Another Chinese Horror Game | 港詭實錄 Paranormal HK Gameplay Walkthrough

Another Chinese Horror Game | 港詭實錄 Paranormal HK Gameplay Walkthrough

It was new YouTube and welcome back to the cul-de-sac It’s a boy keys show and I look at you guys back to this legendary game paranormal HK if you guys remember in the last video I said my beat makers Came through for the kid. Yeah Y’all ready Okay Last time we left off. I Have no idea where I met see my thing is we need to figure out where we gotta go my frame rate This she goes right there. She’s gonna see me look at the way. She’s Yo, you know I’m off at about 5 3 you know I’m saying Can we open this up? No, so we had to walk finally when we encountered her which I didn’t know I was just trying to make progress in the game. You don’t think she’ll see me right? I just stand right here Let’s see Mcoppins it oh my gosh. That scared me. Oh Okay, so she could see me She can see me I gotta figure out what the Freak is over there. Like what are you protecting a name? Okay, I Don’t see a darn thing back What the heck is Ling Ling Ling what you saw though? You started piss me off Ling Ling. I know she’s gonna turn around chase me watch Me. Oh There’s an item there it’s a machine part. Ah, I see can I crouch How do you crouch you see all you can Crouch see that changes everything there’s no way Yes Yes, look at that the young boy Kishin your own Machine part Examine it freakin examine ringling got some cake bro. I can’t even run I can’t even front front. All right, I got a cure bro. It’s a video game relax relax All right Oh, the generator is right here. Okay Yeah, let’s close that and then crank this oh All you have got to be kidding me once open the door lime wood planks to reinforce. Oh Yes, sir It’s all dump exit generator. Let’s go Let’s go any day now any day now? Bro, she’s about a bus – oh my gosh. Oh my gosh You know these reality reality reality may you we’re gone we’re going yeah have fun doing that Have fun busting through the door that I’m no longer behind Good luck freakin stupid Beautiful Adorable lady I mean Why is there My frames, what a freak cell phone down here. What the heck? Where my smoke my shadows scared me my own shadow scared me What the Freak is that upstairs? Is that upstairs upstairs, bro. What a freak? Is there a phone ringing Brad? Do you know where we’re at? Oh, it’s so loud He’s so loud Answer the jump you are still alive bingo. What a freak. Garlic. Oh poor you. Thank you See, she’s not cutting you one dope if you want to stay alive find the old woman’s climb the old woman’s home What Yo y’all developers in these Notification sounds do you just have to oh there’s a door here. What up? crack that bad boy open So we got to find the old lady. Apparently, there’s an old lady. That’s a that’s the whole purpose the whole reason as to why Kathy I Don’t know why I was calling her Ling Ling. Someone called me out in the last episode was like, bro her name was not even Ling Li I Look dumb racist now. I thought it was Ling Li I thought I saw Ling Ling It was lingering in my eyes bars are behind this So whatever that wherever the powers can be from here we go Dope that’s open. All right, so let’s find the free. There’s gonna be some boob around this corner, bro. I already feel it Yeah, look at that. We got a place to hide already She hears everything This is redic He hears everything Bro. All right got uh got this ID card Yatta Yatta. Oh My gosh, I don’t know. She’s still in here though. There’s a whole corridor. Oh, she isn’t here be quiet. Don’t get caught That’s what i’ma try to do, but I can barely see cuz my uh my light something wait, wait, where’d she go bro, bro? Where’d you go? Bro? What the Freak my guy? my mum’s Right here I’m dead bro. She came book it son. This lady can book it and I can barely run III do a light jog Yeah, she’s gonna come in here really fast on here tonight Did she not hear that I guess not We’re good fine, you’re cool you’re chillin. It’s a stressful girl Why am I leaning in my chair is if likely and my chairs have a little lean in game? We’re good. We’re fine It’s good for Gucci. We’re actually really Gucci right now. Let’s go Y’all know what the hero sends you come on bro, I Told you my name is Keisha don’t send you a number cuz it was a mucky Saratoga What the Frick did I flip the switch for that? There’s three There’s three cords. We only flicked two switches hangy bro. This is one more switch. I think I think there’s one. Yep I see it. It’s like right to the left