AMETHYST Crystal: Open Third Eye, Psychic, Intuition, Dreams & Spirituality Crystal

AMETHYST Crystal: Open Third Eye, Psychic, Intuition, Dreams & Spirituality Crystal

Hi, in this video, I’m going to be showing
you one of my spiritual stones. This beautiful baby over here is amethyst. Look at this beauty. Oh my gosh. I mean, just looking at it will just make
you get like, a spiritual relation or something. The way it glistens, and the way it just feels
is just amazing. This purple stone, amethyst, is a spiritual
stone. And most people use it for the psychic mind. So if you want to improve on your psychic
abilities and get more intuitive and more in tune with your inner self and the inner
messages that you get from your higher self or from your spirit or the universal you,
or whatever it is that you call it. Amethyst is one of the stones that’s highly
recommended for that. It just has this peaceful energy about it. It just has this peaceful, spiritual energy
about it. You can’t really explain it. It just has to be experienced, the feel that
this stone emits. And just the vibration of the stone is so
calming and so sobering, that you can’t just be scattered mentally or emotionally when
this stone is in your presence or when you’re in the presence of this stone. That’s just the way I feel about it. So this amethyst is… I basically have it in my living room, and
I always just intend for it to allow its energies to be felt in my space. So whoever comes home to my place, obviously
they will definitely enjoy the spiritual energies of this stone. And just because it’s a huge cluster, clusters
kind of emit energies all over the place, and you know, there is always enough for all. So this is my beautiful amethyst crystal cluster. I also use smaller crystals, like I use this
amethyst. It has the shape of a love heart. And this amethyst basically likes to sit on
this stone like that. So usually I just place it on this, and you
know, the mommy stone carries the baby stone. And that’s just how it likes to be. So this amethyst crystal cluster likes to
have this love heart-shaped amethyst crystal sitting on it. So that’s the way these babies go. So let me show you another one. So this is another one of my amethyst clusters,
and this particular one is basically for my sleep time. This stone is another one that just sobers
me up when I’m sleeping. It allows me to have like, just wonderful
dreams. It likes to be under my pillow. I love it so much. There’s just some energy. When I just place my hand on it just in this
way. Well sometimes when I’m sleeping and I pull
it from under my pillow and I just hold it in my hands, I just feel so safe and so secure. And you know, I’m telling you, I don’t know,
I’m so obsessed with these stones. The messages that they have and the dreams
that I have. Because they take me places that, you know,
it’s just amazing. So this particular amethyst is one for my
meditation basically. And also for my sleep time and my dream time. I mean, you’ve just got to… It’s hard to explain these things to people. Like there just has to be some connection
and some experience for yourself in order for you to understand. So this is one of them. Okay. So this was one of my first one that I found. Like a long time ago, it was like a little
baby one. And I used it for a long time, but now it’s
kind of, you know, put aside. Not because it’s not loved, but because it
has to emit its energies in another room, and in another space. So this is one of the other clusters that
I have. And then, of course, I have a lot of little
tumblies, the tumble stones for amethyst. And they are the most peaceful stone. They are the most spiritual stones for the
third eye and for your intuitive mind and for spirituality. But as usual, like I always say, you have
to ask your stones, you have to speak to your stones. They have to give you that message. What is that stone doing in your life? So, I mean, what do your stones do in your
life? Do you have a question? Do you have an answer for that? So if you have an amethyst and you would like
to share your experiences, please leave your comments below. And thank you so much. And keep loving your crystals. They’re beautiful, beautiful, beautiful beings. See you next time.


  1. I'm been praying to Amethyst , wishing it bring my sister and brother in-law luck for there baby dream because they are going through a hard time .. I'm praying that please let miracle happen

  2. Hello!, I am no stranger to the amethyst crystal. I had one before but unfortunately I lost it. I have recently bought an amethyst class ring bought from Josten's rings company and I must say that the very moment I put it on, I felt my stress being absorbed from me. I instantly felt at peace with myself and I've been sleeping better than usual! I am still attempting to use the stone to my full advantage. There are times where I felt down or sad so I hold the stone close to my heart and it eliminates the negative vibes. I know this is a long post Lol but I love what the power can do for me personally!

