Are you Aspaklaria? – your spiritual barometer (featuring Dr Shalom Springer)

Are you Aspaklaria? – your spiritual barometer (featuring Dr Shalom Springer)

are you aspaklaria would you like to be one
how can you tell if perhaps we don’t know what it means I invite you now
let’s find out together what aspic larrya really is I guess it’s as if somebody was plugged
into the right energy socket it’s as if you had some sort of clarity of vision
as if you were on the right frequency or perhaps maybe as if you were
transmitting the right frequency as if you became a vehicle for that
transmission as if you were traveling along the path that was preordained for
you and she deeply felt like you really meant to travel along that road as if
you are in perfect resonance with that frequency that was meant to be yours
from the start transmitting a pure white light making the right choices transmitting
the bride’s message singing your own son singing the right note get that ego out
of the way singing your song but singing it being in harmony with the source of
it all it’s rather fascinating to ponder all these ideas but I’ve decided to ask
an expert hello I’m here today with dr. Shyam
Springer a very good friend of mine and also my teacher and I thought this is
going to give us a perfect opportunity to ask him for some insights into the
meaning of the word aspic larrya which is the title of my album and also the
title of its economist song in fact I have a just-released CD of aspic larrya
and here in the booklet of the CD I wrote a little motto that describes
what’s behind the song as for Clary and it says oh just let me be a transparent
vessel for the divine will dr. Springer would you like to tell us a
little bit more about the mystical meaning of the word aspic larrya because
a lot of my listeners asked what does it mean it sounds so beautiful so
percussive so melodious but obviously there is a wealth of meaning behind that
word and this is what I’ve invited you here to tell us about well thank you
very much Jamila for inviting me here to explore the ideas and the deeper
meanings behind this word aspic larrya and the implications the word which is
Aramaic actually means a lens and if you take that and start from the actual
physical idea of a lens it is a piece of material that allows light to pass
through it but also has another function in that it focuses the light and creates
a very sharp and a very definite image and this is the idea that in a spiritual
sense and in a mystical sense the idea of an aspic Clary is that – that we are
surrounded by electromagnetic waves all around us all sorts of different waves
whether they are radio waves or other light waves and the spectrum is very
very great and if these go through a lens then they
have a tendency to be able to focus and create an image which is very identified
and this is what we would like to be so to speak which is that we would like the
light as you said in your beautiful sentence from your album the passed
through us and to be that lens but one which does not distort the light as it
passes through does not corrupt it in any way does not change in any way but
that the output is actually equivalent and has all the elements of the input
since we speak about the clarity of vision I guess I’d better clarify that
the album itself is called aspic larrya which means just lens in our May I
really meant it to mean clearance but for that the talmud uses the phrase
aspic larrya madeira could you tell us doctor Springer something about the
distinction that the talmud mentions between us claria madeira the clear lens
and aspic larrya Shana Meera slightly tarnished unclear lens and that would
then lead us to something that fascinates me really the most and that
is that is there any relevance of these ancient wisdoms and scriptures to
today’s human beings I’d like to explore that a little bit the expression used in
the ancient Hebraic writings of hospital area mahira the perfectly transmitting
lens and the aspic lares enemy rock the imperfect lens was to bring out the idea
that one person Moses of ancient history achieved this accolade this title of
aspic Larry mahira the perfectly transmitting lens which was that the
messages that he received from the great cosmos from the infinite were completely
transmitted in an undistorted way as messages to the people and the idea
here is that when the ego is reduced when one can put oneself in the
background then this creates the transparency that is required for
becoming the apsara mirror that perfectly transmitting lens and it can
be compared a little to parable or an analogy that I once heard of a student
who is piloting an aeroplane for the very first time and he gets into trouble
and the airplane is going all over the place
and he’s terribly scared and he radios back to base and explains that he is in
trouble and he can’t control the plane and he’s wrestling with the controls and
the controller back at base tells him to take his hands off the controls and his
feet off the foot controls he’s very worried about doing that but he does
that and magically the plane writes itself and this is sometimes the effect
that we see in life when we think we’re driving things we think we were in
control and things are going slightly wrong the idea might be to relax the
control to take ourselves away and allow things to happen by themselves through
natural forces and this is what Moses had achieved with his negation of his
self and his ego he became the ideal transmitter of the message this
spiritual visionary Moses at the same time as being a leader of the nation he
was also called by those ancient Hebraic scriptures the most humble men ever
lived how could that be isn’t there some kind of discrepancy what do we really
learn from it the problem you have raised comes about because of our
understanding and our upbringing with leaders who are usually politicians
and these are people that usually have enormous egos and they lead with
charisma that is the method which we are used to Moses was an entirely different
type of leader it wasn’t a question of force it wasn’t that he used his powers
in fact what Moses transmitted was an inner power gained in fact by his
humility and the understanding of the people he led and this was a person that
can give them direction just because he is so in touch with the greater cosmos
with the infinite which of course the common man is not and it’s that
recognition of the light that shone through him and the humility that goes
with it that gave him his incredible power and I think he became a sort of
unrepeatable offer nobody has lived with the powers that Moses had in the way
that he expressed them and the honesty the humility and the character and the
personality that he was made him not only an exceptional leader but of course
a unique figure of history so we spoke a lot about light tonight and about a
clear lens and I’d like to thank you dr. Springer for enlightening our
conversation and for coming it was a pleasure thank you so much thank you Oh you


  1. THANK YOU ! Aspaklaria has taken a greater meaning for me now… Thank you Jarmila Gorna and Dr Shalom Springer. Your explanations are a proof and show how to aim at becoming clear lenses to the universe.

  2. That's awesome, there is a great deal of depth in this album and Jarmila explains it so well both in the music and this video. Love it all!

  3. Thank you Dr. Springer for FOCUSSING our attention and making things CLEAR. I thought Aspaklaria was a girl's name,
    but not anymore. The next question is: Vot is a vindscreen viper?

  4. תודה תודה , את יוצרת מוכשרת מאוד והאלבום הזה מוכיח עד כמה , מוזיקה שמיימית

  5. Jarmilla, my dear friend, I am totally in awe of the amazing work you are doing, with such creativity and professionalism. You are inspiring me. Totally a source of inspiration. G-d Bless you!

  6. Thank you Dr. springer for an in depth explanation and great examples , I know that in hebrew aspaklaria also means a Mirror , תודה רבה דר.שפרינגר על הסבר מפורט ומקיף כולל דוגמאות מצויינות עזר לי מאוד להבין טוב יותר את משמעות המילה בהיבט הרוחני מעבר לפירוש הרגיל ישר כוח !! אגב ,קראתי שקיים פירוש נוסף למילה : ״מראה״

  7. A lucid and brilliant exposition by the admirable Dr Springer. The perfect complement to Jarmila's illuminating inspiring and gorgeously esoteric music. Simply dazzling!

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