Are Male And Female BRAINS Different? | Earth Lab

Are Male And Female BRAINS Different? | Earth Lab

The brain really is a remarkable thing. Well,
most people’s brains. A brain is composed of nothing more than a
jumble of neurons and blood vessels, and yet somehow it’s the root of our consciousness,
our personality, and reasoning. Plus it’s also the only organ to have named
itself. Mine’s called Brian. Brian the brain. It’s an anagram… Forget it…. But that’s downright foolish, I hear you
cry! Brains can’t have names like Brian, they’ve got no gender! In the age-old – and I should add very important
– debate about gender equality, surely our brains should be front and centre of that
chat? So what do we know? Are male and female brains really different? Now wait, I know what you’re thinking. You’re
saying Greg mate, get with the times, what’s with this rigid man-woman thing? Gender’s
fluid, don’t put us in a box. But historically, there have only been two boxes, and men and
women have been treated like they come from different planets, so I want to know if there’s
any basis for it inside our skulls. / When it comes to what men and women can
and cannot do, stereotypes abound. We’ve all heard how men are supposed to
have better spatial reasoning, while women are much more caring and are better at multitasking. But nobody likes to feel genetically inferior,
just because of the contents of their underwear. So, countless scientific studies have set
out to really dig down into the truth of our gender differences. And here’s the thing – when it comes to
behaviour, some of the stereotypes do seem to be supported by the evidence. Men, for instance, do seem to be better at
navigating. In a study that asked participants to navigate a virtual maze, men performed
50% better than women. That was partly down to how men attempted
to find their way, choosing to use compass directions to head in roughly the right direction,
whereas women attempted to memorize a specific route to follow. And women really are better at multitasking. Researchers gave both men and women eight
minutes to complete three tasks – solving maths problems, finding restaurants on a map,
and figuring out how to find a lost key in a field. But they then surprised the participants with
a phone call in the middle of the task. If they answered, they were subjected to a general
knowledge quiz. The results revealed that the women coped
pretty well with juggling all four tasks at once, but the men crumbled and became illogical
in looking for the lost key – something their superior spatial reasoning should have
helped them with. / Here’s one bit of good news for us blokes
and our spatial reasoning though. We are in fact a bit better at putting together flat
pack furniture than the female of the species. Yeah, in an investigation sponsored by IKEA,
men were able to assemble a trolley more accurately, and more quickly, than women, both with and
without the instructions… That’s that one settled… with actual data!!….
right? … Well, while these types of conclusions may
seem compelling, they should be taken with a pinch, nay a handful, of salt. Thanks to behaviour studies’ complicated
experimental design, the number of participants is usually small. In general, when it comes to this kind of
research, the more people studied – the larger the sample size – then the better
idea we have of what’s really going on. But with just a small sample size, we can’t
be sure of how the findings translate to the population as a whole, or how they might differ
between ethnic groups or people of different ages. Plus – and this is a big one – just because
men or women might be more likely to behave in a certain way, doesn’t mean that that
behaviour is cause by their gender. It’s incredibly tricky to separate any real
gender differences from the effects of our cultural conditioning. Trust me, dressing
a girl in pink and giving a boy a toy car is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes
to society’s gender norms. Growing up within these norms does shape our
behaviour, so it becomes difficult to align any particular actions with any ‘hard-wired’
differences in our brains To find those, we need to turn our attention
to brain structure, as opposed to its function. The latest studies have used magnetic resonance
imaging to study the brains of thousands of participants. And the results that are emerging seem to
go against our gendered brain stereotypes. There are some slight differences between
the brains of self-identified men and women – men’s brains tend to be larger overall,
while women’s have thicker cortexes – the outer layer of the brain that’s involved
with cognitive function. But the remarkable thing is that there seems
to be no purely ‘male brains’ versus ‘female brains’. While some features are more COMMONLY seen
in either men, or women, each individual will have a combination of typically male and typically
female features patched together in their brain, like a mosaic. And there are so many possible pictures that
this mosaic can form, that there’s scope for limitless variation. If I handed you a brain right now – and you
weren’t completely grossed out – I’d be willing to bet that you couldn’t tell if
it was a Brian or a Bryony. And that’s probably refreshing news to many.
The fact that a brain isn’t ‘male’ or ‘female’, it isn’t binary, is totally
in line with our growing awareness and appreciation of how gender itself can be non-binary. If you enjoyed this video, be sure to give
it a like, share it with your mates and subscribe to Earth Lab for more new science videos. But now, me and Brian are off to assemble
a Billy bookcase and a Poäng armchair – although there’s probably still a screw missing…


  1. Sex is mainly defined and identified by our reproductive systems, which (with some exceptions) are binary in order for reproduction to work. Most of our differences, however, are not so rigidly binary. They are more of a spectrum. Are there only two different skin colors? Facial structures? Body types? Of course not. Why is it so difficult to understand that our brains also have that spectrum of variation, as Brian is explaining?

