ARIES MAY 2019 - Someone is after you - Love Tarot Reading

ARIES MAY 2019 – Someone is after you – Love Tarot Reading

hyeri's welcome to Max's Tarot this is your waiting for may 20 19 it's a love reading in general so take the messages that you feel are for you those messages that are and are meant for someone else watching the video okay so let's see what's going on with Aries in love May 20 19 I'd like to thank all of you guys who have purchased readings thank you also to my subscribers and to those folks who like my videos appreciate it and of course make sure you leave a comment in the end let me know how you're doing let's see what's going on if you want a personal reading go to Max's Ericom or the tower moment calm so that I can get information in answers to your particular situation thank you there universe for this reading for Aries okay all right ten of Pentacles in the reverse I see a lot of Pentacles here so issues related to stability are very important in May or significant in May for Aries to be situations regarding money as well okay Aries well in stability I mean with the ten of Pentacles in the reverse you may be finding yourself in a situation where instability is all around you and that just may be in career-wise but in your relationship things are not as solid as you perhaps wish they were I see here a love offer okay page of cups this is a water sign individual Pisces cancer scorpio and the judgment card here that could be a situation where someone wants to come around or write someone wants to offer a connection or communication regarding love alright you may be wanting to do that as well but regardless there's a home situation here that is not very stable something that requires your attention in the month of May but it could be you know are waiting for the other person as well they could be feeling that the relationship with you it's not stable and they may be needing to talk to you about it alright page of cups though it's you know for me I feel it's some are perhaps us willing and wanting to bring stability to your life alright so that could also be another message judgment someone coming around again are you coming around again Emperor in the reverse you may be dealing with an Aries like yourself or you're just being very stubborn about a connection all right so recently or in the past I see someone waiting here someone waiting for for something to to bear fruit okay someone here maybe waiting to you know be your wife or be your husband someone is waiting to have the stability with you in terms of a marriage or a long-term commitment so either you or the other person are contemplating this a potential connection to become realized they see that two people here sort of looking down at the pinnacles so this is considering options this is considering or valuing a connection seeing what's going to come out of the situation so this may be two poops sorry about that this may be two people who are already together are already invested one is more stable than the other and but there's this kind of wishy-washy situation at home and he has to do with this page of cop someone coming in with an offer maybe this offer has destabilized the situation at home this could be someone waiting for communication they could be waiting for a connection they could be waiting for for you to you know if the two of you are not talking for the two of you to talk or the two of you to have a connection I see in the month of May though seven of swords potential situation where there could be lies deceit cheating or money of some sort seven and seven could be that the person waiting on the connection is wanting to get away with something or they think that they are you getting away with something I feel like maybe this person is waiting on the communication but someone is holding back someone is not coming around to provide that or someone is just being told lies you know someone here is waiting for something fruitful for something positive to come out of the connection but all they're gonna get is just a bunch of Bowl a bunch of lies the runaround jerked around someone's here here wants a connection that is of equal give-and-take they put in a lot of effort you give in a lot of effort you know but there is something here for sure that is destabilizing the connection if there's already a connection that you have there is someone here this is the card of a thief coming around to see what they can get what they can get from you here it's like someone really values you here or you value them and they want something from you they want something from you and they're gonna go to very two extremes to try to get it I mean with manipulation with false communication this could also be a situation where you need to be careful with self-sabotage if you are already in a connection where you know there's equal give-and-take be careful with self sabotaging that okay page of Wands here this is a fire sign fellow fire sign could be if it's not areas like you could be Leo Sagittarius pages again signify communication so not having communication here I feel like there's someone waiting for communication for sure from you or you're waiting for communication from them and that's what's bringing stability are you wanting someone to commit and they're not willing to commit you're waiting for that yes you may be also dealing with two offers all right page of picture cups and Pedro wants but you might only be open to one here probably to this Pisces cancer Scorpio rather than fellow fire sign like yourself the morning the reverse or some enlightenment here there's some truth that comes out you know I see cars here that are pretty challenging Aries so I don't know if it's your energy or the other persons but the moon is a cart of Secrets is the car of illusions and when I see the card of you know someone who's being deceitful it just makes me wonder if you are in a situation where there's been some illusion or there's been a situation where hospital has been clouded with confusion purposely by someone someone is trying to confuse you or someone is confused and not telling you something not revealing much but I feel like at the end of May you know