Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

Anatomy of the Penis: Penile and Foreskin Neurology

My field of study is anatomy. I teach pathology,
as it happens, but anatomy is my training. And my interest is because New Zealand had
a very high rate of circumcision. And it seemed to be a very anomalous practice to me personally
and collectively. So I got a bit curious as most boys do as to why this was happening.
And I began studying it quite early in my life as it happened. And the more I looked
into it the more anomalous and senseless it seemed to be. It didn’t seem to have a medical
purpose to it is the best way to put it. So that is the background to my studies.
Well we have to use histological methods. Now, histology is a branch of pathology which
looks at tissue in its natural form. It comes from the Greek meaning a web or net or fabric.
And so you slice tissue up into very thin slices, put them on slides and look at them
under the microscope to interpret the architecture of the cells, how they’re lined up. Most people
are familiar with the general picture of how the skin is arranged and so on. And that’s
how it’s done. You have to then take the two-dimensional images that you see on the microscope and
build up a three-dimensional image of it. Things have progressed, of course, considerably
in recent years. We can now using computer technology and confocal microscopes — you
need another microscope to do that — and build absolutely exquisite three-dimensional
pictures of tissues. Well, the thing that struck me about it was
the similarity with the fingertip with the high level of innervation, lots of sensory
tissue. And the fact that it was far more complicated than just a simple extension of
the shaft skin of the penis which is what most people say it is, that it’s a flap extended
over the glans to protect the glans. It is not. I would regard it as an organ in its
own right because it has at least two major functions.
The first function is mechanical. It provides a rolling bearing on the penis which you wouldn’t
have otherwise. It also provides the extra tissue required for expansion, changes in
size. The penis does get bigger and if the skin was of a fixed size then a good deal
of discomfort would result from a huge amount of stretching to accommodate the doubling
in size that occurs with erection. So the foreskin provides, accommodation is the word
we would use to describe changes in size. The second major function is the sensory function.
It has become very evident to us over the last 15 years or so when John Taylor and his
team came out with the findings in the early 1990s that the realization has come upon us
even if people didn’t stop to think about what they were feeling themselves if they
were intact. I certainly didn’t, I didn’t really sit down to analyze what I was feeling
but the microscope disclosed to us that the foreskin is heavily sensory in its function.
It is my belief that it has the highest concentration of sensory nerve endings anywhere on the male
body. So, it can’t be described as a simple piece of skin. Males and females develop from the same embryological
tissue. They have two possible pathways that that tissue can develop in. And males go down
one path under the influence of testosterone. And females go down the other without testosterone.
And, yes, most embryologists would say that there are distinct analogs between the two.
The labial tissues, for instance, are said to be the analog of the scrotum. And, of course,
the penis itself has its analog in the clitoris. The foreskin has its analog also in the female.
There is a female foreskin, the clitoral hood. The difference is, and this is one of the
mysteries of anatomy, is that the male has the nerve endings arranged differently in
the female to the male. And it is the human male that is extraordinarily unique. We do
not even have the same arrangement as other primates. Chimpanzees, for instance, our nearest
cousins, if you will, do not have the same nerve arrangement on the penis that we do.
It’s the reverse, in fact. So humans have developed a penis that’s utterly unique. And
the thing that fascinates me is that it’s been done in such a short period of time.
About four and a half to five million years of evolution, which is but in a blink of an
eye. So, there are great mysteries with the human penis.
The specialized sensory tissue that I have been describing is really quite fascinating.
The skin of the penis is zipped up just like an ordinary zip on the underside as the layers
of cells develop in the embryo. And that, recall the raphe, that little line, the seam
that goes up and at the top of the penis it becomes the little bridge, the frenulum, which
is latin meaning a little bridle actually. Frenum is a bridle, a horses bridle. And a
frenulum is a little bridle. And that tethers the foreskin onto the base of the glans on
the underside. Now, for many years people thought that that was the only real specialization
that had occurred, that it was a leftover of this process of zipping all the skin up
as it was developed. But now we realize that this amazing concentration of nerve endings
is related to that frenulum and from the frenulum draping away to each side is a band of ridges,
folds, in the skin, which John Taylor has called the Ridged Band. There are about eleven
or twelve ridges and they are very similar to the ridges on the fingertip and they run
right round the entire diameter of the penis and rise up into the frenulum. And they enclose
in the inner foreskin a delta, a triangle of skin which we’ve called the frenular delta,
below the frenulum which is exquisitely innervated and most men know this as their own G-spot,
the spot that is most sensitive area of the penis. In that area, in the ridged band and
in the frenular delta we have the same specialist nerve endings that we have in the fingertip.
Only we have probably ten times as many, I would believe. The number hasn’t been accurately
counted yet but the number of nerve bundles that wire them up is known and it’s very impressive.
So the foreskin is undoubtedly the main sensory unit of the penis. When it is removed, you
remove at least 50% of the sensory capacity, so the effect is devastating to the sexual
capacity of the organ, as has been well known for centuries. So it’s a fascinating organ