    Yes, most males and most females tend to fall more towards one end or the other when it comes to a lot of these differences (ie. men are usually taller, women have less body hair, etc etc) but we all land somewhere on these spectrum of traits, and many of us happen to fall closer to the center, challenging our rigid gender labels.

    This is why I personally dislike labels. There can never be enough. We are what we are, and we're all a little different.

  2. There are some physical differences. Males have twice the neuron count of females in the limbic nuclei….. This is the part of the brain that seems to hold the "gender ridentity", because in transsexual people that area of the brain does not conform to their body sex…. hence the dysphoria. These neuron-count differences are independent of sexual orientation too…..
    Fascinating eh?…..

  3. Look what atheism has done…. it brought feminism…sjw….lgbt…and all that hogwash XD.

    Thank god i live in abu dhabi…an islamic society

  4. What has the world come to… right wingers arguing women are inferior, SJWs shouting over everyone, biological sex doesn't exist, scientific channels trying to appeal to both groups instead of focusing solely on the actual science. How about we simply acknowledge that a small minority of people are somewhere in between and make them feel welcome while recognising that the rest of us differs significantly? It doesn't have to be black or white.

  5. Women's brains respond differently to drugs, recently pointed out in an issue of the "Journal of Neuroscience Research". The journal said there was clear evidence that gender "matters fundamentally, powerfully, and pervasively". This alone points to a binary relationship between men and women's brains.

  6. There are only two sexes 1) male and 2) female. The rest are humans with chromosomal defects or mental issues such as body dysmorphic disorder. Don't push this "sex is fluid" non-sense on a supposedly scientific channel.


  8. Gender is BINARY or else you're are stupid. Spectrum exists only in Physics and not in the gender studies . Also, Men built the 99% of civilization, and the females 1%. Females' main duty is to reproduce, not to built. That's why our male brains evolved to be smarter and we got all the Nobel prizes and that's why every important person since antiquity was a male. We are the dominant sex, so you girls better get ready to make more sandwiches

  9. Today at school it was pink day and even boys wearied pink. I thought it was normal but then I was daydreaming and I noticed not many boys were wearing pink

  10. Your results were not as clear as they could have been because the test subjects "Identified as male or female. They should have only been tested based on the gender they were born with.

  11. I'm looking forward to the day when no-one will be having these discussions anymore because people will understand that gender is not that important when categorizing people.

  12. Male and female brains are structurally different. That should tell all you weird blown out transexual liberal, no gender conforming freaks that you can NOT change the basic facts of science.

  13. Wow. BBC Propaganda.
    Leftist crap. We all know there are differences. Soon you'll tell me that my penis is really a vagina and apples and oranges are the same too.

  14. Anyone else find it strange that the brain is claimed to be the root of consciousness? I felt into my consciousness to trace its origin. The brain was never on the map.

  15. 5:02. Hand the brain to a scientist with a microscope and they, will show you the difference. The same goes, with the animal world.
    The Norwegian documentary series Brainwashed, is worth a watch.

  16. If you handed me a brain, yes, I would be grossed out and confused as to what gender it belonged to because I did not study human anatomy..

    If you gave the brain to a brain surgeon, I"m pretty sure they could tell not only their gender, but many things about the person as well, just by looking at the brain.

  17. That “gender is non binary” crap u were spouting every 10 seconds was to say the least, irritating.

  18. YES, men and women are different, and every psychologist in the entire world would agree about that.
    The fact that we are different would even help with gender equality, because it would explain why men and women are over-represented in different jobs.

  19. All the worlds "smart people" attack religion saying it held back truths they didn't agree with. Fast forward today and they discard science and biology to be politically correct hmmmm.

