[Applause] my friends I would walk away from the spotlight I walk away from the spot hi guys so let me help you understand further on how to watch the readings so I remember this is going to be based on Vedic Seidel astrology not Western so if you're watching this from your Sun Sign then the resonance of the energy will be happening on a soul level now if you are watching this from your ascendant then from ascendant it's happening towards the physical manifestation of the reading and then if you are watching this on your moon sign then this is going to be resonating from your feelings your mind and your thoughts now for the people who are looking for that masculine energy then you would have to look for Jupiter in your chart so that you will know how the energy works and then if for the people who are attracted to the feminine energy then you would have to look for Venus now do remember that Venus also rules the energy of the relationship so that would be also helpful for you now that you guys are all set thank you very much and let's begin with your reading all right Aries so let's begin your reading so welcome to your mid month okay I said this is crossing this is our crossover read so it's gonna be from July to next year and okay July to August if you do see the Wheel of Fortune will be doing a time prediction with the other duck haha but we're using three decks over here so get on the level meaning let's begin exciting here we go let's see what's going on let's use this one first to tell me you know let's see what sorry you have for me oh don't forget oh I forgot to mention if you do some if you go to my side and then there's we have an email list if you join you get a discount for your extended reading okay so it's not your signup name unless and then you get a code for the extended and then also the first shipment of our water bottle it's coming this August so if I were you you know because we we only it's only limited so if you would like then hey there you go oh it's going on for you guys we only have a hundred to give another yeah that's it okay so here we go that's what's going on for the Aires air pager cops are right so someone that you're talking to someone that you're dealing with right now you want to have this communication oh so you want to talk to them you you know it's like this is about it's like just to talk about feelings and emotion mister first card so it's your strong guess but it's really technically weak you don't want to have this as your birth card of to read because I mean in my system because it lacks the support high meaning the energy will not be hold on to regards to romantic connection because it's a page all right like it totally shows already that the connection can be immature no support no backbone I just murdered your whole read right but it lacked substance the person uh-huh that's a there are the energy itself of the read pager cups okay this is the whole I like you but are they gonna commit I know they have feelings for you but are they gonna do this you know all these different things you got a temp prints which requires you to be patient it requires you to how to say this to be more understanding also not just patient as patient is of course understanding but because understanding that there's good things and bad things that's the temperance the hot and cold there is this energy where the person can give you a lot of this and not so much of this it's not a justice card because remember those are feelings and emotions that you're trying to balance with this person you're trying to give them the benefit of the doubt also with the temperance you know this can be a you know a Sun in Sagittarius you can also have allele energy over here that's good there's improvement basic ups so this person will extend you know love towards you I so there's progress if you see there there's big progress right now with the person that you're dealing with they're finally expressing okay their feelings towards you so that's good because when they start to express this this is an opportunity for you right now basically to understand that from the murky water because there's a murky water here they're coming out of you know whatever muddy place that they've been in been in – okay sir cuz its transformation the Lotus right here shows the transformation of love because it was from nothing here comes something basically ginormous and it's the feelings it's the love that is joy nervous okay there we go that's good okay and you have your hangman you know this is where they come from they were delaying it or you were just trying to understand what this person is up to alpha cuz normally SEC they put you in a very compromising position you don't know what's up you don't know what's down you were trying to figure it out okay because again they were acting immature like a pig so let's see here the off ones can be because it's a long distance relationship you don't know where the progress will be they are points it's like you have very high you have so much high hopes with this person like you totally put them on a pedestal because at the F once you know it you know something good is coming and you know to the point where you could also be looking at it in a gonna say this I'm unrealistic way but you know there are funds it can be unrealistic because you know you're only expecting good things to come but it shows here that it is coming so what is unreal becomes real you get the world card okay so closer and closer you know the completion of energies between the two of you it is coming so that's good okay um this is a graduation so if there if there were if this person was studying or you know or you were studying it shows how to say that accomplishment okay so the person now is ready hi are