Are You BLOCKING Your Spiritual Growth? [Here’s How To STOP!]

Are You BLOCKING Your Spiritual Growth? [Here’s How To STOP!]

In working with hundreds of clients from all
over the world, I’ve found that there are some ways in which we can sabotage, delay,
or even block our spiritual growth. And get this, these sabotaging behaviors can
add years to your spiritual awakening process and really make your life a living hell. So in this video, I’m going to share the top
four things that can delay your spiritual growth and, most importantly, what you can
do to reverse these things today coming up. Hello, beautiful soul. This is Christina Lopes, The Heart Alchemist,
here to help you open your heart, heal your past, and live with purpose. If you’re new to my videos, click on that
subscribe button and also on the bell so you get notified as soon as I publish new content. Now, I’ve been working with clients from all
over the world for years now. And in my own spiritual awakening that lasted
six years, it was a six-year long process, I’ve learned quite a bit about certain behaviors
that can be self-sabotaging of your spiritual growth. What I found with my clients is that there’s
a huge difference. Sometimes clients come to work with me and
their spiritual growth is really rapid. And then there are some clients where their
spiritual growth seems to block or stagnate along the way. So what’s the difference? What’s the difference between the clients
that grow quickly or their spiritual growth is more uniform and more continuous versus
the clients who seem to stagnate and even block their spiritual growth? It all comes down to four pesky little things,
my top four pesky things that I found. And get this. Here’s a hint. These four pesky things have everything to
do with the mind and the ego, because that’s really the only thing that can block your
spiritual growth. So that’s what we’re going to talk about in
this video. I’m going to share those four pesky things
with you. And most importantly, I’m going to help you
reverse them today so your spiritual growth gets back on track. After watching this video, let me know in
the comments below if you feel like you’re blocking your spiritual growth right now. I want to know in the comments below. Okay, onto the four things. The first one is a resisting identity shifts. All right. This is when you are going through a spiritual
awakening and your ego begins to dissolve, because this is going to happen. When you’re going along your spiritual journey,
your ego will dissolve multiple times throughout your lifetime. And the most important part, the most important
identity shift usually occurs in the beginning of your spiritual awakening because that’s
when your ego is most hardened, right? So when your identity shifts along your spiritual
awakening, the ease of this happening, it just becomes easier, basically. As you get more experienced on your spiritual
journey, you just let your identity fall. If it wants to fall, you’re like, “Okay, just
go ahead.” But the first identity collapse that occurs
usually pretty quickly after a spiritual awakening, that’s usually the hardest ones. But you can keep resisting identity shifts
along your spiritual awakening. That’s why this is the first one, because
this one is the one that, oh my gosh, it’s one of the top ones when it comes to really
blocking your spiritual growth. Because what’s happening here, when you resist
identity shifts, what that really means is that your ego is not allowing itself to dissolve,
okay? And you have to let the ego. The ego has to let itself dissolve. Because in this spiritual awakening process,
your identity is just going to dissolve more than once. It’s a necessary component of spiritual growth
and spiritual awakening. So when you find yourself resisting this identity
shift, remember, this is one of the pesky things that you watched in this video and
now you’re going to be ready to let it go. It’s a very common thing that the ego goes
through. The ego doesn’t want to die. It doesn’t want to dissolve, and so it starts
to try and hold on for dear life, and that’s what causes this resistance, all right? And this resistance can really delay your
spiritual growth if you’re not aware of it, okay? So if you find yourself resisting or … You
can even say things like … I hear this sometimes from my clients, and I did this too in my
own life when I was going through my spiritual awakening. I would say things like, “Oh my gosh. I don’t even know the person that I’m becoming. I have no idea who I’m becoming. I’m not the same person I was yesterday.” So you’ll start saying these statements. Now, all of these statements are true, but
what the ego does is it gives a negative tinge to them. So when the person says, “I’m not the same
person I was yesterday,” they’re not saying that positively. They’re saying that almost like something
really bad is being lost. So if you feel yourself doing this, if you
feel your mind kind of nostalgic about the old you, kind of reminiscing on the old you