  20. Take in mind that when someone wether a girl or a boy is raised and never asked to help with building a furniture cause they're a woman or never touched tools before of course they're going to be less successful

  21. Thanks for the Video! Apologies for chiming in, I would love your opinion. Have you considered – Lammywalness His Happiness Guide (should be on google have a look)? It is a good one of a kind guide for understanding what men really want minus the normal expense. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate after many years got excellent success with it.

  22. There are only 2 genders. Either a person has Y chromosomes, or not. There are only 2 roles in reproduction, sperm and egg, and nobody can produce both. Nobody can change which they can do. Everyone who produces sperm has Y chromosomes, everyone who produces eggs does not have Y chromosomes.

  23. Difference between male and female brain.
    If a female boss slaps a guy on the butt as he walks by the guy thinks "yep I still got it"
    Vice versa. Males boss will be put in jail and the female is usually scarred for life. Not too mention the females brother and father will want 5 mins with him as well.

  24. I just read the report you're talking about. It does indeed conclude that there isn't enough evidence to support the theory of a male or female brain, somewhat due to the huge ammount of variables and characteristics the different zones, if you will, between brains in females and males overlapping eachother. In other words, the internal consistency within the brains of different sexes is too low to support the male/female brain theory. Therefore we should look at the brain in a more individual sense, and not in a male/female sense.

    For the sake of clarity, however, this doesn't support the use of non-binary pronouns. More so it supports the fact of gender roles being a societal, social and cultural structure. The study puts the brains into the same box, whereas some characteristics of some areas are more common to females, and some more common to men because of different balances of hormones and other factors. The inconsistency is too high, regardless if you're trans or cis or whatnot. It doesn't mean the study concludes that there are different types of brains for every alleged gender. We have one type of brain, that are shaped by hormones and social and cultural environments while growing up. This doesn't make gender fluidity or any other sort of demigender a thing. If you're a female who feels like a male, you're only using the word male to describe the social and societal standard of what is perceived as a male. You can't feel like a "male" in a medicinal sense, due to the fact that there are tons of men who doesn't act or feel like a traditionally or socially normative male, but still identify as a male.

    What we have to change isn't the addition of millions of different genders to suit your feelings. What we have to change is the social, societal and cultural enforcement of the traditional perception of what makes a male or a female. People should be allowed to behave however, whether or not it goes against any gender stereotypes. It is when we criticize people, or even acknowledging people, for behaving outside or within the frames of their respective gender stereotypes where we have a problem, and why we are where we are today.

  25. TL;DW: "we've always thought there were differences between men and women >> there are studies that back up this understanding >> there are more than two genders". This video is ridiculous in driving its creator's political agenda. Not serious wse.

  26. Female and male dogs are different, their behaviour is different and so on their brains. Men and women have differences upon all cultures and times, and they share those.

  27. There are 2 genders, and both have two roles. It doesn't mean a male can't look after the kids while the female works, it just means, that males/females are complimentary to one another.

  28. I think that there might be a difference between the working of the male brain and the female brain. Maybe not, but there definitely are some differences.

  29. I once took a test on spatial reasoning and got them all right. I also came up with a unique way to figure out mazes. I like to forget what gender I am. That helps.

  30. I can NOT believe that at this era we still have people who believe that there are only two genders and these two genders are different. Aren't we all human? What difference dose it make what's going on down there?!!! Shouldn't we care about people's minds and not their bodies?

  31. Are you sure it's the root of consciousness? It may actually be more of a receiver with consciousness being fundamental to the universe rather than emergent. The more complex the brain of a creature, the higher the level of consciousness it's able to exhibit.

  32. All I know is, I've tried to teach guys how to handle multiple phone calls during taking an order. They could only focus on the current call.

  33. Ah good. So transexuals/transgender people are just playing games then and can CHOOSE to be normal. Okay, I'll be sure to pass that information on.

  34. The brain is different. Why? Because we differ in sex. Women have their own compentence and males their own. It is all about sex. Multitasking, why? Because women also have to carry babies, so because of evolution they learned to multitask for survival. This is just one example.

  35. What the …? Gender is always binary. Men and women are different. Just because they're equal doesn't mean they're the same. This is something that should've been a common sense already and no need to debate about it anymore. fly away

  36. Yokay, a lot of these comments make me annoyed and sad. Of course there are differences in the brain! Men ussually did certain jobs and Im pretty sure natural selection and evolution did the rest. While women in most species are naturally caretakers and other things as nature would intend for the pregnant partner. There is alwayse an outlier of course. I am feminist, and pro transgender, and pro multi other rights so none of you make any srupid Arguements!