from the neurological point of view. And this arrangement, this specialized arrangement,
is why you cannot regard the foreskin as just ordinary skin. It isn’t. It’s highly specialized.
And, therefore, because of the two functions that I’ve mentioned, it is an organ in its
own right. Well, circumcision, by its very nature, not
only removes 50% of the skin of the penis, because 50% of the skin is involved in the
foreskin. It’s a substantial piece of skin. It’s the size of an index card effectively
in the adult. And that amount of skin, that is removed includes all of the ridged band
and most of the frenular delta. The frenulum may or may not be removed. Some surgeons believe
its a nuisance and should be extirpated as they say, wiped out, and others would leave
it alone. And those that leave it alone, leave some of the frenular delta behind and therefore
some of the G-spot. But those that completely destroy it take away all of the specialized
sensory tissue. Now that large number of nerve bundles that
supply those nerve endings are cut through and then you would have the standard response
of cut axons, or wires, in the neurosystem and the sensory neurons, their cell bodies
which are at the position on the cord, they’re at the cord itself, the spinal cord, they
then have to try and do some sort of damage control. If you cut an area of your skin and
you cut through some nerve bundles, then the nerve cells will attempt to rebridge and go
back to where they were originally and there’s a well known, well characterized process for
that happening. And they will send out growth cones from the stump and seek where they were
originally connected. The downstream portion of the nerve from the cut will, of course,
be disconnected from the cell, and therefore from its support and it becomes becomes necrotic
and it is cleaned up by the immune system and taken away.
Now, in the case of something like the foreskin, where you have chopped out a major piece of
skin, the target area with the nerve endings that those wires, the axons, had originally
gone to have now been removed. So they cannot find where their original endpoint was. So
the growth cones go out, they come up against the scar tissue which they cannot penetrate
and they then either die back completely or they get into a knot of growth cones and all
that can transmit is pain. And they’re known as pain neuroma of scar tissue. Now, circumcision removes 50% of the skin
of the penis and unfortunately the most important part of the skin, the functional end, not
the base where it doesn’t matter. And it also removes something greater than 50% of the
sensory nerve endings because they’re concentrated in the frenular band and delta which is automatically
destroyed in circumcision. We’re probably safer to think that its probably closer to
75, 80% of the sensory tissue is lost. Now, the functional effect of that is, that
the sensory drive into the spinal cord and up into the central nervous system is then
greatly reduced. So, not only does the man not feel too much sensation, and there’s a
friend and colleague, of mine who says many circumcised men do not know where their orgasm
is. They cannot — they don’t have enough pre-orgasmic sensation to know how the rise
of sensation is proceeding and an orgasm in many of these men comes upon them by surprise,
more or less. And then the pain and temperature — the very simple protective and rather unpleasant
sensation that comes from the glans when it’s at rest is turned off by this drive from the
foreskin because of inhibitory interneurons in the spinal cord. So that, in other words,
when you have enough cascade of sensation driving into the cord it sets off inhibitory
interneurons which turn off and inhibit the input from the glans. So men don’t feel anything
from their glans because they wouldn’t want to.
So what happens then in the circumcised man? When orgasm occurs and the foreskin sensory
drive begins to tail off there isn’t enough of it — there’s less than 50% of it, of course
— there isn’t enough of it to maintain the inhibition of the glans. And suddenly they
feel the most unpleasant sensation of the glans and they want an instant stop of motion.
They’ve either withdrawn from their female partner or if they’re still inserted, they
say “For heaven’s sake, stop. Don’t move. You know, I can’t bear it.” And this is a
very common feature in circumcised men. And it must be devastating for their partners
to suddenly have this disconnect of what should be the most joyous moment. And it’s always
been a difficulty for me to understand exactly what’s been going on but this is how we believe.
There’s a term for it, dyspareunia, is one of the terms, pain, pain of intercourse. And
it’s almost invariably confined to circumcised men. It does appear in intact men, when the
foreskin is not as mobile as it should be, they get it a bit tangled up. When they’re saying that, they’re talking
of the sensation that’s coming from the glans. And the glans does not have the neural equipment
to send fine touch, what we call ‘fine touch’ sensation. It only sends through nerve ending
sensation… In fact, the nearest equivalent is the corner of the eye. You don’t like stroking
the corner of the eye at all. But if you have an eyelash get under the eyelid, you know
it’s there but you don’t know exactly where it is. And it’s dreadfully upsetting and you
want to go and get it cleared. That is what the glans produces. You don’t know exactly
where it is because it’s not a high-resolution system but it’s very unpleasant and that gets
turned off when the man is in the pre-ejaculatory or pre-orgasmic phase.
So, we’ve got a mechanism in other words in normal, intact men for taking away this protective
sensation when you don’t need it — during sexual intercourse. But in circumcised men
it returns at the wrong moment. Well, the natural end of this to avoid nerve
damage, and the loss of sensation and a lifetime of erotic pleasure, and the avoidance of this
peculiar pain effect, is to not to cut them in the first place, just leave it alone. Of
course, evolution has actually figured the right pathway. Boys are being born every minute
and second of the day complete with foreskins. And they’re going to continue to be born with