and the way your life used to be, you can know right away that that’s a sign that your
ego is resisting an identity shift. And you’ll remember from this video that that’s
something that can really sabotage your spiritual growth so you’re not going to do that anymore,
okay? So what’s the solution to this? What’s the solution? If you find yourself going through this pesky
little behavior, you’re going to take a nice deep breath. You expand your chest. Take a nice deep breath. You can even use mantras, and you can just
say, “everything is okay. Yes, my identity is shifting. Yes, my ego structures are falling, and it’s
all necessary, and it’s all wonderful because I’m becoming more of my authentic self. I’m becoming more and more of my authentic
self, and that’s a good thing. It’s not a bad thing. Everything’s okay. Let the ego fall.” You see, I’m giving you a lot of mantras and
a lot of self-talk. This is really soothing, and it helps that
ego kind of just melt. It helps the ego surrender and melt away. This is the first pesky thing. It’s very common. Don’t let yourself get stuck in this energy
for a really long time because this can really block your spiritual growth. Pesky thing number two is clinging to logic. This happens a lot, and this is when … This
is another form of your ego trying to hold onto control as it’s dissolving. What it does is it starts to really cling
to logical explanations of everything. It wants to know every little detail of what’s
going on in your spiritual awakening. And if you feel a tingle in your pinky, the
ego wants to know why am I feeling this tingle in my pinky. Oh my gosh. What the ego does is the ego is trying to
do this, it’s trying to find a logical explanation for everything as a form of maintaining control
because the ego can only control what it knows, all right? This is really common, and you may find yourself
doing this where you’re going through different spiritual processes where things are changing
in your life, where things are changing on the outside, but also on the inside. And you just find yourself wanting explanations
for everything. So you’re frantically going online and you’re
googling my pinky finger is numb or whatever it is. It was just an example. But if you find yourself sort of desperately
looking for information as to what’s happening to you, wanting to know detailed explanations
of every single spiritual process that you’re going through, why you’re feeling this, why
you’re feeling that, why this is happening, why that’s happening. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know
what’s happening, with seeking out explanations and answers. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s a natural process of the spiritual awakening,
too, but you’ll feel a difference when it goes from just a natural curiosity to almost
a compulsion or a desperate seeking of information. Can you feel the difference in the energy? So if you find yourself really restless, constantly
looking for information as to what’s happening to you, you’re stuck in this little pesky
behavior, and that’s the ego just trying to hold on to logical explanations so it can
keep control of your spiritual awakening and of your shift, okay? This is very common. It’s okay. It’s normal. Don’t feel bad if you’re doing this. This is normal. And the solution. What’s the solution for this one? The solution for this one, I love using mantra
work. I use a lot of mantra work for all of these,
all of these pesky behaviors that I’m talking about in this video. But for this one specifically, you can take
just a nice deep breath. Be aware that that’s what’s happening. Be aware that your ego is just desperately
looking for explanations for everything and it’s holding on to logic as a way to control
because it doesn’t want to dissolve. It doesn’t want to disintegrate. So when you’re aware of that, that’s already
90% of the work. Then, the rest of the 10% is just breathing,
relaxing. And I like to use this mantra, so I’ll share
it with you. The mantra is everything is revealed in due
time. I love this mantra. I still work with it. What this mantra does is it loosens up the
grip of the ego because it’s saying everything is revealed to me when it’s time and if I
need to know it. Because that’s the other thing, beautiful
soul. You’re not going to know every single detail
of what happens in the spiritual process in your spiritual awakening because it’s so complex. There are so many things happening on multiple
dimensions of you. There are multiple things happening, and you
will never be able to have a logical explanation of every little thing that’s happening to
you, and that has to be okay, all right? That has to be okay. The things that you do need to know, the things
that are going to be helpful for you to know, they will be revealed in due time. Then the rest you just say to the universe,
“Look, there are things I may never know about what’s going on with me, and I’m okay. I trust that I’m guided. I trust that I’m loved. And I’m just going to keep going forward,
