Archangels of God: The Book of Raziel the Angel

Archangels of God: The Book of Raziel the Angel

The book of Raziel the angel the book is a grimoire of Practical Kabbalah from the Middle Ages written primarily in Hebrew and Aramaic. The Liber Razielis Archangeli, its 13th-century Latin translation produced under Alfonso X, survives. The book cannot be shown to predate the 13th century, but may in parts date back to late antiquity. Like other obscure ancient texts such as the Bahir and Sefer Yetzirah, the work has been extant in a number of versions. The tradition around the book attributes it to have been revealed to Adam by the angel Raziel. The title itself is mentioned in another magical work of late antiquity, “The Sword of Moses”. Critical historians regard it as a medieval work, most probably originating among the Ashkenazi Hasidim as citations from it begin to appear only in the 13th century. Sections of it are no doubt older. It draws heavily on Sefer Yetzirah and Sefer HaRazim the “Book of Secrets”. There are multiple manuscript versions, containing up to seven tractates. The printed version of Sefer Raziel is divided into five books, some of it in the form of a mystical midrash on Creation. It features an elaborate angelology, magical uses of the zodiac, gematria, names of God, protective spells, and a method of writing magical healing amulets. Book six of the Liber Razielis is based on the Sefer haRazim, with various additions including the “Prayer of Adam” of Sefer Adam. The book becomes notorious in German Renaissance magic, named together with Picatrix as among the most abominable works of necromancy by Johannes Hartlieb. The prayer of Adam is paraphrased by Nicholas of Cusa in two sermons and further made use of by Johann Reuchlin in his “De Arte Cabbalistica”. Konrad Bollstatter in the 15th century also shows awareness of the Latin version of the “Prayer of Adam” an interpolation in Cgm 252,
although he replaces Raziel with Raphael and Seth with Sem. “Tree of Knowledge”
Adam, in his prayer to God, apologized for listening to his wife Eve who was deceived by the snake into eating from the Tree of Knowledge,
according to the Book of Raziel, God sent the highest of the angels, Raziel, to teach Adam the spiritual laws of nature and life on earth, including the knowledge of the planets, stars and the spiritual laws of creation. The angel Raziel also taught Adam the knowledge of the power of speech, the power of thoughts and the power of a person’s soul within the confines of the physical body and this physical world, basically teaching the knowledge with which one can harmonise physical and spiritual existence in this physical world. The angel Raziel teaches the power of speech,
the energy contained within the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet, their combinations and meanings of names. According to Jewish traditions,
the angel Raziel was sent to earth to teach Adam, and due to the elevated soul of Abraham,
Raziel returned to teach Abraham all the spiritual knowledge and spiritual laws. Raziel was sent to earth with specific purpose to teach Adam and Abraham the ways of Nature. The Book of Raziel explains everything from astrology of the planets in our solar system and explains how the creative life energy starts with a thought from the spiritual realms transcending into speech and action in this physical world. The eternal divine creative life energy of this earth is love, the book explains the spiritual laws of birth, death, reincarnation of the soul, and many spiritual laws of “change”.


  1. It's amazing how often the number 13 shows up (I was born on the 13th fyi) in many of your videos and explanations…

  2. Let me know what languages you want the subtitles. CHANNEL FOOD: Share, like and hit that bell as always ANCIENT MYSTERY needs your constant support. Cheers!

  3. Thank you. Another good one!
    These works date back to the ancient Sumerians. Many of the Sumerian tablets were damaged, much was lost. However, enough was saved to collaborate the texts you discussed here.

    I find it interesting that the Adamu were/are openly taught just enough to serve the rulers, no more, no less, well, with the exception of full indoctrination into their agenda…for our own good..

    Thoth, et al. taught what was really needed for the Adamu to realize who they really are, and utilize their inherent power.
    We were given the information. The choice has always been ours to make.

    The 10 percent…that one can be a can of worms…it goes to what is real, and what is not. Some things are truly better to know, and just keep to yourself. 😉

  4. Ok- I have a serious question, so please don't take this as snide or sarcastic….. it seems that every video you do, you can relate the "god" or "being" back to Thoth. So, my question is- how many ACTUAL "gods" or "Gods" are there? It almost seems like there is only 1….So, what exactly does this mean???🤔

  5. I find it funny to be 33 comments before I make this one lol, thank you for this video, id like to play with a idea on this as I love everything about it!. Thank you, so hypothetically speaking for the artist sake, let's say I am jophiel and I am raziel in this idea, I had to come and give that knowledge to offset what Samuel had done, many do not know of my role for it is why some call a spy of God. Man kind hold not the sins of Satan, for he has been weighed and found wanting but I too took on dogma for love , and had to fall with the others with a Covent and purpose, I gave knowledge of physical and mental , maybe I was or wasn't Christ or melchizedek or enoch one of the fallen but Christ in spirt, and maybe with that life I gave the keys of spirt the 3 keys in total, maybe oh maybe , I can't wait to watch what ever is next and thank you for your hard work !

  6. Yep. Just gotta go with the flow…be like otter…flloat on your back and eat your sushi! LOL

    Yes Bruce Lee was indeed connected. Energy is everything!

  7. Yes the comic book series is quite interesting in how they incoroprate the "mythical". I found the stargate television series interesting in that regard as well.

  8. It well may be…anything can happen! It seems to me that we do have modern day prophets…Trey Parker and Matt Stone come to mind…😊

  9. Raziel gets his own book in the Bible, but no one knows that it is about his life story because his name is only mentioned once and people don't realize it because get caught up in the names 😉

  10. Adam recieved the book of Raziel, not in the form of a "book" writing wasn't even around yet, instead the Angel gave adam sapphires and within these sapphires contained the book.

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