  1. great video as always very informative thank you Bonobo3D

    this video was very depressing but a must watch. why don't doctors know about this and if they do why don't they share this with the victims/parents. if a doctor know this and still circumcises a baby or child then he is knowingly breaking his own oath, and should be punished.

  2. my thing is for thous who say its a flap of skin even if it was when has skin not been important just hack away at your face and rip off all your nails its just skin

  3. This information should have been known by our Congress when they outlawed "female circumcision". They ignored the rights of boys because they thought that the foreskin was "useless tissue" out of their own ignorance. They STILL have not corrected their mistake.

  4. Many thanks to Bonobo3D for uploading this video. It is riveting to watch and listen to an expert who clearly knows what he is talking about, lucidly explaining what it is all about. Only people entirely out of their minds would entertain mutilating & disfiguring their children after having watched this. The video is first class. I'm intact & experience ecstatic sensations from the foreskin. Nature clearly had this in mind. Removing infant's foreskin less their consent is utterly criminal.

  5. @Bonobo3D top notch. Consider- The bi-level locations of sexual receptors are located in the ridged band and juxtaposed in the corona. Together, circumferentially the amount of sexual receptors are constant though are inverse to each other going mid-ventral to dorsal. So at dorsal there are more sexual receptors in the glans than in the corresponding ridged band. Inverse to the mid ventral when there are more sexual receptors in the ridge band than the corona. cont-

  6. from cont.-Thus being unequal heightens awareness sensation. Like rubbing fingers of one hand against palm to fingers of the other hand and visa versa. Thus being bi-level located, the cutting off all the ridged band make for the perception of going from stereo to mono.