understanding what I need to understand, and leaving the rest up to the universe.” So this beautiful surrender, this just opening
the grip and really saying, “I don’t need to know everything. That’s okay because I trust this process. I trust my soul knows what it’s doing, and
I’m just going to go with the flow,” okay? So that’s pesky behavior number two. Pesky thing number four is bypassing emotions. This is really common. This is actually probably one of the hardest
things to work through in your spiritual awakening and while you’re growing spiritually because
spiritual content is sometimes difficult to work with. And that’s why we kind of push it and repress
it, okay? So the bypassing of emotions is really common. What happens here is when you’re going through
a spiritual awakening, when you’re going through accelerated spiritual growth, the emotional
body in your auric field … So your aura is kind of the electromagnetic field that
surrounds your body that you can’t really see with the five senses, okay? But, that auric field is really important
in your being. And without it, you wouldn’t be able to survive. One of the layers of the aura is called the
emotional body. When you are going through a spiritual awakening,
the emotional body communicates with your physical body constantly, really. What it does is it starts to trigger a movement
of emotional content that was suppressed in your body before. So you have to remember that your beautiful
physical body, it houses everything that’s ever happened to you. It’s houses it on a cellular level, and it
also houses and stores emotional content that isn’t processed. It’s all housed in here. So when you’re going through a spiritual awakening,
one of the first things that starts to happen is emotional content comes up to the surface
to finally be felt, and healed, and processed, all right? And when this is happening, sometimes, if
we have repressed trauma, if we’ve repressed difficult emotions for so many years, as soon
as the emotional body starts to trigger the release of those, of that emotional content
in your physical body, you’ll start to feel these emotions. And boy, it can be quite uncomfortable. In fact, it’s so uncomfortable that’s one
of the reasons why you repressed these emotions in the first place because they were uncomfortable
to feel. This is really common, bypassing emotions. This is when people start to feel the emotional
content coming up and they’re like, “No, no, no, no, no. Not feeling this. I’m going to go out shopping. I’m going to go have sex with some random
person. I’m going to go drink. I’m going to go do all of these escaping mechanisms
that we all have done and used before.” They’re all different for us, but we’ve all
done it where we run away from our internal environment because it’s a little painful
and we don’t know how to process the things that we’re feeling. This is really common, the bypassing of emotions,
but this is also something that can really block your spiritual growth. Because the harder you push those emotions
down, the more they’re going to continue to weigh on your energy system. You can’t ascend in energy if you’re holding
on to all of this unprocessed emotional baggage. So in one way or another, these emotions will
have to be felt. They’re going to have to be processed. And what I tell people is why not today. Why not today? If you’re going to have to process these emotions
at some point, even if it’s in the next lifetime, why not do it today? Why not do it now? Because it’s not as hard as you think, and
it’s not as painful as you think, all right? So what’s the solution for this one? The solution for this one is you’re going
to have to learn how to allow the body to feel emotions, allow them to come up without
fighting them. Feel them. Acknowledge them. Embrace them. Sit with them. Let your body feel those emotions as long
as it wants to. Give the body freedom to feel. Then, you’re going to allow your heart to
heal those emotions. Because the heart, this heart center, this
is our great healer. So all the emotional content, eventually,
when it’s allowed to be felt, it’ll come up to the heart where the heart incinerates everything
and transmutes everything, all right? But you have to give yourself time and willingness
to sit with this emotional content, to be present with it, to not run away at all. I like to use a mantra here, too. The mantra is I will feel what I need to feel. You’re just going to repeat this over and
over again if you feel like you’re working with difficult emotional content. You’re just going to say, “I really am going
to feel what I need to feel. I’m going to be here for these emotions. I’m going to feel them, and I’m going to process
them.” Now to go a little bit deeper on how to heal
the past and how to heal pain and all of that, I’m going to leave a video about that right
here. There’s a video that I have about how to do
this. I’m going to leave a link in the description