everything is gonna be exposed whatever it is I'm seeing either truth that are being told revelations about a situation that has been problematic in terms of life the seat could be dealing with you could be in a third party situation you may be dealing with someone who's married or someone or like the other person may know that you're married or in a long-term commitment here and maybe they're waiting for you they're willing to go to extremes for you but you're getting the clarity here you're getting the clarity that you're not gonna give someone a chance here you're saying no but you're saying yes to someone else I feel because this is judgement so something comes around either you're renewing a connection with someone or you're giving someone a second chance in order to have stability in the connection but for me the ten of Pentacles for me is reading for someone who's already in a relationship and at this point there's some challenges there you know queen of Pentacles this is you know the woman of the house or the man of the house you know whoever stays home most of the time to take care of the kids or take care of the home or the pets you know so I definitely feel like I'm these messages are more for someone who's already in our relationship but going through some challenges and the challenges involve some sort of deceit or lies but no matter what it is it's been exposed or someone is getting the clarity to not move forward all right because I see the stability here of the queen of Pentacles this queen of Pentacles is quite stable she knows her place she knows what she has she's not worried about anything so if this is you in the connection you're feeling good regardless regardless of the whatever turmoil is going on you still feel that you're in control and in charge of the connection or your partner may feel like they're in charge of the connection despite the instability see what else is going on for Aries in love May 29 May 29 teen love for Aries their universe what else do you have if you want a personal reading please go to Maxis Ericom or the tower moment calm and if you haven't done so yet make sure you did like thanks so much I will Pentacles alright it'll swords for of Pentacles more challenging cards here who in the double goodness alright so this just went through a whole different level with the double now with the devil and the seven of swords this is and the ten of Pentacles this is a situation where there's a third party energy someone cheating in the relationship or someone entering into a third party situation alright or someone being very dishonest about having a third party situation all right so let's say areas that you've met someone very interested maybe there's potential with them you feel a connection but you may not know that they're already with someone else or for the cross watcher you know you're coming in contact with the Aries and you may not know that the Aries is already dealing with someone else but someone here is not been very honest someone here is keeping information alright I feel that there is a situation where someone is cheating in the relationship and that is why there's this instability yeah I also feel like there must be this may be a situation where there is the opportunity of some sort of manipulation and deceit but someone is not very clear about what to do someone is being left out in the cold here or someone who has been left out in the cold half this devil energy be careful Aries if you're already in a stable connection especially with a queen of Pentacles or you are the queen of Pentacles you already have something you really value at home you already have a partner that really you know you're ready value they maybe someone here wanting to come into your relationship with the intention of you know getting away with something you know cheating lying this person may have addictions this person may be addicted to you there may be some codependency issues this person may be someone that you may have left out in the cold or they left you out in the cold but now for some reason they're trying to get away with something they're looking for that equal give-and-take they're looking for something that you already have Aries very interesting very interesting reading and I'm just saying you know this person whoever they are they're not getting the message because the message is know someone is very clear about saying now but they're not letting go they're not letting go they're holdin on very tight to a potential opportunity or to you and that is why I'm feeling like they have there's someone here obsessed with you obsess over what you have waiting on you but they're not doing so with the best intentions here they're not doing so with the best intentions it's a very interesting reading if you want a personal reading again go to Max's terror calm or the tower moment calm stay tuned for the weeklies as well thank you for watching Ares hit like subscribe leave a comment and I'll see you soon bye


  1. Ho my Lord everything applied to me. This girl is obsessed with me at work she is young and Christian and very Innocent , I am a living whore gay as fk boy but Christian also thinking of starting a family and straighting up my act. But I just feel weird texting her back and start telling her lies because I don't want her to find out who I really am. I mean am really willing to change for the better and start from zero but I wonder if she would understand my economic and sexual instability. Also there is this guy who is been wanting to go out and get to know me but I kinda wanna give him a chance but I see my self with a family and a happy marriage and kids so I feel the streets of not knowing what to choose here. This reading is Soo for me . Thanks for the reading

  2. I feel that my Cappi husband is hiding something from me but I'm not sure what it is. I can't wait to know the truth! We both came from good families but I cannot stand his pride and his stubbornness! His family loves me and I love them but I came to know that he won't change and for that I need to leave him or let him go. I hurt enough and I just like to be happy. 😢😢😢

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