  7. Also- Upon erection the Dartos muscle tenses creating a one-piece solid skin tube, where any action on the penile shaft is transferred to act on the erogenous Taylor's Ridged Band and through its loop to the Frenulum, this action it transferred to act on the erogenous Frenulum, together the male's sexual nexus. No action on the shaft is wasted on these sexual structures. cont.-

  8. from cont.- Circumcision always removes all of the erogenous Taylor's Ridged Band and part to all of it's connecting Frenulum. Having this hangman's noose of the male's sexual receptors missing no longer keeps the whole of the penile Dartos muscle tense. With tension gone, all action on the erect penile shaft is wasted to act on the Ridged Band and Frenulum. Action must be applied directly to the Frenulum remnant, if any remains.

  9. Thank you for sharing this very informative vid, now I understand the reason I feel the need to totally stop during orgasim because of pain.

    I feel violated that I was circumcised as a baby. And I'm glad I made damn sure this did not happen to my son.

  10. @madbr3991 omg so true kinda makes me terribly depressed to know what and how much I am missing. I hope this doesn't make people suicidal. Thankfully I was left with about 2 milimeters of fine touch sensors If I restored through stretching I think I might be able to get about 30% back if I am lucky. I always wondered why oral sex was enjoyed so much more by my partner receiving it makes me sad like it should be amazing but its just alright. I hope my first time is better.

  11. They can transplant a face, a hand, a heart, a kidney, blood… but haven't gotten around to this extremely important organ. I would greatly appreciate being the first. There are MANY organ donors… why not do this? We need to catch up with the times DOCTORS, people, MEN! I want foreskin goddamnit

  12. Yeah like the men from those African countries won't marry a women unless she has had all her external genitalia removed and sewn up to the point where he can't even get his penis in her properly to even have sex, but they still think that is how it should be because they are brainwashed. Anyway, it's a big world out there, I suggest you leave the US a a while and see how women from the other developed nations react, I assure you they will like your natural penis how it is.

  13. Not true about every single girl. I'm a girl and I find intact penises look way better than cut ones. Also I'm American so all I've ever seen were cut ones and never really knew that being intact was the norm in other parts of the world

  14. Vaginas are associated with nasty infections, dirt, and bacteria. Does that mean I should douche a baby girl with vinegar daily? Of course not. The human body isn't a dirt magnet. That's 17th century thinking.

  15. its wrong dear.
    circumsission is must for men. u r not safe if u not get cut. u can also not enjoy the pleasure of sex. U may think that u enjoy. but u only get the difference after u get circumsized.

  16. perfect right dear. No one can prove that without cut u can enjoy more then cut. its old notion. No girl has preference for uncircumcised i think.

  17. Reason number 1,000,001 to move out of America. The sick cult of genital mutilation that has infected this once great country.

  18. why stop at the foreskin??? If you cut off the whole penis, it cuts the HIV risk by 90 %. do me a favour and cut of your head, as it reduces the risk of you talking some more nonsense by 100 %…

  19. thanks for uploading this intelligent and thoughtfull interview with a medical expert. all parents that consider doing a cicumcision on their baby boy should watch this vid first! if they have any sense of empathy, they sure will decide against this barbaric mutilation..

  20. That "science" is based on bogus, slanted studies that didn't use the golden double-blind scientific method, gave monetary rewards to the guys volunteering in the experiment (thus obviously attracting poorer guys with worse hygiene), and generally were proven to be outdated, inadequate studies. If there is any risk reduction, it's more like a fraction of a percentage. Not worth cutting off the best part of a person's penis over; we have condoms now.

  21. only in america since this nation engages in extreme indoctrination and extreme lies. The women are rendered completely ignorant. One could in fact even conclude that the woman's vulva is gross too. This is simply a sick, deranged culture and attitude based on horrendous ignorance.