box below so you can watch this video after this one if you feel like you need more help
going into the actual work of being able to heal difficult emotional contents, all right? But at some point, you’re going to have to
stop doing this because it’s going to block your spiritual growth. And why do that? Do it today. Start doing this today. No more bypassing. That’s pesky behavior number three. Pesky thing number four is a negative mindset. Ugh. This one’s a hard one to work through because
a lot of times what’s happening here is when we have a negative mindset, part of that negative
mindset is biological in nature, okay? Humans have a negative bias in the brain. They’re biologically programmed with a negative
bias in the brain that comes from our years evolving on this planet, especially from the
years where we were nomads in the middle of nowhere. We didn’t have houses. We didn’t feel safe. So this negative bias is natural, and it’s
evolutionary. It’s an evolutionary part of our brain. Because when you were out in the Serengeti,
your brain had to pay attention to possible negative things that could happen to you. I give this example a lot because it really
illustrates how important this negative bias was in our evolution. If I was walking out in the Serengeti and
I looked up at a tree and I saw a honeycomb, but then right next to it I heard and I saw
the bushes move next to it, which would my brain give priority to? I have a honeycomb. I may not see a honeycomb for the next six
months, and I may be malnourished, and I really need that honeycomb, but my brain is going
to certainly pay attention to that bush because that bush moving could be a lion, and I could
be dead in the next two minutes. So who cares about the honeycomb, all right? That’s how the brain naturally developed a
negative bias. Now, we don’t live in the Serengeti anymore. We’re not unsafe generally. So this negative bias is still biologically
in us, but it can be worked. We can work out of it, all right? Now, the way that this negative mindset really,
really can block your spiritual growth is because it keeps your overall vibration of
your energy system down. The mind is very powerful in contributing
to the energy of your energy fields, the frequency of your energy field. And the more negative your mindset is, the
more negative your outlook on life is, the more you’re pushing your energy system down
when your soul is trying to pull you up into ascension. That’s what spiritual growth is all about. So when you have a negative mindset, you’ll
generally be a person who really is always waiting for the other shoe to drop. You’re always looking for something wrong
happening. You tend to talk about yourself negatively. You tend to talk about life negatively. So you’ll say things like, “I have no luck
in life. This spiritual awakening process is really
shitty, and it’s not doing anything. I only feel unhappy, and I feel miserable.” You see, you just keep going on, and on, and
on with this negative mindset, these negative thought processes, and this pulls your energy
system down. Now, what I’ve noticed is this makes a huge
difference in so many clients that I’ve worked with. The people who generally have positive and
optimistic outlooks about life and about what’s happening to them, they grow so much more
quickly than the person who has to be trained to come out of that negative mindset. So the person who has an optimistic view on
life will say things like, “I know what I’m going through right now is really hard, and
I’m having some really difficult days, and sometimes I don’t even feel like getting out
of bed, and this process is difficult, but I know that it’s going to lead to something
better. I know that something wonderful is happening
to me. I know that my life is changing for the better. And even if I don’t feel that right now, I’m
still going to hold on to that belief.” Do you see how different this is? This person is still acknowledging that they
may be going through difficulties during their spiritual growth process, but they still hold
on to that understanding and that outlook that these things are happening for a reason,
and that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel, and they’re going to get there, okay? This makes a huge difference in your spiritual
growth. It makes the difference, sometimes years. This will make a difference in years on whether
you’re stuck in a spiritual process for years or whether you can go through it sometimes
in weeks. That’s how big the difference this makes,
all right? Now, what’s the solution here? How do you solve this here? Well, it takes some training. Because as I said a little while ago, the
negative biases is biologically programmed in us. So what we have to do is all we have to do
is we have to reprogram the brain. This can take some time, and you can need
to have practice. You need to practice at this. But there are a couple of things that I’ve
used, and I used with clients and in my own life, that really helped program my mindset