you all ready that's good okay you got her six of swords so there is travel involved between the two of you there's deep emotions that is coming out you know because the six of swords from is moon so this person could transfer the moon and Saturn is in conjunct so a little bit cold and attached and controlling can be with regards the way that they express their mind and their feelings six of swords you got here two of swords so they're in the path you guys are in a crossroads you know you're trying to ask you know you're trying to make sense out of something that you feel that you have given a lot of opportunity okay so you are basically trying now to face the reality where is this going or and also they're doing the same thing to appointing you guys are are in the crossroads okay so if it's a song I think it's bone thugs-n-harmony see you what the crossroad is it fun things I don't know okay let me see you're gonna eat a Pentacles alright so to continue to pursue to put effort and the connection this is what you're trying to do even at work you've been thinking and thinking about how do I make this work will it worked okay it's good though as you're making yourself busy with eight of Pentacles okay you got it a world card again so it will if yo you got to world card strong Saturnian can be Saturn at macaca meaning the highest degree of their the planet they have is Saturn which shows okay a very not difficult life but it's more of like a life that is challenge okay so if that's your highest degree because at my as high as Caracas da basically the symbol the Sun card there is positive news your expectation with the three of ones they're coming towards you you didn't settle that's why you knew what your worth is and it's coming your way the Sun is a yes the person will be in the same features you are I consider their a page they're coming to you can be now an understand ASEC we need to be together in order for this to work out because a baby in the horse that's pregnancy also so if you want to get pregnant you know it is showing here that you will if they don't want you know please considered a tourist in Tulsa the Sun is showing here that yes it's coming what you have been expecting your whole life the world is your life see here can be acquired stars to you Scorpio a fixed sign basically are there is fixed energies between the two of you meaning every time you do things it's always just one way there's no backing up you got a six of ones someone can be going towards you very very successfully strength guard leo overcoming all the challenge you have Sun in Leo Sun you can also have a Sun in such again also here biases is here I'm gonna continuous reading guys as two people finally meet each other oh hi these are for people who knows where they're at already in their life they're not in question at all if we do see the wheel of fortune I will continue I'm together with timing prediction based on transit have a wonderful wonderful day Aries and I'll see you guys again but which shows an energy of someone who wants to settle so they do want to settle I'm the person that they're dealing with like you're the Sirius marrying type settling down settle down Empress wants to settle down they will give you if you're the feminine energy then they're ready to give it to you blinking is seen eleven to three there are days when everything seems to go wrong we rush to leave the apartment and realize we forgot to brew the coffee we estimated a travel time to go to the job interview of a lifetime with extra 30 minutes for good measure and the train is late then it ball functions then the door won't open then it didn't stop where it is supposed to not only we're we late to our interview our closest competitor just walk out with an offer letter in their hands what we miss seeing what we forget what we often take for granted is the perfect timing of the universe the universe never late the universe never misses the universe never makes a mistake the train will function what's meant to happen we were meant to get stuck in a train we were meant to stay in your apartment for extra five minutes we don't always understand why because the universe doesn't always manifest its reason before our eyes at the moment that we were able to understand it getting stuck in the Train might mean we need to meet or see something there in that particular moment staying five more minutes might mean missing an accident missing that job interview might mean getting a better job offer after if we don't get something that we want at a time we think we should get it just be and wait for the universe to make things happen for us in the perfect time the universe is never late


  1. omg it resonates alot he is a scorpio and we live long distance frm each other. Everyone has been telling me to be patient 😊 We are both in school too 🤗

  2. Loving your intro and ending that accent tho im getting married lol hope my mans on his way thankyou guru mighty one

  3. Got a driving test on 23rd August hopefully this year will be salvaged for me lol we should all remember to love our self's and have holes to feel the achievement 👍❤️❤️ self love I'm starting this now🤩🤞🌅


    I've just started watching you and honestly you are spot on!

    I've been with my pisces for a year and we split up just over a week ago I tried to patch things up it wont have it and I dont no what to do. He lives back at home. Please tell what do I need to do?

  5. Question. Is it best to view from your sun sign? I'm Aries sun, leo koon and sag rising . Venus. 🔥🔥🔥❤

  6. I am an Aries (Sun and Ascendant) please explain how much does this resonates. I do want to talk to him, but I walked away because he wasn't committing to me.

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