  22. Its a society that seems completely unable to think. And it seems like everything… we just need to drill more oils wells…, we need to balance the budget… No one seems to understand anything.

    This will be our end.

  23. indeed. Here's the REAL reason (these US companies sell these products made from forced amputations of babies to companies who make anti aging creams for rich senile women). They make money once by charging parents for amputating the baby's genitals, and then 3 times as much again by selling to the above named companies.

    w w w sigmaaldrich . com and search for F2518
    w w w millipore . com and search Catalogue Number : SCC058

  24. the jewish race is now advocating it and trying to get it back…this might have something to do with their odd way of looking at sex

  25. As a circumcised man I'm really not sure what's the correct way. What I can say is I can't relate to much of what is said in this video. I have none of the pain he mentions, I have no problem feeling an orgasm coming on. Obviously I may just be an exception to what he is talking about but it makes wonder how he came up with this stuff.

  26. because you have nothing to compare with. You're making do with what's left over. E.g. I'm intact, I feel what you feel as I own that part AND I feel what you don't have, which is ecstatic. I'd NEVER entertain cutting it off! I know what I'd lose. Indeed how can you say "the correct way"? We are born with it & it works, that's the correct way. No other body parts are cut off. It's really that simple. If you' had an eye removed you could also say, "don't know what's correct, I can see, I'm fine".

  27. Nope, you are not the exception. For circumcised men who can actually comprehend the feelings (or lack thereof) there will be many physiologic parallels.

  28. Ken, just a little addition to your information – as a circumcised woman, I have the same "STOP!" reaction and "pain" effect that circumcised men have. Thank you for helping me see that that is due to the circumcision.

  29. This video is very educational. Thank you but it hurts me. Never get to chose. They forced me. Now i know what i miss and it hurts. The ones who get to pick. You are so lucky.

  30. Even though many of their Polynesian neighbors circumcised boys as a rite of passage/manhood the native New Zealand Maori either never did it or stopped it at some point? In his studies of New Zealand does Mr.McGrath know about this? or has his studies been only on white New Zealanders.Today in the past 20 years circumcision is virtually among non-Jew or non-Muslim New Zealanders.If you watch the naked Black rugby games,only the 40 something coach is circumcised and not one,literally not one of the guys under 25 is circumcised. 

  31. On the Clitraid website Dr.Bowers states,"Sexuality should be considered one of the basic human senses…imagine if we took our children and poked their eyes out in childhood? or their sense of hearing? or even smell? it would be an outrage and we all should feel no less outraged about this process of FGM and how important it is to do what we can to return that sense."
    Evenn though male circumcision is not as invasive still lets say we change the words to: "Sexuality should be considered one of the basic human senses…imagine if we took our children and poked their eyes out in childhood? or their sense of hearing? or even smell? it would be an outrage and we all should feel no less outraged about this process of MGM "

  32. Neurologically, the most specialized pressure-sensitive cells in the human body are Meissner’s corpuscles for localized light touch and fast touch, Merkel’s disc cells for light pressure and tactile form and texture, Ruffini’s corpuscles for slow sustained pressure, deep skin tension, stretch, flutter and slip, and Pacinian corpuscles for deep touch and detection of rapid external vibrations. They are found only in the tongue, lips, palms, fingertips, nipples, and the clitoris and the crests of the Ridged Band at the tip of the male foreskin. These remarkable cells process tens of thousands of information impulses per second and can sense texture, stretch, and vibration/movement at the micrometre level. These are the cells that allow blind people to "see" Braille with their fingertips. Cut them off and, male or female, it's like trying to read Braille with your elbow. A woman can live without the sensitivity of the visible part of her clitoris. A man can live without the only mobile and most sensitive part of his p*nis. But, both men and women are better off with their natural fine-touch parts intact. And so are their sexual partners.

