before in full consciousness, so I was afraid and…
so it was a battle, part of me wanted it: “Yes, yes, yes, here we go” the other part
was “Noo, it’s going to happen”. Luckily this time, of course I didn’t ask Jesus to
keep me in the body, this time even though part of me didn’t want to do it I
just felt how my legs were detaching, detaching, no, so, I was sleeping (lying down) and then the legs went up up up then my waist and then, I just felt that
I had a full detachment from my head from here, all my body. The next thing I
saw…. I was actually floating, I felt like a little, you know, I felt like a little
bubble and I was just… I was floating in this universe, the
universe was black. I didn’t feel any fear or anything I was there already. I
don’t know if I could have felt fear or not but I was there. And I was surprised, I
was not shocked but… really.. looking at everything. I was in a different place
and I could feel myself floating. Right in front of me I had the purple eclipse
that I was seeing in my meditation. So a lot of things started to click for me a
lot of things started to make sense I started to understand what my Master
meant regarding the spiritual path. So it was very nice for me when I was there.
When we get initiated with our Master we are told that we always have to keep
the mantra, the repetition of the five names, of the five mantras, that we are
given by our Master, by a spiritual Master IF we decide to be really serious about
meditation – which I was. So I did get the five names, and so, when I was outside I
was heading… I was floating, I was heading towards this purple Eclipse. I was
repeating the mantra in my mind, all of a sudden I was back in my physical body.
And I remembered everything, of course. I was awake, it was still in the middle of
the night and (I was thinking) “omg, this is so awesome” I was so happy, I was thrilled, it was such
a great feeling to have done it, you know? like: “Yay, yay! I’m leaving my body
finally, I’m leaving my body, finally it’s getting more exciting”. A
couple of days later, the same thing happened again, a couple of days later.
This was when I was 21, two years after I got initiated. Again I
was sleeping and in the middle of the night, all of a sudden I feel my legs, you
know, like this… my my astral legs starting to detach from the physical
body… and again even though I had enjoyed the first experience so much, part of me
was thrilled that it was happening and part of me was terrified so again I had
this struggle within me… but you know what? It’s like, luckily,
luckily no one paid attention to the fearful part of me. The detachment… you
know… it’s like my full body, okay? It took place. Again I found myself in the
same dark universe and again I found myself in front of the purple Eclipse.
This time, however, I was closer. Like the first time I guess it(he eclipse) was somewhere here, the second time it was… I was a lot closer to the moon. The second
time I could see the moon and I could see craters and, still behind the moon,
there was something purple: I don’t know what it was, but I know in the spiritual
planes things are not the same as in the physical plane. So even though the Sun
here we see that it’s yellow, or sometimes orange, it doesn’t necessarily mean there’s
not a purple Sun in their spiritual planes: I wasn’t questioning this at all,
I was just heading towards I saw the moon, the craters, and the purple… whatever was behind the moon was purple and I was getting closer. However, this
time, there was a voice in the universe. There was a male voice in the universe
that was repeating the fifth word of my mantra. So as I was saying the words, the
voice in the universe was only saying the fifth word. I didn’t understand why I
remember at that point I did found it strange, it’s like: “Why did my master give
me five words and now that I’m here the universe is just repeating one word?” The
fifth one the one that’s supposed to be the highest one. Where we
are supposed to achieve, to get, the fifth region: Sach Kand they call it in this
tradition. So I thought: “Okay, my instructions were to repeat the five
words, I am going to repeat the five words, whatever the voice of the universe wants to do it’s up to him”. It was a male voice. So as
I was saying the first word the voice of the universe said the fifth word. When I
said the second word the voice of the universe said the fifth word. And as I was
saying the third word the voice of the universe said the fifth word so this went on, and when I said the fifth word the voice of the universe and me, we
were both saying the fifth word at the same time, it felt really well. But again
I said: “My instructions are to repeat the five words”. So I kept saying the five words. Again, eventually the experience ended. I found myself again in the body in the
middle of the night, in my room, in the ashram. Again part of me was so happy and… I was really nice to have heard the voice of the universe repeating the
mantra. Again, a lot of more things clicked for me: this is how the people, how the
sages, the Masters, the Guru’s, the real Masters the real gurus get the mantras…
the ones that get them directly from the spiritual regions, they are given to them,
they are clear. Okay so anyway a lot of things start clicking when you walk the
spiritual path. Then a couple of days later the same experience happen again.
