AppDrag How-To on AppSumo

AppDrag How-To on AppSumo

Web designers and freelancers, listen up! If you’ve been shopping around for an intuitive
drag & drop page builder complete with a massive template library and full white-label capabilities,
then look no further than today’s product showcase. How’s it going, fam? Chris here from AppSumo, and today I cannot
wait to tell you about AppDrag, the most powerful cloud platform for web professionals. Not only does it feature a drag & drop page
builder, you get full source code access, seamless backend integration, and even an
SEO assistant that provides tips and tricks to skyrocket your website to the top of Google. Before I show you how to get your site up
and running in minutes, make sure you smash that SUBSCRIBE button and hit the bell, so
you never miss out on an AppSumo deal. Now let’s check out AppDrag. We’ll kick it off with templates. AppDrag features a seemingly endless library
of designs that fit perfectly on any screen size. On the left side of the screen, you’ll see
categories for the templates, like Events, Fashion & Beauty, Online Store, and many more. Hover over any of the templates for a quick
glance at the layout and its pages. For our purposes, I’m going to create a
landing page. Once you select a template, you’ll be redirected
to the page builder. AppDrag uses a drag & drop interface, and
you can click on any of the template’s components to make edits. Let’s switch out this background. First I’ll head over to the paintbrush on
the right toolbar— This opens the Editor for style and functionality. For a background, I’ll have the option to
upload a photo of my own, or I can search through any of the royalty-free images, icons,
videos, and even gifs offered on AppDrag from multiple image banks. Next, I want to add a staff section to the
landing page. I’ll click on the the plus sign on the left
toolbar, otherwise known as the Add Component button. Here’s where you’ll find forms, images,
blogs, and more elements and sections to add to the site. I’m going to select Our Team; once I’ve
chosen the preferred design, I’ll drag and drop it right into the landing page and make
further customizations from there. Hands-on designers are given loads of opportunities
to insert customized code. Use the Add Component button to add blocks
of Source Code, or access the Code Editor to find the root folder and make HTML changes
to your heart’s content! We don’t have nearly enough time to feature
all of AppDrag’s killer features, so I’m going to highlight just two more. First, there’s the translation system, which
allows you to translate your website into more than 90 languages with little to no effort. All you have to do is hit the translation
button, select your current language, then select the language you wish to translate
to. In seconds, you’ll see all of your website’s
texts in one column, with the translated language beside it. Double-check that everything reads well, then
add a Translation component to your page. Magnifique! Next, you’ve got an integrated SEO assistant
that will help boost your website in the search results. The assistant scans your website and gives
a percentage based on SEO standards. On the left side, you’ll see a list of all
of your keywords and phrases, and on the right side you’ll see recommendations for how
to get a higher score. Make some swift changes and see your percentage
improve. It’s that easy! And that’s just the tip of the iceberg! If you are a web professional, or just want
to look like one, you need to get the game-changing, cloud development platform, AppDrag, for all
of your website needs.

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  1. These bloopers at the end are not as funny as Christy’s. That’s why we buy, it’s the bloopers. Get with it AppSumo!

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