into a more optimistic mindset. Here are the two of them. The first one is the practice of gratitude. That was life-changing for me, and it’s life-changing
for my clients. Whenever you feel your mind going down a negative
loop like, “This is just so shitty. My life is never going to get better,” you
know when that voice starts. When that voice starts, what you’re going
to do is you’re going to stop the thought process immediately. And the way that you stop it is you shift
your awareness towards something that you are grateful for. I’ve had people say to me, “I don’t have anything
in my life that I’m grateful for.” Excuse me? That’s not true at all. That is not true at all. You can find at least one, two, three, four,
five things in your life. I bet right now, no matter how difficult your
life may be right now, you can still find things to be grateful for, even if they’re
really small things. So when I was broke, when I had no money at
all, when I was having difficulty paying my bills, I remember that I was just going down
this negative loop. my mind wanted to say, “Oh my God. You have no money. Oh my God. How are you going to pay your bills? Oh my God. Oh my God. Oh my God.” My mind wanted to go down this loop. But what I had to do was I forced myself to
shift perspective into what I was grateful for. So I still had warm water to take a shower,
so I’m grateful for my shower. I still had my cup of coffee in the morning. I’m grateful for this cup of coffee. I still have a roof over my head. I’m grateful for this roof over my head. And I kept doing this over, and over, and
over. I would find every little thing to be grateful
for. As I did that, the mindset started to shift. The more I was grateful for, the more things
the universe sent me to be grateful for, all right? It started to compound. So that’s one way to start programming that
negative mindset into a more optimistic mindset. The second way that I used to program the
negative mindset into a more optimistic one is really trusting without knowing. It’s called trusting without knowing. This one’s a little harder than the gratitude
one because this one requires you to really come into your heart, really be present, really
understand how the universe works. But trusting without knowing is just you’re
going to start saying to the universe, “I’m not really sure why I’m going through what
I’m going through right now, but I trust that this is necessary. I trust that this is for my highest benefit. I trust that everything is always working
out for me, even if I can’t explain it right now. I’m just going to trust you, God. I’m going to trust you, source. I’m going to trust my angels. I’m going to trust my own soul that my own
soul knows. I’m going to trust that my own soul knows
what it’s doing. Even if I can’t intellectually explain that
right now, I will trust. I will trust, and then things eventually will
be shown to me.” The trusting without knowing, this was a practice
that I developed through a lot of self-talk, a lot of talk with the universe, a lot of
affirmation and mantra work. So I would literally just write in my journal. I don’t know what’s happening to me. It’s really painful right now, but I trust
that there’s a higher purpose for this. I trust that I will be able to use these experiences
in the future, both for myself and to help others. That was key, really, in being able to shift
into a more optimistic mindset. Then, as my mindset shifted, and my energy
changed, and my spiritual growth continued, the energy started. I started to feel more lightly about things,
and I started to trust the universe more so my trust in the universe deepened. But initially, I kind of had to do a little
bit fake it till you make it. I literally had to write, just repeatedly
write things down. I would talk to the universe, and I would
say, “I don’t really trust you right now, but I’m trying. I don’t really yet trust you. I’m scared, but I’m trying to learn.” I would write these things down. I did this little bit fake it till you make
it initially, but then it became natural and it deepened my trust and my love of the universe,
and my trust that everything was occurring exactly as it was supposed to and in divine
order, and that divine will was always looking after me, all right? So that’s the second way that you can shift
that negative mindset to an optimistic one. This is crucial that you do this, beautiful
soul. Because if you remain a negatively outlooking
person, your energy system will be bogged down and you are going to block your spiritual
growth. Now I want to hear from you. Do you feel like you’re blocking your spiritual
growth right now? Let me know in the comments below. Click here to subscribe to my YouTube channel
or head over to my website where you can take my Heart Quiz and figure out if your heart’s
blocked. And don’t forget this video that I curated
for you about how to heal and work with emotional content. It’s right here coming up next. I love you, beautiful soul. I am out.