  3. Hello, I too am a dreamed I decided to buy me an amethyst but I got scared. Everything I'd fall asleep with it under my pillow I felt as if I was falling , you know that out of body experience. Happened like 5 times. That same night because I kept waking up. Then I saw a bright light and a man with a black beard kinda looked like some Jewish man then woth my eyes open I herd a man laughing by my ear. I want to try putting it under my pillow again. But I already clensed my amethyst with salt water and holy water before use. Is there anything else I can do so I don't have these bad experiences.
    Thank you.
    Love your videos by the way!

  4. Awesome! Yes, this is one of the crystals I have all around my home. And it was one of my first types of crystals I ever bought, long long time ago :). Great spiritual helpers indeed. Thank you for your awesome insights and sharing. <3 xx

  5. I started with Swarovski crystal spheres which led me to variety kinds of crystal spheres clusters geodes points tumbles EVERY kind in my home now then I come upon your channel you explain they're living beings I LOVE that cause I can feel their positive energy a emmitted around my place I got a new 90gram amethyst the other day it's become my best friend & has begun going everywhere with me 🙂 I'm going to eventually graduate to HUGE ones like yours how phenomenal your collection is! Ok I'm off to rest with my new positive supportive amethyst cluster 🙂

  6. Very enlightening. Thanks so much for sharing. I was wondering, what would be the best way to charge amethyst?

  7. Dobetterforyourself Coach Do you prefer stones in it's natural state or than polished stones? I would like amethyst crystal but it's polished.

  8. I totally understand.I love my babies too.My family thinks I'm weird.Also,where do you get those big babies??

  9. I just bought my first raw amethyst crystal today since that i have been loving the way that it looks for so long!! only reason that i couldn't get it is because they shop where i buy my crystals only had huge ones that i couldn't afford and today i went there and they had "baby" ones so i couldn't resist and the moment i touched it it felt so good and i had to buy it since i could afford the baby size and i cant wait to experience all the good things that it will give me as soon as its ready to speak to me <3 
    thank you so much <3

  10. I ordered me some online there my first ones there pretty much the ones u can wear around your neck I ordered like three of them plus it's my birth stone I did have my high school ring with my birth stone

  11. you are such a beautiful person full of joy and you make the video worth watching. I order my first amethyst and is on his way i hope it helps me a lot.. THANK YOU FOR THE INFO AND VIDEO GOD BLESS!

  12. I have amethyst and is very beautiful and my experience was when i was very upset , and i put a amethyst cluster under my pillow, i felt a difference, a good sensation and enegry, i was feeling joyful, happy and i wasnt upset anymore

  13. Yesterday last night I put my Amethyst under my pillow I start dreaming about purgatory I saw in my dream thousands of people are in purgatory they are trying to get out of purgatory. I saw Catholic Church in my dream. I saw a priest in my dream and he said I have to pray the rosary. A priest in my dream ask me Do you want to be baptize I said yes and A priest in my dream tells me about being born again.

  14. That's te feeling that always gives me. Like protection, it reminds me of my mother that way of loving care and protection unconditionally. <3 great video thx

  15. Hey Caroline. Will amethyst fade of it sits under a lamp? I have a lamp in my sacred space. My crystals came today, but I don't want to open the package until I'm in meditative state. I'm really busy cleaning my room all day and I have to type up a report lol.

  16. shouldn't we be having visions? instead of just having a good thought holding it or just feeling it n thinking something positive blah blah etc..shouldn't we be dreaming future n having visions????

  17. i truly appreciate all my stones that have came into my life recently. Ive been trying to create copper crowns so i can sleep with them over my 3rd eye. My crystals bring such creativity back into my life. Do your crystals ever tell you to put them back in the ground? or to give them to some else?

  18. my whole body started to vibrate and I saw how it became like a white color . should it be so ? what does it mean? 😀 i have just started to meditate. 🙂

  19. I love your videos Carolyn. You have vibrant energy when it comes to talking about vibrant crystals which is wonderful!. Amethyst is one of my fave's, the first stone I started with.The benefits are amazing I just bought a cluster pendant today the energy emitting off of it is extremely powerful I notice with the clusters. Thank you for the great videos peace love and my highest vibrations.