  33. Thank You very much Ken McGrath. 
    Since it is well known to science, and probably has been for much longer than most of us are aware of that infant male circumcision is very damaging, why is it that it has persisted?   The short answer has to be that the medical community doesn't care that it is damaging.  To be more precise, would be to analyze why they don't care.  The short answer to that would be something like: The motivations for doing it are more important than the known damage that it causes.  That is where it gets weird!  Upon studying the known professed reasons for doing it, one quickly realizes that you are running down Rabbit Trails that all lead back to where you started, which leads you to the conclusion that the real reason for doing it must be something other than what is stated.  The conclusion I come to is rather disturbing.  I believe that it is as simple as this:  Some/most? people enjoy/intend to inflict pain and suffering upon others, especially when their true motives can be disguised as ignorance, preference, or even stupidity, therefore granting themselves immunity from punishment or retaliation for their evil deeds.

  34. I am circumcised (from birth) and when i hit puberty and growth/erections at first about 8-10 years old, all i felt was pain as if the skin was going to rip away from the head. Hearing the rest of what this has to say just makes me feel betrayed, although i know it was done in ignorance. They should really have an education system in place that requires consent, both verbal and written, for exactly what they are doing and its side effects.

  35. Ken McGrath describes very clearly how men are being handicapped sexually by circumcision, what surprises me is that most doctors and even so called specialists such as Urologists aren't familiar with what Mr. McGrath says. Sad that the US remains the capital of circumcision in the western world, and just as bad that most of the world is so ignorant about what is lost with circumcision. 

  36. @Chester00077 
    hey Just wanted to say thanks for all your help!
    I ask a question just about everyday and you
    answer them all so quickly. Its good to have
    someone to help me through this

  37. Nothing wrong with an uncut penis. Guys who have concerns about smegma and bacteria buildup can supplement their regular washing routine with a penis health creme with vitamin A (antibacterial).

  38. Geneside massacres -the Murders, violent Rapes of girls in Africa, Killing Fights between Shiates-Sunnis going back*1.400 Years, -Terrorism, Suicide missions, planting Bombs & ISIS in Middle East, extreme Violence in America -constant indiscriminate Gun shooting, Rapes, agressive Crime / US has highest %of population in Jails of Any country / =these are the MOST VIOLENT Regions of the World. Looking at a map of the World showing Regions with highest CIRCUMCISIONS, = *Africa, *Middle East, *USA. – Exactly the SAME !

  39. CIRCUMCISION WITHOUT A CONSENT IS CRIME WORSE THAN RAPE =SEX WITHOUT A CONSENT…because the boy's sex organ is afterwards damaged =permanently.

  40. A man circumcised at birth who claims his sexual pleasure is "just fine" is like a man born colorblind claiming he can see all the colors of the rainbow "just fine"….. iow.. he has NO reference to compare to.. and will never comprehend the spectrum of color he cannot see…

  41. Its funny how the foreskin can be such a villain. Jews just can't rest without making studies showing circumcision is useful? hahah.. But pro circumcision quacks have done this for hundreds of years. Its too bad press in US only crows false and exaggerated claims circumcision is good and does no harms.

  42. Scientists have known since at least the mid-90s that the foreskin is a unique, specialized structure with sensory functions that dominate, facilitate, and enhance the sexual experience of a man, and his partner. Of course, American doctors and the American Academy of Pediatrics knew this crucial information long before scientists proved it. American doctors instituted boy circumcision as a sexual punishment in the Puritanical 19th century, documented in the medical literature of the time.

  43. love this video. sharing w/ my friends. I mean at the very least, I wish they would just give baby boys the consent and let them wait, at least until 13 or something ! It's so unfair to just do something like that before you can even comprehend human speech. Let them get themselves circumcised when they are 13,20 whatever ! at least wait until they've hit puberty I dunno ! anything is better than doing it to a speechless baby 🙁

    No one ever asked my permission, and I heavily regret something that was done to my body that … ah well. Don't be angry people, just try to make it right. next person that gives birth to a baby boy, whatever your background, just let him have autonomy ! the freedom to choose ! that's all I ask. cheers.