  37. “People say men are from Mars and women are from Venus, but the brain is a unisex organ,”
    => Lise Eliot, a professor of neuroscience at the Chicago Medical School and the author of Pink Brain, Blue Brain, says that anyone who goes searching for innate differences between the sexes won’t find them.

  38. Zero sources? Appears your 'science' is based on social politics and emotional delusion – a mere continuum of a modern SJW narrative. Nice work.

  39. How can feminists spread their "no biological difference…" lies when there's science supporting the opposite and what's worse is society is listening to the mentally ill feminists

  40. This video is actually quite correct in its interpretation. Brains of males and females fall under the same typical ranges, when it comes to structure.

  41. I don't understand how this works. Im trying really hard to grasp differences between male and female experiences and if they are primarily biological or primarily social, as well as the differences between the white and black experience in America. Any resources would be appreciated.

    As a 20 year old white man who grew up on food stamps in a fatherless home, I have decided that I've been called racist too many times by people who dont know anything about me except that they think I'm an arrogant white man. I dont like it and I need to get to the bottom of what's going on in the world right now. Please help.

  42. It sounds environmental, when putting things together my family calls me, video games teach you how to navigate, though I've heard men have a natural compass? Not sure how true that is but it sounds cool, and women HAVE to multi task we do most of the housework and babysitting, men just take out the trash and bring in the groceries doesn't require a lot of attention.

  43. On average, men are smarter, stronger, taller, and have a better pain resistance than women does. There should be no shame in the acknowledgment of one's intellectual inferiority. It is simply a statement of fact.

  44. This is bs men are smarter by up to 5 points and 7 times more geniuses exist testosterone is the fuel why men are driven to succeed stop beating males down in a world of push button technology alot of men are seemingly not being valued ?

  45. Gray matter is responsible for critical thinking, solving complex problems, mathematical skills, inventing things, fixing and building things etc. White matter is responsible for memory, feelings, and language skills. Female brains have 10 times the amount of white matter by volume than male brains. Male brains have 7 times the amount of gray matter by volume than female brains. This is why females have better memories, and better language skills, and are much more in tune with their emotions due to having 10 times the amount of white matter. This is also why males have much better problem solving abilities, critical thinking skills, building skills, and math skills, due to having 7 times the amount of grey matter by volume. Gee….I couldn't find any of the differences. Maybe I should refer to some politically correct study to tell me that there aren't any differences, and that males and females are exactly the same and interchangeable.


  47. All I have to do is observe men and women in the workplace, in sports, mind based games, puzzles, learning new skills, musical understanding, dance, driving, academics ect… And I quickly understand that women are in fact less than men in basically every way except multi tasking which I, and a lot of men are absolutely trash at.

  48. Its always been obvious to me they are. Nothing to do with socialisation of roles its always been natural. This is why even though there are opportunities open for both genders to do any job they wish, most male dominated jobs continue to stay that way as well as female dominated ones do. Its simply choice and cannot be forced by SJWs. Nature always takes over

  49. Sorry but gender is so finery as to the fact that the fluid part of gender is so small it is mathematically not existed

  50. Basicall men have more brain than women, women is more concetrated on beauty. Thts men trik to cause women. women need to understand they are good in othee aspects related to heart.

  51. The brains are similar in structure, but doesn't the biology/hormones driving the brains differ with gender?

  52. Great feel good vid, but if someone handed you a brain where you could see the balance of chemicals flowing through it, anyone educated on these things would immediately be able to tell you if it was male or female.

  53. Sometimes I wonder how much of these results are really a matter of how much men vs women actually CARE about getting the task at hand done rather than about ability to get them done. When you give girls a task vs boys a lot of times it becomes a competition and women in general do not get the emotional high or satisfaction than men get from "winning". Which is why women tend to not be as interested in sports for instance. When I worked at a summer camp there were instances where girls lost or won at a particular event and in both cases they seemed to care less than the boys who jubilated when they succeeded and lamented more when they didn't. In one case a couple of the girls forfeiting to let the boys have their win because it obviously "mattered to them more". In other words- Tell the women in the maze that the first one to find their way out gets a free bloomingdales shopping spree and then maybe they'll care enough to find their way out faster. lol.

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