  20. I searched on this coz last night i dreamt about a human shadow figure enter me… the moment it got in It was hard to breathe and my body just stiffed. it took me a while to wake up… im open to explanations / opinions please help

  21. I was wondering if using an amethyst can still cause out of body experiences even if it isn't under the pillow at all thanks xx

  22. Hello! 🙂 i love your energy & beautiful smile. one question. where did you learn this practice? is it taught/workshops/classes? Or do you do your own research?

  23. A good friend of mine gave me my first Amethyst. I made an Necklace out of it. You have a Beautiful Stone&an Even More Beautiful FACE😉

  24. hi Caroline .can I ask from where can l get a large stone like yours and for how much ? l already have one from morroco North Africa put not big as yours

  25. I wish that all beings could be as incredible as you to feel to know our connections with what is even within ourselves as the cyrstals to me are guides and protectors amplifiers and I try mostly now to amplify love energy because the Lush eaters hate it and maybe then they will go away …peace and truly thankyou I am learning alot from your videos!!!!

  26. Thanks to you, I'm starting to learn how to hear what my crystals are saying to me. I usually don't get out, I'm disabled and the sun bothers me most of the time, but I went out briefly yesterday and my crystal bracelets told me they wanted the sun to shine on them so I pulled up my sleeves so they got some sun. Then today I was out on my terrace in the shade and I could swear I heard my crystal bracelets tell me they were glad to be outside, the breeze felt good to them, and they liked hearing the birds and nature sounds, and I didn't think I was crazy thanks to you. You taught me to listen to them. I think the more I listen and meditate with them the more they will love it and talk to me 🙂

  27. I bought a used Truck the other day. During cleaning, I found this Crystal in the dashboard. I felt immediately attracted to it. Came across your page, thanks for the information.

  28. Thank you for your video! I absolutely love your energy, you made me smile the entire time while watching 🙂

  29. One of my first crystals was a tumbled amethyst and it connected with me asap. I remember being in too much of a calm state. May not make sense but that's what it felt like. Some months ago, I purchased my first cluster piece of amethyst. I didn't and feel any effects from it directly to me however it does wonders as my "bubble of protection" with all of the electric energy in my room. I purchased another cluster piece while in Puerto Rico a few weeks ago. My first time working with her was last night and the energy is VERY strong. I didn't program her… Just cleaned her, removing old energies and meditated with sage… The amazing part is that the properties from this stone was transferred without request. I slept with my gem and had a great nights rest. Very peaceful and calm… This amethyst is very strong because I have taken 2 naps today and at 6:15, I'm still very relaxed. Because I'm experiencing the same exact thing I did the first time, I'm going to look into adding another stone to balance the properties. I love it but amethyst is way too calming for me. So calming, I become over relaxed aka lazy and sleepy.

  30. Soooooo it was a full moon last night. That answers why the frequency is super high. Perfect timing… I've also learned amethyst days of the week are Wednesday (yesterday/full moon), Thursday (today), and Saturday. Amazing…

  31. I just researched amethyst healing and found your video. The reason I did this research was that I had a natural fist size stone in my window sill beside my bed. I felt it didn’t belong there. I grabbed it and had held it in my hand for a 20 minute or so cat nap. When I woke up, I started placing it on places on my body that hurt. I got answers of why I hurt there and how to fix it. No one ever told me to do these things. It just was natural to do, unexplainable. Well, when I put it on my forehead- it vibrated. It had movement/ vibration. If there is such thing as magic, I felt it this morning! I wondered, “what is something for me to look forward to?” Then, I saw Italy. I wondered, “why are you here, Courtney?” Then, my answer was that I was invited and people love my art. I hope poetry is art, because I have always been a poet.

  32. i love sleeping with my neckless its a Amethyst & i feel as if when i am walking around in my home or outside that i notice more things whispers, noises that I haven't heard before.