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  21. The weird shit that's been happening to me for the past 3 months: insane heart palpitations, numbness in mostly left side of my body, achy lower back, heaviness in my head, swollen eyes, extreme boredom, fear, anxiety. Its been a chaotic time. I know that it's normal not even my doctor understands and he literally laughed at me. Only a kinesthetherapist helped me though a bit. I think he reached into the most tense muscles of my body and shake up my old trauma and scary energies.

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  23. This is not meant in a negative way whatsoever. How do you know these things? Is there books that you read? Is there someone who has helped inspire you? So many things have happened to me through this Awakening. And my twin has not joined me at all. So I am stuck in the what do I do from here mode.(3yrs) I literally am starting from absolutely. Nothing no jobs. Very little friends, no friends that understand any of this. They all left, their starting to come back, Mercury retrograde. LOL any books would be nice to know about.

  24. Just coming out of a few days of a negative MINDSET …. Your way is MUCH EASIER as always Christina. The best choice I’ve made has been working with you 1:1 this year. At least now, I know what’s happening and it passes So Much Faster!!! I do trust, thanks to your guidance. You are brilliant and you care! Now, I don’t even have to beat myself up anymore, Thank you from Boston!

  25. Hi Cristina, my name is Laura and I wanna to ask you if there s and "end" for you in growing spiritually, I mean, or you think you get it?
    Because I feel this has always something to mature, and for me is like "never ending story!". So, you look/feel so "finish" in your path, and other people too, that I wondering why I "never get it o found that place and stay?" , do you know what I mean?
    I get it and all is perfectly fine, well, I feel so happy and healthy, and Boom ! Another rock to climbe 😮
    Is a bit exausting for me right now.
    Plus, living in the middle of the city is most and most difficult, but, Where do I go? To the middle of nowhere? I know I need nature, silence, peace. Is too loud in here, so many people, noises in the night, etc. even if I meditate every day: night and afternoon, the city is too loud and vibrationally akward with me right know. Can t resonate with it… even feel my body at peace this days.
    I feel I need some nice well cozy rest 🙂 to move foward.
    Thank you, Hope you are reading this.

    From Argentina with love.

  26. Gracias, this was really helpfull. All 4 are happening to me right now 😮 You just seeems to be talking with me 😊
    I am glad I found you.
    Thank you.

  27. Hi 👋 Christina I’ve been watching your videos and thank you for all the insight on how to manage a spiritual awakening my journey has been up& downs and sometimes my emotions are all over the place . I need to know more on how to manage this when you are a mother and your child don’t understand and when you tell family and they can not relate or quite understand. I really feel lost at times.

  28. I found this video right when I needed it. I definitely knew somehow I was blocking my own growth but couldn't quite put my finger on it so thank you for explaining it so perfectly! I also need to tell myself that self care is taking my depression/anxiety meds to help me function for everyday life but I was being so hard on myself that I couldn't be normal without them, thus started that negative self talk of "I can't do this, everyone hates me, I'm not good enough for this, you can't be spiritual AND take meds.." etc. One thing I'm really struggling with though is trusting and loving myself. I'll work through it. Thank you for your videos ❤️

  29. I have no feelings for people from my past. I left them go but now I'm afraid they will come back during this Mercury Retrograde. Asking for answers. I just don't feel the same. I've always given 2nd chances and now I can't do that I'm too exhausted to help others and to give an F about anyone. Logic has been my safe haven for the past 2 yrs I am going to start more mantras and affirmations. Thank you Christina

  30. My weakness is clinging to logic. I used to look for logical explanations for everything, every change or signs in my life. I said to myself " it did not make sense", " I can't be real", "there's no real proof for it". I realized that those beliefs have prevented me from changing and becoming a better self, better person. Now, instead of looking for a logical answer, I listen to my inner self and let things come naturally. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Dear Christina, it is amazing, that every your video comes up exactly on time along with events and experiences in my life. You are like a guide to me and making so great explanation's about what was happened few days or week's ago. In your videos I always find confirmation's, that I can trust my intuition and choose behavior in new strange emotional situations, what my heart offer's to me. After your videos I always have one more thing, for what I am grateful to Universe for. I Sincerely Thank You.

  32. I can identify with this a lot. There's quite a conflict going on between my ego, which wants to stick to the things it liked and loved in the past, and my higher knowledge and guidance, which is calling out for spiritual transformation, perhaps even becoming a monk. So there are moments when I feel like I am on track and my soul has found its true calling, but then the ego starts to fight back. I'm going to try these mantras and see if that helps my ego let go.

