All Hands on Deck: Volunteers At Mystic Seaport

All Hands on Deck: Volunteers At Mystic Seaport

It’s fun, it’s interesting, you’re working
with wonderful people both staff and volunteers. You can’t beat it. Oh it’s terrific, absolutely terrific. There are volunteers that are providing either one day a year or 1800 hours a
year and we do what the staff does not have
time to, whatever has to be done. Most of the people that come through the BRC down to the information
booth and you start talking to them by the map out front and you explain the fact that it’s got seventeen acres and there’s something for everybody. In the Rosenfeld collection I am in charge of the thirty
five-millimeter color slides and then I worked on the Morgan and that
involves scraping off all the paint and then sanding it, preparing it, and painting it again. I oversee the charters I do
that as a volunteer and being a lifelong
member of Mystic Seaport in believing very much in the mission that
the Seaport has I thought it would be a really great fit and
I like the really incredible stories that I can tell here. Well I came here to garden
because I absolutely love flowers and plants and I just love the beauty of it and I like creating things I feel very happy that I’m able to give
something to somebody else, i’m not a teacher
but you end up teaching The best feeling is making people happy and enjoying their day and one of the best things anybody ever
said to me was would you walk around with us all day With the Seaports here and they love you, and, they support you and they give you things to do at the end of the day you feel okay that was a good day

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  1. See how the hundreds of volunteers help the staff keep Mystic Seaport running. From scraping and painting the hull of the CHARLES W. MORGAN, to planting begonias and marigolds, to tracking the million photographs in the Rosenfeld Collection. There is no task too small – or large – that the dedicated volunteers won’t tackle.

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