  33. Hello, I recently had gotten a amethyst and I put it beside me when I sleep its a pretty large crystal. I woke up and I had a little headache so my instinct told me to I place the crystal on the side of my head for a while, and whoa I started to have his sense of highness when I shut my eyes. It got rid of my headache but something about placing it near my head gave me a sense of highness and my mind awakened. I'm new to this so I'm not quite understanding what's happening. Why did I feel like that?

  34. I want to start by saying I love your videos and I subscribed. And you have a very impressive collection of crystals. And you are so right about Amethyst and dreams. What began my journey with crystals was a lady friend of mine who is actually a reikie practitioner, she gave me an assortment of stones. She advised me to sleep with the amethyst crystal because it will help with getting great sleep. What she omitted to tell me was the movie like dreams I would be having. It is very hard to explain. I even had lucid dreams, I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! That's when I became a believer and started studying crystals. Before that I thought it was hogwash. You just have to experience it for yourself. I now have plenty amethyst crystals I've purchased myself. Thanks for sharing.

  35. Beautiful piece amethyst it’s my favorite love the purple color💜✨🌟💎i have more pieces everywhere in my home so spiritual and strong

  36. I dreamt of amethyst the other night and it was shining in the sunlight. Now, I must get one. It's beautiful to behold.

  37. First of all I could listen to you talk for hours you have such a lovely voice 😍 secondly you video was very informative and helpful. I too feel a sound of mind and peace when I hold my crystal but I never once thought about asking it questions. I’m gonna definitely do that so thank you so much!

  38. I wear an amethyst ring from Kashmir. Amethyst is supposed to vibrate with Shaniswara/Saturn according to Vedic gem lore, as well as blue sapphire.

  39. You helped me in a time while I was trying to develop clairvoyants thank you so much I will continue to watch your videos and subscribe 🙂

  40. I bought my first amethyst Stone today. I am just learning about stones. I brought it home and I cleansed it and I've been carrying it around since I've been at home and I have been wondering why I feel this wonderful sense of happiness and peace. I felt like something different has come over me. And I didn't realize that the amethyst is helping me. Until I turned on your video that started learning about the stones

  41. You are soooo right!!!! It cannot be explained!! My Amethyst little beauty is like my go-to buddy for the inner rrealms !!!!

  42. I love the giant amethyst cluster I have a smaller one like your second one…. I also have moldavite which is very powerful I love it

  43. I had this dream last night that I was trying to create and collect the perfect bunch of crystals, you could say I was over whelmed because there were so many choices. I think I was at a crystal shop or something. There was a woman who said to me “you don’t need so many” and I only saw my amethyst. So I have a feeling that maybe out of all my crystals, amethyst is the one. I’ve never had a dream about crystals until last night and the night before which was the day after I went to a convention and bought 5-6 crystals. I love learning about them all but yes if you over think it, it becomes overwhelming and confusing!

  44. I just received mine today I have a cluster one
    I also have selenite which is good but I feel more with this amethyst it’s an amazing feeling and tonight I be sleeping with it under my pillow thanks for the advice
    Just would like my third eye to be open

  45. Dobetterforyoursself Coach,,I have an issue,,II buy all my crystals at the corner shop,along with jewlty and herbs,I allways forget the names of my crystals,so my dealer started writting them down for me.well my issue,I bought two amethysts and I cant find either on line.One is chevron the other is maclagascer,,one has a point with white stripes the other has white bottom with purple rings and ccmes up to a big purple amethyst.By me explaining these,can you tell me wich is wich? LLove and light to you allways! Thank you for all you do,we all Love you..

  46. Hahahaha it is hard to explain!! You are amazing. All of my personal crystals have their own personality. I have fun with them and they take me to places that I can’t explain. There are no words in any language for what they can do. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  47. I have a crystal Caroline that is called orthoceras it is big and white n black,could you tell us more about it. I also have a crystal I cant find the name i would like to send you a pic of it. today they changed all my google stuff around,Caroline please help with these crystals,We trust you and send you love and light.

  48. I just started getting into crystals not to long ago and i was reallly attracted to the Amethyst crystal and after doing a bit of research i realized it was my bitthstone and i just ordered 2 amethyst crystals today.

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