  33. Since last night I've felt a little out of alignment but it's just amazing how universe is delivering answers to me right away. For last two days my first YouTube video recommendation has been answering my questions and today happened to be this video. Thank you very much. I want to continue this confusing (only for mind) yet most amazing journey! (For the soul)

  34. Having Anxiety can it be an Emotional content being released? Like that mantra “ I will feel what I need to feel”

  35. Thank you for these detailed explanations. All wayfarers or seekers in the spiritual path absolutely will have to be face with some of these obstacles and your explanations will be beneficial so much.

  36. Our lives seem to be ego or physical based. Time to clean kitchen, or cook or wash dishes or clothes. Need to do 1,2 3, and on. If we dont't have tasks how do we live in the 16 hours of being awake? My mind is mostly on spiritual ideals i think, but moving and doing is necessity isn't it? Not sure what living in spirituality really means if it is not on what i am doing at the moment, which is tasks. I am very happy with life, with all that surrounds me, sun risese and sets, rain, warm and cool. What do i not see for the 16 hours of the day. Maybe I am there in the majority of the time and days.

  37. Somewhere my past comes again when an incident similar to past transpires.
    On Thursday I asked my husband about one of his colleague, female with whom he has a healthy relationship in a joyous way. I was kind of jealous as I am an ordinary housewife. In return, he slapped me hard.
    I had thought things have changed and I am again back to the dark depressed place as to why was I jealous in the 1st place.
    I am physically sick auto-immune due to living with stress n unhappiness in marriage. Everytime I have tried to forgive myself for not loving myself seeing the changed family members I begin to be happy.
    But then again n again same things happen. I feel I am failing and cannot heal anymore

  38. This is exactly the answer I was just asking the universe for in my meditation session. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this video ❤️❤️❤️ Now I'm going to watch it again and take notes.

  39. Oh girl you so got me on #2 I was so trying to dig up all I could find and it leads me to now understand why id recieve so many things saying to just trust.

  40. I definitly feel like ive been blocking my spiritual growth, I feel that im not being so gentle towards myself, i feel that my ego just wants to control it also says that it doesnt need to change that im
    Fine just the way I am im guessing it just wants approval. It even freaks out when I stop myself from compulsivly seeking out the answer via youtube and any other site that involve knowledge as to what it is that Im going through or what can I do to change my life it say NO NO NO I NEED CONTROL I NEED CONTROL repeatedly, its been very stressful for the past couple of years just dealing with this and fighting with it I realized from her other video that the ego is just someone who is trying to protect you and keep you safe from other people hurting you as well as yourself and I feel that I do use logic a lot when it comes to having an arguement and always trying to be correct about things I know that I often escape to go watch self help videos and numb my emotional pain instead of dealing with it head on i know that I struggle with a negative mindset that is no longer serving me at all I know that I need to practice self love and being gentle and kind instead of harsh I constantly fight with my mother and I dont like fighting with her because it just causes anxiety for both of us i feel that I am a piece of shit to her to the point where she doesnt want to be around me and often im by myself and I choose to be by myself and not trust anyone because I feel that I cant trust anyone and have the fear that ill be hurt by people and be treated like garbage I would often daydream and procrastinate alot because I feel that reality is just too painfull to deal with i would procrastinate and put thing that I know that I need or want to get done but never really can get done I feel that im just angry at people i have all of this rage within that just needs to be released I feel that Im also carrying a lot of worry and stress to a point where I feel pain in certain areas of my body i feel like i dont belong anywhere and have no friends i feel that im being consumed by my ego and I have to type this comment when literally i know that theres a choice for everything I know I feel that I just want approval from everyone I am often told by my mother that I make excuses for my own actions and that I blame others i also feel that I do that in a way where I blame my ego and daydreaming and also what im going through for not getting stuff done or for my behaivor I also feel that I dont even want to write this comment but i decided to do it anyway that but I know that I can at this to the best of my ability and use some of the tips that from this video to help change the circumstances of the life that I have or I am currently living right now as im typing this comment I feel very uncomfortable so I apologize for not going into a lot of detail I just feel like im forcing myself to do this which is very dreadful but im choosing to live a better life and to dicontinue prolonging my suffering and to atleast make an effort towards change.