Again my legs, you know, they first started to detach from my physical body. But then,
this time I got a pain here. So everything was detached except for
here and I got a deep pain. I wasn’t sure what was going on. So I remember thinking: “oh, there’s some pain, I’m going to give… I’m going to try to heal this part of my
body, whatever is going on, so that the body can continue to detach.” So I, with
my hand, I reached and I started to try to send healing energy. And then I
realized it was my astral hand that was sending healing energy my physical hand
was there I was moving it and it’s like: “Oh my God, this is my astral hand”. So I said
“Hey just send healing energy”. I was trying and trying and at the same time I
was pulling I was trying to get my body to keep pulling up.
It couldn’t. As I pulled the pain became more intense here. I was trying, you know,
with my astral hand to give healing energy… It didn’t work out.
So then my body came back into my body again I had a just a partial detachment
in my body the rest you know my body came back my legs. I was really disappointed I was upset, I didn’t know why it had happened. And then when I came back, with my physical hand I said “What the heck is going on here, what
happened?” Nothing, nothing ever happened. That was the end of my first experience,
actually the only one that I remember consciously that I was flown out of my
body. Years later, when I went… when I was my with my Master in India he asked
me about it and I told him…. well I told him my experience. And he said: “This
experience was given to you to prove to you that the path is real. You don’t have to
have it all the time but this was just to prove to you. Now keep going.” So yeah,
that’s how I took it. I mean he asked me when when I was 21 so I was with him
the first time when I was 22, 23 but this conversation… we didn’t have this
conversation until I was 25 so well not longer. I didn’t need him to tell me this,
right? like I really wanted to meet God and, whether or not flying worked for me,
I wanted to keep on going on the path so I kept going. It was very nice to hear
from my Master himself, to tell me: “This is what happened, this is why it was
given to you, keep going”. So, along the path as an initiate… things start to
happen and not after “years”, almost right away. You… when you pay attention to
your meditation you know to your sound or to your light . When you’re being mindful
of what you’re seeing and what you’re listening to, then you start to pay
attention to things. So automatically you begin to develop some skills, like
intuition. So along the way a lot of skills were develop. I developed
them, not on purpose, I just suddenly noticed they were there.
I had I was able to do some things that I wasn’t able to do before and that I
didn’t even try to do it was just… what happened, I noticed them.
And so, basically, that was my… my journey as an initiate. I was really… I really
wanted to meet God. Since I was a little girl I just wanted to meet God. I
remember I used to cry and I used to ask the “wind”… one day there was a storm and
I went and I asked the wind, you know I was little, “Please bring my message to
the Pope…” I was raised a Roman Catholic “…and tell him that I want to be with him
and that I want to be with God” I really wanted it. So as an initiate I was
into it, I meditated a lot. Every decision I made in my life, that affected my
physical life, I made it thinking: “Will this bring me
closer to my goal? is this something my Master would approve of, if this is
something God would approve of for my spiritual path?” Every decision I made. So
this was in general my life as an initiate on the path. I saw a lot of
results, I a lot of things that my Master used to tell us about the path I was
started to… they started to happen to me I could, I could verify that they were
true, they were happening. So, basically, that’s what it, was the main part. I will
go in the next lecture and I will tell you specifically about the last few
months before… before I merged before my consciousness, my pure consciousness
merged into the huge ocean of consciousness. That’s coming up in the
next lecture.


  1. I can relate to the way you glow (even more so than earlier in the video) in the end when you talk of /think back on merging with the hugh ocean of conciousness. Thinking back on my experience with Oneness still has that effect sometimes, and that was back in -02.
    You've got a beautiful, radiant smile!

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