  44. Oh, clearly the God of Jews just sucked at creation and must be corrected. Now, why anyone would want to follow such an inept creator is kind of weird…I'd love to hear some good reasons for that.

  45. I share this video literally every day. So so important to educate people of all genders about the whole intact male genitalia.

  46. Circumcision is barbaric, brutal and harmful. Keep your sons and daughters intact, they're born perfect as is. Thanks to all who speak against circumcision

  47. As men who were generally mutilated at birth we just took this all for granted our whole lives. But now the more I'm learning what was done to me & exactly what I lost, I literally want to murder someone. I'm just thankful that I'm adopted because I don't know who did this to me but I'm telling you right now if it were my parents I'd cut their fucking throats wide open!

  48. if you are born with it, it belongs there. not much brain cells required to figure this out. it's a money maker for stem cell companies.

  49. This explains so much…. my wife always gets upset because once I orgasm I instantly hold her and tell her stop because there’s too much sensation it’s painful. I hate being circumcised but it was forced upon me at birth. Thanks bloodstainedmen for bringing me to this video.

  50. Im surprised it hasnt dawned on these scientists that man was "created this way" evilution did not do squat but brainwash peoples minds into removing our Creators from existence. Modern Circumcision is chopping all the foreskin off since the early 19th century. Biblical Circumcision only snipped the "end" of the foreskin cause of mans sexual sin in those days. The portion extending passed the glans was sniped not the whole prepuce. Most of the function of the foreskin remained and many times some only were pricked to complete the covenant. But we no longer are under that covenant so circumcison now is just for money and destroying the image of man and removing his ability to control his pleasure and damage relationships with every couple.

  51. When i have sex it literally feels like I’m getting bullied by the woman and her vagina, especially when I’m getting ridden, because it’s so obvious the pleasure she is feeling is not even comparable to mine in that it’s so much greater while I have feelings of discomfort and even pain specifically burning sensations on the head and around it thanks to my forced genital mutilation at birth. One time during oral sex it burned so bad I had to ask her to stop, that amazes me in the worst possible way.

  52. well ……..this should settle the argument for pro and anti foreskin forever.
    Thanks for the wonderful interview!

  53. Actual science of foreskin. I can tell you having a foreskin he is correct. Mine was short, so soon after 15, it didn't cover completely, still glans remains sensitive.

  54. "Circumcision removes 50% of the skin surface of the functional end of the penis and it also removes something greater than 50% of the sensory nerve endings. And because they are concentrated in the frenula band and delta, which is automatically destroyed in circumcision, … it's probably closer to 75-80% of the sensory tissue which is lost." [11:04 mins] How can people STILL be circumcising small boys and babies?

  55. That explains what the bumps around the scar line are from. 10:52
    Edit: if I pull back what's left of my shaft skin the scar shows alternating stitch scars and slightly raised portions with the clusters of hundreds of tiny little bumps. Now I know those are what's left of the severed nerve endings.

  56. A large percentage of the current warmongers and the chess players behind the curtain are likely brain damaged and PTSD traumatized by circumcision. Circumcision produces permanent brain scarring from the "surgery" as well as lifelong brain damage from the removal of the neurohormonal motherboard of the penis with its prefrontal lobe connection. International warfare, planet killing by geoengineering, domestic violence, alcoholism, drug addiction, slavemind compliance/defeatism, the psychiatric disorder of incest and pedophilia and the chronic failure of the realization of natural creative genius can all be attibuted as symptoms of the brutalized phallus.

  57. ”Boys are born with foreskins and they are going to continue to be born with foreskins”… because it is God’s/nature’s design of men.

  58. I still have my entire frenulum and parts of the ridge band, but they removed almost all my shaft skin. Such a strange circumcision.

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