  41. I'm sorta new to this but what you convey makes great sense i bet some people have the lightbulb go on in the head to. Listen i have no clue where i am in my awakening process i am trying to learn as much as i can with a open mind. I went through something that in all my years i had a terrible feeling that i could not shake for 3 days and for some reason my thoughts became that of suicide it was very difficult to separate from that. Could this be because where i guess i'm a old soul Number 11 or master number i guess you call it. So past regression of my old lives raisiing themselves could that be responsible for those awful feelings i never in my life felt that bad or sick in my stomach. This folks being i'm a noob in this awakening thing but if you could offer any advice please i need help. I'm Poor due to i'll health from a reaction from a antibiotic that almost killed me over 2 years ago i'm still recovering. This is why those full moons were very hard on my body i needed to take something for that pain, meditation was not enough. These antibiotics are basically like trying to kill your infection with a nuclear bomb basically. These are stronger than the Kimo medicine they make for the individual cancer patient. Currently there are 30 pages of black box warnings for injuries perminate injuries and outright death. These are RNA DNA synthesis inhibitor's that work in a 2 step process to stop the spread of the bacteria by not allowing the bacteria to cell split or replicate. It kills all the bacteria in the body it starts in the stomach and works through the liver then the kidneys etc. For those awakening the body changes are bad enough but adding that kind of reaction which without treatment takes years to recover IF you recover. Vegitarians would have a difficult time to because if your react like i did it would destroy for some 1/3 of the liver. The nutrients and minerals like magnesium in eggs chicken and pork are vital to your liver and kidney function because these are broken down and can be absorbed into the body. Just a helpful piece of advise for you good people that have everything good to offer the world. If you know someone suffering from the effects of fluoroquinolone toxicity Dr. Ghalili of La Regenerative medicine can treat your reactions with iv nad therapy and stem cell infusions into your spine harvested from your own fat cells this is some of the newest treatment now available. Not to frighten you just make you aware that's all thank you Christina Lopes and bless you for the great work teaching and helping others.

  42. Thank you so much for this video 💜 I struggled a lot with the negative mindset earlier in my awakening and it still tries to creep in sometimes. But it really makes a huge difference if you just try to trust the universe and keep telling yourself that there's a beautiful light at the end of the tunnel. Much love all you beautiful souls 💜

  43. I have no doubt that I have been blocking my spiritual growth!! I have been for a long time and didn't even realize that I was doing this to myself until recently….ugh!!!

  44. I keep finding your vids ( wthout looking) LOL I totally clicked off and was looking up something totally different.. and what happen… there you were again HA! Just found it funny- Light and LOVE!

  45. Hello Christina,

    First I will say that I am so grateful that I find you here on Youtube. You are amazing 🙏
    Last week it came a new young man to my job, i felt that he saw me and he wanted to make contact with me. He seen nervous but very sweet, and he threated me like a man never has do to me before. I could feel a strong spiritual connection to him. He also told me that he was very spiritual. Typical he was just there at my job for one week and now he is gone. I went in to an hermit mood over weekend and I have cried so much, like it is was something which has to be removed. What is happening? Is this a spiritual awakening? I will also say that The attraction i felt for him was not mostly sexual, like it use to be, and suddenly I felt so safe with him. Now I cant get him out of my mind this beautiful pure human kind

  46. You asked if we feel like we're holding our self back right now. Balkrishna I'm watching your video and that is very uplifting and very needed. You are very helpful you explain yourself well they also can tell that you have taken your profession very seriously you humbled yourself brought a great character Outlook approach. That is an inspiration to me to know that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. I am going to get through this. I am grateful but I have come across your videos. I am dedicated to have a better lifestyle for myself. I am strong. I am going to get stronger with help from you. I am crawling out of this ditch that I allowed myself to get in to. I am taking responsibility for my movements forward in life. I am so very proud love what you've done with your life. With love James

  47. Hi Christina, I just saw your video with Sunny!! So happy for you Congratulations!! I have looked up to you and Sunny for a while now, such an inspiration to me. Inspiration for me to continue working on my channel and my message, inspiration to keep going. Thank you for sharing all you do!!

  48. I love your energy! Such a beautiful soul!!! It's also reassuring to know I'm practicing the right processes during this time of growth. <3

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