of us do it. Oh Shoot it might be Curtis bro. It might be Koreans. It might actually be Koreans Yeah, it’s Curtis, it’s freaking Curtis bro is freaking Curtin’s bro always curtains, bro always curtains, bro No, no, no. No, I folded bro. Nope. Nope, I didn’t fold. I didn’t flow jacket I didn’t fold jacket sir. No, sir No, sir. No, sir Get me to freak out of here bro, dude, I foot three switches that has to be it has to oh, thank goodness. Thank goodness We’re out of that mess We’re I that freaking mess Anything up here? We need no get the frig down you go Back. Oh You got me crouching through water now brother my hand sweaty Knees weak arms heavy Obama spaghetti, bro. How long’s is getting I’m so done with this bro. This is so freakin scary It’s so good though. There’s a whole thing about oh my gosh, don’t stand up so quickly girl. Don’t do that Oh my gosh, are we outside is this outside outside? ya’ll watching puppy shows the freakish you doing out here bro oranges juice, but is this a Piece of red blood Jade donut pendant all we got to put the pendant Inside the little dreamcatcher. So where’s the dreamcatcher? Here we go. Oh, so it was right in front of us. Alright So can I get a little closer? I just put it. All right. I just put it in like so hello. Oh Wait, I don’t understand. Oh wait this like a whole it’s like it. Oh look look at the jump you see it Weights like oh there we go. It was like a puzzle bro. Oh my gosh What what what the Freak pose a whole body marrow Oh Legal reveal feel some ah Bro he took a he took a swan dive I have that other faces more bro Look at this, like where are other faces more making progress from 30 minutes? Yo, so I’m almost out of my time constraint Yeah God in the old lady’s house. That’s what we’re trying to do But y’all grow these sound effects grow like oh my gosh Just imagine in everyday life if you had to deal with those Apple sound effects, bro Yo Laila sale, oh oh Yeah Yo how happy my friend something’s wrong with her clearly Home sounds I young fellow today as you like were seen sub say, what does that mean? Well, you would god damn it to hell are opened up. You can go you should have come over Paul come on the ball down what the heavy please help us don’t move. I have no intention of Effendi Oh why you’re dancing so leave as soon as he’s recovered that khaki recovers UAE depends on your fortune fine Okay There are a few Chinese Hausman or tails men on the table It’s time for her to let go bro, how are you – tell me moving fuck wait, wait a minute Joe how bad the clock strikes eight Co-wash go to the next room or the next door I can’t read that you thought so Harry meals and wait for me to come home That you would son quite a fault you have to put the Chinese tails me on the throne main door what is inside Okay Remember never open the door no matter what she says. Okay, Moho Munna. All right Y’all again with these Take the Chinese tales man. Perform the exorcism. Okay, whereas that tends maybe? Oh this oh this is it right here You gotta hear granny what you guys thought the crack can’t see nothin bro really quickly. She said it young managed to live 14th right What the Frick does that say? It’s not even a calendar. I’m pretty sure it’s a calendar. All right, open up the door. Boom We are in here like swimwear now the real question is What the Freak is going on inside this house, bro What is all of this? I’m getting freakin aggressive for no reason 6:30 p.m. Goes to the market 8:00 p.m. Prepared dinner at 10:00 p.m Prepare the late supper. Okay, maybe I gotta like Oh Up Oh what oh it summons her Wait a minute, wait a minute Oh, I just set myself up hood up. I gotta redo this, but I said myself I Messed it up. So clearly there’s something that needs to be done that I messed up doing but it’s all good you know because we’re gonna come back and Tackle this like we always do but if you gots it into his video Do you want to see us return it back and finish it, please? Be sure to karate chop that like button comment down below template does subscribe today? If you are new to become father’s, you know, we were family on this side You feel me join the squad and tell a friend to tell a friend about the channel 2020 and get dope here. I’m gonna keep planning doing these dailies. I’m gonna make a special video talking about the stuff later But yeah, I know the whole spiel. Anyways, I’m out. God bless you guys. Be safe now. See you beautiful faces in the next video You


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